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70 /100
Shelter (Bar)
“Shelter is the newest NRG spot in The Roost at 1401 Penn SE. It's a stripped down Churchkey, with 25 or so taps (planning for 50) with half focusing on beers 5% and under. Leaned on German imports for much of the menu the night I was there, but there was plenty I hadn't had. I expect this to be a very nice taplist, especially when COVID is over. It's the back room of a large foodhall that has tacos, sushi, ice cream, burgers, pizza, etc. Something for everyone. Nice outdoor space and good socially distanced space inside too. The night I was there, the service was just a bit off, but I am going to assume NRG is going to hammer out the kinks. The prices were pretty good, especially for the lower ABV stuff. This will likely land in the rotation for my family and I.“
nimbleprop 39 days ago
86 /100 1401 OKIE ST NE
“Pretty big place, with a cool patio outside in an up and coming district of D.C. Was here a week or two after opening, so they weren't doing tap pours yet, also given COVID perhaps. Not sure when that starts. They had a ton of cans you could get though. All in the $6-$9 range, and some bottled syrup stouts, though didn't indulge in those so not sure the price. Service friendly. It was busy, barely got in early on Friday due to reservation system (I didn't have one). They sell take out cans, but only in 4 packs or more. A welcome addition to the D.C. beer scene for sure.“
solidfunk 70 days ago
70 /100 723 8TH STREET SE
“Friendly sidewalk-cafe type brewpub over in the Barracks area of D.C. Not much near here for beer nerds, so a welcome addition. A few beers on tap, capably done. Some of their lighter stuff is better. Flights available. Friendly service. Crab dip was awesome.“
solidfunk 90 days ago
76 /100 209 M ST NE
“Big place, and a welcome addition to the DC beer scene. Right by camping supplies store. Prices are quite high at this place. Flights available, and some food in food window. Quite a busy place. Service ok, and beer is average, with a few highlights. Decent place, and right by metro, though I'd still say Right Proper and Bluejacket are better.“
solidfunk 222 days ago
“Visited 3/2020. Weird location behind alley. Stayed in the first floor. Very nice selection of beers, mostly european/belgian stuff. Chairs on the desk were horrible and I still wonder why the place was so dark. I had to use my cellphone screenlight to see something from beer list...“
VastActiv 289 days ago
68 /100 3282 M ST NW
“Visited 3/2020 for one pint and small food. Overall points 96 are totally overrated, this place is practically pizza restaurant with decent beer selection. Bar desk is very small and I found place pretty unattractive for beer enthuasist.“
VastActiv 289 days ago
“Visited 3/2020 and just like they say some dive bar elements are obvious. Asked for ID in the front door.. only place during my visit in DC. Around ~20 taps available mostly local stuff. OK for late night visit.“
VastActiv 289 days ago
78 /100 2003 P ST NW
“Visited many times 3/2020 because my hotel was just next to it. Pizzas were great and they has something like 20 taps available. Overall points 94 are way too much for this place. I would say come here for good pizza and 1-2 pints but if you want more beers go somewhere else.“
VastActiv 289 days ago
84 /100 300 TINGEY ST
“Visited 3/2020. Close to Metro Station so easy to visit. Next to USA transportation ministry so neighborhood is clean. Pretty big and nice place. Samples available and beers were better than average.“
VastActiv 289 days ago
76 /100 209 M ST NE
“Visited 3/2020. Next to metrostop so easy to visit. Homeless people wandering around. Beers were ok and place was big and noisy. Great food available behind the bar also!“
VastActiv 289 days ago
“I showed up on my bike. Forgot they are not open on Sunday. The owners were at the door, going in to do something. They invited me (and my bike) in. They gave me a free beer. They were incredibly nice. This, my friends, is what craft beer is all about. Oh, and their beer was good. And the place is cozy, as noted. Go there.“
OnTheTrail 332 days ago
84 /100 301 H STREET NE
“Not an overly large space, but it is packed floor to ceiling, and organized very well too. I had an hour to kill at Union Station, and it was a short enough walk to pick up a few things before I got on the bus. Reasonable prices and helpful staff. Nice selection of local and regional breweries.“
stevoj 342 days ago
74 /100 1600 7TH STREET NW
“This is place is pretty damn close to a German biergarten, and its right in the middle of DC, in the Shaw neighborhood. U shaped bar, patio style seating under a tent, sitting and standing tables. complete lineup of Weihenstaphaner beers, as well local and regional craft. Kitchen on site, but I did not eat. Laid back, but I could see this place getting busy int he summer. Note: Gratuity is automatically added at 18%, which you don't find out until closing out the check. while service was excellent dutring my visit, this may be an issue when it is more crowded. Pricey too...“
stevoj 342 days ago
64 /100 2436 18TH ST NW
