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68 /100 511 2ND STREET
“So I wouldn't go out of my way to go to this place or anything, but thankfully I didn't have to. The beer is fine. The coconut porter and the smoked rye were downright good. A bit hit and miss in terms of quality, but for drinking at 10:30 AM after running a half marathon, these were some pretty delicious carbs and the people were nice.“
WestCoastHawkeye 61 days ago
78 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“Stopped by on a Friday afternoon shortly after opening, was already getting a decent showing. ~12-16 drafts of their own stuff, good mix of styles, everything I had was at a minimum done well and a couple (scotch ale, west coast IPA) were downright excellent. Adjuncts generally used well, too. Worth a visit. Didn't try the food.“
WestCoastHawkeye 63 days ago
64 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“Big place. A decent variety of brews on. Typical warehousey brewery taproom. Service was quite good sitting at the bar. Beers were ok, a couple of nice ones. Ample parking.“
Oakes 1645 days ago
62 /100 106 UNION AVE
“Friendly locals sort of place. Seems pretty comfortable. You can order pizza from next door. The sour beers are their strong suit, definitely. One of the others had a pretty bad butyric infection, which was a shame, because you want to see a place like this do well.“
Oakes 1677 days ago
62 /100 9029A 112TH DR SE
“This place can be hard to find in the dark. Seems sketchy when you drive up, as the tasting room is a guy’s home. The interior is small but comfortable. Greg, the brewery, is very friendly and passionate. Flights available, as well as single taster sizes, served in plastic cups. Not the best beer, but it’s a pleasant stop.“
mcberko 1743 days ago
90 /100 511 MAPLE AVE SUITE B
“Great place to grab a beer or two, and enjoy some excellent food. First couple times visited was during the Snohomish crawl, and the wait was too long, and we chose to move on. This time, we were able to get a table on the outside patio out front with barely any wait. It’s a small place. Probably the hottest day of the year, so it was nice to sit outside in the sun, where they have the mist going. A ton of great beers on tap, including a bunch that are extremely local to the Snohomish area. Was able to try a brewery that I’ve never seen anywhere else, which was great. The food was excellent. Staff was extremely fast, helpful, and enjoyable to be around. They had several coolers of bottles, with a wide variety of styles, but I wasn’t clear if they were for onsite consumption only or not, though reading other reviews seems to clear that up. I stuck to the draft list. Interesting to have a restaurant that is dog friendly on the patio. This is huge for me. Love the dog friendly places. A great experience Overall, incredible beer and food, and a great experience overall. I’ll definitely be back.“
andrewje41 1881 days ago
78 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“Stopped in here as a first stop of a Snohomish Brewery crawl. Didn’t really have a plan in mind, but I’m glad we stopped here first, because the staff did a great job pointing us in the right directions for the ideal tour. A dozen or so beers on tap, all were pretty good. Sun was shining, so even in the early springtime, they were flirting with opening the big bay door that leads to a nice patio out front. This place looks like it would be a blast to take in a ball game in the summer heat. Large warehouse setting, with the production area open and adjacent to the seating area. Bottles available to purchase on site, which is nice, since I don’t think I’ve ever seen their bottles in stores. Did a ton of tasters, and grabbed a pint of my favorite beer of theirs to enjoy over good conversation. Friendly, very helpful staff. Dog as welcome, but only on the outside patio. A fun stop here. I’ll definitely come back.“
andrewje41 1959 days ago
68 /100 9029A 112TH DR SE
“Stopped in on a Snohomish brewery crawl. A lot like the name, I can’t think of a Scrappier brewery. This isn’t a bad thing. As UD defines it, it’s a person who is really little, but can kick some ass. Trying to figure out if the place we drove up to was a brewery or not, and wondering where my GPS took me, we walk inside to be greeted by the brewer. We were the only ones there when we arrived, but 5 more people soon after showed up, so the place was packed! Or so it seemed. Seating is practically in the production area, complete with two systems. Being a home brewer myself, it was a blast talking to the owner, and he was more than happy to answer all the questions everyone had. Did a sample of all the beers, and was surprised. Quite enjoyable, and much more than just the bland styles you see at all the startups. No glassware, plastic pints and tasters. Didn’t see if the place was dog or kid friendly, but I can’t imagine it isn’t. A total "why not" place if you are in the area. If you want to try something unique, support the little guys, and have a good conversation about beer with someone who is passionate about their craft, I recommend stopping in here.“
andrewje41 1959 days ago
70 /100 12125 TREOSTI RD
“Visited Haywire while doing a small brewery crawl in Snohomish. Crawls in the area are possible these days. Opened for only a few months, I was surprised to see how quickly they got things going. About a dozen beers on tap, and I confirmed with the brewer, that with such a small system, they must be brewing beer all day every day. Barn setting, very unique for a brewery, but fun. No glassware here. Plastic, which has been a theme for some of these smaller ones. Comfortable place. Very much dog and kid friendly. Board games. Bring your own food, and a couple of the local businesses will deliver to your seat at the brewery. The staff was a pleasure to talk to. Fun place to hit, if you are in the area for sure.“
andrewje41 1959 days ago
58 /100 12125 TREOSTI RD
“God, what a cool spot. 5 minutes outside of downtown Snoho, if that, in a gorgeous old barn that stands looking out over wide pastures out to the Cascade foothills, seemingly with nothing but fields and trees in between. That’s not quite true, but you really feel like you’re almost on the edge of getting away from it all if it’s a quiet day.

