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58 /100 2-2-1 AGARIE
“We went on the tour (In Japanese), had a few beers after the tour and visited the gift shop. Nice place, clean and friendly service. We didn't visit the restaurant but it looked good.“
Sledutah 1665 days ago
64 /100 2-2-1 AGARIE
“Missed the last tour, but visited the restaurant. They had a tasting set of 5: Orion, Orion Natsu (Bohemian Pils), Beer cocktail shikuasa, Wit and Pale. At 900yen it was a fair price. Things got weird when I went for refills of Wit and Pale. At first I was told the wit was only for tasting, but then they served me a mug anyway (and the neighboring table as well). The pale is only in bottles, and they charged 500 yen for one. It is good, and I was mystified as tp why they wouldn’t sell it in draft. They said it was limited to winter production, and they had only brought these bottles out for the 5th anniv tasting set. Draft prices were very reasonable, made even cheaper by the anniv discount, about 400yen for 500mls. Orion beer is refreshing, but it remains to be seen if the craft series leads to more quality variety or not.“
JapanTony 2979 days ago
46 /100 2-2-1 AGARIE
“Went to the Happy Park Restaurant but did not take the tour. The had just finished the Ryukyu Pale Ale, which was what we were hoping for, and the new seasonal was the Sakura. Decent enough. The rest of the beers were not worth the trip. If you happen to be in Nago, well, there will be just about no where else to go...“
KyotoLefty 3525 days ago
58 /100 2-2-1 AGARIE
“Was able to tour the brewery while visiting Japan for work. The tour is all in Japanese, but I had a tour guide who translated in English. The tour is about 15-20 mins and comes with two 5 oz samples at the end in their taproom. They also have variety of cans for sale and swag in a small store attached to the taproom. Also they were not brewing, so it was a bit of a bummer.“
SHIG 3534 days ago
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