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80 /100 240 1ST ST
“A chill place with a good variety of brews available. The weather was warm so we sat on the patio. Great service and the pizza was pretty good. Highly recommend.“
Fatehunter 1831 days ago
78 /100 240 1ST ST
“Lovely and horrible. Staff and environment were inviting and fantastic,beer was a mess. Lots of taps and ticks for cheap, but they are just so dated and poor it is hard to overlook. Staff though are sublime, pleasant and just a joy. Location is pleasant and inviting. If the beer were better this would be a hit.“
Ferris 2543 days ago
80 /100 240 1ST ST
“For whatever reason I really wanted to try this place out. Got there right about opening on a sunday. The main-floor entrance is closed; you walk down stairs to a large patio area with a grill and tables. There is inside seating as well, but I honestly never looked; the patio was too inviting. A good number of locals there for lunch. Food consisted of artisianal pizzas and various burgers and sandwiches. Burgers were cooked at the grill right there on the patio, which was cool. The sample tray was everything they had; nine taps, including a number of high boost options; be careful! Service was solid if not exceptional. Food was good. Beer was decent. The Walking Stick Stout was a standout. There were multiple IIPAs on tap, but honestly they were all sweet and really seemed to blend together; not really a lot of distinguishing characteristics. Nothing sour or barrel aged, mostly IPA’s, APA’s and a stout, with one saison to break the hop train.“
bytemesis 3302 days ago
86 /100 240 1ST ST
“Visiting some family in the pacific northwest and my sister has been here before and recommended it. Great little bar along with some really kick ass foot. Small whole in the wall in the basement of a building. Nice patio that overlooks the Columbia River too. Great people.“
HippieFee 3350 days ago
68 /100 240 1ST ST
“It’s always tough to rate a place when you sat on the outdoor patio, knowing full well that the experience sitting inside may be different. However, I have a feeling the interior on a rainy day is as relaxed and easy-going as the patio was when we were there. Stevenson was a pit stop on a long day trip, and we were glad to visit this solid brewpub.“
Beershine 3629 days ago
66 /100 240 1ST ST
“Visited on Friday 24/05/13 whilst winding our way back from Bend to PDX via Hood River. This was the last stop of the day at around 7/7.30pm where we decided to take on some ballast. Quite the dive bar feel with access from a staircase of the main road to a lower level basement affair. The place was fairly busy but we managed to grab one of the last tables for our party of 6. 8 of their own beers on tap, all were ok stuff, no world beaters. Food menu had some variety to it but we all chose to share pizzas which were good with some interesting topping choices you wouldn’t ordinarily see. Service was a bit hit and miss, one of our beers was forgotton about and there were quite a few 2 or 3 minute spells with no serving presence, our waitress was a bit moody with it. Worth stopping by if you’re heading to other places in the area although I wouldn’t recommend the hour or so’s drive from PDX just to hit on Walking Man.“
Theydon_Bois 3845 days ago
74 /100 240 1ST ST
“Basement hole in the wall. Quiet the night we dropped in. Good service“
beernovice39 3978 days ago
82 /100 240 1ST ST
“Very cool basement beer room. Cool chairs and patio. Very solid beer.“
mikem409 4027 days ago
74 /100 240 1ST ST
“I had to visit this place on my second visit to Portland after having enjoyed their beers possibly more greatly than any other breweries at an old GABF edition. The building has a far west, I survived the war weary look, and you need to get to the basement which might as well be your average pub in Prague for all its minimal decorum and old green walls. Yet I was impressed that out of the 10 patrons that were waiting for the place to open with ourselves at 4 pm, many were obvious beer enthusiats who had traveled from all over the place to be there on a weekday. I guess the relative proximity to Portland and tourist attractions like Multnomah Falls helps, but the clientele seemed to consist more of beer geeks than locals on that day. As for the beers, I feel like I fell on a bad day on which none of the big canons were on the board, but all that was tasted was of a very high quality level. We did not eat, but the service was still friendly and seemingly knowledgeable. I guess I can’t recommend hitting this place at any cost considering the ridiculous number of breweries in the Portland vicinities, but if you visit Multnomah, it definitely becomes a must. Or check the beer list on the web if you’re anywhere close and if the canons are there, do yourself a favor and come by.“
Rastacouere 4307 days ago
70 /100 240 1ST ST
“Have been drinking their beers in Portland for several years, finally made it to the pub. The ambiance is mixed & funky, indoors is the nicest, though on a hot day like today outdoors has its advantages, One server had solid personality while the other was making the motions. No guest taps, but their own brews cover a wide range. We had the 3 hoppy ones--homo erectus, knuckle dragger and IPA. I’ve never had a pizza with pickles before but this worked, fine crust. Kind of small menu, but seem to be quality ingredients. then a long train comes by.“
raphael 4370 days ago
98 /100 240 1ST ST
“This place is awesome but small and the beers they brew are Big. Damn good brews. Don’t pass it up! Burger, fries and salad all good. The bathrooms are a nice twist too!“
mrhoppy 4371 days ago
78 /100 240 1ST ST
“Walking Man is located barely in Washington in the small town of Stevenson. The brewpub is located at the foot of the “downtown” area. From street level there are steps that lead to the bar and courtyard. Most of the patrons were sitting outside in the courtyard just outside of the bar since the weather was nice. The bar area was dimly lit and rather small but with the combined outdoor seating seemed adequate. The service was good. The selection of beers was Walking Man only, many of which I did not find at other establishments in nearby Portland. I did not try the food. Reasonably priced. As far as I could tell this brewery does not bottle anything and is worth a stop to try some good beers that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.“
