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84 /100 17707 SE MILL PLAIN BLVD.
“Been there a few times. Nice atmosphere, modern, great food, the last time we were there we had the pretzel sticks with dipping sauce. My wife and myself thought they were great. Have had great food all the times we've been there. Though one time we were there they had an almost full house and it was very noisy.“
coasternut 210 days ago
80 /100 4216 NE MINNEHAHA ST #108
“Location is a kind of a industrial strip mall, I guess. Family style seating in the brewery nice little place. Good price and good house made selection with a couple guest taps.“
BuckeyeBoy 1003 days ago
“They have very good beer, but food and service was average, maybe due to the fact that they just started food service.“
coasternut 1011 days ago
86 /100 108 W EVERGREEN BLVD
“like going to this place the food is excellent and the beer very good. Their beers are fairly high ABV and I like that type of beer.“
coasternut 1011 days ago
“Large place with a patio overlooking the river, excellent happy hour prices, good beer“
thorongil2 1042 days ago
72 /100 1900 N.E. 162ND, STE. B107
“Nice typical mall type McMenamins. Great service. Had a few decent brews. Similar food. Worth visiting for the beers and happy hour.“
douglas88 1337 days ago
28 /100 809 MACARTHUR BLVD
“What a disappointing place this is. I was expecting heavy metal themes all around, but got almost nothing of the sort. The interior is a bit grungy, with plenty of seating, and they were playing classic rock (better than most places, but that’s not metal). Beers themselves are either infected or just not on the mark. Flights available, but a bit pricey, especially given the poor beer quality. Service is friendly enough, but don’t know anything about beer or metal. Don’t bother coming here.“
mcberko 1387 days ago
54 /100 108 W EVERGREEN BLVD
“Nice little place, with a fairly small interior and a nice little patio. Lots of beer on tap -- about 1/3 of their own, the rest being guest taps. Very cheap flights of 6 ($7.59 included tax). Unfortunately the beer quality was quite poor, with several infections and general low off-notes. Wouldn’t recommend it due to the quality, but it’s good for some cheap ticks.“
mcberko 1387 days ago
72 /100 2315 MAIN STREET
“Located on the heart of Vancouver’s main street, this was a great stop. 7 house beers on tap, mostly of very good quality. $1.50 per 4 oz. pour, making it great value too. Service was also friendly and helpful. One of the better stops in town. Recommended.“
mcberko 1387 days ago
68 /100 3600 NW 119TH S
“In a pretty location of Vancouver, it’s a 10 minute drive or so from the city centre. Fairly expansive, clean, modern and somewhat corporate feel to the place. Lots of house beers on tap, available for order in a sample tray. Reasonably priced and friendly service. Beer is quite good too. Recommended when in Vancouver.“
mcberko 1387 days ago
“Place looks tacky from the outside and got an unpleasant vibe coming in. 30+ taps, but given that most are their own beer and I haven’t been impressed with their brewing skill. Food was tasty--cheesy tangy mac & queso, generous tacos.Service mixed, but the food came real quick.“
raphael 1405 days ago
70 /100 114 E EVERGREEN BLVD
“Place could use a little more room but they do the best with what they have. big bright windows help, on the corner. Limited menu of food. Around 8 of their brews on tap. Had and enjoyed both IPAs. Friendly bartender.“
raphael 1405 days ago
70 /100 108 W EVERGREEN BLVD
“The ’new’ location of By the Bottle - albeit with the bottle shop now closed due to the change in Washington laws. Small place with a big taplist in a growing part of downtown Vancouver, beerwise. It’s also a bit of a throwback, with the long wooden bar and the swag on the wall, along with some tables and chairs near the windows by the street. A bit of homey charm instead of modern minimalism. They also have their own brewery, which is decent, with half the tap list also dedicated to guest beers and a vintage or two. (Jack and Ken’s ale from 2010 was nice!) The food here is really quite good, though. (I will have to try the brisket platter next time). It’s a fun place. Not a must visit, but if you’re trying one of the other places popping up, this is a great stopping point (and the former owners of By the Bottle always deserve our support!)“
Sarlacc83 1426 days ago
