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74 /100 103 KELLER AVE
“Parking is on the street. Pretty small place inside. They have a fair amount of outdoor seating. They have around half dozen tap options for beer and pretty good selection of bottles and cans. We ate at a table outside. My sandwich was good quality, and nice size, and something different. Pricing for the beer is fair and the sandwich’s are a little high. Fayetteville is a cool town.“
weihenweizen 505 days ago
62 /100 1690 COURT STREET
“Small but cool looking place near the walking trails. They had outdoor seating, and 9 taps with 6 of their beers on tap. Other drinks such as mojito and food was also available. The prices were very reasonable, but the beer was very unremarkable.“
trapped 527 days ago
62 /100 1690 COURT STREET
“The place is cool, and food looked and smelled delicious, but the beer is really needing some work. Some were nearly undrinkable.“
JStax 794 days ago
80 /100 1690 COURT STREET
“Stopped in the week they opened. Cool place a couple miles outside of Fayetteville located close to some of the more popular trailheads. Great artwork - sculptures and murals. They have a small outdoor seating area and moderate size indoor seating overlooking the brewing vessels. The beers were all pretty solid with a couple of really good IPAs. They had 8 beers on tap when I went (only about 3 or 4 days after they opened), You can order food at the bar - tacos, nachos, quesedillas. The carnitas tacos were very good. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Great place to go after a hike. A very welcome addition to the Fayetteville scene.“
BeerdedDave 1024 days ago
“Beers are usually pretty good with a few great ones. They can be found all over the Fayetteville Beckley area and around the state. They have a small tasting room at the brewery. They recently added a nice tasting room/porch and have a food truck on weekends.“
BeerdedDave 1315 days ago
“The first one of the chain I didn’t know existed, that I visited, and it was a good visit, too! Largish pizza restaurant with 6 local beers on tap and around 50 or so bottles, US and international. Very good food menu, attentive staff. Good to eat at, if in Fayetteville.“
trapped 1853 days ago
“The best choice in the New River Gorge area. Decent local and import selection, nothing too special but covers the bases. Specialty pizzas are well above average, and you can order large pies with half one specialty and half another, making group tastings even more fun. Gets really packed on weekends, leading to some service issues.“
DCLawyer 2658 days ago
“This was a nicely timed lunch stop which looked like it was very popular with the local. Parking lot is in back, pretty full when I visited. The place is large with a big outdoor patio, covered and full of smokers, so it looked a bit foggy. The tap list was dominated by Bridge Brew Works, as others have commented, and they had a few bottle shaped cans from them as well. The pizza was tasty enough. Service was kind of non-plussed, but they were pretty busy. Probably the best selection of Bridge Brews that I found in my state-wide weekend exploration.“
Travlr 2740 days ago
60 /100 309 KELLER AVE
“This is sort of a souvenir shop, jewelry shop, wine shop, beer store all rolled into one. The very nice lady proprietress said helpfully, "Don’t forget to spend some time in the (walk-in) cooler, it’s hot outside today, but it’s nice in there!" She was right. She also gave me a short tour of their beer selection, which lined one wall of the shop, plus a few shelves in said cooler. Only one WV beer, a bottle shaped can from Bridge Brew Works that I hadn’t found elsewhere (It flies off the shelves and out the door!" said the aforementioned lady). Smattering of other national craft brands,including some new arrivals from Finch’s. Sadly, no local cider or meads. Worthwhile if you happen to pass by.“
Travlr 2740 days ago
78 /100 309 KELLER AVE
“The place is small, but with big selection for such a small store. The girl who worked there was very nice and helped me find what I was looking for even as I made my own six pack. The selection is far beyond anything in this area. No other place within 30 miles has this good of a selection of craft beers. I really enjoyed my visit there and 100% will be going back. Thanks to the others who rated this place because with out you, a craft beer junkie was without craft beers at home!“
VenomousViper 3118 days ago
“Bridge Brewing is in town, but not open to the public, so this place kind of serves as a de facto tasting room. The Bridge brews on tap when I visited, and they serve half pints so I was able to try them all. The other draft selections are pretty typical and the bottle list is nothing unexpected. The draft and bottle list they provided was out of date. Bartener (who as it turned out is also the general manager) was nice and helpful. Decor is pretty standard pizza joint. Food was priced on the high side of reasonable and wasn’t that great. Plenty of parking in the back.“
Drake 3192 days ago
54 /100 309 KELLER AVE
“The previous rater who complained about terrible service is way off base. While yes, the shopkeeper did open the store about 15 minutes late, she was helpful and exceptionally nice. A slightly less than professional operation. The beer selection is haphazard and features some old stock, but there are some nice selections, including tons of singles. Good place to stock up on Bridge Brew. Prices are astronomically high, so be warned, but they are cheaper than getting Bridge bottles at Pies & Pints with their restaurant markup. Fayetteville is absolutely beautiful and Bridge is probably the best brewery in the state, so the area, and this store, are worth a visit.“
Drake 3192 days ago
12 /100 309 KELLER AVE
“Terrible customer service. Limited selection.“
liquidblue4 3259 days ago
60 /100 309 KELLER AVE
“Most of the beer is in the back room on the far wall. They also have some in the cooler. Lady was helpful and wrapped my glass in bubble wrap. I suspect the best selection for miles.“
weihenweizen 3539 days ago
“Stopped in on a rainy miserable night. Place is not fancy but friendly and though Pizza was huge and good. bartender was knowledgeable and they served half pints, so I could try two before returning to the rainy drive. 6/19 stopped last night. They have expanded. Must have about about 20 taps with a good mix of local and national craft.“
kassner 3724 days ago
“Some german, some english, and some belgian. Great gourmet pizza. Great selection of Bridge Brew Works. Best beer at a restaurant for miles around.“
weihenweizen 3904 days ago
“Visited on a rainy Saturday afternoon with the family. The interior of the building is trendy and inviting for the beer drinker and pizza fan, with attractive tables and chairs, and an environment that looks brand new, and is impeccably clean. The service was friendly, happy to offer selections, and attentive. The selection, while not something that is going to change the world, is essentially the best available in West Virginia, and is reasonably priced. The pizza was generally good, but a touch on the expensive side. Overall, certainly a place worth stopping in for a drink and a pie.“
Acetobacter 4177 days ago
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