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86 /100 5047, 651A W TOWER AVE,
“Located directly next to Almanac's tasting room in the warehouses of the old Navy base in Alameda. The bar is spacious with some solid outdoor and indoor seating, with windows overlooking the germination boxes of the malting floor. Service is great, friendly and super knowledgeable, with great suggestions and lots of knowledge. Selection is impressive, loads of beers from all over the local area made with their malt. Great spot, could spend a lot of time here if I lived close.“
jbruner 412 days ago
90 /100 651 W. TOWER AVE
“In an old Navy base area that is being re-purposed, so from the outside looks old timey. Inside there is a huge bar area with plenty of seating around, with complete view of a bunch of stainless fermenters. Variety of selection is straight up absurd, with every style of fresh and sour, even some barrel-aged clean stouts. Service was great, super friendly, super knowledgeable, and quick to service, even when busy. Awesome place, and in an area with a bunch of fun booze spots.“
jbruner 431 days ago
80 /100 651 W. TOWER AVE
“Another big industrial space with lots of barrels and tanks and things. Beers were generally excellent, as expected. Plenty of bottles and four-packs to take home. Flights available, prices depend on beers chosen. I am a big Almanac fan, so was fun to visit.“
explosivedog 774 days ago
76 /100 1716 PARK ST
“Nice place. Plenty of seating with views of the brewery. Good beer and service. Fair prices. They have awing place next door, too bad I just ate.“
Sledutah 971 days ago
90 /100
CRAFT Beer & Wine (Beer Store)
“The beer menu on the web is constantly updated. A ton of beers that are high quality. They had the Boon 4 pack. That should impress. There’s some parking in the rear. Owner was on top of it. It’s a small space, but effectively utilized. Looking for quality ticks? Don’t miss it.“
bhensonb 1019 days ago
84 /100 651 W. TOWER AVE
“Large spacious venue. Wood and steel decor. All the beers are tasty. I found 5 not in the database. Bringing food is a good idea. At 11:30 am it was hardly inhabited, and service almost instant. Parking is a bit tight. Unless you’re willing to walk a distance!“
bhensonb 1019 days ago
86 /100 651 W. TOWER AVE
“Finally Phil! Glad to see that the barrel house is finally open. We stopped on a Sunday afternoon and the place was pretty hopping. Located right next to the craft malting place on the north end of the island, not far from Faction but further from the water. Big space, which is needed for all the barrel aging going on here. Lots of outdoor picnic table seating, and a food truck parked and ready. No food service inside yet, but I think they are gearing up for that eventually. Inside is a large space, a bit warehouse-like, lots of picnic table seating and a bar that seats about 15 or so. No table service - you order at the bar. There were only two beer servers, which made for lines and slow service, although it was with a smile when you finally made it to the front. They had a nice mix of IPA's and barrel aged sours, including a few that are taproom exclusives. All are available in three sizes ranging from taster to full pour. You can build your own flight of four at 2-3$ per pour, or you can go with one of the pre-set flights. They have cans and bottles to go as well. I am a big fan of Almanac's beer, and this visit did nothing to change that. Even my wife liked everything on her flight, which is highly unusual. I am gonna be back as often as I can. Excellent place; just work on expediting beer ordering.“
bytemesis 1063 days ago
68 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Big space - the building is massive. Lots of outdoor seating with a great view of the bay. They had a lot of beers but due to special event were tight with the tasters. So I certainly enjoyed the visit, and assume that when the place is less busy I might do better on the beer front, and not have to wait in a giant line. Really awkward place to get to without a car, too. Don't try to do this on public transit or foot.“
Oakes 1160 days ago
60 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Came here on a nice weekend day. Great location, good outdoor space, but daaayum the lines were long. Complete disaster if you wanted to eat or drink anything. Food is limited to a stand outside, grilled cheese on this particular day. About 20 taps with beers generally slightly better than middling. When you wait 45 minutes to get your beer, they won't even let you get a custom flight of five pours. They limited me to three small pours. I'm a ticker, dammit you people! I have needs! This place is decent but I'm not going out of my way to come back.“
nickd717 1198 days ago
74 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“So I wish I could give the ambiance a 10, its an awesome view. The beer is lackluster. They have quantity for selection, quality, not so much. Bottles and drafts. If there’s a next time I’m going to try the distillery next door.“
vtafro 1336 days ago
72 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Visited during the RateBeer Best 2017 bus tour. Spacious brewery with lots of space outside and a nice view of San Francisco. Decent sized taproom, brewery area is quite large. Friendly service. Quite a few beers, two dozen or so. Decent variety of styles although there were quite a few being hoppy styles. Well worth checking out at least once if the weather’s nice and you have the time to make it out.“
GenDV138 1345 days ago
94 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Decomissioned Naval Shipyard with the entire skyline of SF smack in your face. Like hoppy beers? Good lord. This is an adventure. Coming to the Bay? MVP. Must-visit place.“
Mercutio 1349 days ago
82 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Visited on Friday noon with RateBeer Besr tour 2016. Really great place! We were lucky and there was no fog so we had a great view of San Francisco! Indoor and outdoor seating. Inside there is a smaller room with the bar and the taps and a very large room with many tables, a lot of wooden barrels and the brewing equipment. We had all the beers in flights (24 I think). Good service and prices. Dont know about food.“
rouhlas 1444 days ago
78 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Visited with RateBeer Besr tour 2016. Fantastic view of SF. Nice layout with plenty of seating. About 20 or so of their beers on tap. No "home runs", but everything was decent.“
RobertDale 1447 days ago
80 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Far, far off the beaten track. I think you have to have a car to get there. Fine selection of around 20 of their beers on tap. You can get a flight of five but you don’t get to choose yourself. Nice large outside area with a view of the bay. If you manage to get all the way out there, don’t miss the gin destillery next door“
Skjonne 1624 days ago
84 /100
CRAFT Beer & Wine (Beer Store)
“Small shop just off the main strip in downtown Alameda (and not far from Alameda Island Brewing).