zizzybalubba 4439 days ago
100 /100 240 1ST ST
“This place is all about the beer. I live in Portland and I would say they make the best beer in the Pacific Northwest. The building is small and comfortable with some cool outdoor seating. Pretty small menu is just enough to satisfy while keeping the focus where it belongs. Every single beer they make is in my top 3 beers in that category. Well worth the 45 minute trip from PDX!“
rthbass 5156 days ago
82 /100
Big River Grill (Restaurant)
“Did you come to Stevenson and miss the opening hours for Walking Man? Well, we did, but were pleasantly surprised to find Big River Grill right on the main street in town. There were three varieties of Walking Man on tap, including the famous IPA and the tasty stout. Both stood up well to the delicious black bean chili that is offered as a side on the Angus burger plate. If that wasn’t enough, the hot apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream sure put us over the top. Great service, jazz music, and local color in the decor made this a stop I cannot wait to make again!“
hunter112 5336 days ago
78 /100 240 1ST ST
“Jumped the river on a trip from Portland to Hood River. Small brew pub in a small downtown. We sat near the garden which was very relaxing. Basic pub grub fit the bill for us. Good brews and a casual atmosphere. Worth a visit.“
BiddleBrau 5605 days ago
76 /100 240 1ST ST
“Small, downstairs brewpub. All high-quality Walking Man brews on tap which is the main attraction to this place. We had gotten a really delicious pizza and some greasy pub fare appetizers. The entrees are only pizzas so don’t come hoping to get a sandwich or something. I was surprised they didn’t have any Homo Erectus on tap (maybe it’s a seasonal). The Jay Walker Imp. Stout did just fine though.“
boFNjackson 5652 days ago
90 /100 240 1ST ST
“Stopped in and got a load of great brews. Jay was on sweet. We has some of the garlic and cajan fries GREAT. A very nice selection on tap. I will hit this place any time I can.“
BuckeyeBoy 5761 days ago
78 /100 240 1ST ST
“Recent visit during a stay in Hood River, which is about twenty miles up river on the Oregon side from Stevenson. I had the 10 beer sampler: 4 oz. of each of the ten beers they had on draft. Quite a good deal, especially concidering the quality of the beers. Had some of their fries which were excellent, but I can’t comment on the rest of the food. Sat on the patio which is quite nice with hop vines climbing up the building. Seemed to be a lot of locals there, which is always a good sign. The beers here are excellent, I would recommend it highly if you’re in the area.“
DrBayern 6180 days ago
80 /100 240 1ST ST
“[Fathers Day Brewery Tour 2006] Stopped here after Full Sail. Had a tray of 10 samples that where awesome. The stout, porter and IPA all kicked A** The fries where awesome and a great place to sit and have a brew. Kids Are OK here also.“
BrewDad 6597 days ago
84 /100 240 1ST ST
“Couldn’t drive past on the way to Portland and not stop here! I recommend the Skamania gold course as well. Big sample tray. Amazingly they had run out of pizza on a Saturday night! The appetizers and other items were very good.“
presario 6614 days ago
90 /100 240 1ST ST
“It’s all been said before. Very nice place in Stevenson. Prompt and friendly service. Ten selections of house beer on tap. Brewer/owner was OK with opening bottles brought in. Food is good. Beer is better. It is a beautiful drive getting there also.“
11026 6906 days ago
88 /100 240 1ST ST
“Very nice place with a really friendly staff. Big patio for nice days and lots of beers on tap. They do a 10 beer 4oz of each sample try for 8 bucks and have some good pizza.“
beerinmarch 6942 days ago
92 /100 240 1ST ST
“This is a great place. Well worth the trip from Portland. Take the scenic route, out Hwy. 14, on the WA side of the Columbia. 10 beers on tap, most very good. Homo Rocks!! The brewer, Bob, is usually around in the afternoon. Food is ok, but not spectacular. This in combination with the Gorge and Full Sail, in Hood River, makes for one hell of a fine day. I’d suggest calling before visiting to verify hours.“
batkins 7064 days ago
70 /100 240 1ST ST
“Visited after a day up at Mt St Helens with Ann. Sat outside in the semi-covered area and had a beer sampler with an additional 10oz pour of the imperial stout. Ate a italian sausage pizza which was decent but not great. All the beers were pretty much well made, with a few being damn right fantastic. Worth the trip from Portland, I only wish it were closer but I see them becoming easier to find in Portland in the future based on their popularity.“
3fourths 7270 days ago
90 /100 240 1ST ST
“Built in a 2-story building, the pub is downstairs so you you park on the street and walk down some wooden stairs that passes by a large growth of hop bines they use to shade the patio (and probably make beer), they were grown about 25 feet when I was there. Small patio on the outside. Inside there’s a small bar with about 10 tables for eating. Beer cans, coaster, memorabilia covers the walls. The beermenu is written on a chalk board and they have a what’s on tap list on every table. The service was prompt, quick, friendly and informative. Very ratebeer friendly and helpfull. The beer selection was full with about 10 beers on tap, no guests and no macro. Food was good. Interesting pizza choices and good looking sandwiches. I had the wurst pizza. Stone ground mustard spread on pizza crust topped with sour kraut, bratwurst that was cooked in their bitter and mozarella cheese. Very tasty! The beers they did have on tap were amazing. All of their stouts were mind blowing, especially the Black Cherry Stout and Jaywalker Russian Imperial Stout. If you do drive here, take highway 14 there from Portland, it’s a beautiful drive, especially in the early summer. It’s $1 to cross the bridge of the gods to get to I-84 which will take you to hood river or portland whichever direction you go. This is a must visit place, one of the best in the outskirt Portland area.“
BückDich 7336 days ago
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