“Visited after dinner on a Wednesday with beastiefan2k. Very much a standard Mellow Mushroom, 20 beers on tap, with a mix of standard local beers and the national standard craft. Pizza is solid, service was quite friendly. (Just ok) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 367 days ago
70 /100 2471 18TH ST NW
“Visited after dinner on a Wednesday with beastiefan2k. Located in a busier part of NW DC. Narrow restaurant, with a long bar with plenty of seating. Beer selection is 22 beers available as 4 oz or full pours, with a focus on local and regional beers. Lots of interesting styles. Service was slow at the bar, and pretty aloof. BBQ looked solid, with a focus on vegan options. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 367 days ago
“Visited after work on a Thursday. Located a couple of blocks North of the Mall, one of the closer places to the DC tourist spots. In a newer office building, the bar area is quite large with a long bar, and high tops all around. The place was jammed when I visited with people eating, drinking and having a good time. Beer selection was pretty standard, though they did have a few beers on a beer engine, including Fullers London Pride which I guess isn’t very common. The food looked like solid bar grub. Service was quick and efficient. (Just ok) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 367 days ago
90 /100 3282 M ST NW
“Excellent place. Good beer list (would like a bit more from bottles but there was a wonderfully eclectic taplist) and some spectacular pizza. Nice mix of international and local on the beer and, again, the pizza. Well deserving of the praise this place gets.“
WestCoastHawkeye 434 days ago
68 /100 209 M ST NE
“Meh. Visited on a Tuesday night. They tried some stuff which worked (milk stout stood out), some stuff which didn't work (rosemary saison did not cut it), nothing that particularly sang to me as terribly creative. Space is a converted warehouse or similar building. They had food which looked fine. I would not be embarrassed to go here but I wouldn't particularly try to repeat or anything.“
WestCoastHawkeye 434 days ago
78 /100 301 H STREET NE
“So this is a solid bottle shop. Broken down into region, decent rarities for each region. Nothing you won't find elsewhere, but I would be happy if this were my go-to.“
WestCoastHawkeye 434 days ago
96 /100
Birch & Barley (Restaurant)
1337 14TH ST NW
“ChurchKey (which is amazing) with nicer food.“
WestCoastHawkeye 435 days ago
90 /100 300 TINGEY ST
“Place is in a big converted building (would say it's a warehouse but apparently it's an arsenal). Around 20-25 of their own beers on tap. Interesting mix of styles - lots of IPAs (hazy and non-hazy) but also lots of German-type styles (bock, rauchbier) and very few stouts (I think just two, both sweet and both excellent). Everything I had was very well done. No home runs but a bunch of extra-base hits. Would absolutely go back here. Some excellent beer.“
WestCoastHawkeye 435 days ago
“I was unimpressed by this place. Decent few shelves of beer but very little that's particularly hard to find. If I lived nearby I might go here; otherwise no reason to.“
WestCoastHawkeye 435 days ago
82 /100 301 H STREET NE
“Great beer store for DC. Great selection and friendly staff. Probably the best beer store in DC limits. Lots of lambics and stuff you can't find at some of the virginia stores. Lots of singles available.“
solidfunk 476 days ago
42 /100 812 7TH ST NW
“Found the place randomly on a Saturday afternoon. The place was mostly empty. Sat at the bar. After a friendly greeting and being handed the menus I apparently turned invisible and was icompletely gnored. Decided to leave and head to Church key instead.“
jonas 550 days ago
68 /100 300 TINGEY ST
“Nice location south of the mall near the Nats ballpark. The interior was really cool and all staff rather friendly. The selection was fairly extensive but pretty one dimensional with mostly IPA's and hop forward brews. Prices seemed very fair considering it is D.C. and generous pours as well. Didn't try the food but it looked tasty. I can see why Travlr chose this for his 10k+ special brews but overall, I wasn't so wow'd that I am dying to return. A second Atlas location opening up within a 5 min walk of here.“
rennat42 553 days ago
74 /100 301 H STREET NE
“Corner location with lots of foot traffic. Smaller than most CBC locations. Helpful staff. Selection is less than I’d expect from most CBCs, but still better than most.“
GregMooreNH 560 days ago
80 /100 209 M ST NE
“Sehr kultige Location, gutes Bier, große Räumlichkeiten mit viel Platz, freundliches Personal. Heute gabs ausnahmsweise auch Pizza. Leider wenige nicht-alkoholische Alternativen.“
Fisler 584 days ago
58 /100 2701 P ST NW
“Definitely more of a wine and spirits store but it has a decent little selection. The weirder bottles appear to be primarily west coast stuff, the 6ers are a good mix though. The owner is damned hilarious and took some time out to break apart some local 6 packs so I could get a selection.“
Alphadelic 592 days ago
