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76 /100 3-12 HONMACHI
“This place is right in the middle of the historical district and oozes charm/atmosphere. Apparently, it started off as a small shop specializing in Okayama Beers and Sake but then morphed into this restaurant/izakaya type place though it still has some fridges with to-go bottles (roughly 20-30 Beer and perhaps 30-60 sake).

If you choose to drink-in I was told there's a corkage fee (I believe 300 yen) staff were friendly and allowed us to eat with our 9-month old daughter (even giving us a glass of tea for her and baby plates/cutlery to share our food with her).

They've got 10 taps (9 Okayama Beers and 1 Guest - from Akashi when I went) this is more than anywhere else I know in Okayama and for ticking off the breweries of the prefecture this is probably your best bet. They're not the most exciting beers stylistically but most seem to have improved a lot from the last time I tried them (Doppo and Yoshii Kogen, Kibidote is making the most current styles but unfortunately seem to have sanitation issues).

Must visit in Kurashiki, the Lunch Set (1100 yen) was a big plate of shrimp, salad, rice, soup and japanese pickles that was quite tasty.

Also the atmosphere here rocked. Be warned they don't take credit cards and it seems to be smoking.“
KansaiBeerLvrs 2060 days ago
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