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74 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“Enjoyed the beer - around 10 taps with varied styles. Great food, Mexican. Knowledgeable attentive staff.“
jb 205 days ago
78 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Cool shop inside a farmer's market type layout. Allows individual bottle sales. Also has a growler station. You can try before you buy, but no onsite consumption allowed. Worth a stop, for sure.“
JStax 421 days ago
48 /100
The Liquor Company (Beer Store)
“Visited on a Saturday late morning. Large parking lot. Inside is kind of a weird disappointment. Only about half to 2/3 of the shelves had anything on them. Seemed like they may be trying to go out of business. The beer selection is only a portion of what they do have, and they carry a fair selection of craft beer. Some in singles, some still in their packs. Pricing was normal. Friendly guy working, seemed pretty knowledgeable about the whiskey and bourbon side of things. If I was nearby, I would stop in again. It is right beside a cigar shop I like a lot, so I will likely visit again.“
JStax 438 days ago
48 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“I visited here 5 years ago when Charleston Brewing Co. was the entity attached to the Black Sheep Burrito place ... even at the time, I suggested the place ratings should be combined. Somewhere in that span, the CBC owners sold to the Black Sheep owners, so now it's "Bad Sheep Beer Co." I was less impressed this time with the beers ... average at best. I only had some guacamole, but it was awesome, so maybe the food is holding up. Was fairly busy for an early Saturday evening, but not packed ... which made the indifferent bar service kinda puzzling. Not counting this as a new brewery for me even though it's changed names.“
Braudog 520 days ago
78 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“Visited on a Monday afternoon around 2 PM. Street metered parking is the only option. They weren't all too busy at this time. Flights offered of all but 1 beer. They had 9 different beers on tap during my visit with a pretty good diversity among the beers offered, hoppy, sour, malty, euro styles, barrel aged stuff. Quality of beer was pretty good. Service was good as well. I didn't eat while here, but the food looked good. All burritos and Mexican style food. I'm hopeful to visit again soon.“
JStax 1040 days ago
“This place is downtown. Parking is on the street. The place has a concrete patio. Quite busy on a Thursday night. Big nice sports bar. Selection was 20 WV beers the night I went, one of the few places that had KBS in Charleston when it came out this year. Prices were reasonable especially during happy hour 4pm-7pm. Service was below average during my visit. You can get 12 oz., 16 oz., and sampler flight here. The food is supposed to be good, I would come back.“
weihenweizen 1251 days ago
72 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“Nice restaurant/brewpub downtown. Had 9 Bad Shepherd beers on tap. Some parking on the street but lots nearby as well. Service was a bit slow on my visit. Pretty convenient to get to - just off I-64/77. Worth a stop.“
shrubber85 1313 days ago
70 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“Very large industrial looking restaurant/brewpub with the brewing equipment next door, 9 beers on tap with 7 from West Virginia, (three home brews), very good food menu, flights, a bit clueless staff. Good and possibly the only place to go in Charleston.“
trapped 1481 days ago
76 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Pretty typical market bottle shop with wine and beer. Notable because it brought me my first West Virginia rating. They had singles of locals and typical craft. The market is cool and I’d definitely try to stop on my way through.“
DialSquare 1492 days ago
84 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Visited 8.5.16. Entered the place at 9p.m - it was the one place that was still open in Downtown Charleston on a Sunday eve and I’m so glad it was! Had Black Sheep been open we would’ve left town early in the morning and missed it. Didn’t know it was a chain until searching for the place here on Ratebeer - it has a nice community vibe, good pizza (and vegan options too!), and a bunch of taps with a few local options, both from CBC from around the corner and from other WV breweries. Engaged in a lively conversation with CBC people that dropped by and with the new regional sales manager for New Belgium, got good tips for the area. Guess I would’ve been that impressed had I lived in Philadelphia or San Diego, but when it comes to beer, WV has much more in common with Israel of a few years ago than with the larger beer communities in the US, so I was quite impressed. Great way to end the night.“
kerenmk 1561 days ago
