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60 /100 7 S 1ST ST.
“The plainest Jane tasting room I have yet to experience. Service was good and the server was knowledgable but the place had kind of a melancholy feel to it. Beers were okay. Certainly worth dropping in if you are in the neighborhood.“
Iphonephan 1679 days ago
86 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Attractive bar with an impressive beer list and good food. The beer selection included many local Southern California, but also brews from farther afield. Congenial vibe and decent service on a quiet Sunday afternoon.“
Iphonephan 1679 days ago
86 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“As others have noted, this place is certainly worth stopping at for a variety of reasons. Around 40 draft selections, focusing on relatively lesser known local breweries. Just a ton of new options, even for a local. Food is pretty good. Don’t miss Ohana brewing just around the corner for some bonus ticking.“
blipp 1805 days ago
70 /100 7 S 1ST ST.
“Does not feel like a brewpub when you enter it. More like a grocery store with a counter and just a few tables available. But once you get in there it’s a cool place with nice service. Beers were mostly good and we had a good time here.“
rlgk 1816 days ago
64 /100 7 S 1ST ST.
“Was stopping in to 38 Degrees to clean up the leftovers from their anniversary party and realized that Ohana is pretty much next almost literally.

Looks like this could have been a small doctor’s/dentist’s office previously. Has an almost sterile feel to it and definitely seems like more of an office than a place people drink beer.

They had a handful of beers on tap and do a tasting flight, but unfortunately you can only try four beers per visit. I guess you can just leave and then come back in, but kind of annoying. So, maybe go with a friend?

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the beer itself as I have had some hit and miss experiences with these guys in the past. On the whole, the beers were subpar. A couple were alright, but I wouldn’t order them again. Unfortunate, because the people at the brewery are quite nice.

It’s hard to really recommend going here when they have the goofy liquor license limitations and 38 Degrees is right next door. But, you may as well pop in and try out a few beers.“
brokensail 1926 days ago
96 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“really awesome place with great food. they always have great beers. had pliny there which was awesome. def will go back“
cflores7879 1948 days ago
66 /100 7 S 1ST ST.
“This is kind of what I imagine the waiting room of a dentist’s office on Maui might feel like. Carpet in the tasting room - probably not the best plan. Had 6 beers on tap, but you can only do a taster fight of 4, which seems quite silly. Beers were ok, with an Oud Bruin that was really excellent. They brought snacks to the table, which was nice. Seems like a place to pretty much just do merch and growlers with the odd limit that Bobby explains in his review.“
Bacterial 2054 days ago
88 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Granted, I stopped in on a Monday, but the atmosphere was definitely a bit more on the upbeat side. It is more or less a sports bar, and I’m sure it gets crowded during big games, but the neighborhood it’s in gives me reason to believe it never gets too crowded, and probably not with the typical annoying crowd that sports bars draw. The fish tacos were delicious, and server, although not necessarily a beer expert, knew enough to make recommendations and seemed personally acquainted with the beers herself.“
ARH 2202 days ago
76 /100 7 S 1ST ST.
“Visited May 2, 2014.

So I’ll start with the important info that you’ll need in case you’re going out of your way for this:

1) this is a tasting room in the true sense of the designation. Similar to how Bruery Provisions (the one in Orange) was these guys have a wine tasting license. This is not a bar, this is a place to buy growlers, or to grab a couple of quick ticks if you’re in the area. There are no stools or seats or tables. Just a counter for merchandise and purchasing growler fills and tasters.

2) They are only allowed to serve you four (4) samplers per visit. They were a little hesitant to define "visit". They’re in their probationary phase right now so they don’t want to push their luck with the city and are encouraging customers NOT to just walk out the door and come back in, but rather go to 38 Degrees next door and have a beer and come back. Luckily they only have 6 taps so if you really need to try them all it doesn’t take all that long to do that.