There’s a gravel parking lot, and big rustic old dated hand-painted signs on this nice big white barn. The brewery sign itself is a flourishy cursive-lettered piece of metal with bare bulbs--no neon, nothing too modern.

You walk inside and there’s overstuffed leather furniture, nice vintage pieces around that. There’s a bar that seems to have somehow always been there, and a big space with nice older tables and all matching chairs. There’s a brewhouse in one room, and another room at the other end of the barn, but it feels like when the weather’s nice you could open doors throughout and get great breezes through here.

The people are *so* nice and friendly, and the prices are very fair. I wouldn’t go too crazy over the beer, but the setting is spectacular, and evidently they host weddings here. Have to say it seems like a solid choice for such a venue.“
after4ever 2007 days ago
84 /100 1800 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 210
“This place is new, and Snohomish is pretty far off the beaten path--but don’t let that make you suspicious that it might be anything other than a sophisticated beer bar. They have plenty of taps, with a heavy emphasis on Northwest stuff. There’s plenty of elbow room, and it’s an easy place to relax and have a glass or two.

There are 6 doors of coolers along one wall--just enough bottles to give you some extra choice for a take-home beer, or to mix it up if there’s nothing on tap that tickles your fancy. It seemed like most of the bottles were IPAs, at least at a glance. All good stuff, all stuff that’s well-chosen to sell so stock stays fresh.

The taps include quite a bit more variety, and they offer proper glassware. We tried a bunch of different belgians and sours and fruit beers and hoppy stuff over the course of an hour or two, and didn’t even get through the whole lineup by any means.

There’s a shuffleboard table in the next room, and huge flatscreens tuned to the game. The bathrooms are pretty much sparkling clean from what I could see.

The parking here is easy, and the prices are very competitive. I could definitely see this being my main local spot if I lived less than 20 miles away. Great place.“
after4ever 2007 days ago
80 /100 1800 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 210
“Been in here a few times now, and I’m really happy with how this place is shaping up. I think this is a tad misclassified as a bottle shop. While a lot of bottle shops have drafts, this is more of a beer bar with some bottles you can take home. 30 taps, very heavy on the locals, and with a nice mix of styles. More lagers than I’d prefer and definitely hop-heavy, but you can find just about any sort of style here. The bottle shop is growing, but still small. Nothing too rare, but some solid beers in the fridge. I’d like to see more beers from outside the lager/hop/porter-stout genres, but you can find at least a bit of everything here. Definitely the best beer bar in Snohomish.“
maxwelldeux 2126 days ago
24 /100 511 2ND STREET
“Grungy little tasting room that is pretty low-fi. 7 house beers on tap and a couple of guests. Flights of 8 available for $10. Unfortunately, the beers were als so infected and/or the lines weren’t clean that I couldn’t drink more than a few sips of anything. Shameful that they are selling such product. Let’s hope they fix this, as the product is undrinkable.“
mcberko 2184 days ago
70 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“Big warehouse located in an industrial park. 12 beers on tap, all available for $1.50 a taster, except for a stronger beer at $2. Super friendly and diligent service. They have limited food options but I didn’t have it. Beer quality is pretty weak, but not offensive. Wasn’t crazy about this place, but it’s a decent stop.“
mcberko 2184 days ago
50 /100 511 2ND STREET
“In a building that has been a dozen different grubby little businesses in the recent past, these guys have built a clean and bright taproom that doubles by day as a working brewhouse. When they’re ready for crowds to come in, they grab some portable little wire fencing (pleasantly decorated), and cordon off the tanks and kettles from the tasting space. It’s a cool transformation, and a great model for a little brewery to build up a following in the heart of town.

