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84 /100 2363 ALPINE BLVD
“You can get your ticks at Tick-Ilhenney, that’s for sure. Great spot with top notch beer and 18 taps. Chill indoor and outdoor ticking areas. Crowlers of damn near everything. I wonder if when old Al Pine founded the city of AlPine, CA he knew there would be ticks this sick here 800 years later.“
nickd717 172 days ago
86 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“Visited to pick up both Keene Idea and Great...super friendly, very clean and open...and during a pandemic. So glad that I made the trip!“
BOLTZ7555 654 days ago
84 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“As others have said, it's a very unassuming place on the side of the hwy. The official website has a live feed camera where you can always see what's on tap. Plus some bottles and growler fills available for take away. What stood out for me was the friendliness and service. I was really disappointed that Nelson was not available, I was totally unaware that it's a seasonal. The bartender shared at least 4 tasters to share similar beers (Baby Face is essentially a little Nelson) and newly tapped ones. The backyard patio on the hill is really nice. I love that this (at least during the day!) was not a spring break break neck jock spot, but rather a locals joint with character and fantastic beers. If you are hungry they don't serve food, but the Alpine Bar (5 minutes away) does.“
Cristobal37 1253 days ago
84 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“Big modern pub in a shopping mall, just down the street from the Alpine Brewery taproom. 20+ tap's, mostly Alpine, but with about 5 guest beers. Flights avaible, 6 x 4oz for 10$ , great value. Shared some mixed BBQ plate between us for a late lunch, really nice and plenty to keep us filled for the rest of the day. Friendly and fast service. Good value both on beers and food.“
Camons 1534 days ago
66 /100
Barons Market - Alpine (Grocery Store)
“Grocery store with a large selection of beers. Mostly locals / california standards, Stone, Modern Times, etc but also some good choice from elsewhere, imports, even a few Danish beers from Xbeerimentet that i havent seen in Denmark for a long time. Most beers in bombers or 4/6-packs. Lots of good quality beers i havent had, but due to the really great bottle shops near our hotel i ended up leaving without buying anything. Fair prices tho.“
Camons 1534 days ago
80 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“A 40 minute drive from our downtown San Diego Hotel, but well worth it. Small tap room, 15 or so tap's, lots of nice hoppy beers, a stout and a few sours. Sampled 2 beers since we where driving and wanted to go to the pub aswell. Patio in the back, but since it was 105F we stayed inside. Good crowd, geusing mostly locals with a good wibe at our visit around monday 3PM. Good service and cheap prices.“
Camons 1534 days ago
70 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“A large and upscale pub with a nice area out front. Unfortunately they had an accident the week before and everything was a bit chaotic and the menu wasn't complete. Service was pretty slow and beer selection was OK, but with the proliferation of Alpine nothing that great. Not really the stop I was hoping it was.“
Ferris 1710 days ago
78 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“Visited during RBWG 2018. Just down the road from the original brewery. Strip mall location. Large nice patio with scraggly trees. Inside has an L-shaped bar and some restaurant tables. Staff did a good job despite the place being full. Hoppy beers and some interesting guests. Tasty food in large portions. Solid stop.“
Travlr 1712 days ago
74 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Small place in a ramshackle hut on the side of the road. Serving bar and a few bar tables inside, out back there are some picnic tables on the hillside. Solid hop forward beers. No food. Old brewery visible from outside plus a bunch of barrels. Classic place from the old days.“
Travlr 1712 days ago
84 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“Alpine’s (newish) pub is just off the interstate and before you reach their original location. This place is among other businesses and boasts a large, open patio along with a cozy, wooden interior. The food and beer are great and the service quick and pleasant.“
BeerandBlues2 1969 days ago
82 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Small cozy place in a small town. Friendly people, good food and of course lots of good hoppy beers. Nice place.“
MarcoDL 2207 days ago
86 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“La bouffe est la plupart du temps excellente quoique trop chère mais heureusement, les divins nectars de la maison sont presque donnés. Ce n’est pas l’ambiance qui nous attire ici. Le beer garden n’est pas désagréable mais si on y servait de la Coronado, j’y serais jamais allé.“
Marheb 2369 days ago
76 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Popped by the little brewery then went to the tavern up the road for a sampler. It’s obviously California -- they had like 7 IPAs of their own on tap. I tried 6, 5 of which were above average, just 1 was so-so. The service was great, and they’re dog friendly! Brewery #725.“
Braudog 2425 days ago
82 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“A bit confusing with the addresses here, I refer to the new place on 1347 Tavern Road. Either the address is wrong here, or this is a new place. Fresh place with brick walls and wooden interior. Quite a big bar with good service on a rather slow Thursday noon. Hoppy beers were amazing as always. Did not try the food, but it looked good.“