With that said it’s a nice place in downtown Alhambra next door to 38 Degrees. Parking is a pain but there are two parking lots directly behind the place which makes it a bit easier. Service was great since there were more servers than customers when I went in. It’s also a good way to try whatever the latest experiments are. Prices were high and I paid about $12 for a flight of four. I enjoyed the beers enough to seek out pints of two of them so maybe $3 for a 4oz pour isn’t too outrageous. Not entirely sure what the purpose of this place is besides to move a lot of growlers. If that’s the case then great but since they can only serve a couple tasters at a time there’s a whole revenue stream that they’re missing out on. I’ll definitely stop in from time to time since it’s just down the street from Stuffed Sandwich.“
t0rin0 2359 days ago
90 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“I was dragged out to Alhambra by a friend who insisted that 38 Degrees was worth the drive. Guess what - it was, it totally was. A superior tap and bottle list with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Food was really good. The place looks and feels a little corporate for my taste, kind of like a chain and apparently they are looking to open some more locations. The more the better as far as I’m concerned. 38 kicks Yard House’s ass.“
liamla 2440 days ago
76 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“I had a few hours to kill and stopped by here on a Sunday afternoon. Really nice draft list but overly expensive tasters. A bit of a disappointment after having lunch earlier in the day where any 4 5oz tasters was $10 vs. this place where many tasters were $4-6.“
Bacterial 2442 days ago
74 /100
Mega Liquor 8 (Beer Store)
“I happen to stay in the neighborhood every now and then so I decided to check it out. Pretty large selection of craftbeer, though a lot of it is also available elsewhere. The ones that weren’t (I picked up The Abyss & a few Stone collabs brews) were exciting enough. Don’t go out of your way, but if you’re in the vicinity it’s definitely worth a visit (and even a little detour).“
PotjeBier 2479 days ago
90 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Great Bar here! Solid list of craft brews, Adam, Pliney, Speedway, tons of IPAs. Great bottle list of some hard to find beers $$$, great food, happy hour tacos were bomb! Happy hour craft beers were limited“
devman171 2530 days ago
90 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“I came here solo on a Tuesday afternoon looking for Pliny the Elder and found what I was looking for. The ambiance is casual but elegant with modern furnishings and dark woods. The place is large and relatively uncrowded on a week night. One of the three bartenders I talked to was fairly knowledgeable of craft beer, friendly and attentive, but the other two seemed indifferent. They have a wide selection of average craft beers, (mostly west coast) and a few exceptional beers. Contrary to the previous reviewer, samplers are 5 ounces and cost $2.50 to $3. The food selection is varied with lots of sliders and designer tacos. The food is fresh, well made and looks good. The pricing is a little high, but if you get here for happy hour, you can knock a few dollars off the bill. Overall, this is a top-notch place to visit. BTW, the "Beer Available" on RateBeer is seriously out of date.“
Rocketman2013 2552 days ago
84 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Close LA equivalent to Churchkey. More generic, semi fancy ambiance. Nothing too unique. But the tap list and food menu is outstanding. Huge number of taps but quality was very high : mostly California local brewery one offs including extreme rarities like Alesmith BA Speedway. 4oz samplers available. Only thing annoying here was the sampler prices which would be frequently $4 for 4oz pours. Seemed excessive but then again the tap selection at the time was nuts left over from their anniversary celebration. Food was excellent: fried green beans were insane, beef short rib superb, everything else was loved. Chocolate mousse and carrot cake both spot on. It is pricey but the quality is high. Spent $180 between four people for the works: beers, apps, entrées, and desserts. Server was quick and polite, friendly. He forgot the names of a lot of the beers he was serving us but I wasn’t too miffed as the tap list was all one offs.“
GT 2685 days ago
88 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Visited plenty of times since they opened.

This place fills up on Fridays and Saturdays so be prepared for that but if you can get a seat or if you go earlier in the day or on an off day it’s comfortable, Lots of booths and lots of seats at the bar.

Lots of beers to choose from including a large number of CA made beers. The last time I went they had a number of Ballast Point beers on and a couple Eagle Rock beers. The time before that they had a half a dozen Coronado beers on.

The food is quite good but fancy (square plates with random stuff sprinkled around like on the cooking shows), sometimes I’d like to just have something simple and not the super ritzy stuff.

