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92 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“Have seen these guys a bunch in the Bay Area and finally made the trip to the mothership on the way back from Tahoe. What a great brewery. Downside is very heavy on IPAs (especially hazy IPAs - it's what these guys apparently like). But each hazy IPA is a bit different and where they add ingredients / change hop varieties, you can really taste them. Their stouts are big and chewy and awesome. Huge space with a food truck - think converted warehouse. Indoor and outdoor, bunch of rooms with TVs. Service was prompt. Flights of 4-8 and, again, it's Moonraker so everything is great. A few cans / bottles to take home as well as some merch (the salsa was superb). This is a place worth going out of your way for. Basically a west coast version of Other Half. That's high praise.“
WestCoastHawkeye 368 days ago
74 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“Located near the airport in Auburn, in an industrial park, about a block from Knee Deep. Small interior space, kind of dark, tables and chairs. A big beer garden is attached with rows of picnic tables. Food truck availalbe. Got there when it opened on a Sunday, and then it was a steady stream of customers, lots of families too. Tap list was predominantly hazies, a few IPAs and sours. One stout. Flights available.“
stevoj 488 days ago
80 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Located near the airport in Auburn, in an industrial park, a block from Moonraker. Taps are located right in the brewhouse, 2 bars and a merch stand. About 12 taps and bottles to go. Shaded patio out front. Food trucks every day of the week. KNown for their hoppy beers, the taproom did not disappoint. A few other styles available as well. Nice space“
stevoj 488 days ago
98 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“Well, well, well...I finally got to visit Moonraker Brewing and I was not disappointed! This place has an excellent vibe to it! It has a different feel in each area. The outdoor area is nice...with the lights at night...right next to the food truck (they have excellent selections depending on the day)...the indoor area next to the bar feels like a normal brew pub with energy and volume...and the Barrel Room...this...if you don't have kids and are on a date or even alone (if available), the barrel room is fantastic...a little quieter and a little more private than out front. It has a great vibe to it with the trendy tables, fantastic lighting, and barrels up against the walls, this is a great spot for a date! And, i am not sure who picks the music, but it was a fantastic mixture of up to date, "cool vibe", selections. The customer service was fantastic, especially the owner's daughter and Alyssa (sp?)! They really made me feel welcome and put up with all my questions and excitement! I highly recommend this Brewery, even if it is a bit of a drive from the Sacramento is well worth it! Not your normal brewery experience in an industrial area!! I even got to meet Dan the Man (one of the owners)!“
lucius10 713 days ago
90 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Knee Deep Brewing Co in Auburn is really cool brewery to visit and have a beer or two. It's a classic brewery taproom inside the brewery production facilities. Cool industrial vibe. There is also the outside area with tables. There is a food truck outside as well. It's kid and dog friendly. And the beers are excellent. Flights of 4 are available. 20 beers on tap. Some merchandise and beers to go also available. Definitely 5 out of 5. Absolutely great place. Also my wife and kids loved it (there was a dog to play with). “
rosenbergh 831 days ago
78 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Hard to believe I never reviewed this place. Not huge. Good to great beer. Good to very good food. Getting a bit experimental in both categories. Service was very good. Parking is the only downer.“
bhensonb 989 days ago
92 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“This was my first stop of the trip, and holy hell. Large place with multiple rooms, including a couple of different dining rooms, the bar room and a large outdoor patio area. Brewing equipment right there for the world to see as well. Really busy early Friday afternoon, it took a while to get served. Flights available, or you can just order sample sized pours of anything. Beer quality very high, as expected. They also had two cans to go in four packs, and of course crowlers available. Tap list is certainly hoppy beer centric, but when they are making them as good as these guys, I say bring it on. They were getting set up for live music when I was leaving; with a stage in the outside patio area. Loads of fun and super high quality here.“
bytemesis 1083 days ago
74 /100 536 GRASS VALLEY HWY
“This was my second stop of the trip, right after Moonraker, which is a tough act to follow. Large space with a sizable outdoor patio. Repurposed car dealership? Now it all makes sense! Parking lot available. They had about a dozen taps to choose from, and offered flights of five for a reasonable price. Plenty of seating inside as well, mostly communal style. Service was attentive and friendly. Beer quality was all over the place; some was quite good, other so so. Worth a stop for sure!“
bytemesis 1083 days ago
70 /100 536 GRASS VALLEY HWY