“What a funky joint. I really love the Mosaic sign outside and the low lighting. We sat in the downstairs bar during a quiet period of Friday afternoon. Unfortunately the fire alarm went of a number of times while we were there. The beer selection is super Europe focussed. I was hoping to get something somewhat local while I was in town. There was one beer from the area and when I said I wanted it, the server told me it was terrible and that she hated pouring it because it took her 4 glasses because it foamed so much. I ended up getting a sour brown, that only took her 3 glasses to get a decent pour of. It came lukewarm in a chunky water tumbler. The food though! We got one of everything on the happy hour menu and it was all awesome. That's the main draw here by a long way. Really delicious and a great deal during happy hour.“
Alphadelic 592 days ago
82 /100 301 H STREET NE
“Visited around 2100 on a Thursday evening. From the outside the place is a bit unsuspecting. Inside is pretty interesting though. They have a few hundred beers to choose from and the selection is pretty diverse. Considering DC has such a great distribution system, or lack there of, this place has done a good job of carrying a lot of the harder to find beers from around the country. They have four draft beers available for Crowler fills. 16 ounce cans, so a good portion for a single person. Friendly service. Mostly left me to browse. Would stop in again if in this part of the city.“
JStax 621 days ago
78 /100 2471 18TH ST NW
“Visited on a Thursday evening around 1830, and when we arrived there weren’t many people there. We were able to take advantage of Happy Hour, which let you have certain beers for $4 per pour. Service was a bit slow at the bar, but food service was fast. Food was delicious and hefty portions. I had the BBQ sampler, which gave me wings, ribs, pulled pork, and brisket plus two sides. All of which were excellent. Prices are about DC standard, high for most places but in line with the area. By the time we left the place was getting busy. I would definitely go back. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the Dupont Circle or Woodly Park Metro stop. Lots of shops nearby as well. Probably wouldn’t try driving here since street parking is pretty limited.“
JStax 621 days ago
92 /100 2003 P ST NW
“Visited on a Tuesday around 1800. We were able to easily get a table. Service here was excellent. Friendly and attentive. Kept up with drink orders easily and was helpful in picking a pizza for my friend. I had the Di Mare, and it was phenomenal. The beer selection had a portion that was fairly local, an international portion, a nationwide portion, and then a huge bottle list. Pretty impressive bottle and draft list, but the stuff that isn’t local is pretty expensive. Food prices were much better. My 9” pizza was $15 and was almost more than I needed. Other than beer prices, this place is phenomenal. Definitely stop by if you get a chance.“
JStax 623 days ago
88 /100
Birch & Barley (Restaurant)
1337 14TH ST NW
“1/28/19 (Washington D.C). In town for work, and glad I stopped in to this haven of craft draft and cask pours. Typical modern bar, service at the bar was great, standard sports on the TV blended with movies or comedy. Food was pricy, wings were not good but burger very good. Many great varieties of beers available including 4-6 cask pours, hard to find in most places. This bar does a great job stocking a variety of brewers and styles, and has dozens of bottles in addition to their extensive draft list. No happy hour specials, most D.C. bars have them, and a bit pricy, but worth it if you are searching unique styles or brewers. Have been back a few times since, everything consistent.“
ChicagoJ 625 days ago
70 /100 209 M ST NE
“Visited this brewery on a somewhat rainy Sunday afternoon around 4 PM. The place was pretty busy. They have a great location close to a metro stop. Share a building with an REI and a La Colombe. The place has the feel of a brewery that is well established and already has a lot of extra capital. Pretty modern. On my visit they had six of their own beers on draft as well as a guest beer, a few ciders, a mead, and some wines. I tried four of the beers and they ran the spectrum of quality. The Porter was a standout. Service was excellent. Worth a quick visit, maybe at a less busy time.“
JStax 625 days ago
68 /100 1433 P ST NW
“Been here a couple of times now but haven't rated. Friendly atmosphere and homey pub feel. Beer selection just ok, DC type attitude in service, but I still like this place in vibe. Greasy pub food.“
solidfunk 629 days ago
66 /100
D’Vines (Beer Store)
“Nice little store with some good cans of stuff from New York which you don't often see around elsewhere. Surprised I never wandered in this place until recently. Some growlers as well. Prices average to slightly more than average. Seems like their selection turns around fairly quickly.“
solidfunk 642 days ago
74 /100 624 T ST NW
“Another catch-up rating from my DC trips. Not a bad walk from where I was staying. place was small and kind of tight. Busy on a weeknight. Food was good. Good selection of taps. Younger, hip crowd, but that's probably a reflection of the neighborhood.“