“Rather lively place when we walked in. There was a wait to be seated so we just headed to the bar and found a couple of stools. This is the public house for the brewery so lots of kids floating around and a full menu is available. The kids can be a bit much if you ask me so stick to the bar area. Huge selection of beers on tap with a few guest taps as well which was cool. Large variety of beer and a pretty good menu as well. We got several apps and all of them where delicious. Good combo of beer and food.“
HippieFee 1452 days ago
“First place we visited on our brewery tour of downtown Vancouver. I really enjoyed this place. A typical brewery that I am use to on the east coast. It is in more of an industrial park and very sparse on the inside. The front tasting room and bar is rather small but I loved all the local art on the wall, most of which is available for purchase. The selection of beer is not extensive but you can tell they pride themselves on making a quality product….and winning some awards at the same time. If you walk into the back there are a few more benches and some classic arcade games which are nice. You can get rather close to the brewing operations which is nice as well. Along the wall they have about a dozen barrels for aging, not sure what is in there at the moment but I am sure its something good. No food other than light snacks. Real friendly bartender and locals when we visited.“
HippieFee 1452 days ago
84 /100
Growler Rush (Beer Store)
“What a great find this place is. Growler Rush is located entirely within a fairly dinky gas station. Roughly 50 drafts were available with an additional ~30 quality bottles (De Garde, Abyss etc.). All tap offerings were enticing. I struggled to choose something from the likes of Block 15, Boneyard, Great Notion, Deschutes, Alpine etc. I eventually settled on a 32oz pour of Boneyard Hop-A-Wheelie for the fantastic price of $8 all in. Staff were exceedingly friendly and generous with samples. Large pours are available for a fee. Overall, I don’t regret making the detour out here from PDX. Well worth checking out.“
jackl 1454 days ago
80 /100 17707 SE MILL PLAIN BLVD.
“Visited here on the 26th. Sunday seems to not be a bad time to visit. I’ve heard stories that Saturdays are nuts, but I haven’t confirmed. First, it’s pretty far out in the city and can be difficult to access, even from 14 to 164th. So if you aren’t in the area, it’s a haul. The building itself juts out and upward like a Sandcrawler or a lone cliff, and the interior is very airy, with 2 levels on the north and a bar with some decorative brewing equipment on the south side. Everything else is typically Hopworks. The beer, the food, it’s all the same. Though, they do seem to have more taps here than at the main location. So, ultimately, if you’re a fan of the brewery, like I am, it’s well worth a visit. Though, given how much bigger the main location is, and the fact that it’s a mile from my house, I prefer it. There isn’t too much difference otherwise.“
Sarlacc83 1503 days ago
80 /100 2315 MAIN STREET
“Visited here with my parents and the kids on 2/12. It’s got a very homey feel to it, with a bar in the middle, more ’family-friendly’ seating close to the door (with a box of games and toys available), and a bar for the adults on the other side of the building. As well 4 oak barrels with beer inside them. There are also food carts and a patio outside. It was too cold to sit there, but I’m sure it will be a tremendous boon in the summer; great place for drinking in June. They have about 8 taps on normally as well as one of cider, and I enjoyed the beers. Value was pretty average for the area -- neither too high nor too low. Service was good, though you do have to go the bar to order. However, I had a brief, but good conversation with the bartender, and this is the kind of place I will come to again.“
Sarlacc83 1519 days ago
88 /100 2200 NE ANDRESEN ROAD #B
“Visited here late on a Tuesday evening in early October ’16. Roomy taproom located in an industrial/warehouse type park. Nice woody decor and a big window with view of the equipment. Have about a dozen or so on tap, plenty of styles to choose from, the IPAs with the freshly harvested hops were outstanding. Great service, friendly, knowledgeable and talkative barkeep. Great place!“
PorterPounder 1648 days ago
74 /100 5612 NE 119TH ST