Clay is a really good guy and is doing a good job running the place. I will be back for sure.“
t0rin0 2904 days ago
84 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“I’ve only been at night, so not sure how it is during the day. Other than a larger number of tables, ambiance is similar to most regular nightlife kind of bars (dim lighting, music, loud people, etc.). Solid beer selection with friendly (and often attractive) staff. Good mix of local and distributed/imported beers, pretty extensive bottle list, too.“
brokensail 3007 days ago
90 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Stopped by for dinner while in the area for a meeting. Very nice, clean place with friendly waitstaff. Food was very good and price was reasonable. Tap list was fantastic, I had a Kern River IPA, and a couple of the Russian River IPAs, wish I had time to try more (and didn’t have to drive).“
ekoerper 3130 days ago
74 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Went in one afternoon for a cold one. Didn’t eat but it looks like they have a pretty good selection. As far as beer they plenty to offer. I went with the Kern River winter ale. I noticed a lot of hard to find beers and wish i could have stayed longer but work was calling.“
ADfan 3155 days ago
92 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Nice selection of beer and the composition of flights is appropriately matched, a bit pricey for the location. The place is huge, finding a seat should not be difficult. Staff is friendly and make frequent rounds. Food is somewhat higher than average but is good from what I had. May have to do a follow up.“
BeerIndustry98 3162 days ago
90 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Found this place on accident while trying to go to the stuffed sandwich which happened to be closed that day. A great discovery I must say! the beer selection was great and I had a great burger. Good day time happy hour as well.“
amlove 3188 days ago
92 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“More than slightly embarrassed that it took me this long to get out there. Clay has always been a great guy to chat with, and this place is great. Great stop in the area, and truly one of the best beer bars in LA. Friendly and very knowledgeable service. Street parking was easy for me (but it was for a late weekday lunch). Very nice interior feel, long bar, plenty of tables, lots of wood. Full bar selection with some good looking cocktails. Bottles were decent, and the tap selection was great (both local and less local breweries). PtE, Melange No. 3, Racer X, Craftsman Cabernale, you get the picture. Food was also pretty fantastic. The "Melange o’ Pork" sandwich was pretty freaking awesome. I am sorry it took so long for me to get over here, I am sure I will be back any time I am in the area.“
BMan1113VR 3243 days ago
84 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“This is my jam because the Happy Hour fish tacos are slammin. Their taps turn over a fair amount so things are fairly fresh. The Uinta launch they did in Spring 11 was great because Dubhe was in great form on tap. Again: the tacos. Which may be a double entendre, because the waitstaff are hot.“
ajm 3293 days ago
96 /100
Mega Liquor 8 (Beer Store)
“Awesome hidden gem in Alhambra, owner is a nice fella and always rotating brews. If your lucky enough, you’ll find some nice brews. Always stocks up craft beers.“
ReverendRhino 3295 days ago
100 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“A great place to visit, taps always changing and always a good craft beer on rotation. Food is great, happy hour is awesome here. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about the brews.“
ReverendRhino 3295 days ago
92 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Wow! Went based on Ratebeer comments. Great tap list, although stayed with two recommended sampler trays. Food was amazing. My wife had salmon and I had braised short rib "pot roast" and I could have ordered two“
presario 3303 days ago
100 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“I love this place. Great craft beer and food. And great people. Prost!“
scotttoland 3308 days ago
98 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“This is a great place! Great beer selection, the service as phenomenal, Clay went to I think every table to make sure everything was perfect. Servers and staff were friendly and attentive but not rushed. The beer selection here is awesome. I was able to try Parabola, year old Older Viscosity, Red Poppy, Chocolate Yeti, Raspy XII, Cuir as well as others at the 2nd anniversary barrel aged week. Prices for the food are a little high but worth it if you are willing to splurge a little. Everything I have tried has been delicious. It has a classy sports bar feel to it but there is a section that is sectioned off by a low wall away from the bar for a more quiet dining experience. Parking structure is around the corner.“
