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“Good liquor store indeed, not as diverse as Alliq (in Fukuoka also) but they have the whisky Torys Classic by Suntory, a cheap whisky they've made for âges. I stumbled on this store and later could 't find it back on google maps but the post above helped me, look for Daruma restaurant, it's a chain but the one near Tenjin is the one, just check on Google street view and see the Yamaya store“
bertsplaces 176 days ago
100 /100 1 CHOME-14-15 2F DAIMYO
“Chill vibe, self-serve system, large selection of Belgian beers, many games like beer pong, table football and jenga.“
FrothyChalice38 1505 days ago
“Little cosy place with a small terrasse (6seats) on front. 6 seats at the bar, 3 tables for 6 people. They have an English "menu" for drinks. 12 active taps when I was there, all Japanese crafts mostly locals. S/M/L sizes for drafts for 600/800/1200¥. Maybe a bit pricy, but the place was cool and quiet on a Sunday evening with lounge jazzy music playing.“
lordslair 1608 days ago
“A small, craft beer bar near Hakata Station (10 min. walk) and Gion Station (4 min.walk). About 12 taps, all with Japanese craft beers except 1 cider. 3 were dry at the time of my visit; the remainder were all unfamiliar brews. 3 beer sets available before 21:00. Good wi-fi. Has food but did not try any.“
chinchill 1968 days ago
68 /100 1-13-31 IMAIZUMI, CHUO-KU
“Nice little bar open during the day on Sunday which seemed to be something of a rarity in Fukuoka. 10 taps, a mix of Japanese, US and European stuff. Selection of good Belgian bottles. Beer flight available too. Not the cheapest place and it does allow smoking, but this was a nice stop. Map puts it in the middle of the block which is probably exactly where it is. You enter from the road to the east of where the pin is.“
shoulderbroken 2657 days ago
“On the 10th floor of the Kitte shopping centre next to Hakata station. Felt slightly different from the other Goodbeer Faucets places, I guess mainly due to its situation and location. Like the other review said, it’s in a shopping centre, but it is on the restaurant floor. Went there fairly late on a Saturday and it wasn’t too crowded. Plenty of the GBF house beers on. Daytime opening is a bonus I reckon.“
shoulderbroken 2657 days ago
74 /100
Brewers (Bar)
“Small bar a bit off the main street. Did not try the food. About 10 taps, Japanese craft only, all well kept and fresh. Beers come in three sizes so you can go small if you feel like ticking more. Service friendly and quick but not much English.“
HenrikO 2658 days ago
“Sometimes-like this place- a place can have fresh beer poured well in the proper glass and I still probably will never go back! Goodbeer Stand is a completely open pub in the middle of the 10th floor of a mall;you get to see and hear all the shoppers that walk buy,you get to hear all the mall announcements and you get to hear the terrible mall music. The place is laid out like a coffee shop. They had no wheat beer on offer. On the plus side,no smoking and happy hour from 15:00-19:00.“
left_bank 2682 days ago
80 /100
Brewers (Bar)
“Cozy place with 20 seats inside + 6 seats outside.Only Japanese craft beer served,in good condition with proper glass wear. Not in one of the bar/restaurant areas of Fukuoka,but near parks and where people live.Been told this is where brewery department rep’s come when they visit Fukuoka. Only possible negative is that the place does allow smoking,and because the place is relatively small,I would not like to be in mid-meal when 3 smokers walk in!“
left_bank 2740 days ago
82 /100 1-3-14 MAIZURU CHUO-KU
“Not so many taps. They alway have a good bottle from Brewdog . Food is very good . Worth to visit if you are in town.“
numalee13 2743 days ago
“Checked other ratings throughout Japan cause I was not sure why this place is in the data base,and some others are not sure either.There is nothing wrong with this store as I am in a Yamaya at least once a week,but it is usually to buy olives,sauerkraut,beans and/or wine. There is another Yamaya in Fukuoka that is right by my place,and I do buy beer there but mostly if we get unexpected guests or somebody forgot to buy beer.They do have small 5 L kegs of Paulaner that I occasionally buy and take to the park and split with friends. “
left_bank 2750 days ago
32 /100
Bayern Fukuoka (Restaurant)
“Terribly disappointing,it is terribly disappointing when the staff do not care about the beer they serve! We were a good size group who bought beer both on tap and in bottles.When one of the bottles was obviously bad,the manager would not even consider replacing the beer with a new bottle.When we after started to check the bbd’s on the bottles,we found that most had expiry dates within the next 2-3 weeks. On to the taps,where 2 of the 5 were not available.I had high hopes for this place and the ambiance was not bad,but with what I have already wrote and the distance and time it takes to get their from downtown,I (and everyone else at my table)agreed that this was our last time in Bayern Fukuoka.“