stevoj 642 days ago
84 /100 300 TINGEY ST
“This is a catch-up rating, as I've hit this place in DC on multiple occasions. Big wide-open space, high ceilings in this now bustling part of town. Game days must be nuts. Food offered, did not try. A wide variety of taps covering the gamut of styles, all pretty darn good. A must stop in DC, and near the Metro and ballpark.“
stevoj 642 days ago
“Went to the upstairs bar on a rather busy Thursday evening. This is more a very good restaurant with an excellent beer selection than what I consider a typical beer bar. Very Belgian-focused in both drafts (probably 75% of the ~50 lines were Belgian - a few vintages / rarities in there, heavy on the Belgian brewers that are easier to find though) and bottles (the bottle list here is really the star - had a Cantillon Kriek once I had a chance to peruse it and a Black Albert). They have a solid selection of American bottles as well but you come here for the Belgian stuff and the excellent food. I would not call this one of the top 50 beer spots in the world. In my opinion, ChurchKey (which I also visited on this trip) was clearly better. Heard great things about Bluejacket and want to check it out. But this is a legit world-class place and one you should try to check out. (Service was a bit slow when I visited - they could've used a second server upstairs - don't know if that's a common problem but I dinged them for that).“
WestCoastHawkeye 656 days ago
91.4285714286 /100
ChurchKey (Bar)
1337 14TH ST NW
“This is one of the best beer bars I've ever visited. Would call this the second best beer bar I've been to in the US (just behind Brouwers in Seattle). Torst would be on that shortlist too. More taps than I could count, a killer bottle list with breadth geographically and some cellared rarities if you feel like shelling out - but the draft list is spectacular enough where you might never notice the bottle list. Four ounce pours of everything, bartenders who know their beer. It was a bit crowded when I arrived and a little tough to initially get the bartenders' attention, but once I got it service was excellent. Stop wasting time and go here. Whoever said nothing gets done in Washington clearly didn't meet the people responsible for ChurchKey's beer selection.“
WestCoastHawkeye 658 days ago
66 /100 901 9TH STREET NW
“A passable beer bar in downtown DC. Fine if uninspired tap list. Typical large downtown tap house feel. Food is decent. Service is fine. Not bad but not memorable.“
nickd717 671 days ago
68 /100 509 7TH ST NW
“Great ambiance, excellent service and great food. The beer varies from decent to not very good. They have a sour oatmeal stout that should be avoided at all costs but the regular oatmeal stout is decent.“
Luvystypotables 675 days ago
48 /100 801 E ST NW
“They have a decent selection of beer and a full bar, the food and beverage is self serve downstairs. They have lots of screens for watching sports and a lot of games that can be played for a fee. It is a bit like putting a bar in an arcade. The food is OK it can be loud and it is a bit pricey. Good for a group event but a place to just go and have a beer.“
Luvystypotables 678 days ago
68 /100 509 7TH ST NW
“Cool upscale vintage atmosphere. Service was average. Beer selection was their beers, which were average at best. Beer pricing was quite reasonable especially at happy hour. I would like to come back for the food.“
weihenweizen 700 days ago
70 /100
The Partisan (Restaurant)
“This is a two in one place this being on the left and the Red Apron on the right. Nice trendy atmosphere with tables up front, and big long bar on the back left. Interesting pig shrine before the bathroom. I had a couple samples. The beer samples were not generous for the price. My snitzel the cut was pretty fatty. The Dutch baby needed more sauce and was over priced at $12. Really this place is a bit pretentious and over priced, but the service was good.“
weihenweizen 700 days ago
82 /100 1100 NEW YORK AVE NW
“Decent brew pub. Known customers on the menu, but pretty good. Small stable of own beers, some others to boot. For DC, not bad.“
ttoadee 710 days ago
76 /100 2003 P ST NW
“Narrow, squeezed in, pizza restaurant with a strong, but tight, been selection. Food is great.“
GregMooreNH 711 days ago
52 /100
D’Vines (Beer Store)
“Small selection of craft beer in the back, but some whales just hanging out.“
GregMooreNH 720 days ago
62 /100 723 8TH STREET SE
“Opened in the space that used to be the Ugly Mug on busy Barracks Row. The tanks are in, but they aren't brewing yet due to some back ordered equipment. The beers are being brewed and kegged at New District for now. Funny, the two I had were better than anything I've ever tasted from New District. They also carry other locals. Food was decent, high end pub food, although a bit expensive. Service was solid and they were very accepting of a couple of rowdy kids. Your only other option for beer on 8th Street is Eat Bar, which is good but Valor would be better for a group, to watch the game or with a family.“
nimbleprop 737 days ago