“Car dealership off Hwy 49 repurposed as brewery. Weird building, but it works. Outdoor area is pretty large and welcoming with a food truck during busy days/hours. Decent selection of a dozen or so brewes. A couple I'd go back for and several in the "pretty good" range.“
slowrunner77 1101 days ago
86 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“We decided to visit this place quite spontaneously on a drive from Grass Valley back to Sacramento and were really pleasantly surprised by the place. Big warehouse looking taproom and brewery. Big list of regular and seasonal beers on offer. Flights are available. We tried a few things and found most of the beers to be good or better. Particularly liked the Imperial Tanilla Porter and the Stow the Croze barley wine. No food at the taproom itself but there was a food truck outside with great hotdogs. Prices were decent. Can really recommend a visit here when in the area.“
UKBeerGeek 1105 days ago
76 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Located in a rural part of North Auburn, this brewery has a tasting area with a bunch of picnic tables and two walk-up counters for ordering beer. Reasonably loud music in the background? Large TV, brewing equipment completely visible. Around 30 taps of pretty good beer and usually a food truck outside.“
marcus 1456 days ago
84 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“Located in rural North Auburn, this new brewery is nicely constructed. Lots of space, 8 stool bar, several tables, private party space. Unobtrusive music, pleasant barkeeps and nice customers. The brewing equipment is right next to the bar. 24 beers on tap, heavy on the IPAs, but good quality.“
marcus 1456 days ago
86 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“Lots of space in here as there is outdoor seating and 2 1/2 side rooms in addition to the main bar/tasting area. Thoroughly impressed with their line-up, especially the hoppy stuff. Will be back many times I’m sure. 2nd visit even more fun - sat in the spacious dog-laden outdoor area and had a blast. Friendly service, great beer. One of the best between Reno and SF for sure.“
slowrunner77 1530 days ago
92 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“I love this Place! Great Local guys and Eco friendly to.“
Lorettahickok 1598 days ago
82 /100 12970 EARHART AVE, STE 100
“A nice little tasting room. Seating inside or outside under the roof. Good solid beer at a good price. Friendly staff.
This is only a block before Knee Deep, dont miss it.“
Sledutah 1620 days ago
84 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“A huge building with a big tasting room on one side. 2 tap setups for when it’s busy. Lots of picnic tables inside and out. Service was fast and friendly. Good prices, $7 for a flight of 4 - 6oz. Only a few miles off I-80.“
Sledutah 1620 days ago
88 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“They don’t have food on site, but they do hire great food caterers to partake in quality food with quality beer.“
Abonbon 1884 days ago
74 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Place is a bit out there, but that doesn’t keep half of California from showing up on a Sunday. Huge line out the door, served by two friendly staff who seem to not care two shits about how long the line is. I am not sure I have ever witnessed more lackadaisical service before. I would have walked out, but a drive all this way and I want my flight. After the thirty minutes wait I got my pours. Of course there was no place to sit... Basically an open brewery, picnic tables in and out. Equipment on full display. Food truck is it for dining options. Family and pet friendly. Beers excellent, but I knew that already. And I’ll be damned Andrew - your cat person was there today as well. Odd cat with a smooshed face who seemed at home on a leash.“
bytemesis 1959 days ago
76 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Business/industrial park tasting room. Large warehouse space with a pretty decent amount of seating and a large bar where you can place your order. They allow pets here as well and I think for the first time I’ve ever seen at a brewery, someone had brought their cat (pretty neat)!

They have a lot of different stuff available but their hoppy beers are really what they do best. There’s some decent variety, but I’m not sure how much I really cared for their non-IPA/pale ale styles.But, I don’t really like how overly strong a lot of their beers are.

Anyway, the service is good and the beers are pretty solid for the most part. It’s not quite as close to the freeway as some of the other stops along the route on 80, but it’s not too far away either.“
brokensail 1993 days ago
80 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Just off I-80 in the small downtown area of Auburn. From the restaurant, you can see the dome of the county courthouse which is a pretty neat building. It’s in one of the brick buildings located right on the corner, so pretty easy to spot, though parking can be tough to find.

Plenty of bar space and restaurant seating in here. Probably about an even mix of tourists and locals and a rather substantial list of beers on tap (I think about a dozen during our stop). They do flights as well as full and half pours and have a decent selection of whiskey if you’re interested in that. Has sort of a western, rustic feel to it.

The beer selection runs a pretty wide range of styles. I wasn’t terribly impressed with too many of their beers, but the hoppy stuff was pretty good and I liked their brown ale. The staff and service were great and quite friendly. Prices on the beers were good as well.