“Nicely set-up place in the quiet downtown area. Modern brewpub feel with plenty of seating. They have an extensive tap list with about 20 of their own beers and 20 other taps of beer, cider, wine, mead, etc. You can do custom flights of 7 -- prices vary depending on what you order, but it’s a decent price. Beer is okay -- they are trying cool styles, which is appreciated. Didn’t have food, but it looked good (and they even had a couple of vegan options). Worthwhile stop if you feel like driving over the bridge from Portland or are headed back north on the I5.“
mcberko 1752 days ago
82 /100
Growler Rush (Beer Store)
“I just stopped in to this gas station to get some fuel and bamm. Walked in and they had a huge tap wall along with some epic bottle selections on the counter. Great tap list and a awesome bottle selection. Pretty much this place is just a growler fill station not even sure if they sell beer for on site or not.“
BuckeyeBoy 1753 days ago
“Visited here 4/23. Really nice place with a good mix of booths and tables in a (mostly) open layout. The one surprise is that the decor leans more towards metal (and not the music kind), and there is a bit of a strange layout towards the front wherein there are a few tables tucked along the wall which people have to follow to use the bathroom. Wasn’t an issue for me, but it could be an annoyance. Otherwise, they have a lot of beer on tap, most of it their own, the quality (generally) high. Everything is listed on a board with the keg % left, as with Bailey’s, and there’s clear deScriptions on the brew menu. Prices for a taster, however, are merely OK. Service was good as well, with the server paying attention but not becoming overbearing. Food is excellent, too, so this is well worth a stop. Especially in an area that has so long needed a big brew ’sector’ - Vancouver is now starting to get it.“
Sarlacc83 1805 days ago
“Stopped in on 4/23/2016. Really enjoyed this as a hangout though it’s definitely got a warehouse/scaled down English pub feel. (There are plenty of Timbers scarves on the wall). However, the main reason to come here is because they have 4 arcade cabinets, all of which offer free play. Great if you’ve got kids (who are allowed), and the place is also dog-friendly which I thought was quite a nice change of pace. Service was friendly and prompt, and the prices are great. My only complaint is that there are only 6 taps. Though, at the same time, that means there’s time for other stops in the area.“
Sarlacc83 1811 days ago
“If you’ve already been to a few McMenamin’s and you love them, this one will certainly not make you love them any less. It’s not the most distinctive of their properties by any means, but it’s a great setting for sure. And everything else they do here is pretty much in line with the experience elsewhere.

Here’s what you get: It’s one of those big buildings that always seem to house a succession of different big/chain restaurants until one really sticks. These guys seem to have been here for a while. It’s easy to get to, freeways the whole way. Plenty of parking. Huge dining rooms. What stands out by far the most is the location--right on the shore of the river; when the channel is full, you almost feel like you must be on a boat. Great views of water, the bridge, north Portland.

Inside, the vibe is familiar, but played down quite a bit. They let the windows be 90% of the decoration, rather than covering everything with the usual flowers and faeries and whatnot that the other locations have. There’s some dark wood around the bar, but the tables and booths around the dining room are pretty standard. Across the ceiling, they do work in the old 50s junior high hallway pendant lights, which create a nice soft effect.

The staff here really have to hustle on a lot of nights--it gets packed. We waited 75 minutes for a table, after first being told the wait was half an hour. They never asked if we were alright--we always had to ask them what was up. They never asked the table they "had in mind for us" if they were planning on staying a lot longer, though they made a point of telling us that table had already paid some time before, and were just relaxing with their beers at that point. They never offered us any comps for the time spent, they never put tables together to create enough seating for our party. All of this is more or less okay from minute to minute, but it adds up to a much longer wait than is really necessary for a party of 6.