albertq17 3405 days ago
80 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Came here just to check them out. A nice place with a very good beer selection. I was served right away by one of the bartenders. He ask if I wanted a margarita or something of that sorts (fuck that shit, lol). Considering my age he proabaly thought I was going to ask for a mix drink instead of good craft beer. Either way, I asked for one of the bottles in the beer list, unfortunately they where out. They made suggestions (Hopsickle and Blue Dot) but I made my own decision and went for Old Rasputin on nitro. Very delicious, and it was served on a Old Rasputin pint glass. I dont remeber the price but it was on the expensive side. I wish they had there prices online. I also bought some sliders, 3 for 9 bucks. But you know what, those sliders where bomb ass fuck. Cooked medium and they where very juicy better then the sliders in chillis. Overall, cool spot just pricey. I hope to come back and is not too far from home.“
toxichop 3449 days ago
62 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“This place has a very varied selection of bottled beer, with a decent amount of beers on tap. I was able to enjoy a Russian River Pliny and a bottle of Trois Pistoles on my visit. Food was tasty, and the ambiance leads for people to be able to hear each other for conversation. Overall a nice place with a good beer selection, my only problem was the waiter did not know about beer.“
Barreras 3506 days ago
90 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Came here for lunch and was not disappointed. Nice selection of food and taste very good. They have 38 taps which is amazing and great beer selection with tasters and flights also. The servers are very nice and easy on the eyes. Also, beer bottles to go and good selection. If you live around the SGV this is the place to go. Excellent.“
breaks808 3526 days ago
88 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Showed up here just before noon on a weekday and found the doors locked. Lights were on, and we could see a few staff in side. Had my buddy look the number on his iPhone and called the place. They had no idea their door was locked… the host said “I wondered why we weren’t busy”. Anyway, after let in, I was very pleased with the selection, the staff and the décor (a bit too LA but whatever). The plus is that everything they had on tap you could order as a sample pour and they had at least 30 on tap that day. Pretty freakin’ badass and a place I would frequent a lot if I lived close-by. Didn’t have the food.“
Sparky 3532 days ago
66 /100
Mega Liquor 8 (Beer Store)
“I don’t remember how I stumbled into this place but I’m glad I did. It is definitely bigger than a normal liquor store, and they have everything one would normally have. But what they also have is a decent selection of craft brews. They have everything separated: micro , Belgian, American and European all in coolers. It also has quite a few bottles of wine on racks in the middle. I like this store because it’s close to my girlfriend’s house, has plenty of parking on the lot or street and prices are reasonable.“
albertq17 3603 days ago
92 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“It’s a little too fancy pants for my liking but a great place in Alhambra. Beer selection is fantastic. Rotates often. Cool glasses, but not if you are a purest. Not a beer bar vibe - if that matters to you. If you’re in the area, go. GO!“
djenkin 3694 days ago
64 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Love this place. Frequent it almost weekly. Nice selection of rotating beers. They usually kick the low selling beers and are always on the lookout for beers with alot of word-of-mouth behind them.“
B33rSnob 3861 days ago
94 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“Servers/owners with a shitty attitude? Nope. Dirty tap lines? Nope. All you will find is greatness at 38 Degrees. Being a new facility, the bar and restaurant furniture are new and sexy. The bar tenders and wait staff are great. Marissa is amazing. The owners Mike and Clay are great to talk to, and perform some of the waiting duties. The food is excellent, and priced the same as any other place. Above average grub. The prices are great, especially if you go for happy hour. Overall, FINALLY a place in San Gabriel Valley to go to for a beer. Thank God.“
LtDan 3890 days ago
80 /100 100 W MAIN ST
“One of the better beer places in the LA area. Atmosphere-wise not really my kind of place, but beer selection and nice and helpful enough staff make up for that. Around 40 quickly rotating taps, many of them local or regional micros, and always some interesting ones. The best thing: you can get taster-size glasses of EVERY tap beer, a feature that every good beerbar should offer (but unfortunately many don’t).“
PotjeBier 3897 days ago
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