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78 /100 145 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Visited January 20, 2014.

I’ve heard a lot about this place over the years but never made it in. It’s one of the older beer-centric establishments around the San Gabriel Valley. I was a little let down by the tap list but they did have some good stuff on like Pizza Port Swamis and Ballast Point Sculpin. The service was great too. The bartender hooked it up with some free tasters including the new ESB from Congregation made for the 15th anniversary of Matt Denny’s. I was there for the celebration of Sam Samaniego (Stuffed Sandwich) after the funeral so my experience may be a bit different than others. The food was brought out and set up buffet style and there were half a dozen taps going that were self serve. These kegs were all donated so they don’t really count as beer available at Matt Denny’s. Cool place that I feel like I should stop at more often due to it’s history but realistically I won’t making the trip from Riverside for this.“
t0rin0 2474 days ago
74 /100 145 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Weird ambiance here, but a solid like of ~ 18 taps, sample flights available, and limited bottles. IPA heavy selection with mostly SoCal locals. good prices“
devman171 2536 days ago
70 /100 400 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Went here once for a college graduation party. Pretty much the same beer, food, and service as all BJs locations but this one had an interesting setup where there was a separate room for the tables. Pizza is good, the beer is alright (I had a glass of the Piranha), and prices are high. I’d go back if meeting someone in the area but there are other places to drink and there are several BJs closer to where I live.“
t0rin0 2704 days ago
60 /100 145 E HUNTINGTON DR
“The place is dimly lit like a good beer bar, but draws many a kid soccer banquets, so as you get tipsy, you are reminded there are children near by sometimes. The patio is real nice. The service is pretty good every time I am there, the bar tenders are pretty cool. The tap selection isn’t the best, but there is always a beer from Firestone Walker,Stone,Sierra Nevada, or Lagunitas on tap that I like. The food is just average, I’d order the Guinness stew. It’s reasonably priced and filling. The value is pretty decent for Arcadia and overall, I’d say its not bad, but not super awesome either.“
LtDan 3958 days ago
44 /100 400 E HUNTINGTON DR
“For a family restaurant, like an Applebees or such, this would be awesome. For a brewhouse it is a bit on the lame side. The same handful of BJ beers, only they don’t seem consistently fresh from visit to visit. They have a few guest taps, but nothing that knocks your socks off. The food is above average, but nothing spectacular. The place accommodates a bunch of friends at one time, and serves beer, so that is where the value of this place lies.“
LtDan 4443 days ago
70 /100 400 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Typical Bj’s, a bit smaller than most. Remember they had a couple seasonals on tap. Friendly staff as always. Decent parking.“
Hophead22 4500 days ago
74 /100 400 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Good selection of regular house brews on tap, including a special ’Grand Cru’ the first night which was excellent, but the modelst Belgian selection was depleted. Second night the ’Grand Cru’ was out, but the Belgian stock had been replenished. Selections includes Duvel, Orval, Kwak, Rochefort, Delerium Tremens and a few others.“
Sombeast 5014 days ago
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