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80 /100 1462 E GRAND AVE
“Schöne Brauerei, einiges vom Fass, leckeres Essen, auf zahlreiche Bildschirmen läuft Sport und es kommt Country Music, was will man mehr“
MBlessing 1269 days ago
68 /100 821 E GRAND AVE
“Visited September 14, 2014.

This is in a shopping center a half mile from 101. Not much to look at from the outside and realistically it’s not all that impressive inside either but it’s certainly not bad. In the back are a few fridges full of beer. Plenty of local stuff to be found here. Firestone, Pismo, Figueroa Mountain, Barrel House, Tap It, etc. Also saw some Mammoth which is something I haven’t seen in quite a while. Might be time to revisit the 395 IPA. I hated that beer years ago when I tried it (probably 2007 or so) but who knows, maybe I’ve changed. Naturally there were also things like Sierra Nevada, Bear Republic, Karl Strauss, and Sam Adams. They have a decent selection of Knee Deep if you’re interested in that. Anyway, this is a decent place for locals that just want a beer but I’m not sure I’d make it a destination as a beer nerd.“
t0rin0 2690 days ago
66 /100 955 RANCHO PKWY
“Visited July 26, 2014.

I used to drive by this and think to myself: "ya know, if I was desperate for a place tick I could add that, but I wont." Well someone added it so I stopped in. It’s right next to the freeway up on top of the hill but it takes about five turns to get there. They have all the usual stuff like the house beers, Duvel, Chimay, Sierra Nevada Pale, some Lagunitas and Stone, Lindemans, Anchor, Mendocino, and some random singles from broken six packs. Same as just about every other Trader Joes (with one or two exceptions). Kind of lame for a beer store but you have to assume that the people that shop at a place like this don’t really know much about beer so being exposed to what they do have at Trader Joes is a good start.

I want to ding the ambiance score because of how lousy the people in this parking lot drive but I wont because I assume that the people that will stop here are just the locals that are probably the bad drivers and don’t know any better.“
t0rin0 2698 days ago
90 /100 821 E GRAND AVE
“Great selection of excellent beers. This is my favorite place to go in the area for a unique selection. The guy who runs the place will talk your ear off if he knows you are a true beer lover. :) If you are looking for something they don’t have, he will try to order it for you. Pismo Market and the RC Market on 4th Street are just OK, but kind of generic with their "craft beer" selections. This place goes out of their way to have a good, rotating selection.“
viyh 3050 days ago
74 /100 821 E GRAND AVE
“Pretty nice little market that has the best selection in the area. Pismo Market may have more variety, but the prices don’t. The have a pretty stable selection and use 5-10 spots that rotate on a regular basis.“
Thrillhouse35 3089 days ago
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