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68 /100 47520 HIGHWAY ONE
“Visited here in October 2014. Nice beers surely, big sreens, comfort food. The American Dream and in Big Sur. Enjoyed my tiie here.“
altonbrownd 2042 days ago
72 /100 47520 HIGHWAY ONE
“Stopped here twice when I was staying in area. Restaurant on left side, bottleshop/deli/convenience store on right side as you face it from the parking lot., cozy interior, they do have a outdoor seating area out back, but my luck the neighbor was having some landscaping done and there was a loud chipper shrewder operating both times I stopped there. They have two tv’s. Small cottage is the way I would describe it. Service was good, guy behind the bar is polite, quick to help, brings the food to your table if have food Solid selection, kind of surprised at how many higher gravity things he offered, considering the road your had Alesmith, Dueshutes, Sierra Nveda, lagunitas, Santa Cruz brewing, Knee Deep, Drakes on that I remember. Food was good, I had soft pork tacos one time and the Reuben the other. Not top of the line, but was hot, fast and fresh. Pretty happy with my visit here, the convenience store is typical, bunch of snacks, they also make some food to go, have beer and wine. Some beer was looking old, you have to buy the bottle in the store side, I didn’t ask if you could buy and drink there, but they have good enough draft. Fine place if you are nearby.“
OldGrowth 2510 days ago
70 /100 47520 HIGHWAY ONE
“Visited on Wednesday 30/04/14 whilst on a road trip heading south on PH1. I’ve actually amended the title to include the bottle shop, which I didn’t feel worth adding as a separate entry, as they are the same people and the 2 are linked indoors kind of like Capones in Norristown PA. The bar area carries 10, unremarkable, but craft taps I think my pint of Figueroa mountain Hoppy Poppy IPA was either $5 or $6 but not bad for being out in the boondocks. Small indside room seating maybe 25/30 folks but we went upstairs to the terrace area where I gained some valuable charge on my camera! Service fine, didn’t eat, didn’t see anyone else eating. A pretty basic facility and maybe 3 or 4 other folks at around 2.30pm. The bottle shop carried a pretty remarkable selection bearing in mind the location! Prices a little steep but I’d guess the best selection of beer for 30+ miles either side. The likes of FW Sucaba, Midnight Sun XXX double black IPA, Lagunitas seasonals et al, nothing silly rare but an imperssive selection of well over 100 bottles - largely bomber singles in 3 or 4 fridges and shelves. Well worth a stop by even to just browse the botles, and likely the best place for a pint of something craft between Monterey and Cambria!“
Theydon_Bois 2534 days ago
72 /100 47520 HIGHWAY ONE
“Stopped here for dinner with the wife on the way down the coast. Pretty unassuming place with 10 taps, a decent food menu, and live music on Friday nights. The taplist was actually decent with a mix of locals and a couple of interesting non local craft beers. Don’t go out of your way, but its worth a stop if you find yourself in big sur and are hungry.“
bytemesis 2989 days ago
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