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74 /100 186 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Kleine Brauerei mitten im Ort, einige Fassbiere, gegessen hab ich nicht aber was aus der Küche kam sah sehr gut aus und es hat auch gut gerochen, nette Leute“
MBlessing 815 days ago
74 /100 186 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Stopped in after full day of trave prior to final push to campsite. Staff was friendly and chatty but slow by my east coast standards. Pretty cool looking joint. Had one beer which was fine not a big selection standard fare but if your in Bishop you should definitely come by.“
Jow 1190 days ago
68 /100 186 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Just got 5 oz glasses today - woohoo! Little hole in the wall with picnic style tables and a small stage. Don’t like having to stand in line like a cafeteria to order food and drink. Very slow and inefficient, but once it was ordered service was quick and friendly. Food was solid and I liked the vast majority of what we tried.“
slowrunner77 1826 days ago
78 /100 186 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Pretty decent place. Good food, tried two beers a Triple and a harvest Pale Ale, both well executed. A good spot for those visiting the eastern Sierra region.“
mcrowther 1854 days ago
62 /100
Manor Market (Grocery Store)
3100 W LINE ST
“Wow, what an unassuming place this is. It is located in rural Bishop, which is saying a lot. When you walk in, there are coolers straight ahead with just macro swill in it. You have to avoid that and go through a couple back rooms to find the good beer stashed in an alcove amongst the wines. They had a really good selection for such a small town and such a small place. They had lots of local Mammoth Lakes and Indian Wells brews. They also had a nice selection of many other solid microbrews like Stone and Deschutes. Amazingly, they even had some Cantillon as well as some Kasteel Kriek. I was really impressed with this place. The fact that they allowed singles was cool, too.“
DYCSoccer17 4313 days ago
66 /100
Manor Market (Grocery Store)
3100 W LINE ST
“This is a local grocery store located in a residential area of Bishop in a small strip mall. I was dismayed by the selection of beer until I located a separate room dedicated to beer and wine. There was a surprisingly good selection of good microbrews and even a few Belgians - one of the few good places to find beer near the desert.“
marcus 4594 days ago
76 /100
Manor Market (Grocery Store)
3100 W LINE ST
“This is a small town market with 7 cooler doors in the back with some excellent beers. I was there 8/3/07 and they had: Deschutes Anniversary, Mammoth Brewery, Bison, Quelque Chose, Unibrou, Triple Karmeliet, Scaldis Noel, Alaskan Smoked Porter, Buffalo Stout, Belzebuth, St. Bernardus. Buyers Dan and Vic changes things regularly and are beer enthusiasts.“
DenverLogan 4722 days ago
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