76 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“This is the place that replaced the Charleston brewpub a few years ago. Keep in mind the brewery is still intact and has doubled production capacity at the time of the restaurant sell. Parking is on the street. Parking is free at times, I think 6 pm till early in the morning Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. New meets industrial decor, a little change but more than half the same. Two areas, the area just inside the door on the left where the new brewing equipment is on display and table as available for a meal; and the area in the back by the big wooden bar where the original brewing equipment can be seen and the taps are. Still reasonable prices on the beer. Four formats of beer pint, sampler, growlers, growlettes, and now 5 oz. samples for $2. I still miss the half pints. Service is usually good. My food arrived quickly on a busy Friday night. The quality of food is usually good. I like their burritos and sweet potato salad. Black sheep is the only location which can be reviewed because the brewery is not open to the public, although the brewery is still not retired on this website. Black Sheep is currently in the process of purchasing the brewery.“
weihenweizen 1617 days ago
70 /100 201 CAPITOL STREET
“This place is across the street and toward the river from P&P Charleston. On the street parking, parking can be a challenge (there is a lot across the street from Adelphia). Ambiance is nice upscale restaurant with good size bar (around eight chairs or so). Service is excellent and the bartender was knowledgeable about beer down to how to read the date on a Belgian bottle I purchased. Beer selection is pretty good for WV. Value was excellent the day I went (half price due to the snow), regular pricing is a little high. I will hit this place on occasion and I would like to try their food.“
weihenweizen 1801 days ago
70 /100 4005 WEST WASHINGTON ST.
“This place is just past north Charleston and just before Dunbar from Charleston. Dedicated free parking lot. The food is good bar food, there gyro is average size. The food is pretty good (had gyro and cheeseburger), but one thing I don’t like is the food and beer are completely separate. They have the best quantity of taps in the region. I asked about one of the taps which said Great Lakes Pub Exclusive , but she had no idea what it was, (it was some kind of dry stout). They have a white board now which lists all the beers on tap. They have some bottles, but I didn’t asked what they have. On a Sunday afternoon this place was busy, being new; Wednesday was not that busy. Friday night is busy, but not crazy during my visit. I hopped they would have more craft with the new building, but huge selection. Has store that you can buy beer to go. The do a flight sampler four four-ounce sample, but in plastic cups.“
weihenweizen 1885 days ago
78 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“This place had ten CBC beers on tap when I visited, available in flights or singly. The food was tasty and creative - I chose a flock of tacos, which means that I learned something about tacos - they travel in flocks whereas beers prefer to gather in flights; who knew? The food was a mixture of southern and Asian-inspired, Thai if I had to guess, since even the bulgogi taco was more Thai than Korean. Service was extremely and genuinely friendly, and it was easy to make friends with the locals sitting at the bar. I (hopefully) talked 63 year old Don into joining Ratebeer today, I’m anxiously awaiting his first beermail. Very relaxed atmosphere, more restaurant-like than bar-like, but both personalities were comfortable with one another. A worthwhile stop in Charleston, especially given the dearth of other beery options.“
Travlr 1913 days ago
76 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“This is in the heart of downtown Charleston. Parking is on the street or there are parking garages near by. Their pizza combinations are good, my favorite is the Cuban pie. Atmosphere is modern, but slightly cramped. Patio which is out front on the sidewalk is open about half the year. The bar is as soon as you walk in and and has limited seating (five or so seats), more or less there for people waiting for a table for a meal. They currently update their website often to what they have on tap (couple times a week). Usually nice selection of locals taps available. They have half pints and typically will allow small samples. They do the best job in town of a restaurant offering available bottles and best tap rotation in town. They have the sampler option, but rarely have enough local taps to offer it, kind of weird. Now has 20 taps. I wouldn’t go out of my way necessarily, but if you are driving by around lunch or dinner stop by and have lunch or diner and have some beer.“
weihenweizen 1954 days ago