It’s right next to a busy Mexican restaurant, just a couple blocks up from the antique stores and restaurants that most people think of as the heart of downtown. It has nice semi-circular windows framed in by brick arches, and plenty of traffic driving by--good location. Through the main door, you see a long row of stools and a couple little circular tables. There’s lots of industrial re-use happening here. The round tables used to be cable spools, the stools are upholstered with old barley malt bags; the ceiling tiles are old wooden pallets. It’s visually witty, and hopefully saved them a few bucks. They’ve added a unisex bathroom, framed out a bit so you have room to turn around. As of this writing, you can still smell the fresh-cut 2x4s, which enhances the hand-made, bootstrappy feeling of the place.

At the far end of the room there’s a small bar with a nice tap lineup. There are half a dozen house beers and a guest tap, though no doubt these numbers will change all the time. You can get a growler to fill here, and they’ll fill your growler if you bring it in. They turn over kegs quickly here, so if you like something that’s on, fill that growler before the keg coughs.

The house beers are nice malty American ales--blonds, ambers, IPAs, and so on. They’re made well; they’re clean and approachable. Only one (the IPA) had off flavors (a bit of popcorn butter), and one of us couldn’t even taste it, so the lineup is damn near squeaky clean. They add fresh spicy peppers to one beer, and smoked spicy peppers to another. They add fresh basil and juicy Citra hops (taste like grapefruit) to their best beer, the Cit Bay Citrus Basil Ale. There aren’t many basil beers out there, and it’s not something everybody might love, but we both found it very refreshing and perfectly balanced. I could see this one selling out fast at a festival or on a hot day.

