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70 /100 270 S ROBERTSON BLVD
“No one has reviewed this place in nearly three years, and it’s no wonder. They probably couldn’t find it, since it moved to a new location about a year and a half ago. It certainly took me a while. Finally got infomation from a parking lot attendant near the old location. The new address is 270 S. Robertson. Anyhoo.... Pretty decent section of beers, but more or less randomly organized, and you kind of need to look over everything. A few recent releases (Sucaba, Abyss). Service was quick and efficient. Really wouldn’t have stopped here unless I was in the area. Whole Foods stores in the LA region are probably better. I guess people in Beverly Hills are drinking other things.“
maekchu 2428 days ago
86 /100 270 S ROBERTSON BLVD
“Awesome staff here, annoying customers though. One asshole literally parked his nasty Mercedes G-Wagon diagonal in front of the store taking up the only two handicap spots in the small parking lot. Thankfully though, this store caters to some hardcore beer nerds. Found tons of the new De Molen H&V Bourbon BA, Logsdon and Upright saisons, Haand rarities including their black and white label sours, even Natt from Norway which makes some of the best imperial porters in the world. I’ve never seen that beer before in the US. Also found some of the new Stone w00tstout (limit x2 per customer). Really just a stunning selection that left me running in circles deciding what to buy. Awesome bottle shop. The beer buyer here knows his stuff and was very friendly and helpful. Boss.“
GT 3357 days ago
90 /100 270 S ROBERTSON BLVD
“Made an out-of-the-way drive to visit after posting on RB boards looking for RR sours, and Long (Vendomebh1) reached out to me to help me on my quest. Long provided excellent service both via email and in person. We had an awesome conversation in-store when I swung by one evening. He thanked me for driving out of my way and hooked me up with some RR sours although they’re out of season and off shelves in most places. Selection was very good, featuring a number of things I didn’t expect, including Cismontane goodies and lots of Bruery and Firestone beers. International craft selection was impressive, too. Several lambics and delicious Belgians I don’t often find. If you’re heading to LA, contact Long (again, username: Vendomebh1) and make the drive into Beverly Hills. You’ll see lots of nice cars and a lovely wall of beer.“
bootsjohn 3581 days ago
78 /100 270 S ROBERTSON BLVD
“When I popped my head in, the selection was only slightly above average. Great ambiance, attentive service. A few Stone, Lost Abbey, one Mission when I went in, very many British and German beers. Not bad, not amazing.“
ajm 4823 days ago
60 /100 270 S ROBERTSON BLVD
“(See my rating for the Toluca Lake location.) Friendly staff, neat little carpet floors, lots of wine, liquor, etc. It has its own little parking lot, which is convenient. Anyway, there’s not much for those who want finer selection in beers.“
steview 4831 days ago
80 /100 270 S ROBERTSON BLVD
“Went in there the other day. Not as good as the Vendome in Toluca Lake by a long shot, but better than your average store. They do have the base La Face Neige Ice Cider, which is a rarity in California, but it is expensive and 36 dollars for a 375ml. They also have a deli in the back. There beer selection does not look as though it gets much visiting from beer geeks, they still have plenty of Stone Cali Belgique on the shelves. Selection has a couple things you will not see anywhere else, but nothing mind blowing at all. Score: 66.

Re-rate: Selection has been gradually improving over the last few years, and in the last 3 or 4 months it is gotten extremely good (to the point where it is becoming one of the best stores to shop at in West LA). Although the selection is still smaller than the Touluca Lake store, it is more concise and I feel probably gets a bit better turnover. Long seems to be doing a good job getting in some rarities. He may or may not have a few things hidden away in the back (always good to ask). All in all this place keeps getting better and better. Deli isn’t bad to eat at either.“
BMan1113VR 5034 days ago
68 /100 239 N CRESCENT DR
“Descent selection with average prices. At some times of the day, the crowds can be overwhelming because it is in the middle of "yuppy central." Parking is a bit strange at times because you have to sometimes park at the garage down the block. Majority of employees are college students who have no idea about beer.“
m4rest88 5052 days ago
66 /100 239 N CRESCENT DR
“Not as good as Fairfax or West Hollywood. I like that it has its own parking garage and feels underground, but other than that, just skinny over to the dirty side and have yourself a ball.“
ajm 5421 days ago
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