62 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Plenty of parking on either end of the Capital Market the place is about in the middle of the building. Atmosphere is a repurposed railroad transfer dock. This place is primarily wine and has some cheese. Good selection of singles which is distributed in WV, if you are looking for whales check the ocean. If you want a case of refrigerated budweiser go somewhere else. Not the cheapest in town, so make sure you get six singles to get the 10% discount. They don’t really have many if any six-packs though. State law on Sundays, no alcohol sales until after 1pm. This place now has six taps where you can get growlers filled.“
weihenweizen 1954 days ago
66 /100
Bricks and Barrels (Restaurant)
“Not much parking, so I would avoid during a power game. Atmosphere was nice brick walls and big barrels to sit in for groups. Big long nice bar for libations. Tap selection is good for the distribution, not sure if they have bottles of beer. Around 12 taps all different and they seem to be rotating quite well so far. The paper beer menu was out of date. My food was mediocre. I ordered chicken and it was dry. My wife’s Chilean sea bass was better. The macaroni and cheese was good, but the food needs improvement. The service was not that good, i was out of water for about ten minutes. I would go back, but not for a while.“
weihenweizen 2059 days ago
58 /100 5101 MACCORKLE AVE SE
“Descent selection of singles for Charleston, typically 200+. Usually 20+ different six-packs to choose. Usually 20+ refrigerated six -packs. Due to distribution you are not likely to find hard to get stuff. Drug Emporium’s have some of the best prices in town. Typically has: Mountain State, Big Timber and Greenbrier Valley. Can find Bridge Brew Works on occasion. Now you can get growlers and individual cans.“
weihenweizen 2089 days ago
62 /100 1603 KANAWHA BLVD W
“Big free dedicated parking and only a couple miles off of I64. Good selection for the area and very good prices. Best selection of singles in town. One of the best selections of WV beers anywhere. Good amount of six-packs refrigerated in cases. They now have 16 taps for growler and growlette (howler) fills.“
weihenweizen 2198 days ago
50 /100
Bridge Mart & Deli (Grocery Store)
“Right off of Bridge Road in South Hills, adjacent to Lola’s. Nice off street parking for the area. The hours listed on this page at this time do not seem to be as limited as listed, might want to check their facebook page for hours. The beer was limited and is in the back on the right in the coolers. Pricing was reasonable. They had Mountain State beers, but very limited singles. The lady working spoke with a heavy accent and was nice, but was not knowledgeable about beer. I made a recommendation and she wrote it down, so may be she will improve the selection some.“
weihenweizen 2199 days ago
“In the heart of downtown, so on the street parking. The bar is on right toward the back. It has an upstairs, but the downstairs is where the main bar is. The day I went they had ~10 taps and a few bottles/cans. No WV brews the day I was there. Another time they had a Bridge Brew Works tap take over. Place is more or less a dive bar. Back in the day this place would have bands and there was a cover, so I have only been a few times.“
weihenweizen 2319 days ago
56 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“This had quite a different atmosphere than the Pies & Pints in Fayetteville that I visited the day before. Much more of a restaurant, the only purpose the tiny bar up front served was as a waiting room for the folks waiting for tables to open up. Few were drinking, yet there wasn’t a seat to be had (10 PM or so on a Saturday night). handful of taps, far fewer and less crafty than Fayetteville, although there were a couple from Bridge on the bottle list. You could easily skip this place and not feel cheated out of anything on your pub crawl of Charleston.“
Travlr 2367 days ago
36 /100
Bar 101 (Bar)
“Part of my bar-hopping adventure in Charleston, given that it was across the street from Sam’s and on the same block as Pies and Pints. Hipster atmosphere, lots of nooks and crannies and eclectic stuff decorating the walls and floors. Very open design made it less oppressive than most hipster joints. No craft beer to speak of, you’d come here to drink whatever social media is telling the hipsters to drink.“
Travlr 2367 days ago
48 /100 1603 KANAWHA BLVD W
“Strip mall-like shopping center sort of thing, so parking is no problem. Beer selection was not bad, two large shelves and a whole bank of coolers - but nothing local. No ciders or meads either. They did have a handful of interesting Goose Island 750s at good process, but nothing else that caught my eye. Service was invisible, like most supermarkets.“
Travlr 2367 days ago
36 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“I stopped here at noon on a Sunday. Not too crowded, even though the market was in full swing, so I was able to find parking; however, it’s an easy ten minute walk from CBC and the bars. This place in inside Hall One. Huge selection of wine, one shelf of beer. Only one local beer (from Bridge; $12 for 16 ounces of beer, ugh), and no local ciders or meads. Even more bizarre, they couldn’t sell me anything, because it was before 1 PM. Why is a wine shop open at noon if it can’t sell until 1? They had a tiny selection of cheeses, so I can’t imagine you’d shop for cheese only. Service score would improve slightly (only slightly) if I had been able to actually purchase something. Weird.“