The food is the usual--burgers, sandwiches, a few salads and a couple of entrees. The quality is just okay, as is the execution, but the prices are a bit on the high side. The food here is exactly the same as dozens of their other locations in two states, but they charge almost like it’s scratch-made. The beers here don’t really measure up to the quality of all the independent local breweries that have launched since these guys started their chain, but they’re drinkable enough. When you’re looking at this view, it’s hard not to enjoy the food and drink that’s in front of you, even if it’s only okay.“
after4ever 1941 days ago
70 /100 4816 NE THURSTON WAY
“Part of the alcohol superstore chain that we all know and either love or hate. This one is better than a few that I’ve visited in California for sure, but it’s still the same warehouse type feel that the other ones have. That said, they have multiple aisles on the south side of the building with numerous bottles, including a few that were no longer available in PDX. There’s also a growler fill station with some decent, if unexciting taps, and a decent staff that, while friendly, didn’t really seem to know what I was asking for. (It doesn’t help that they break out beers by season or special release, with the rest of them haphazardly arranged, ostensibly by alphabetical order). It’s also a bit pricer than some of the other places, but with the coupons, it comes out to about even. So I’ll come back, and hope to be pleasantly surprised each time.“
Sarlacc83 1957 days ago
“A warehouse like setting with lots of things to do, like classic video games and darts. Very local vibe with friendly people and a welcoming vibe. Service was good, the hardest working BT I have seen in a while. Select was 6 taps which were all OK but nothing worth a specific visit. Prices were very cheap. I would stop in for the atmosphere, but not for the beer.“
Ferris 2123 days ago
82 /100 2110 MAIN STREET
“Nice selection of fresh craft brews, friendly service, and reasonable prices.“
hunter112 2149 days ago
“Small tasting room up front and some seating and games in the back room next to the brewery . A pretty cool place. Laid back and dog friendly. Like a dog park in here on a Saturday afternoon. The only brewery I could find open on Sunday, but glad I found it. Cooler full of beers to go.“
Sledutah 2152 days ago
“I was impressed opened 2 years ago and they are kicking it in. Great atmosphere and I loved the beers. Bring your own food. I will be back.“
BrewDad 2313 days ago
“went here for lunch and sat at the bar. place was busy, service was ok, but a bit slow. food was pretty good... beer was average. much better options elsewhere, wouldi go back, prob not.“
UDBeernut 2344 days ago
“Nice place. Right on the river, decent parking. Same usual pub fare and McMenamins brews. Good service. Certainly worth a visit. The seating outside is pretty nice.“
douglas88 2409 days ago
“Great food at reasonable price. Good service and atmosphere. Limited beer selection.“
Tonkun 2597 days ago
“Stopped in on a rainy Saturday afternoon after looking at houses in Vancouver. This was right down the street from where I was staying. What a great area, beautiful view of the river and none of the taxes that you get across the river. The pub itself is RIGHT on the water which is cool. Of course since it was raining and cold we sat inside but it was still nice. The service was friendly and brought out some flights for us as well as a few pints. The beers were just alright but I guess that’s how it goes at a chain. The food was nice though. I’d stop back in if staying with those friends but there are better places to have a beer just across the water.“
t0rin0 2766 days ago
70 /100
By the Bottle (Beer Store)
“A formerly wonderful little store that moved over one building after a cellar fire that’s significantly impacted the operations. I love chatting with Arlene, who’s always very helpful, but right now the selection is suffering a little, and the vintage bottles tend to be very overpriced. I understand the reasoning, but they currently aren’t carrying enough of the WA only brews to make it a must visit. I’m hopeful that will change in the future, and I’ll update my review accordingly.“
Sarlacc83 2813 days ago
“Another great McMenamins - Love the view from the river and this place has some great food and atmosphere. Great beer this is a must stop and a great date place.“
BrewDad 3246 days ago
72 /100 16615 SE 18TH ST
“This is an energetic, loud place. It is fun if that is what you are looking for. It focuses on sports, with a giant wall covered with sports events running. "Built to resemble a stadium, it boasts wrap-around booth seating, exposed trusses, metal decking, concrete floors, a painted sky ceiling, four 50" HD plasmas, two 42" plasmas, one 6’ projection screen AND an 8ft x 36ft jumbo-tron that can be viewed as three massive wide-screens or divided into any combination of smaller viewing screens." The beer selection is ok. CURRENTLY ON TAP: Currently on TapCoors Light Bud Light Widmer Hef Ninkasi ReNEWale **NEW** Blue Moon Ninkasi Total Domination Deschutes Mirror Pond Deschutes Abyss (10oz pour) Burnside Brewing Oatmeal Pale Ale (OPA) 10 Barrel Brewing Sinister (Black Ale/Porter) New Belgium Fat Tire New Belgium Belgo (Belgian Style IPA) **NEW** Mac & Jacks African Amber Pyramid Snow Cap Laurelwood Free Range Red Fort George Vortex IPA “
