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82 /100 3220 EL CAMINO REAL
“Rate this place pretty highly for it’s interior ambience, delicious cider and crazy knowledgeable staff. Lovely British style cider in a super friendly and quirkily kitsch environment. Erich the cider maker and Cody at the bar were both excellent dudes with a wealth of information. Definitely worth checking out for something a little different while touring the central coast.“
Alphadelic 1165 days ago
72 /100 6760 EL CAMINO REAL
“Last stop of the trip. This is a small place on the main drag in Atascadero next to a gas station. Street parking available. Seems to be a local hangout. Seven of their own beers on tap plus seven interesting local craft brews. Samples are $2 for Tent City beers, $3 and up for guest beers. Service is pretty good, friendly and competent. The actual bar only seats about 8 and there are maybe 5 or six other tables around. Lots of unused space. Air hockey along one wall Very much a neighborhood bar feel to it. Beer quality was decent or better.“
bytemesis 1287 days ago
80 /100 6760 EL CAMINO REAL
“Their beers are excellent, especially the Irish Stout - also their Pilsner was top-shelf. Tent City Brewing is getting up to full steam following a re-nameing from "Molly Pitcher". A Comfy relaxed feeling w good people! A definite spot to relax at while in Atascadero“
bretthead 1420 days ago
76 /100 3220 EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited July 26, 2014.

This is the new tap room and brewery for Bristols Cider. I didn’t confirm but I guess they’re an extension of the Lone Madrone Winery rather than a separate business sharing the location in the winery building in Paso Robles. This place is hidden in the back of an industrial complex as you might have already assumed. It’s not easy to spot from the street so keep an eye out. There is however a sandwich board on the sidewalk once you turn off of El Camino. The first thing I noticed was the huge tun of some sort. Not really clear on the cider making process. I guess starting this year with the new harvest they’ll allow customers to watch them actually make the cider. Could be fun. The second thing I noticed was that this is a nice set up. There is a TV and some couches as well as of course a bar and tables. The third thing that immediately became obvious was that the customers and the bartender are all regulars of the crossfit gym across the street. The bartender is maybe 5 foot 2 and ripped. I guarantee she can lift more than most guys that visit this place. She seemed to know everyone that was in there drinking.

You can do a "sampler" or a "taster". Both include the same five ciders (of eight listed on the board) but one is a single ounce of liquid per cider and the other is three ounces. $5 and $10. I also bought three ounce tasters of the other ciders. There are no less than three dry hopped ciders, which is pretty cool. One of them uses Citra and Amarillo. The other two use the same blend of East Kent Golding and Fuggles. One of them however also has some saison yeast that they use for bottle conditioning which gives it a slightly more interesting touch. That’s the Black Bart. The Black Beard on the other hand uses different apples (100% Arkansas Black), is aged in a bourbon barrel for 8 months, uses both Champagne yeast as well as Brettanomyces, and is somehow 13% abv. Interesting but way too heavy on the bourbon flavor. It is neat however to taste brett in a cider. The Scrumpy (still and 100% Braeburn) was my least favorite, slightly edging out the Black Beard for that title. It tasted like dirt/soil. To me it tasted like Braeburn apples do when they’re getting old. No thanks. While I didn’t find any that I’d pay $10 a bottle for my favorite was probably either the Calico Jack or the Rackman.“
t0rin0 2281 days ago
70 /100 6760 EL CAMINO REAL
“Well, I’ve stopped here multiple times now and finally on my last visit I actually got to buy something and try their beers. I almost gave up after I walked inside the bar on my drive up to the Bay Area for Christmas and was told they couldn’t serve me because they were having a private holiday party...yet I was able to just walk into the place with no problem.

Anyway, this is a small little brewery just off of 101 and right next to a gas station (in case you need to refuel or get some Diet Coke or whatever). They had four house beers on tap and about 10 guest taps. The house beers were subpar, unfortunately. The service was okay. The guest beers are probably your best bet here if you plan on hanging out and drinking. Watched some of the week 17 NFL games while I choked down my beer.

While I sat at the bar, a gentleman came in and wanted to buy some of their beer to go because he grew up nearby and was going to meet up with some of his friends from his youth. Cool enough. He was wearing a shirt, but most of it was missing as you could see much of his back through the enormous holes in said shirt. He kept trying to order beers that they did not make, despite having the available options explained to him multiple times. He eventually settled on a growler of their red ale (bad choice, I’m afraid). Hopefully he enjoyed his trip back to Atascadero.“
brokensail 2486 days ago
66 /100 6760 EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited June 9, 2013.

First time I called them they weren’t brewing yet, just serving guest beers. The second time I called (a few months later) they only had one house beer and it just kicked (about 30 minutes before I got to the exit). Third time (a year later) I decided to stop in and take a gamble. Actually I called but got a message saying they’re open daily. Well, as it turns out they have outgrown their 1 bbl system and are in the process of upgrading to a 6 bbl system and don’t have anything to brew on in the mean time (despit the old equipment being in plain view). Ugh. I just want to try YOUR beers. Maybe some day.

Despite that rant it was a nice place. Actually it’s literally next door to the old Hoovers 101 brewery. They have about a dozen taps and about that many bottles. No garbage as far as I could see. Nice patio seating outside, plenty of seating inside with a tv in the corner. Could be a cool place for locals but seriously, if you’re calling youself a brewery brew some damn beer.

Service was nice, prices were good, and the selection is pretty good. Be warned that credit cards are a $10 minimum.“
t0rin0 2690 days ago
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