rlgk 2524 days ago
88 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Visited both of their locations in August. Their new restaurant located in a strip mall is large and has a nice selection of their own beers and also some guests. Friendly and fast service on a lunch time visit. All of their hopped beers are world class quality, but unfortunately their other beers don’t quite match up to that level. Excellent and cheap BBQ food available. Their old location still sells growler fills, bottles and merchandise. Overall a must visit when in San Diego.“
tiong 2538 days ago
92 /100 1347 TAVERN RD
“Great food, great staff, and Alpine Brewery’s associated brew pub. Patio outdoor dining and typical sports pub set up with tv’s all around. Clean and not very noisy. A quiet area and a sports bar area. But only came for the beer which was the highlight.“
jc1762 2579 days ago
90 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Small place with tasters available. Otherwise you’re mostly there to fill your growler or pick up bottles. Extremely reasonably priced and the staff are helpful and kind (the actual brewers). Not easily accessible and there’s apparently long lines on the weekends. I went during a weekday and was just fine.“
jc1762 2580 days ago
76 /100
Barons Market - Alpine (Grocery Store)
“C’est certain que ça aide l’afflux de ’’clients bière’’ quand Alpine décide d’ouvrir son resto-pub dans le même mall que toi. Une grande sélection avec rares perles cachées et des trucs parfois défraichis. Un arrêt naturel à Alpine.“
Marheb 2595 days ago
86 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Je dois entrer avec regret cette critique au moment où on devra tous faire notre deuil. Ce rustique, un peu maladroit et sympathique brewpub ne sera plus ce qu’il était, il gardera sa vocation bière seulement. Un nouveau restaurant sera consacré à Apline non loin de celui-ci toutefois. L’âme n’avait pas encore transférée dans le nouveau aux dernières nouvelles.“
Marheb 2662 days ago
82 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“This quaint restaurant is tucked neatly outside of San Diego in a small town. Facing the building, the pub is on the left and the brewery the right with a book store in between. The service was pretty good, especially for our waitresses’ second day. We enjoyed the fried green beans along with a couple of pints each.“
BeerandBlues2 2697 days ago
84 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“This place looks a bit suspicious from the outside but don’t let it fool you. The brewpub itself was so packed we couldn’t fit in so we decided to go and buy some of their brews to go. The brewery room next door was the place to fill growlers, buy bottles and merchandise. Really nice prices. I would like to visit them again.“
rosenbergh 2720 days ago
76 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“not the prettiest place in the world. decent service and fantastic hoppy beer. the other beers are ok, but nothing special. the hops is where it’s at, and the bbq is also fantastic. really good prices.“
slowrunner77 2739 days ago
90 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Visited the 10th February 2015 with a friend - This brewery on the small village of Alpine is really great. Good ambiance this place looks like as a classic dinner. Inside you can eat but you may have to way behind in the garden with a beer. The selection is made with mostly beers from the brewery and there are some guest for a good price. The service is really friendly and the staff will be happy to serve you. The ambiance is really nice, and really good. People really enjoy this place. The food is good and cheap, and you can enjoy specials everyday. This place is really a must to be when you are in San Diego! Enjoy it, it’s fun and the beer are really good! IPA and barley wine are awesome!“
sir__v 2786 days ago
90 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Visited in mid May. Was extremely happy to talk to the owner. Was able to get Nelson, Duet and growler of Pure Hoppiness plus some souvenirs. Prices were very reasonable. Hope to see them next spring!“
AguynamedTodd 2858 days ago
90 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Way out in Alpine, but well worth the trip. Nice selection of house beers. Mostly IPA’s but with a couple other choices. The BBQ is fan-freakin-tactic. A must. Friendly staff with a warm atmosphere.“
50belair 2886 days ago
80 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Quite different from all the other places we visited in San Diego. Located east of the city, up in the mountains. Looks like a small taverna with mostly locals visiting. Beer list is impressive and the quality is even better. Can easily get crowded since it is rather small, but we have a nice and quiet stay in an early afternoon.“
rlgk 2902 days ago
70 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Small crowded place with a bit of dive feel. Friendly staff. About 15 taps as well as a food menu. A small outside sitting area out back too. The beers are worth the drive. The brewery is next door to the bar where you can get bottles to go.“
Beergeek23322 2913 days ago
68 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Cosy, small place, not the most elegant crowd when I visited. Good selection of own beers. Note the nicest crowd when i was there.“
MrTipple 2913 days ago
84 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“I was astonished as to how small both the pub and brewery really were. This place is SMALL!! Great service, lots of beers on tap and the chicken wings were awesome. A great stop east of SD.“
Cliff 2933 days ago