The beer is pretty much all stored in coolers, which is quite nice. Large selection of singles from all sorts of different breweries and ranging a lot of different styles. They also have some special bottles out on the shelves and behind the counter, things like limited releases from the Bruery, Firestone Walker, and others I can’t recall. Prices are all very fair. They also do weekly tastings which alternate between wine and beer/cider, so that’s pretty cool (those are complimentary). Wine selection is also solid.

Really friendly people and fairly knowledgeable as well. Would stop here more often but getting here is kind of a pain sometimes.“
brokensail 1781 days ago
70 /100 1716 PARK ST
“Was expecting another dumpy warehouse brewery, but nope...big facility in a commercial area/downtown Alameda. Really a quite nicely done, modern facility. Very open, big bar, lots of seating, windows into the brewhouse.

They had a pretty good selection of beers, tried a handful of them. Only really cared for one or two, the others I just thought were mostly mediocre. Too bad... Would be nice for these guys to improve.

Some board games and stuff to play, just a few snacks to eat, but I guess you could probably bring your own food in? Probably not a place I’d hang out at just because the beers aren’t that great, but a well done facility.“
brokensail 1817 days ago
72 /100 1716 PARK ST
“Clean spot close to the Park St. bridge. Clean beer and helpful staff.“
fidel 1940 days ago
78 /100 1716 PARK ST
“I pretty much agree with Mike’s review below. Read that for details on the place itself.... I have to say I really enjoyed talking with the brewer and his family while I worked my way through the flight. They’re very nice people who obviously love beer and care about their product. The brewer, his wife and brother in law are the only employees. All three have been through the Cicerone program, so they can talk beer with a good amount of knowledge. They were open about some of the beers that they’re still dialing in. Hopefully they do, because a couple of them were subpar IMO. Mostly the hoppy stuff. The others were good especially the Alt, coffee porter and Kentucky common. They have several 40 barrel fermentors and a legit brew house, so we should be seeing their beer around the Bay soon, but I’ll be back here whenever I’m on the island visiting Faction because of the family-like friendly atmosphere.“
joeneugs 1991 days ago
82 /100
CRAFT Beer & Wine (Beer Store)
“Its odd that this place has no reviews after being in business for a year. Its pretty close to Alameda Island Brewing, so hopefully there is some spill over, because this place is indeed legit. I honestly was not expecting much, but I walked out with six bottles, including the new Allagash Cuvee. Most of the bottles are in a row of coolers on the right side as you enter, but there are more scattered about on the walls, and some on display sort of behind the counter. Well curated. The owner was friendly, and amusingly curious about what beers I was selecting. This is not the largest beer store in the world, but it is certainly the best on Alamada, and if the quality stays up, it is one of the better places in the greater Oakland area. Oh, and if you are planning to go to Alameda Island Brewing, stop here first. He has $2 off coupons for beer flights. Prices are quite good. There is street parking readily available. While Santa Clara Ave. is metered, you can park around the corner on Broadway for free.“
bytemesis 1995 days ago
74 /100 1716 PARK ST
“This place hasnt been open that long, but there is some money behind it. The building is pretty nice, and inside there is a lot of room, with tables and a relatively small bar. Brewing equipment in plain view in the back. They have 10 taps running. Flights of 5 are available, either a they-pick for $7 or a you-pick for $10. I should note that all beers are also sold as single samples, for prices from $1.50 to $3, so depending on what you want to try, you might be better off not going with the flight. Staff is really friendly, but kept trying to tell me what kind of beer I like. Beers were in general decent. A couple were solid, a couple were fair, but no real major flaws at least. This will be an interesting place to watch, and now there are two reasons to go to the island. No food available other than chip bags and assorted bars. Street parking around the corner was not too difficult.“
bytemesis 1996 days ago
74 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“had to drive through the hood to get here, but it was worth it. view of weeds on cement, but then the bay just past that. hoppy and strong beers were fantastic, the others fair to midland. busy, but good service.“
slowrunner77 2066 days ago
70 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Cool place with good beers. Really crowded when we went. Hard to get there without a car.“
empedokles 2067 days ago
80 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“This place was super busy when I went, but the line moved quickly. They had a large selection, at least 20 beers on tap. They do growler fill ups but I didn’t bring mine, instead I got 3 4 ounce pours, the chocolate milk stout was super good and actually tasted like chocolate milk. My wife and I both had a great time and said we’d come back. Super cool giant building with horse-shoe tossing and other activities inside. Prices are higher, but it’s the bay area, it’s expected“
ffbot 2096 days ago
86 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“You can’t stumble on this place: you have to drive to Alameda, go as far out as you can go, enter an old naval base, and find the place deep in the warehouses. It’s fantastic, though: clean and delicious beers, primarily IPA/APA styles. There are multiple seating options: stay around the tables at the bar area; go to the rear of the warehouse (where the barrels and fermenters are) where foldout tables, cornhole, and a small bar are set up (about 1/3 of the tap selections as the main bar); or the outdoor patio right by some food trucks. Service was swift. Tasters were pricey, so I’d stick with splitting full pours with others if you’re ticking. I’d go out of my way to come back!“
italarican 2098 days ago
92 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Great stop. Alameda Runway (where Mythbusters film most of their crashes) right next to St George’s Distillery and a winery tasting room. Huge facility run by Roger Davis (ex Drakes and Triple Rock). 18-20 House beers on tap during my visit, more than half of which were APA, IPA, DIPA or hoppy Pils. All that I tasted were excellent quality (better than some of their debut beers from a year ago). One or two of their IPAs are among the best hoppy beers coming out of the Bay Area. Parking was adequate. Weekend vibe was festive with live music, a mobile BBQ smoker and a happy crowd. Great location next to the distillery; cannot wait to return. Highly recommended.“
BMan1113VR 2107 days ago
90 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Visited February 8, 2015.

