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86 /100 336 S ANAHEIM BLVD
“Visited August 2022. Nice to have this place a bit closer for when visiting my wife's family in Orange County and not having to somehow swing a trip up to the South Bay. In the Anaheim Packing District in what used to be Anaheim Brewing. It had been a long time since I had been to Anaheim Brewing, but other than the obvious branding changes, it definitely has a similar feel. Parking around here can be kind of tough, but there's plenty of street parking and lots around. Big stone bar with a rail along the back wall and a sizable patio. Beer list is projected up against the wall. Maybe 18? drafts going when I visited plus a number of bottles and cans to go. Kind of a bummer that Monkish has turned into a place that has 14 IPAs and a couple other things these days, but them's the breaks. Solid beers, of course, and you can get pretty much everything in a half or full. Prices can be a bit on the high end, particularly for half pours, but not egregious. No food here, but there are plenty of food options in the Packing District food hall that you could bring here. Definitely worth visiting for some great beers and a laid back atmosphere.“
brokensail 198 days ago
82 /100 336 S ANAHEIM BLVD
“Hip location near a outdoor public food court. Friendly staff, nice tap and can (togo) selection. Cozy inside with a large patio.“
50belair 208 days ago
86 /100 3191 E LA PALMA AVE
“Stopped in on drive back to airport. Huge place and quite the party pad. Interior is large than giant back area with a dj and 4 food trucks and lots of tables and dogs. Weather was perfect and it was quite enjoyable all around. Fairly busy on Thursday but could fit hundreds. Beers I had pretty tasty nice variety of styles. There is a ton of breweries around here I should look into a night in area“
Jow 321 days ago
86 /100 5120 E. LA PALMA #104
“What a great spot. Not far from Bottle Logic or Bruery Terreux -- just a few mins on the freeway. They have a ridiculously huge selection of meads -- very high-quality from the 8 I tried. Flights of 4 x 2 oz pours are available, priced per mead -- most are $6 per 2 oz, so it's quite expensive. It'd be nice if they did 1 oz pours like Superstition to maximize the number you could try and not cause so much wallet damage. The tasting room itself is very modern, intimate and comfortable. Service was warm and informative. If you like mead, this is a very high-quality spot.“
mcberko 322 days ago
80 /100 1566 W LINCOLN AVE
“High-quality brewery, very new as of now (about a year old), but they're doing great things already. Quaint, modern tasting room with a beautiful patio setup. They had a little more than a dozen beer taps when I visited (plus hard selzters and other non-beer taps). Flights available, priced by the beer. I adored the two west coast IPAs I tried; the hazy was alright, and the strong ale was solid. Very helpful and friendly service. Given that they have such a focus on hazies, I'm not as crazy about them, but their WCIPAs were certainly fantastic -- some of the best I had in the city. Worth checking out if in Anaheim.“
mcberko 322 days ago
86 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Great spot in the ‘heim, chill with a great outdoor area. Lots of tickers just getting their ticks, plus some non-tickers I guess but who cares. Love that they once put up papers honoring all the local ‘rones. ‘Rones rule the world. Killer ticks, small pours of everything, rare -bal agers to go. It’s only logical to get your bottles (and tasters) here. May be near Disneyland but this is no Mickey Mouse shit.“
nickd717 343 days ago
68 /100 2210 E ORANGEWOOD AVE
“Visited with family at lunchtime on Monday 21st February 2022. It's huge, like a single story hanger or warehouse with an equally large outside/garden area that is well laid out with two further bars for when it gets busy (which it wasn't on our visit). 20 or so beers on tap, all their own, I had a flight of four, the wife a pint of lager (Das Boot), the others were not drinking. Food was OK, young server fine, my flight held some decent beers. All a bit to modern, concrete and astro turf for me really.“
BlackHaddock 396 days ago
84 /100 1621 S SINCLAIR ST
“Dropped by on Sunday at 7PM (they close at 8 PM) after going to Disneyland with my family. Completely dead. Parking lot is empty, and I am the only one there, chatting up the bartender. Super nice. 16 beers on tap. $2-3 for 4-5 oz pours. All of good quality. Easy parking in warehouse district. Highly recommended.“
wetherel 459 days ago
70 /100 1301 SOUTH LEWIS ST
“First review (and hopefully not the last given RB LA decline) for Rad brewery. 13 beers on tap. $2 per 4-5 oz taster (gotta love the price coming from Bay Area). Sunday at 8PM ( close at 9) it is 100% dead. I am the only one there chatting baseball with the bartender. Good beers. No fame, no BA beers or sours. A few hazies. Pretty good.“
wetherel 459 days ago
40 /100 500 W. ORANGEWOOD AVE
“Close to Disneyland. Close to my hotel. Quick place rating. Sort of like a typical liquor store, but with a surprising few gems, like Bottle Logic Scatter Signal for $30. A few locals. A few single cans. A decent place to drop by if you are a desperate Norwegian trying to maximize ratings, or a geek trying to get a better place rating, Otherwise avoid.“