There’s a TV tuned to the game, and popcorn machine tuned to whatever you tune popcorn machines to. The prices are solid.“
after4ever 2251 days ago
64 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“In a warehouse in an industrial complex, this open and airy brewery has lots of seating and even a patio. Service was pleasant, but not overtly beer centric. Large selection of beers, available in small pours, nothing very good. Also a bit pricey. I wasn’t to enthused about this place.“
Ferris 2567 days ago
68 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“Been in here a couple times and I really dig it. I won’t say it’s easy to find, but, then, I’m the type of person who can get you within half a mile of any destination without a map, and then spend 45 minutes driving around looking for the address. That’s what I did here the first time, but I swear I’m getting better lately. They’re in a light industrial park below the shoulder of Bickford Avenue, kinda tucked away from one of the main drags of Snohomish, hidden under corrugated aluminum ceilings. They’re across the lot from an auto shop that looks like it does cool projects with old rods and lead sleds and the like. They have some barn survivors visible in that space, and I always hope I get to meet the owner/restorer here in S2S someday for a chat over a beer. The space feels kinda light industrial still. Polished concrete floors, simple bar and stools, high ceilings, open space. The brewhouse is all in the same room, cordoned off by lightweight metal railings. There are big clean bathrooms in the back, and a new kitchen going in off to the side. The owners are big outdoors adventurers, and most of the art on the walls comprises cool photos of sailing, mountaineering, trekking, and the like. They don’t allow dogs, which kinda sucks, but they do allow kids. The food hasn’t happened yet, at least as of this writing. But the beers are showing pretty well. They’re brewing a kolsch, a white ipa, and a few other things that not every brewery is making, and some of them are very nice. They have lots of well-made examples of more familiar styles as well. The staff are nice, and prices are fair. In Snohomish, they are quickly becoming my preferred place to fill a growler. “
after4ever 2633 days ago
78 /100 1830 BICKFORD AVE SUITE 111
“Nice little newer brewery in Snohomish. A little hard to find, but pretty cool. It’s housed in this large warehouse, so the brewing area, bar, game area and whatnot are all in one large room. 11 taps, all their own, and a nice mix of styles. They do flights, half pours, and full pints. Some good beers, and nothing really bad. I’ll be really happy to see how this place develops over time.“
maxwelldeux 2645 days ago
60 /100
Haggen - Snohomish (Grocery Store)
“It’s quite good for a grocery store, but it is a grocery store. It has the best beer selection you’ll find in the city of Snohomish. Most of their bottles are local, though they do have some choice imports. Prices are higher than a decent bottle shop. But the store itself is higher quality than most stores, so you have to know that going in there. Certainly not a beer destination, but if you’re in the area and want to pick up a few bottles, this is where you’d want to go.“
maxwelldeux 2649 days ago
78 /100 511 MAPLE AVE SUITE B
“Really nice little place in Snohomish right at the end of the Centennial Trail. They have 28 taps and a couple coolers of bottles that can be opened in house (for a $1 cracking fee) or purchased to take home. 6 taps are permanent, and the other 22 rotate. Most are craft locals, though there are a few craft imports or quality selections from US breweries. The food is a bit pricy, but high quality and nicely varied. Staff behind the bar seem to know their stuff, and they print up-to-date beer menus in house.“
maxwelldeux 2692 days ago
64 /100 511 MAPLE AVE SUITE B
“Not as good as Fred’s Riverfront Alehouse. Decent food, but a little pricey. Beer selection was good.“
JFParnell 2890 days ago
86 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“Great place in downtown Snohomish. Waited a bit, and couldn’t understand why it was necessary for the waitresses to take up an entire table to fold napkins and wrap silverware, while people were waiting. Great beer selection, and the food is awesome. Everyone in our party had something different and they were all a cut above your standard bar fare. Will definitely be returning.“
JFParnell 2897 days ago
72 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“Really solid little place in downtown Snohomish. Food is pretty decent bar food, but there are some healthier options there if you need that. They’ve got about thirty beers on their tap list, and some solid options at that. Nothing rare or hard-to-find, but solid options. Great place to stop and have a beer or grab some food.“
maxwelldeux 2980 days ago
86 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“First off, I can’t believe it’s 2013 and I have to add this place to RateBeer. This place looks - and really is - a hole in the wall in old downtown Snohomish. Right across from the river, its a very unassuming storefront in an old building and it easy to walk by and assume its just another trashy tavern. Anything but. A nice old fashion brewcentric restaurant. PNW inspired craft beer decor with a nice bar and plenty of seating. An incredible amount of draft beers from west coast breweries - mainly Washington and Oregon. A few breweries which I had never heard of and I thought I knew them all in this region. Nice food selection with very good appetizers, sandiwches. pizzas and entrees. Very kid friendly and very good service. Great place to stop by if you ever pass through town.“
19Ei8hty 3290 days ago
80 /100 511 MAPLE AVE SUITE B