Syzzer 3354 days ago
76 /100 1705 SE 164TH AVE
“A good looking German tavern. German beer selection for the most part, good mixed drinks. Prices a bit high on some items“
Syzzer 3495 days ago
82 /100 13504 NE 84 STREET
“Online Order. Do they even have a physical location for in-store sales? It didn’t seem like it. I first noticed these guys a while back when I was browsing online looking for places to buy Midnight Sun stuff. They had a nice selection of them. Of course, it wasn’t until I saw that they stocked a full line of Upright beers did I decide to place an order. Ambiance is based on the website, which isn’t flashy, but is plenty easy to use and navigate through. They don’t have the biggest selection I’ve seen, but offer a good variety, and again, have breweries such as Upright and Midnight Sun which are appealing to me. The shipping charges were a little on the high side but in all honesty weren’t really all that bad considering how far I live from Vancouver, WA and the fact that they didn’t tack on a "packing fee". Probably reasonably close to what I’d have to pay at other online retailers in this region. Ship time was incredibly fast with several emails updating the status of my order. My box was packed securely using cardboard bottle shippers. The ones I receive with pretty much every other online order I’ve made. Overall my experience was pleasant. I don’t do a ton of online ordering (it is expensive) but next time I’m looking for Upright, Midnight Sun, or anything else available in this region I would not hesitate to do business with these guys again.“
changeup45 3514 days ago
54 /100 13504 NE 84 STREET
“I did a mail order purchase from these guys, so this rating is based solely on that experience. The online store itself is easy to use and communication was good overall. My issue is with the huge handling fee of almost $40 (given how much shipping I do with UPS, I know exactly what actual shipping was and it was not close to the $68 S+H I was billed for my order). If I am going to pay a premium for supplies, I expect the beers to be shipped in a styro shipper or other comparable box rated for shipping beverages. What I got was a used UPS box that had a used wine box plopped in the middle with a bunch of worn out styrofoam peanuts around it and some random pieces of cardboard rammed in between the bottles. The packaging could have been a lot better considering the lofty price tag. I’m not sure if I’d do business with them again.“
Cletus 3655 days ago
84 /100
By the Bottle (Beer Store)
“Really nice bottle shop in downtown Vancouver. The owners and staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Great selection even if somewhat limited compared to the big two in Portland. Lots of great Washington brews to choose from that don’t distribute to Oregon. Also some other breweries such as Port/Lost Abbey and Left Hand. Tap room opened this summer and has a nice selection on eight taps to choose from. Sales tax means I don’t buy here what I can get at home, but there are lots of goodies to choose from, including some older cellarables if you’re lucky to time it right.“
hoptimist 3816 days ago
84 /100
By the Bottle (Beer Store)
“Excellent selection of WA and OR beers. Almost all bottles in cold. Tasting room with couple of taps. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was looking for Hair of the Dog and found three bottles. “
rosenbergh 3903 days ago
84 /100
By the Bottle (Beer Store)
“Small but well-stocked bottle shop located in downtown Vancouver right next to the Salmon Creek Brewpub. The selection leans towards Pacific Northwest Beers and most offerings are 750s, bombers and single 12oz bottles. The owner is very nice and helpful in recommending what local beers to try. Along with Salmon Creek, it makes for a worthwhile visit to downtown Vancouver .“
CampesinoTino 3972 days ago
86 /100
By the Bottle (Beer Store)
“Stumbled across By the Bottle after dinner down the street, not knowing it was a beer store. A pleasant surprise. The woman working there (the owner?) was very knowledgeable and friendly. I purchased a few bottles to enjoy while I’m here, but had I another bag to check, I could have walked out with a case out of her wonderful selection. She just put in some new coolers and will be adding tap lines in the future, so looks like business is going well!“
BDR 4044 days ago
86 /100
By the Bottle (Beer Store)
“Smaller store, but well-appointed. All bottles in the cooler. The lady who owns the store is nothing but friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable - always interested in talking about beer.“
Tweety 4123 days ago
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