left_bank 2804 days ago
70 /100 1-3-14 MAIZURU CHUO-KU
“Except for Heartland,most taps are over 1300 yen for 420ml. Comfortable with good service.No wheat beers on tap.My first time there but would probably only go back for the food(and have 1 beer).“
left_bank 2824 days ago
42 /100 3-5-16 TENJIN
“It is cheap,the bartender Mike can carry a good conversation and everybody in the bar earlier today was from North America. The selection on tap is very small and not worth much if you do not like i.p.a.The place is borderline clean enough to sit down at but probably why it would be hard for me to go back is that is smelled-badly-of bad body odor(dormitory).“
left_bank 2824 days ago
70 /100 1-13-31 IMAIZUMI, CHUO-KU
“The beers were served a little bit too cold,but not bad by Japan bar standards.Staff were both efficient & helpful,with some English spoken. The bar/the space was not that comfortable;clearly it was a bar that moved into a vacant space.“
left_bank 2851 days ago
“This is a liquor store I discovered walking walking around that has a small selection of Japanese Craft beers available for sale. It is *not* in google maps but located on the north side of Kokutai road right next to the 7-11 just east of Taisho Dori Rd in Tenjin. If you search for the restaurant ’Daruma’ in google maps it’s at the same location. Mostly selling wine and other hard liquor but some beers available at good prices.“
cattrall 3028 days ago
72 /100 4-2-15 NAKASU, HAKATA-KU
“I did not eat or drink here - but popped in to see the place. Note the RateBeer ’proximity map’ is *incorrect*. The google maps position is *correct*. Note also that there is a huge selection of beers but most are fairly un-interesting international options. Think Kingfisher from India and Lion from Sri Lanka and the normal Belgian’s like Chimay and Duval and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout etc etc. Very few (if any in fact) Japanese beers. When I asked for Japanese beers I was offered Sapporo and Asahi oh god. So you will find beers that you like but considering what Japan has available you’ll be disappointed that it’s not represented well. Atmosphere kind of a Texan American style - intimate and nice enough but not really Japanese.“
cattrall 3028 days ago
“With all due respect to KBL,I wonder why he entered this bar! I only walked in because i took a look at the places section of Kitakyushu before I went. Nothing really distinctive about this irish pub,although it does have a very nice long bar counter.“
left_bank 3384 days ago
72 /100 1-22-2 TAKASA, CHUO-KU
“nice little pub with about 15 counter seats and a separate room with a small table and 4 chairs. staff knowledgeable about ji-birru scene,,but negatives include beer served to cold,that 300 yen table charge,and good jazz music followed by "bad" j-pop.“
left_bank 3791 days ago
82 /100 3-5-16 TENJIN
“One of the best places for a craft beer selection in Tenjin. Micro-Brew from the U.S., European craft beer, even a large selection of Whiskey. Food specials and are home made meals set this as an awesome place in Japan. Always a fun time on the 2nd floor. Say hi to Mike!“
whitebear 4184 days ago
38 /100 1-19-1 BEPPU, JONAN-KU
“Tiny cafe connected to K’s Brewery. I did not taste his beers slowly in a relaxed atmosphere....“
BriSava 4544 days ago
32 /100 1-19-1 BEPPU, JONAN-KU
“A very small cafe connected to K’s Brewery. When we went, they had the Brewmaster Blonde on tap and Cabos and Honey and the Healing Time Porter in bottles. They may have more than one tap at other times, but I don’t know. I don’t like their beer much, and the place wasn’t much to speak of. I wouldn’t go back, except that there was a beer store about a block away that had all kinds of interesting imports in stock--it was closed, but I wouldn’t mind checking that out.“
KyotoLefty 5102 days ago
“Hotel beers at hotel prices. If you go, be hungry and get the buffet with all-you-can-drink for ¥4800. A couple of the beers were good, and a couple sucked, but they were like $9 each for about 250 ml. Rip-off. Go for the buffet and eat several kg of crab with your beer. Koelsch was nice.“
KyotoLefty 5239 days ago
76 /100 4-2-15 NAKASU, HAKATA-KU
“Basement bar in the "Pleasure" district of Fukuoka. Tons of beers available, with several non-matching menus in Japanese and English. Most are useless Macros from all over the world, but there are also dozens of good beers. Few Japanese micros, and the Belgians we not so interesting, but nice Germans and even had Utopias (¥25,000). Had a ’84 Samiclaus and ’89 Courage Russian Imp. Stout, but I was told these were not for sale. Best beer joint in Fukuoka as far as I can tell.“
KyotoLefty 5240 days ago
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