Travlr 2367 days ago
64 /100
Bridge Road Bistro (Restaurant)
“I had Sunday brunch here, prior to 1 PM, so I knew I wouldn’t get any alcohol. It was a 30 minute walk from town, half uphill, which would have been fine except for the humidity, which said was "oppressive" (helpfully, I read that afterward). It was made more tolerable when not less than three locals driving by offered me encouragement (but not a ride. Oh well). OK, back to the place rating. It’s at the crest of the hill, with a handful of parking spaces scattered around the "town" center, or really the neighborhood center. Brunch was a buffet, with enormous amounts of freshly cooked food that the staff kept refilling. So, high marks for both service and food. Beer list included two from Bridge, and maybe three other local beers. Overall, worth a stop, but check the weather first.“
Travlr 2367 days ago
72 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“I’m rating this now, but we will me merging this place with CBC... just trying to figure out how first. Downtown location, parked a block away with no problem. Large and open with tables around and a large-ish bar with a view of the brewery. Bright and open. All CBC brews on tap and the quality is generally above average. Bartender was quite friendly and helpful. Tacos were pretty solid.“
Drake 2379 days ago
66 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Nice selection of pizzas that were pretty good (light, flavorful crust). The beer list when we went was a bit disappointing: 2-3 local kolsch or IPA and then some national standards. I’d go back but mainly for pizza.“
italarican 2381 days ago
44 /100 1603 KANAWHA BLVD W
“I was referred here to get local WV bottles. It felt like an odd hybrid of KMart, Rite Aid, and Hobby Lobby, but there was indeed a nice looking bottle selection in the center of the store. 95% of the beer were the most accessible beers from places with really large distribution across the country. When i went they only had two WV beers, both from the same brewery. The only reason i can think of going for non-locals is if you’re driving through WV and need a state tick.“
italarican 2381 days ago
78 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“Seems similar to the American Flatbread-Zero Gravity setup in that Charleston Brewing is here, but the brewpub itself is actually Black Sheep. They had a nice variety of styles when we went and allowed us to sample whatever. The citra session IPA was a nice surprise. The beers were overall better than what I was expecting to get out of WV. Combined with the kickass fusion burritos, and this a nice find for a relative beer wasteland!“
italarican 2381 days ago
74 /100 702 QUARRIER ST
“I would come back for the food and the service. Great personable bartender. Beer selection is limited to cbc. Tabfelbier is ok. The raj is descent but not great. Food kicked ass. Prices were reasonable.“
AndyW68 2405 days ago
64 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Not overly impressed. Seemed to be an afterthought as a customer. Food selectionwas descent. Prices were fair. Beer selection was a little better than your average bar, but not much. Probably would go for blacksheep if back in town.“
AndyW68 2405 days ago
46 /100 5101 MACCORKLE AVE SE
“A tired-looking drug and dry foods store on the outskirts of Charleston. Roughly 75 beers available. WV doesn’t seem to get great distro, so don’t be too surprised to find not much more than stuff from Sam Adams and Rogue. Some common Belgians were also available. The real upshot of my visit was finding some local beer from Mountain State available in singles. Prices were cheap, service is non-existent. Overall, this is definitely a place to check out if you’re hunting for West Virginian beer.“
jackl 2425 days ago
68 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Nice location on a tree-lined street in downtown Charleston. Bar up front with a large seating area in the back. 3 of the 7 taps featured local WV beer from CBC and Bridge Brew Works. The barman was really friendly and eager to chat about beer. The food was so-so. Their pies are apparently pretty awesome, so I probably did the kitchen a disservice by ordering a sandwich. Overall, a recommended pit stop.“
jackl 2425 days ago
64 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Located inside the Capitol Market. Only a couple of WV brews available but that’s more a comment on the state and not the store. 10% discount on a mixed six pack. Selection is enough to build a respectable sixer of new ticks. Very friendly staff. Probably the best place for bottles in Charleston too.“
BelgianBeerGal 2448 days ago