wetherel 459 days ago
32 /100
Spirits of St Germaine (Grocery Store)
1770 S HARBOR BLVD #124
“Typical liquor store. Lots of crap with the excel of 3 flavors of Chinatown (awesome, but not worthy of giving them a good rating)“
wetherel 459 days ago
60 /100 338 S ANAHEIM BLVD
“Close to Disneyland. In the center of 3 breweries within 2 blocks: Unsung, Modern Times, and Monkish. Umami burgers are fantastic, maybe the best burgers ever. $10/ burger is worth it. The beer selection is small, but a good selection including three Floyd’s, stone, bruery, etc. I would never buy a $8-$9 beer here though, because there is much better beer at the breweries next door, for cheaper.“
wetherel 460 days ago
76 /100 500 S ANAHEIM BLVD
“Wow. First to enter and rate. LA is a ratebeer deadzone. Conveniently located between Monkish and Modern Times. 20 beers on tap. I’d say average beers. No BA beers. Kettle sours are meh. Hazy IPA are very good. Good to hit up for a triple place rate. $2 for a 5oz taster is the best around.“
wetherel 460 days ago
88 /100 336 S ANAHEIM BLVD
“Good luck rules the day with a trip to Disneyland on the same day that Monkish opens a new branch in Anaheim. 20 taps of deliciousness, which including a couple great BA sours, tons of hazies, and a crazy awesome .BA Life Sized on tap. Parking seems impossible at first, but with a 4 minute walk, there is plenty. Very popular on first day. Highly recommended.“
wetherel 460 days ago
86 /100 1931 E. WRIGHT CIRCLE
“Right beside Disneyland. Lots of parking, but also lots of people on a Friday night. The brewery is quite large. Maybe 20 beers on tap of various styles including 2 BA barleywines, an awesome blueberry braggot mead, hazy IPA, pils, etc. They have some cans including 7 non alcoholic beers from Bravus. Definitely recommended. I’m surprised I’m the first to rate the beers and location. I think LA RB community must be small.“
wetherel 461 days ago
90 /100 1566 W LINCOLN AVE
“Tasting room and brewery conveniently located right off of 5 at Lincoln. Not too far from the Anaheim Packing District places, either. Seemed to be plenty of parking in the business park there, but it was only me and one or two other couples in the place when I visited. They have a decent patio area outside and then there is the main bar area inside with a big bar and some tables along the wall. Nice view of the brewhouse from the bar. Pretty sizable place. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff here who were nice to chat with and also knew about the beers. They have a bunch of cans in the fridge near the bar and a big selection of beers on draft. I opted for a handful of tasters, though they also do full pours and crowlers/growlers. They had a good mix of pale lagers, pale ale, IPA, double IPA, a vienna lager, and sour stuff during my visit. Might have been a stout or two on as well, but wasn't in the mood for that. Beer quality has been quite good on the stuff I've tried. Glad these guys are making good beer. Will have to make this a staple in my trips down to visit the wife's family.“
brokensail 564 days ago
74 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“Tucked away in a quiet, large commercial park, it's about a 25 minute walk from Bottle Logic. Modern, clean, slick tasting room with a beautiful patio out front. Massive taplist of almost 50 taps, with The Bruery, Bruery Terreux, and Offshoot beers. 3 oz pours of everything, with flights of 5 available (my flights were $17-18 plus tax). I've never really been a fan of The Bruery's beers. On paper, they're doing everything right: brewing ambitious, extreme beers, pushing the envelope, and are very ticker-friendly in their tasting rooms. But for the most part, the quality just isn't there. Their imperial stouts lack complexity and depth; the adjuncts often don't integrated well. Their sours are often quite vinegary and lack good expression of the wild yeast. This continued to be my impression after this visit. If in Anaheim, it's a great spot, but I just don't care for their beers for the most part.“
mcberko 638 days ago
98 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“A world-class place that totally matched, if not exceeded, my high expectations. Small, modern interior, with lots of outside patio seating with umbrellas to give you some shade. They had about 20 taps when I visited, with a bunch of smoothie sours, 9 IPAs/IIPAs, and 7 imperial pastry stouts. Small pours / flights available, up to 6 at a time. I scrolled through everything with my wife over the course of a few hours and was extremely impressed in the high-quality of pretty much everything on tap. I don't know if there's a better brewery out there for pastry stouts (maybe Cycle? It's close), and their hoppy stuff also stands up among the best. Very friendly, efficient service. They have no food, but often have a food truck parked out front (not great for vegan options though). For the quality you get, the prices are very reasonable (usually $4-4.50 per 4 oz pours of the pastry stouts). If you're anywhere in greater LA, you need to come out of your way to visit here. Incredible brewery.“