Definitely worth a stop on your way up to Truckee or Reno or whatever.“
brokensail 1993 days ago
96 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Great place. Award-winning pilsner. Fantastic Triple IPA, regular IPA, and session IPA.“
Rocket04 2082 days ago
92 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Amazing selection of IPAs. Food truck outside.“
Rocket04 2082 days ago
76 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“No food like Auburn AH, but you can bring your own. Ample room, and the hoppy beers are to die for...great selection on tap as well. Better beer, just not as nice a place.“
slowrunner77 2104 days ago
70 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“always a pain in the arse to park, but that’s because this is a nice little brick restaurant and pub in the middle of touristy downtown auburn off I-80. Good food, and there’s usually something good on tap. Not a lot of great beers, but several good ones.“
slowrunner77 2104 days ago
76 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Rerating this place. Went back and many more beers were available. All were solid. Even some nicely done lagers which is rare. Definitely an improvement from last time when only 3 or 4 beers were on tap. That said the food this time was a very small portion. The burger was good but was crammed on a tiny plate with a tiny amount of fries. The last time I was here there must have been four times the fries and a larger burger. Left a little hungry. Waitress also spent 20 minutes explaining to another table how she wanted to be a medical helper or something and how this job "sucks". Good beer though, good little portions of food, worth a trip.“
theOptimator 2161 days ago
78 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Stopped in Sunday afternoon, pretty packed at the bar as well as tables. Friendly and attentive bartender. Decent selection of their in-house brews, imperial IPA was pretty good. Didn’t try the food. Parking can be a bit tricky when that area is packed.“
GenDV138 2315 days ago
78 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Located towards the end of the road in an industrial area. Easy to miss location, didn’t see any signage along the road. Located on the right side of the huge office building, look for the large brewing tank outside. Spacious inside with a good view of the tanks and brewing stuff. Tasting room counter includes 4 oz pours and full glasses as well as growler fills. Flights come in sets of 4. Picnic tables around for seating. Good selection of drafts with their year-round offerings and some experimental brewery exclusives. Beers were above average, some a bit too sweet. Worth a stop if you’re checking out other breweries in the area.“
GenDV138 2315 days ago
86 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“we love this place! tons of beers to choose from, pretty darned good food, and a cool old brick building location. it gets crowded, but there are plenty of beers to tide you over til your table is ready :)“
calilover 2315 days ago
82 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Open warehouse and brewing operation, selection is great if you like big, West Coast IPAs.“
Dodgrblu 2548 days ago
96 /100 13395 NEW AIRPORT RD, STE H
“Located in a very large industrial building, Knee Deep occupies the east end. Set up as an open tap/tasting room with picnic tables, large screen TV, some bean bag games and a large high top table on top of railing that incloses the Tap room from the Brewing area. 10 taps operating representing all the regulars with a very nice West Coast style Pale Ale on tap also. Great beer and very nice place!!“
rich916 2567 days ago
86 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Beautiful brick historic building in old town.  Bartenders and staff were friendly and the food was good (not great) although the portions were a bit small. Order the sampler of all the beer available. Every beer is brewed on-site. The beer is tasty, creative and something for everyone. The Shanghai Stout was a stand out of the offerings.“
rich916 2612 days ago
82 /100 780 LINCOLN WAY
“In Old Town Auburn, small bar section with art for sale; mostly Belgian selections. Elder in bottles.“
Dodgrblu 2805 days ago
72 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Had lunch here and some brews. Nice rustic place in Old Town Auburn, not far off Highway 80. Service was great, no complaints. Selection of beers was very good, all the typical brewpub offerings and some great seasonals. Food was typical brewpub fare with some items being overpriced, but the fish tacos were excellent and very reasonably priced. Value is about average all around. Fun place to stop and check out, the food, beer and atmosphere are great.“
savnac 2985 days ago
88 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“The only brew pub I’ve ever visited at which I liked every single offering (I’ve visted about 20-30 breweries and brew pubs). Nice ambiance, very good service, good food and great beer. Two mugs up!“
LeftCoastRider 3035 days ago
70 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Great location in the heart of Auburn Old Town. Inside a cramped dining area and narrow bar, but it works. There’s a more spacious patio area outside though. With my group of four we had about seven different beers of theirs, all of them great to excellent. The service was good with a knowledgeable and timely server. The food and beer selection was about average for a brewpub. On the food side all the servings were large. I had the Ruben, which was huge and delicious. My friends had the andouille, fish and chips and a salad. Everyone agreed that the food was good but not worth the higher prices. The beer was priced reasonable at around $4-6 pint.“
