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“I've been to Pizza Port Carlsbad twice in the middle of the afternoon and the bottle shop was closed both times. Disappointing in the extreme. Inexplicably stupid and unintuitive hours for a business. Be aware.“
Mercutio 755 days ago
80 /100
Notorious Burgers (Restaurant)
“Located in a crowded shopping area with limited parking. Once there though the place is nice, though somewhat small. We found an outdoor table and enjoyed a solid burger alongside a fresh, local lager. Nice tap selection.“
BeerandBlues2 768 days ago
“I was visiting this place on April 2015 and bought a mystery box of not-so-fresh beers. It was really cheap although some of the beers were drain pours. Now I visited the place again. No mystery boxes. What a shame. The selection is really nice. Lots of rare local and also European beers available. No singles though.“
rosenbergh 851 days ago
“Visited on a Friday during lunch in February 2018. A medium sized place with high ceilings. Was popular during our visit, I can understand why. The beer selection was good and the pizza tasty. Would love to see a place like this in Sweden.“
gyllenbock 871 days ago
72 /100 5840 EL CAMINO REAL, STE 101
“A bicycle themed brewery in Carlsbad, very close to Vista's myriad breweries. They have a neat spoke/chain/wheel moving art piece on the wall and plenty of bicycle pictures and themed beers. They are kind of IPA focused but do offer other styles. Beers are average.“
BeerandBlues2 891 days ago
72 /100 6350 YARROW DR
“Nice open airy spot in an industrial location. Service was decent with a good selection. Nice beers with flights available.“
Ferris 927 days ago
“Like many of the locations, very open and airy but a bit devoid of soul. Service was self serve as usual but quick. Selection is huge with some nice guest taps. Pizza is decent as are the prices. No flights.“
Ferris 927 days ago
“Une des meilleures options à Carlsbad. C'est possible de tomber sur des release qui seraient soldout ailleurs.“
Marheb 1065 days ago
80 /100 6350 YARROW DR
“Holy smokes! It’s my 1,000th place rating! A solid new brewery in industrial Carlsbad serving fresh quality beers. Despite half the taps being Pale Ale or IPA they do offer other styles and do them justice. The place seems small for how busy it quickly gets. They set up a food "truck" inside in front of the fermentation vessels. Great service and they even have tree inside.“
BeerandBlues2 1182 days ago
66 /100 2730 GATEWAY RD
“I like Pizza Port food and beer but would love for a few decibels less noise. This particular location seems a bit loud even for Pizza Port. Otherwise, it is your standard Pizza Port with a production facility attached, serving great pizzas and fresh beer.“
BeerandBlues2 1182 days ago
70 /100 6350 YARROW DR
“Modern new place in a light industrial area. Long bar and a few bar tables, with lots of lots of people. Tasty beers. Worth a stop, but they need more space.“
Travlr 1182 days ago
62 /100 2730 GATEWAY RD
“My favorite part was the view from outside the restaurant. Inside is loud, not just loud music but also very loud "Bob your pizza is ready" announcements every five minutes. Dirty tables. Obnoxious kids. No flights, some beers available as half pints. Tasty beers. Not my cup of tea.“
Travlr 1183 days ago
84 /100 5621 PALMER WAY, STE C
“Small ish brewery for san diego standards, very comfy couches and friendly staff, I had a flight and it was pretty good, It was a bit quiet on a saturday afternoon, great for me and will go back anytime,“
BlindGuardianco 1238 days ago
“Pretty small bottle shop inside the Pizza Port facility in Carlsbad. There aren’t too many beers available but quite a few rare ones that are not easily found elsewhere including Europeans that I have only ever seen in exclusive places in Europe. Prices are certainly within the reasonable range for California. The interior of the bottle shop was fairly dirty when we visited, there are lot of old crumbly labels and bits that have fallen off of glasses in the fridges and some of the bottles in the humid fridges even had small amounts of surface mold growing on them... If you are staying in Carlsbad or are on the way through, stop at this place for an outstanding selection. The bar outside looked like it also had an extensive selection but our time was sadly limited.“
derA 1250 days ago
56 /100 2719 LOKER AVE W, STE D
“Difficult to find place, located with an industrial park -- the brewery entrance is not clearly written. A dozen or so taps, available in flights. The beer wasn’t very convincing, just plain and forgettable, with minor flaws. Service was friendly enough. Can’t recommend this place due to the uninspired beer, though it’s very close to Pizza Port Bressi Ranch if you’re desperate for the ticks.“
mcberko 1275 days ago
82 /100 2730 GATEWAY RD
“Just like the other Pizza Ports in decor and layout. Great selection of taps of various Pizza Port beers (from all locations) and a few guests. Cheap flights available and good pizza of course. Service was decent, though the pizza took a while to be made. Not worth coming out to this one especially, but worth a stop if close to this location.“
mcberko 1275 days ago
74 /100 5621 PALMER WAY, STE C
“Nice brewery in an industrial area with ample parking. The brewery is large and open with a fair amount of seating. They welcome food trucks throughout the week and serve a dozen or more house beers. Quality is good and service attentive.“
BeerandBlues2 1407 days ago
68 /100 2719 LOKER AVE W, STE D
“Visited August 27, 2016.