mcberko 638 days ago
86 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Visited in 2019 around the time of the Beer Geek Observation release. Took a flight with 6 different beers, all were ok, nothing exceptional except for 1 or 2. It's clear to me that I prefer their pastry stouts above the rest. Staff was extremely friendly and interested, great service (we even got a handful of stickers extra). Food is available but from a food truck outside.“
BelgiumQ 1175 days ago
72 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Their best beers arent there, a dissapointment“
elbenco 1371 days ago
60 /100 2210 E ORANGEWOOD AVE
“Massive industrial building across the street from Angels stadium redone and made to resemble a giant party. The best part for me was the food menu, which was really creative and delicious. It's crazy noisy, so it was really hard to talk to friends. The bartenders seemed disinterested in talking about the beers, likely because they were focused on just taking orders and working as fast as they could cause the bar was extremely overcrowded with long long lines. The beers were forgettable and the menu (~20 beers) was narrow in terms of styles. If you're looking for a party atmosphere with great food then it's worth a visit, but it didn't make any impression on me about their beers.“
Cristobal37 1422 days ago
80 /100
Nfuse (Bar)
“A good selection of draught beers and excellent service.“
Cimbasso 1515 days ago
86 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Old check-in from 2/21/18.“
klm1 1847 days ago
74 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“very well organized place to have a wide selection of sour and wild beers. must stop if in the area for anyone interested in this part of the spectrum.“
Sammy 1894 days ago
86 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“Warehouse space not too far from the original brewery and tasting room. Decent amount of space and a bunch of tables and ledge/counter space here. A nice patio outside, too. Not a huge actual tasting area inside, but it's never seemed overly crowded when I've been.

The beers here definitely focus on the Terreux (wild/sour) side of the Bruery's portfolio, but they also have plenty of barrel aged stuff and some of the Off Shoot hoppy beers both on draft and packaged. The draft list here is enormous.

It's Bruery beer, so lots of beers that are some combination of: high boost, weird ingredients/combinations, very sour, heavily flavored. I like coming here though as you get to try tons of stuff for a relatively low price if you do flights.“
brokensail 1948 days ago
48 /100 1211 N LAS BRISAS ST
“Maybe I went on an off day but this was a horrible experience. i ordered a flight and the main beer my buddy and I wanted was tapped out. The bartender informed us they were completely out and made us choose another...We will get to those later. A few people came in after us and ordered the double red ale, the same beer we tried ordering. Needless to say they switched it out right in front of us and filled up their pints and never even mentioned that they actually had the beer we originally ordered. Strike one. So I requested their cherry pie mead since they didn’t want to give me the original beer I ordered. Bad move on their part. This was one of the worst tasting thing I have ever tasted at any brewery EVER. It was not mead. The taste was like drinking apple cider vinegar straight up. HORRIBLE. Strike two. My buddy to his amazement topped that with his passion fruit mango tea cider. How can you go wrong with a name like that? Well they must have been out of that too because the concoction they gave tasted identical to dish soap! Like Dawn mutha fuckin dish soap. Strike three! Three strikes and I’m out!“
raidrfan979 2109 days ago
88 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“Visited in February 2017. Great place with many great beers available. I just loved the funky yeasty aroma in the air. View to a barrel storage was amazing.“
VastActiv 2127 days ago
64 /100 1211 N LAS BRISAS ST
“This is one of my favorite places to hang out and get a good cold beer. They are great brewers and cool people. Stop by, and pick up some supplies, have a cold one. Great time!“
Dug110 2141 days ago
82 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Smooth operation here. I was as knocked out with their vast selection of ipas as I was there amazing ba stout on tap. Prices were great as well. This is a must stop.“
chibuck 2141 days ago
70 /100 1621 S SINCLAIR ST
“Not much to look at, and the server was brusk with not much of an opinion on what to order, "my pallet could be different than yours." Grow a pair and make a recommendation, you’ve had the beer. Despite those, the beers are really solid, as I enjoyed all 5 hoppy offerings I had. Their hazy’s are on point. I’d be come back, fair prices and so close to other stars its a must visit.“
chibuck 2141 days ago
68 /100 2970 E LA PALMA AVE STE D
“6 May 2017. Soft opening week. Tiny little brewery. room is about 15’x60’, and that includes the cooler and brew system in the back behind the bar. Only four beers on but 9 taps available. Wifi was out but should be on eventually. Bar staff was very friendly. There were a number of people here despite it just opening and the atmosphere was pretty chill.“