Fatehunter 3050 days ago
88 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Well worth the 35 minute trip from Sacramento to have dinner and a pint. Awesome pastromi reuben sandwich. Beer is better than most.“
MPalecek 3101 days ago
78 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Good food and several of their beers on tap. Good portions, good, knowledgable server and nice ambiance.“
AgentSteve 3176 days ago
82 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Probably my favorite brewpub in Sacramento. Best overall mix of food and beer quality. Their cask ales are great and they usually have a couple of guest taps to go along with their own lineup.“
drinkwell 3260 days ago
88 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Nice location right in the middle of Old Auburn. The artwork/logos for their beers are prominent on the walls, which creates a nice look. Bar is backed with shelves full of growlers from all kinds of different breweries. Maybe we got lucky but our server was extremely knowledgeable about the beer. Pints, Samplers, and Growlers are all available. Food menu has a nice selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizzas, and other entrees. The food we had was good and all of the locals we talked to had nothing but good things to say about every menu item they mentioned.“
bnoel09 3367 days ago
76 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“This pleasant pub is located on the main drag in old Auburn. There is an attractive bar with a dozen or so stools and a widescreen hdtv at each end, showing mostly sport events. There are about a dozen taps including 2 guest beers, presenting a wide range of styles. Beer can be ordered by the pint or in tasters, and there are also decent selections of liquor and wine. The brewing area can be viewed by walking just past the bar. There are also quite a few tables away from the bar. There is a nice menu of soup, salad, sandwiches and a few other things. The two sandwiches I have had on successive trips were large and tasty and served with fries. A nice friendly place to relax.“
marcus 3865 days ago
76 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Nice brewpub, clean and friendly staff. Great views of the brewery with big windows from the bar and restaurant. I only had 1 beer (Gold Digger IPA), it was very nice. I didn’t have any food, but the menu looked good. Right off I80 east of Sacramento. I plan to stop more often when traveling through so I can try a few more of their beers.“
Sledutah 3866 days ago
92 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“A great place - very good beer; they have one of the all time best lagers; the food is very good. In old town Auburn right off of I-80.“
bpipkin 3952 days ago
76 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“One of my favorite stops when I drive to the Bay Area to visit my parents. If you get the chance, make sure you try their harvest ale, which is one of my favorites. If you’re not there during harvest season you can’t go wrong with the Gold Digger IPA. Great Cheeseburger!“
jwbrewing 4039 days ago
78 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“A nice and spacious place, in an old turn of the century building in this beautiful town of Auburn. Modern meets old, with lots of wood, granite, very nice. Friendly service by knowledgeable barstaff. The beer was good and honest. Menu is typical pubfare, but those sausages sure smelled good!“
Lubiere 4050 days ago
52 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Cool little brewpub located in downtown Auburn. I visited on a weekend afternoon, and the place was packed. I had to park about a quarter mile up the road. This place reminds me a bit like Hoppy Brewing on in the inside. Bar is to the left, with some seating to the right. There is some brewing equipment in the back. Bathrooms were nice and classy. Menu was pretty typical in terms of brewpub fare, although there were a few oddballs in there. Prices were a bit elevated, and I had a burger, which was pretty tasty. I was given seasoned fries, even though I asked for regular. The bartender pretty much ignored me at first, but then he warmed up to me once he saw me taking notes. The selection was good, with about 8 beers on tap. All in all, not too bad, and definitely worth the stop if you’re driving down I-80.“
DYCSoccer17 4064 days ago
82 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“April 2008 - Visited on a Monday afternoon and enjoyed the exceptional hospitality of brewer/owner Brian Ford. The brewpub itself is a work of art, wonderfully restored from an historic brick building in the midst of a cool little historic mining town. I selected a sandwich from the standard but well ranging pub menu and was quite pleased. They offer beers in full pints or in 12-ounce glasses I had three full ones and Brian offered two other samples, in addition to a pull of IPA straight from the fermentors. All the beer was very good, with the IPA, Brown and Stout all being worthy of a repeat visit all by themselves. The first stop on my latest California adventure I’m very glad I made the short drive from Sacramento to visit! Thanks to Brian and Rick Sellers! (Brewery #453, 4/7/2008)“
Braudog 4590 days ago
78 /100 289 WASHINGTON ST
“Wulfstan, IPA next time. I tried their sampler set and found that the standout was definately IPA. I like this place, I never went when it was the Shanghai, but the building itself is pretty neat(old brick). Old downtown setting is great. Only problem is parking but if you don’t mind a short walk then no problem. Going for the mining type look, beer names coincide. Food was good pretty much standard pub grub. I will stop back in here sometime in the future its worth it.“
Inflames 4606 days ago