76 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“A very good choice for pizza and brews. Beer selection is very good, with a solid selection of local and state brews. We had a couple pizzas which were very tasty and filling. Nicely topped with fresh veggies, lotsa cheese and lighter on the sauce. Went early for dinner and they were busy. Our waiter was prompt and efficient. Drinks and food arrived in a timely manner. Will definitely be back next time.“
stephenj007 2737 days ago
54 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Trying out a new place rating system with this one. PROS: Clean, modern interior, plenty of seating, solid bottle menu with good variety of styles, WV beer on tap (Bridge Brew Works), FAST turnaround from order placement to food arrival, Delicious pizza (great variety, great flavors), beer was solidly priced. CONS: Waiter did not know what a half pint was, only had two of the four BBW beers listed on website, bottled beers were varied but almost all were typical (not a creative selection), food was a little pricey (though very tasty, a minor quibble). OVERALL+NOTES: Definitely a destination for the area and the state (which still has a developing scene). Not an out-of-way destination; I wouldn’t divert my trip to drive here, unless it was my only chance at WV beer. If you are new to the area, there is a parking garage one street over (Summers St., I believe) with very reasonable rates; you can see this garage from the entrance of Pies and Pints if you look straight ahead.“
ContemplateBeer 2776 days ago
72 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Around the corner from Charleston Brewing. This place feels small with a small bar right inside the front door. Fewer taps than the Fayetteville location, but still a good selection of Bridge Brew and more interesting options for the rest of the tap beers. Bottle selection and the inaccuracy of the draft/bottle lists were the same as in Fayetteville. Bartender was very friendly and decently helpful. I found street parking nearby, and their are garages around. I did not try the food at this location.“
Drake 2819 days ago
46 /100 5101 MACCORKLE AVE SE
“Well, I hadn’t intended to stop by here, but I literally drove right by it, so... Big drug store, as the name implies, with limited non-perishable groceries. Nothing too special here and no rarities, but it does look like they had pretty much everything available to them brewery wise, had a ton of singles and prices were reasonable. No employees in the beer/wine section. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here, but it might be a decent place to pick up a tick or two.“
Drake 2819 days ago
44 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
“Stopped off the highway in the middle of the road trip looking for some West Virginia-native beers. Disappointingly, I think I only found 1 ... and only a couple other things that aren’t widely available. But they do stock singles, so worth a stop if you’re looking for a single example of something.“
Braudog 2878 days ago
82 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“This was a surprisingly great find while traveling. The food is really quite good - I was very happy; the pizza was dynamite. The beer selection wasn’t all that great on tap, but they did have a few local selections (and being as this is WV, I was excited about that). They had a much larger selection of bottles, which I was particularly happy with. If I’m ever in WV again, I’d happily stop back by here.“
maxwelldeux 3026 days ago
58 /100 1603 KANAWHA BLVD W
“Just a regular store - do have a nice selection of beer - probably exceptional for locals and most available as singles - for those passing through, a good place to get your WV tick.“
shrubber85 3070 days ago
48 /100 5101 MACCORKLE AVE SE
“Stopped in late afternoon on a Saturday. Their beer selection is all up toward the front of the store in the middle. Pretty much everything is available in singles. All the craft stuff is, anyhow. There isn’t much here I hadn’t found anywhere else besides the Bridge Brew Works stuff. They did have a few interesting looking big bottles of Sam Adams stuff. Pricing was very good. I didn’t get anything, but had I not just come from Vintage Cellar in Blacksburg, VA, that might have been different.“
JStax 3070 days ago
82 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“I had a great time here. Stopped in on a Tuesday night and took a seat at the bar. Wasn’t very busy but my understanding is it gets pretty crazy on the weekends. Bartender was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very generous with free samples. As for food, I only had a Greek salad (which was excellent), so I can’t comment on the pizza except that it looked great. Decor is nice and the place is much bigger than it looks when you first walk in. Only 7 taps, but a nice variety including a couple of local selections. Bottle list is competent. Prices more than reasonable. If you visit Charleston, go here! If you live in Charleston, support this place! I want to come back here when I have business in Charleston again.“