Blairgus 2148 days ago
96 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“This place is amazing. Great patio seating, great indoor area amoung the tons of barrel aging beers. Tons of their beers on tap (40ish) with some tap room only beers. Great ordering process that made it easy to get a bunch of tasters (there were so many I had to try) and a food truck parked outside. Such a perfect beer stop. Could just keep going to this one while in the area, just great.“
Mep3222 2152 days ago
74 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Nice setup and ambiance in an industrial strip mall type location. They had a descent selection of their own beers on tap and the ones I had were solid, but average. Nothing stood out to me, well made but they were average for the most part. Tasters were a tad expensive. Tasty food truck outside. Was pretty busy on a Monday. Not sure why there is so much hype around this one, it was good, but I much preferred Hoparrazi like a minute away. Worth a stop though if in the area and I would try it again if in the area.“
Mep3222 2153 days ago
82 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“We already planned a stop at the original Bruery location, when I found out this place just opened up, so we made a very quick detour to have some stuff on draught that they didn’t have at the other location. Mainly tried some of their fruit stuff. The Frucht beers are really tasty! I like that they try to expand their horizon by brewing some lighter stuff. The interior is very nice and welcoming. We had a great time. High tables, service at the bar.“
Mathieu87 2164 days ago
80 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“Visited Monday evening, 6/27/2016. Place was absolutely packed - it was trivia night. It has a nerdy/engineering/inventor theme, from the decor on the walls, to the tables and benches, to the names of the beers themselves. About 12 beers or so on draft. Flights offered at varying prices. Food truck on site.“
wombat23 2257 days ago
80 /100 1211 N LAS BRISAS ST
“Friendly service. Innovative beers. Warehouse/wood/barrel decor. What’s not to like. Brisket Sannie and fries were good. January 2017 - cook/chef actually consulted me in detail on how my steak was desired and how he planned on accommodation. He really did a great steak.“
bhensonb 2259 days ago
100 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“This is the Disneyland of beer! if you like sours and big delicious barrel aged beer this is the place. As soon as you walk in you can smell the love. These guys do it right. Our server Chris aka "the golden palate" was so great. We had 20 tasters and his recommendations were spot on. He was also extremely knowledgeable when it came to selecting bottles to take home back to Oregon. This a really cool spot as well, tucked away in an industrial area of Anaheim. Right as you walk in you see the stacks of barrels, really cool for a beer geek like myself. Definitely a destination if you love beer.“
treign 2347 days ago
92 /100 2610 E KATELLA AVE
“Huge place just outside the railway station.. 5 taps plus seasonal beers too.... id say could get very busy when the Angles are at home...“
Wirralbeerveg 2373 days ago
58 /100 1313 S HARBOR BLVD
“The ambiance is really happy, the few beers are allright, but the prices are rather high. (but everything in Disneyland is expensive)“
MarcoDL 2376 days ago
90 /100 1174 N GROVE ST
“Sours galore over here. Was visiting the area and an old friend took me over for a flight. 3-ish oz samples are a couple bucks each. Loved the indoor and outdoor seating options. Staff is very welcoming and friendly.“
Andrew196 2411 days ago
70 /100 1211 N LAS BRISAS ST
“Actually not bad. Little brewery slash homebrew shop, with a mix of Ales, meads and ciders. The Saison was a tad too sweet , but the meads were very good. 5x 4 onces for 10$. If you are in Anaheim. Limited food menu, and the wings looked good.“
Lubiere 2457 days ago
80 /100 1072 N ARMANDO ST
“A great tap house, with a good mix of lagers, Ales, sour, some barrels, all well executed. The tap room is well decorated, and the service was efficient, given the place was packed. Samples are a tad expensive, on average 3$for 4 onces, but if it’s your first time, go for the Constant, 5 X 4 onces for 8$. Food trucks rotate on a daily basis. “
Lubiere 2457 days ago
76 /100 440 S ANAHEIM BLVD #205
“Visited on 30th April 2016, Saturday afternoon. This bar is situated on the upper level of a regenerated and refurbished old orange packing shed. The whole place has been converted into hip/cool/high end eateries, bars and twee shopettes on two levels. This joint has 24 taps from mostly local breweries and does Burger type food. We just tried some beers, no flights though. Young girls behind the counter of long, thin bar, no beer knowledge but pleasant enough. Lots of Iron Work about, hence the name. According to the young ladies the beer selection is always changing but the food menu is constant. I thought it fine and liked the vibe of the whole packing shed refurb. Only a block away from the Anaheim Brewery and Tap, which is where we went next.“
BlackHaddock 2514 days ago