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“Solid. They apparently have a place that's not in the market, but I went to the place in the market. Kitchen closes about an hour before closing, so we got food from one of the other places in the market and brought it over. They do flights of 5 for $11. 20 taps, around 14 of their own (my flight was solely their own). Their beers were perfectly fine - range here was decent to good (raspberry wheat on nitro tasted like raspberry creamsicles). Do not regret the stop. Only issue is that being here late, there are tons of little bugs buzzing around. It's central Washington, what'll you do?“
WestCoastHawkeye 861 days ago
“Nic comfy place in the market. Eight of their own beers on tap, 12 guest taps. Small menu, but good. $10 flights. Nice.“
stevoj 1544 days ago
70 /100 538 RIVERSIDE DR
“Stopped in here after the nearby Badger Mountain Brewery. There is quite a contrast between the two. Columbia Valley had only four of their own beers on tap -- all pretty mediocre. But the ambiance is far nicer, with very pleasan wait staff and a pleasant outdoor patio. Bottom line: if you want good beer, go to Badger; if you want a pleasant venue with good food, go to Columbia.“
Iphonephan 2045 days ago
76 /100 1 ORONDO AVE
“Visited on a beautiful Friday night in June. Sparse crowd at 8:30, which was surprising because it’s a pretty nice place. Had a flight of six beers, all of which were solid and some very good. Food menu was pretty limited and we did not try it. Well worth a bit of a detour if you are in the area.“
Iphonephan 2046 days ago
78 /100 1 ORONDO AVE
“Clearly this place has been much updated and renovated. Brewery/taproom. Features about 10 beers of their own, as well as a dozen or so guest taps. All beers on tap were interesting. Pours in 16 or 12 oz pours, or tasters. Bar food, but good. Nachos, wings, fries etc. Overall, good beer, good food, friendly staff. I enjoy this place.“
andrewje41 2072 days ago
42 /100 25 N WENATCHEE AVE
“I walked in and walked out. It’s unfortunate as this place is profiled in a local magazine, Foothills. It’s pretty blatant that they are trying to mislead people into thinking they brew here. The ambience is nice - but I didn’t stick around for food or beer.“
CapFlu 2367 days ago
70 /100 111 ORONDO AVENUE
“Nice local joint with incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Ordered the BBQ chicken pizza, southwestern chicken salad and a couple of mac’n’cheese. A tad pricy at $43 for takeout but it really was great food. They have a dozen or so taps... Nothing earth shattering but I like Dead Guy Ale on draft.“
CapFlu 2367 days ago
78 /100 25 N WENATCHEE AVE
“It’s downstairs in a shopping plaza. A nice little tap selection (12), with things like Not Stoic from Deschutes. For the size of the town it’s a pleasant surprise.“
50belair 2787 days ago
76 /100 111 ORONDO AVENUE
“Sort of turn of the century style building. Crowded. The tap list is extensive, it’s really more about the food than the beer.“
50belair 2788 days ago
72 /100 538 RIVERSIDE DR
“The wife and I went on a little beer tour of Wenatchee when we went there for our anniversary, and this was, by far, our favorite place. The place was open and inviting, with plenty of seating (indoor and out), including some garage doors they could open on particularly nice days. They only had four of their own beers on tap, but they had some solid options. Their "guest" beers (8 options or so) were rather nice options, as well. Food was quite fantastic, and all made from scratch. If you’re going to hit one spot in Wenatchee, it should be this place.“
maxwelldeux 2943 days ago
56 /100 1 ORONDO AVE
“This was a weird place to me, and a little hard to find. It feels like more of a bar than a brewpub. They only had four of their own beers on tap, and seemed to mostly be promoting other beers. Service was slow and not very interesting in anything, it seemed. There was food from a separate business located inside the brewery, which was marginal and expensive. To me, it seemed worth a quick stop for the four beers of their own, but not for a lengthy stay.“
maxwelldeux 2945 days ago
42 /100 25 N WENATCHEE AVE
“I cry bullshit. They don’t actually brew their own beer - you can’t call yourself a brewery if you do that. As for a bar, it would be decent, but not as a brewpub. I asked the bartender about their own beer, and he said that they just ordered some new equipment. Right... like I’m supposed to believe that beer is forthcoming with this long of history. The food was mediocre at best - nothing interesting or creative, though it would fill you up. Decent beers on tap (though none of their own), though I didn’t drive 3 hours to go to a bar. If you’re in the area and want some beer, stop in. If you want an actual brewery, go two blocks over and hit Badger Mountain.“
maxwelldeux 2946 days ago
72 /100 538 RIVERSIDE DR
“(Visited 09/2012): Columbia Valley Brewing is located north of Wenatchee in Cashmere. It is situated near the river on Riverside Dr, not too far off Rte 2. They have a parking lot along the side of the building.

The inside is a large open room, with the bar on the left side and seating on the right. Kegs are used as hanging light fixtures. Also a George Washington mannequin with a sword. There is a chalkboard behind the bar listing the beers.

With respect to the beers, Columbia Valley has 4 house beers: Hefe, IPA, Porter, and Imperial Amber. All of the beers are decent. They also have a couple guest taps.

Service at the bar was friendly but not overly knowledgeable.

We did not have any food on our visit, although they had a food truck outside.

Overall this is a nice brewpub to visit in the Wenatchee forest area.“
Dogbrick 3340 days ago
80 /100 25 N WENATCHEE AVE
“(Visited 09/2012): Saddle Rock is located in Wenatchee near the river on N Wenatchee Rd. They have a private lot behind the building.

Inside there is a wraparound bar in the rear and table seating in the rest of the space. Brick walls and wooden floors, with bright lighting on the ceilings. There is a chalkboard behind the bar listing the bars.

As for the beers, despite the name of the place they do not actually brew their own beers. They do however have around 12 taps and carry many regional craft beers like Boundary Bay, Oakshire, Icicle, Ninkasi, Elysian and Snowdrift. Sample paddles made out of skis are available.

Service at the bar was good. The bartenders knew their beers and were engaging.

We did not have any food on our visit.

Overall it was a little disappointing that there is no actual brewery here but the atmosphere and solid beer selection make up for it.“
Dogbrick 3340 days ago
82 /100 111 ORONDO AVENUE
“So here we are on out North Eastern Central Washington trip with the family. Our first day and we found this wonderful place called McGlinn’s Public House here in wonderfully very warm Wenatchee WA. We where hungry we hear this is the place so we stopped on in. An old hotel turned into a restaurant and wow they did a great job. This had the old brick house pizza pub feel. Old original pictures and items of when this place was a hotel housing baseball players during there minor league A ball stint. I was told they had a good beer selection and correct the person was. They had a wonderful selection of 25 taps with great local micro breweries. I was really impressed with the 3 extra taps that where there own brews they had made for them by some of the regions micro brewers. They had Mountain ale (Amber) by Pyramid, Saddle Rock Red (Blend) by Roslyn Brewing and last a Squilchuck Creek (IPA) by Boundary Bay Brewing. I have emailed each brewer to find out more details so I am sure they are what they are. This was a truly awesome find. I am glad I was told to stop by. If you find yourself lost and in the middle of Washington State and in need of a beer or some great food and atmosphere this is the place. Kids are welcome here.“
BrewDad 4585 days ago
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