86 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Spent a Sunday afternoon here a few months back watching the US/Germany World Cup match. I spent probably 3 hours here and very much enjoyed the company of the staff...not to mention the great beers and wonderful food. I agree with the reviewer who says about 4 of their beers are great and the rest average to unexceptional...but those that are...combined with the décor and location...make for a must visit when you find yourself with a half free day or more while visiting SD. My only real complaint is that the bar stools (round diner seats without backs actually) are very uncomfortable after about an hour at the max. Note that the brewery itself is not open on Sundays...only the adjacent restaurant. There is a great patio/beer garden out back when temperatures allow. This place is a must visit...worth the drive from SD!“
PRBeer 2937 days ago
50 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“I stopped by the brewery today and Wolfgang the brewer graciously gave a couple of samples to my wife and me right from the lager tanks. the style. I found this quite drinkable but I was looking for more depth and crispness in this beer. Serving type: on-tap“
RedPoppy 2941 days ago
96 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“This place is awesome for so many reasons; location, ambiance, and quality. Location is amazing, a quick 30 minute drive from San Diego, you are quickly transported to a small mountain town. Makes me nostalgic for small time Texas. The building is in a small strip mall with one end being the restaurant the other the bottle shop. The diner transports you back 50 years to a small town western diner. Vinyl is everywhere, Johnny Cash on the radio, and old signs. I could sit here all day and visit all the time and see new things. The selection is the only issue here as its top heavy and bottom light. The top beers are best in the world, the rest are mediocre. They offer flights of 4 and 6 beers. They had Nelson, Duet, Pure Hoppiness and Bad Boy on tap. DAMN! Amazing set of top 4 beers. Nelson fresh was one of the best beers I’ve ever had. The rest of the beers were lacking, their regular line up of Alpine Ale, Red, Card, Mcilheny, and Wily need to go away. Why make these when you have some of the best ipas in the world? The servers were helpful but not overly nice or knowledgable. For the setting and the beer this is a worldwide must visit. Come to San Diego to just visit here.“
chibuck 3017 days ago
66 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“An 8 seat wooden bar with a mix of 5 tables 3 boothes inside, pls some outdoor seating. The tap room is about 30 feet away but supposedly the same beers are avail in both locations. Good pub food. Loud. Flights available as are 8, 10 and 16 oz pours.“
chinchill 3017 days ago
86 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Stopped in here yesterday on the road back to Arizona, probably my most anticipated stop in the greater San Diego area. Atmosphere was pretty dead when we arrived thanks to it being just after they opened but once some more people showed up it got much better. Quality was quite high, my food and beer were great and the space was well furnished in their signature style. Service was awesome, she spent as much time as she could talking to us and I never had to wait for anything. Selection was a little picked over, they had all of their typical beers on but nothing overly rare. Was really hoping to at least try one of the tap only hoppy beers but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess. I went with the brisket sandwich which was excellent. Prices were a touch high on the food but I have no problem paying for quality so it wasn’t a huge deal. Overall an awesome little pub with some world class beers to choose from. Glad I could finally check it out, and I hope I can return in the future.“
orangesol 3150 days ago
82 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Nice little place tucked away in the hills. Lots of taps and bottles for sale. Flights offered and accepted. Food looked good but I did not eat. Small but a nice outdoor area to drink in. Friendly people and excellent beer.“
TheHOFF43 3154 days ago
72 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“More relaxing small town tasting room. Very friendly. So-so stuff on tap, unless you haven’t yet had their great IPAs.“
Sammy 3185 days ago
84 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Small place with some good BBQ food and great Alpine Beers. The to-go beers are a great deal. A nice stop on the way to San Diego.“
JPDurden24 3210 days ago
80 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“tiny little brewery. great selection of their own beers and decent prices. love there IPA’s. great food next door.“
craftbeer86 3239 days ago
82 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Long lineup out the door for both the bottle shop and bar / restaurant sections when we visited on a Saturday. But it wasn’t too long a wait to at least grab beers and sit on the deck out back. Most of their regular beers are only okay, while their hoppier beers and limited releases are very well-crafted. Prices are normal and the service was very good. Definitely a must stop when in the San Diego area - perhaps try to visit during the week to avoid lineups.“
mcberko 3249 days ago
88 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“(Visited 10/2013): Alpine Beer Company is about a 45 minute drive east of San Diego in Alpine on Alpine Avenue, off of I-8. There is a parking lot in front of the plaza, which consists of the brewpub, a book store, then Alpine again (the brewery side where merchandise and to-go beer can be purchased).