“Met a buddy here to help him pass the time during a baby shower that his wife was attending upstairs--this is actually relevant to the experience, because catering and special events are actually a huge part of the business here. I wouldn’t have known that otherwise. This place used to be a bottle shop making a pretty sincere effort at being a craft beer mecca. They still offer a big selection of bottles, but they have greatly expanded their draft offerings and more than tripled the size of their dining room. It’s a real restaurant now without a doubt. Most of the building is still a big indoor soccer center, so when you show up, you might be fighting for parking with all the families at the game. This doesn’t mean the restaurant is packed. The restaurant itself is actually quite nicely decorated; you don’t get any sense at all that you’re in an afterthought business. It’s there to be a restaurant, not a coffee shop for the soccer center or anything like that. It’s got pretty floors, furniture, exterior, and all the carpentry inside is attractive. There are fireplaces, and TVs in the bar. The staff is young and bustling and super friendly. They’re really nice. They know the menu well, and they give great service. We were here for lunch, and the menu is solid--a few apps, sandwiches, small pizzas. The dinner menu is evidently pretty ambitious. Our sandwiches were well made and satisfying. They pour a couple dozen beers, most of them west coast, with a few europeans mixed in. They pour quite a few Washington beers, and they have a great relationship with Boundary Bay, always pouring good stuff from them. Overall, these guys are really doing it right. You can come in for a beer, a light meal, or a real meal. Weekend dinners are packed out the door, but the rest of the schedule is pretty accessible, and you’re fairly well assured of a good experience here. I’ll definitely be back when I am in the area. They’re clearly the best beer bar in Snohomish now.“
after4ever 3469 days ago
90 /100 511 MAPLE AVE SUITE B
“Open for over a year and expanded seating and added a great food menu. Currently they have 28 taps consisting of NW micro brews along with many west coast and a few Belgian and German selections. Kegs are available. The food selections are limited to grilled sandwiches and pizza and soup for lunch with a full menu in the evening. The food is usually excellent but still suffering a bit of inconsistency in the preparation. Hopefully it will smooth out. Brewer events are infrequent but outstanding when offered. Children are welcome but the crowd is usually almost all serious beer aficionados.“
geezer840 3532 days ago
78 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“Great place to grab some brews and a hearty meal in downtown Snohomish.“
CampesinoTino 3972 days ago
72 /100
Haggen - Snohomish (Grocery Store)
“Well, it’s a supermarket, but it’s definitely one of the good ones without a doubt. And that’s in all senses, not just the beer sense--all the specialty sections are really well developed, so you can definitely get your stuff. Deli, meat, produce, bakery, and especially beer and wine. B&W is a huge wide aisle running the entire depth of the store, with lots of extra racks and endcaps and custom shelves thrown in (mostly for wine, but lots of special merchandising for beers too). They easily have 300-400 beers, probably more. Only a small percentage of those are industrial. Prices are good. This is definitely good place to stock up if in the area--Snohomish Beer & Wine Specialty can’t even match the selection by far, let alone the prices, though they’re a great outfit. Closest competition is Norm’s in Lake Stevens.“
after4ever 4060 days ago
84 /100 511 MAPLE AVE SUITE B
“Great selection of beers from the PNW and beyond (Boulevard, Southern Tier, The Bruery, etc) and excellent service. Taps should be up and running this summer. Definitely worth a visit to Snohomish along with Fred’s Alehouse.“
CampesinoTino 4099 days ago
78 /100
Haggen - Snohomish (Grocery Store)
“The beer selection is very similar to Whole Foods with a good selection of PNW and Belgian beers as well as top breweries from other states.“
CampesinoTino 4115 days ago
80 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“took the family to dinner her to check out the beer selection. not bad, i was able to have a couple of beers I have not had before. service was fine in the beginning but went downhill. nice people though. food was pretty good and the place is fairly kid friendly. I am sure we will be back.“
highibus 4657 days ago
84 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“This place was pretty cool. It is in a small town but that doesn’t mean they don’t have big beer. Nice selection and they have brewery nights.“
Hawksfan17 5078 days ago
72 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“Nice place, open room with wood, lots of beers and a healthy mix of people. Relaxed small town alehouse worth a visit.“
Oakes 5524 days ago
66 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“I dig this place--small town location in a beautiful woodsy setting. They choose their handles out of love for good beer, though they usually don’t go too crazy on rarities, if that makes sense--good beers on tap but nothing insanely hard to find. Pizza and other pub grub are all solid. Very friendly, festive atmosphere.“
after4ever 5859 days ago
68 /100
Haggen - Snohomish (Grocery Store)
“Nothing much to look at it, this is probably the rattiest looking Top Foods. And the one you’d least expect to have a "top" notch beer selection. As grocery stores go, it’s tough to find one much better. While depth of selection might not be great, just about every variety and region is represented, with predictable emphasis on PNW brews. Furthermore, the beer & wine person is very willing to take special requests, and delivers, usually in under a week.“
CAmes 6300 days ago
58 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“Lots of taps, but they are always out of the first 2 or 3 I ask for. The stools at the bar are the old soda fountain type, highly uncomfortable. A very friendly group, both staff and patrons“
Crit 6352 days ago
78 /100 1114 FIRST STREET
“Great local pub. Rotating tap roster, seems about a third of the tap menu is different one visit to the next. Service is excellent, although not all servers are fully acquainted with current beers. Fred’s also has at least 50 fine Scotches at the bar. Food is good pub fare with a slightly eclectic PNW twist. Great place to go. (May 2005) - Fred’s is doing a small remodel, including restrooms and making the whole place nonsmoking.“
CAmes 6674 days ago
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