Finally stopped in after looking at this place on the map during my last couple trips to SF. It’s not convenient to get here at all. There is a bus that takes you from Oakland to somewhere near the brewery but it still takes forever and requires some walking. As mentioned in another rating the speed limit is painfully slow through much of this side of the island. As it turns out the fastest way to actually get here is from the peninsula via the ferry. Once here though you can kill time drinking good beer or walking next door to the distillery and the winery. Realistically though the brewery is all that you’ll need since many of the hoppy beers are pretty solid, and if it’s not cold and rainy you can sit outside and look over the bay. Kind of an interesting view since there is about a quarter mile of asphalt beyond the fence. It is a former naval base that has been left alone since there are some local animals that live here now.

I was really not expecting this many taps but there were about 20. They do individual tasters but they aren’t cheap. I tried the remainder of the new to me Defcon series as well as some of the new hoppy beers. The Two Hop series is pretty good as are some of the other IPAs. Way too much stuff to try if you’re drinking any more than an ounce of each one. I had a good time talking with the employees at that tasting room. One of them was someone I had met somewhere at some other beer festival in the past. Turns out he used to work at White Labs in San Diego and I have this feeling that he’s the one that used to let us split the taster glasses there (White Labs has TONS of new beers on and it’s a chore to work through them all). Super nice guy. In the end I bought half a dozen tasters and a growler. Great place, just don’t know how often I’ll get back onto the island.“
t0rin0 2151 days ago
88 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“You can get here by public transit and walking, but it’s a lot easier if you just drive. Just a note as I typically try to talk BART when I’m back up in the Bay Area and doing any sort of beer tour. Also note that the speed limit on the island is pretty low (25 in a lot of places), so be careful.

The brewery is located in a building which I would assume was a former naval warehouse, given where it is situated on the island (that is, amongst all the abandoned naval buildings). Doesn’t look like much from the outside other than the fact there are a lot of cars and people outside.

The space is pretty well done. Big patio seating area with tables. A number of tables in the main tasting room, and a decent sized bar to order from. You can’t really sit there. Only gripe I had was that it was pretty crowded when I visited and the line went out the door (also making it difficult for people to enter/exit).

They have a ton of beers on tap. Luckily they do tasters of any of them/flights. They also have a pre-set flight that you can do. Unfortunately, the pale hoppy beers were great but everything else was kind of meh. Tasters are about $2 each, so it can get pricey if you want to try everything.

