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“I pretty much just stopped here because of the name. It’s pretty much your local bar sort of feel that happens to have a pretty good tap list. Pool tables, pretty modestly decorated, located in a little shopping center not far from the freeway.

They do pretty frequent events and will have special flights associated with them and will also do taster pours of whatever they have on draft. Beer list was pretty reasonable during my visit, some Or Xata, Toaster Pastry, a MacLeod beer, a Bells beer or two, and some stuff from the local Ventura/Santa Barbara breweries.

Don’t know that I’d necessarily make a pit stop here again, but if I was hanging out in the area would definitely come by.“
brokensail 1772 days ago
“Great place to satisfy the urge for great beer in a comfortable environment.“
Adidas93012 1947 days ago
“Very clean production brewery in Camarillo, not far off the freeway. Well kept. Not well marked. Very small tasting rooms. The beers were quite good (I walked in with few expectations). Friendly service. Tiny 3bbl brewhouse (they need and are getting a bigger one). I would definitely return.“
BMan1113VR 2119 days ago
“Small business park tasting room not far off of 101. The place was decently full on a Sunday of NFL games, but it only holds about 20 people at most, so that’s a relative term. The first thing I noticed is that getting served a beer here is like watching paint dry. Even with just a short line of people wanting a beer, it took forever to get served. The other problem is the pricing on tasters. Their pints are very reasonable (mostly in the $4-$5 range), but tasters are all $2.50-$3. The two hoppy beers they had were both okay, but almost everything else was not very good. Probably wouldn’t come back.“
brokensail 2669 days ago
66 /100
Best Buy Liquors (Beer Store)
“Visited December 22, 2013.

I stopped in because, well, why not. I was already in Camarillo to give Institution Ales another try and this is just up the way about two miles. Be warned though that the freeway on ramp situation in the immediate area is a bit irritating. The selection here is pretty small considering how many fridges there are. There must have been a dozen doors but only a couple of them had any good beer in them. What I found most interesting was the fact that he had older Firestone anniversaries going back to the 12th. Granted the price on the 12 was $40something but it’s a neat idea. In the end all I ended up buying was a B Nektar mead for my brother and a king sized Reese’s to get my total over $10 so I could use my debit card. The selection is about on par with a Trader Joes minus the vintage Firestone stuff but it’s also more expensive. If you’re a local then stop in to get what you need but don’t make this a destination when travelling.“
t0rin0 2670 days ago
“First visited in September 2013 but my rating was too long apparently and all my work was undone. Revisited yesterday, December 22, 2013.

First off, this place isn’t in a real busy location for beer drinkers. It’s your usual industrial warehouse set up but it is among a number of other businesses so that might help them during the week. Upon my second visit however I noticed a lot more customers inside. Which leads me to my second point: the service here sucks. I mean, they’re nice people (same two people bar tending during both visits) but they are slow as all hell. The first time I had to wait 15 minutes for them to fill one growler and pour one flight before they actually acknowledged me. The second visit was even worse. Why should it take 10 minutes to fill one growler? Ugh. I don’t care if the beer does get better, I’m not coming back. Also, they now at least have a sign in the window but the GPS is a bit confusing and they’re hidden way in the back and there is no sign on the street anywhere telling you where they are.

The beers are alright, not bad by any means (certainly better than some options on 101) but nothing amazing. I like their fondness of hops but the beers need work. The parking situation could be pretty crappy too if they get busier. The tasting room only holds about 20 people and I had to stand while trying my samples yesterday.“
t0rin0 2760 days ago
74 /100
Village Commons Market (Grocery Store)
“Visited September 22, 2013.

This is kind of a strange location as it seems to be in a new housing development. There are several open plots of land and some unfinished yards, and then this place on the ground floor of one of the buildings. My first reaction upon entering was "really?". The fridges were full of macros and nothing else. Then I saw the sign on the last door of the fridge saying that you can walk in. They actually do have a nice collection of beer in that fridge. Heretic, CIsmontane, Green Flash, Port, AleSmith, St Archer, etc. I was surprised to see Deus in there as well. Bottle prices were a bit high but this seems to be a pretty good selection that is all refrigerated and kept away from light, so probably worth it if you live close by.“
t0rin0 2760 days ago
76 /100
Best Buy Liquors (Beer Store)
“Decent size store in suburbs. Floor stacks of 06’ Anchor, cans of Petersbrand, Guinness, Firestone, Great White. Big aisle of beers...Unibrou, Firestone, Curieux, Abita, Stone, etc. Large room attached with fine wines and large tasting bar where they sometimes do tastings.“
DenverLogan 5006 days ago
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