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76 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“Tiny cosy place, just off the main street of Cambria. Nice selection of their own beers plus some guests and ciders, all can be ordered in a flight , also some bottles to takeaway. great place to spend an hour.“
tomer 541 days ago
84 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“This place had been renamed as the 927 Beer Company. Apparently there was a large wine company that has a brand with the name Cambria...and as you know, beer and wine don’t mix! Stopped my midweek during the day, so we were there with just a few others. Had been here before when it was CBC, same owner/brewer, and I think the same server, who was very helpful and knowledgeable about the beers. We both had samplers, mostly average beers, but a great stop if you are on Highway 1 traveling the coast. No food, but food right next door that you an bring in. Worth a stop, great location!“
larryLSB 1737 days ago
74 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“Tiny and cosy beach spot with 6 beers on tap. Not too many bells and whistles but tasty. Really friendly barkeep/brewer. I like it here.“
reggiedunlop 2019 days ago
50 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“Located just off the main drag in the two blocks that comprise downtown Cambria. Little building that probably used to be somebody’s house. A tiny bar where one can order and see what sort of garbage juice is on the menu for that day.

Overall, the place is actually pretty nice. The pastel yellow paint probably helps to lift one’s spirits. Nice bright sunny day so we sat near the window and looked out while sampling the beers.

The beers here...well, they’re awful. The sour blonde they were serving was particularly bad, as were the stout and porter. Just all sorts of off flavors to sample here. While I said place itself is enjoyable, the beers are so bad that it brings the rating down big time.

It’s really the only game in town as far as beer goes...unless you want to just pick up some tall cans at the one gas station and chug them on Moonstone Beach. Which is exactly what we did. Oh, and there are a bunch of wineries/tasting rooms nearby which are probably a better bet.“
brokensail 2122 days ago
48 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“Nice little set-up inside with their beers on tap. Looks like it used to be a house. No food available inside but you can bring in your own food. Tried one beer and it was so bad I drank two sips and left - serious malfunction. Guy at the bar didn’t even bother to ask me why I handed him back my glass nearly full while asking him how much I owed him.“
peteinSD 2500 days ago
76 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“I didn’t get a chance to homer this up until t0rin0 already anti-homered it. Off to try my best Florida homer review. I’ve visited half a dozen times since August 2012. They’ve just expanded their tasting room which makes it much more open though it does feel like you are in a residence versus a normal beer bar/brewery. This does seem to be rather conducive to the clientele and nice when you are there at a slow time when you can grab a beer and go over to another area if you don’t want to feel you need to talk to the staff. Service has always been spot on but I’ve never been at an insanely busy time. Aaron (owner/brewer) is always up to chat about beer and general beer geekness. The Belgians are solid, I really dig the more hoppy offerings and the dark stuff is solid for moderate roast (aka porter) standards but I’m not big on the style so I can’t give a huge push on that end. Overall, I dig this place and a fair amount of their beers. It’s out of the way for sure but a great beer stop if you are in town for a summer visit or just a random vacation. Better than most anything between FW North and FW South.“
thome50 2862 days ago
66 /100 821 CORNWALL ST
“Thomthomadict was supposed to homer this place up but I guess he’s too busy with his lame camping trip to generate some business for his favorite brewery. You effed up, bro.

Visited March 23, 2013 during their first anniversary party. Lucky timing I guess that the day they reopened (after moving the brewery to another location) was the day I was heading down 101.

I’ve heard so many good things about this place that I decided I had to check it out. I was really let down but I’ll try to explain why. I showed up around 530pm, so the initial rush was gone and I had no problems ordering beer. Actually it did take a little while to get some service but when they got to us they were friendly and let us do a flight of 6 even though their flights are only normally 5 samples. The double IPA was incredibly boozy and way too sweet. Rocket fuel and hoppy amber ale. No thanks. The Belgian pale ale had a noticeable apple flavor. No thanks. The amber ale was extra chalky and acidic with some very weird vegetal flavor. No thanks. At this point I was losing faith, but I moved on to the tripel which was probably the saving grace of the flight. A bit sweeter than it should be but it’s the Americanized tripel, which is based on tripels that we get after they’ve sat on a boat and in a distributor warehouse for months. That said I quite liked it. The other good beer was the coffee porter, which is the same as their regular porter (just OK) but with some coffee in it (Village Bean was the name I saw, no idea who that is nor do I care). I’d love to try their regular IPA and some of their other offerings but don’t like the hour round trip from 101 to do that. I will stop by one more time when I go to Hearst castle or if I ever decide to make the whole LA/SF trip along PCH.

One thing they did right was to get some BBQ being served during the party, however it was $8 for 2 (TWO) little pork sliders. And that didnt include any sides. I got all this from the menu since when I went outside to get some food there was no one there, but the smoker was still running. Scrolled past that offer. They did look and smell good though. Also, is it just me or is this place a house that was gutted and repurposed?“
t0rin0 2862 days ago
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