All that said, the service is great and you absolutely cannot get a better view at a beer venue in the Bay Area. Particularly if you sit on the patio or near one of the windows inside and get a great look of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.“
brokensail 2196 days ago
90 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Located on the water in an old navel base building. The view of San Francisco is amazing. Nice tasting room connected to the brewery with 20 taps of great beer, and great service.“
fidel 2244 days ago
86 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“(Visited 08/2014): Faction Brewing is located at the former US Naval Air Station in Alameda on Monarch Street. Parking is available behind the building, and the lot offers a fantastic view of San Francisco.

The exterior of the building is pretty nondescript in a warehouse sort of way. Inside opens to a tasting room with some high tables on the left and a bar on the right. The brewery is viewable by exiting in the back of the tap room toward the restrooms. The taps are visible behind the bar and have papers for each beer with a logo and description above them.

Faction has around 20 beers on tap, with several year-round brews and a bunch of seasonals, series and specials. Samples are available too. On my visit there was an abundance of Pale Ales and IPAs, Defcon I-IV, a couple 2 Hop Pales, Anomaly Milk Stout, Barleywine, Ales for ALS and a few more. The beers I tried were all enjoyable.

Service on a busy Friday night at the bar was good. There was a constant line of people but the bartender always had time to get the next samples and chat.

Faction does not serve food.

Overall I really liked this place between the awesome setting and extensive beer list. I would definitely make it a point to visit again. “
Dogbrick 2302 days ago
80 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“The tasting room is really coming around now. They finally put in enough seating a few weeks ago, so there’s enough space to relax and enjoy the sampler or a pint. First of all, this place is difficult to get to. It’s really not all that far from downtown Oakland, but there’s something about taking that Webster tube that makes you feel like you just went through a time warp. Once in Alameda, you have to wind through some residential areas and then all the way out to the old Naval base. It’s a bit of a pain, but really doesn’t take much time if you’re in Oakland. Once you’re there, its seems like the kind of place you’d go to ransom a hostage or something, but the ambiance inside is pretty nice. There are great views of the Bay and the SF skyline from the tasting room, and its really quiet and peaceful out there. Usually Claudia is running the bar, but sometimes disappears for a few minutes to go help the brewers. I guess they operate on the honors system during these times, but that’s cool. They offer flights of all the beers as well as pints. They do 64 and 32 oz. growlers and will fill other glass as long as the logo is covered. The beer was all really good, especially the hoppy stuff, which was world class IMO. I’ll be making regular visits here.“
joeneugs 2478 days ago
80 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Fairly quick stop on my way back from Rare Barrel. Great location, I feel like I could sit here and watch myth busters. Crowded on a rainy saturday afternoon, but it is during beer week I guess. Tasting room is fairly spartan, but there is a bar and seating, so that pretty much covers the essentials. You can look out into the barrel room as well. Tap list is not extensive, pretty APA/IPA focused, but what they have, at least what I tried, is stellar. Alpine-esque. Growlers to go, but no bottles (yet). There was a Kern River Brewing truck in the parking lot when I was there --- future collaboration?? Tasters are like 2$/per 5oz, and they sell pint glasses with faction on them for $3.“
bytemesis 2535 days ago
80 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“Located in the old Alameda Naval Base. A small sign on the street, the tasting room in located on the bay side of the building. Nice view of the bay before the fog came in. They have 6 beers on tap, you can get 5oz samplers, pints or growler fills. A nice tasting room, not a lot of people were there when I was and it was still pretty load. They just got some nice tall tables in, just opened up the patio. The beer was all above average.“
Sledutah 2544 days ago
76 /100 2501 MONARCH ST
“This new brewery and tasting room are located on the old Alameda Naval Air Base with sweeping views of San Francisco and the SF-Oakland Bridge. This place is not that hard to find with a GPS, just remember it is at the back of the building, and no sign up yet on the building itself. Place was packed, kind of loud, industrial, but the views and the beers were good. Ordered the sampler of their current 6 beers; all above average. This is their first month open, and it looks like they will be around for a long time. Claudia, one of the owners, was pouring beer and took the time to chat with our group. You could tell she really enjoyed what she was doing.“
larryLSB 2578 days ago
70 /100
Lucky 13 (Bar)
1301 PARK ST
“Cool spot. When I went there was nothing great, but more than a few very good daily drinkers.“
AgentSteve 3236 days ago
64 /100
Lucky 13 (Bar)
1301 PARK ST
“This place has a cool feel. Kind of place if you lived in Alameda that you would go to on a regular basis to have a beer with your friends. They have a pool table in the back and a few pinball machines. The bar has about 13-14 beers on tap - mainly micros and a few of the better imports. Cool atmosphere. Also - CASH only!“
pinkzambia 4811 days ago
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