atomcow1 3154 days ago
80 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“Stopped in here on a Saturday night for dinner. Once our name was on the list, we had time to go to a beer store on the other end of town and come back in time to wait about 20 minutes or so. Be prepared to wait if you want to come here, but know that the wait is not for naught. The experience is great. Pizza creativity here is outstanding. I had a Cuban inspired pizza that knocked my socks off. Several Bridge Brew Works beers on draft along with Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and Hoptimum, and a couple others. Nice bottle list of about 40 or 50. Glassware was either a snifter or a shaker. I don’t suppose you really need anything else. Service was a little slow, but given the amount of people our waitress was taking care of, I don’t really fault her. Prices are a little high, but not really that out of kilter for the quality of food you receive. I would definitely come back here, and likely will any time I’m in Charleston.“
JStax 3201 days ago
52 /100 1603 KANAWHA BLVD W
“If your gonna stop in here, be aware that this place isn’t much to look at, and it isn’t necessarily in the best part of town, but once you’re inside, you don’t have anything to worry about. Large parking lot, so that’s not really an issue. Selection, as far as West Virginia goes, is about as good as it gets. Of the places I’ve been to in the state, this is the best I’ve seen. If I were to guess, they carry pretty much everything distributed in the state. Prices were really good here, too. Everything I bought, is noticeably cheaper than I remember it being anywhere else. What they lack in selection, they more than make up for in value. I didn’t explore the store aside from the beer, so I can’t really comment on anything else. I enjoyed browsing the bottle selection and found a few things I didn’t really expect. Good experience overall, just don’t hang out in the parking lot if you don’t want to be asked for spare change.“
JStax 3201 days ago
62 /100
Bridge Road Bistro (Restaurant)
“Small dedicated parking on one side, can park at the bank across Walnut after hours. Been to diner a few times and the food is good, but expensive. They have a handful of WV brews on tap. The bartender was fairly knowledgeable about what they had on tap, but don’t expect the waitress to know much. A fair amount of general bottles with a few gems mixed in. I like their sunday brunch, I just don’t care for it on Mother’s Day.“
weihenweizen 3499 days ago
70 /100
Lola’s (Restaurant)
“Visited on various occasions over the past several months. The restaurant is located in the "South Hills" area of the city, a leafy, pleasant, and generally more affluent region. The establishment itself is in a small converted house, and seats relatively few patrons. Attention has been paid to ambiance, as the place has a cozy, comfortable feel to it. The pizzas are generally very well-conceived and executed, and feature a welcome departure from the normal options offered by local and national chains. The food is generally good enough to make the restaurant worth visiting for it, alone. The beer selection is limited to bottles, but features the best products available in the state; which essentially means heavy nods to Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Ayinger, the Trappist breweries, and Flying Dog. There isn’t much that is going to change your world, but prices are fair and the service is quite good. Perhaps one issue is that, due to the relatively small size of the place, waits can sometimes be lengthy. Still, this isn’t a major detractor for any seasoned restaurant patron, and doesn’t keep the restaurant from being absolutely worth visiting.“
Acetobacter 3585 days ago
30 /100
Bar 101 (Bar)
“Visited on a Thursday evening. To call this place a beer bar is an absolute misnomer. It is a bar, and does serve beer, but certainly not a wide or varied selection of craft beer. The one on tap, Rogue Dead Guy, was overpriced at $6 for a pint, and was severely affected by beer lines that gave the drinker a sense that they’d never been cleaned. Bartenders lack even basic beer knowledge, have little patience for questions, and seem abrasive in general. The crowd is the general frat boy/young professional mix that one would expect from a faux-trendy bar. Overall, laughable.“
Acetobacter 3587 days ago
74 /100 222 CAPITOL STREET
“If you like good beer and good pizza, Pies and Pints is the place to go. This is the best restaurant in Charleston in terms of beer selection. They have a decent list of bottled brews, most of which aren’t too difficult to find, but are still high quality. A handful of brews on tap, including usually a couple from Bridge Brew Works, a local micro, which is very good. A very good place to share a pie and have some beers.“
thechandler 3593 days ago
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