The brewpub side looks like a mom ’n’ pop diner, with table and booth seating past the entrance and a bar along the left side. There is a small cooler behind the bar with bottles, and a board listing the beers on draught. Kitschy beer signs on the walls. The brewery side has a walk up counter and a white board listing the beers that can be taken home in growlers. Brewing equipment is visible on that side too.

Alpine has around 15 of their beers on tap. On my visit this included Nelson, Duet, Pure Hoppiness, Willy and some seasonals like Mandarin Nectar, Koffee Sutra and Willy Vanilly. Sample flights are offered. The beers were really good for the most part, with a couple mediocre ones mixed in.

Service on a Friday lunch hour was good both at the bar and on the brewery side. The staff is knowledgeable about the beers and were attentive during my visit.

Food at Alpine goes with the look, in that there are diner classics like burgers, sandwiches etc. My buffalo chicken sandwich was spicy and good.

All in all this place is well worth the drive from San Diego and I would definitely visit again.“
Dogbrick 3257 days ago
82 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Stopped by the shop on the way to pick up BA Speedway/Vietnamese Coffee and grabbed a growler of Bad Boy. Clearly, the beer (specifically the IPA’s) are world-class! The pub is a bit grungy, small, and could use some love. But we aren’t here for ambiance, are we? It’s all about the suds, and they are enough to make a stop. You won’t be disappointed!“
BOLTZ7555 3297 days ago
96 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“It’s Alpine! Enough said! Go there!“
want1DIPA 3303 days ago
88 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“What a crowded "different" place. Stopped by on our way back from desert off roading in urgent need of few pints. Excellent beers, just love them all. A bit slow service, obviously very busy hour. A must stop if you are in area.“
tkrjukoff 3322 days ago
80 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Nice diner/pub atmosphere. Tiny, so don’t expect to get a seat if there are alot of you. Service was decent, but as most places in SoCal, efficient not friendly. Full of locals and geeks, which you can tell causes a bit of tension. They have 1 rotating tap. Food is good BBQ but a bit pricey for the serving size. Although a bit overrated, it is worth checking out, especially if there is something special on tap.“
Ferris 3348 days ago
88 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“It’s a bit of a drive from San Diego proper, but it’s closer than many realize. The growler fills are a separate store front than the pub. Food is great, and beer is even better. You need to make the trip.“
Lagunitasfan 3366 days ago
92 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Unreal beers and great BBQ make this quaint little place one of the real beer meccas.“
cletusdog 3395 days ago
90 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“This is a great place for all the hopheads. It’s a small restaurant with great food. The service is always friendly, but the drive Sucks.“
TapHunter 3483 days ago
100 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Make sure to order the fried pickles, breaded green beans! Taco Tuesday is the best too! I think the beer speaks for itself. It’s all good.“
AnnieSB 3532 days ago
84 /100 2351 ALPINE BLVD
“Showed up on a Thursday around 3pm. parked right in front and mistakenly walked into the bottle shop place as opposed to the pub/grill. Walked into the correct place grabbed 1 of the 8 bar stools a few other patrons littered among the tables, I ordered a sampler of 6 beers and asked about how spicy the wings were, I was informed they are quite hot so I passed and went with the sliders, really tasty and their fries were great.. After 6 samples and lunch I was still hungry I ordered another lunch, grilled cheese and cole slaw this time, Add bacon to the grilled cheese it was awesome, good gouda. Cole slaw a bit dry. Beers are awesome, a woman walked in with a business suit on, and ordered a sampler as well then promptly planted her face in a laptop, seemed a bit out of place in Alpine.. The town is awesome and the drive isnt bad for all the whiners in SD who complain about.“
jmikolich 3541 days ago