A couple of things make this place memorable. The first being that it’s about 3 blocks from Pizza Port Bressi Ranch. The second being the décor of this place. Not sure how to describe it exactly. Maybe medieval? The wall behind the bar is made of a stone veneer. The bar is made of slats of wood. The walkway at the front door is a wooden structure. And for whatever reason the stools only have 3 legs. Truly a gauge of sobriety. The third thing that made this memorable is being next door to Gunther’s Guns. Just like Always Sunny.

The beer itself was kind of meh. 11 taps, mostly bland with mild apple. A third of the taps were hoppy beers, there were a couple of stouts, a fruit beer, and a couple of random other things like a pils, a Belgian blonde, and a cream ale. Each taster comes with a little tag that mentions the ingredients and the stats (abv, ibu, etc).

The bartenders were more than happy to talk to us about the beers, about other breweries in the area, and about Gunthers Guns next door [:39] Prices were average, I did not see any food offered, and parking is easy in this industrial complex. Cool place, might stop in again next time I’m at Pizza Port to see how they’re doing but as it is now I’m not interested in drinking too much more of their beer.“
t0rin0 1421 days ago
“Claim to have the biggest selection in San Diego. That seems a little far-fetched, but they do have a good offering of nice CA craft beers and other stuff from the USA. Even found some Dutch beers that are rare over here nowadays. Prices are reasonable, the guy behind the counter was quite oblivious about beer. Also no wifi. Still a good place to visit when around.“
MarcoDL 1424 days ago
“Nice place. Inside is separated into a few rooms, bar and tap room. Seating outside. Located across the street from Pizza Port. Food was just pub grub.“
Sledutah 1425 days ago
62 /100 5674 EL CAMINO REAL, STE D
“They only do growler fills from this location. Nice people, they gave us a very small taste of the "best beers", but I wouldn’t want a growler of what I tasted. They have a small homebrew shop in the front of the building.“
Sledutah 1425 days ago
“Perhaps the best marriage of craft beer and pizza that I’ve ever experienced. Lots of collaboration with local brewers. Great music, not too loud to where you can’t hear conversations. High ceilings, partially open air. Delicious pizza! Order both pizza and beer at the counter.“
Andrew196 1459 days ago
“Visited in 2008 and 2015. Good place, decent beers. Lots of new ticks.“
DSG 1464 days ago
64 /100 2730 GATEWAY RD
“Visited 21.4.16. Initially intended to visit the other Carlsbad location, but were tempted to visit there. Good selection and good beer. No vegan options other than no-cheese pizza. Tasting glasses way too small, staff are business-minded. I can deal with all of the above, especially since the beer’s good, but it was too noisy and too crowded and filled with kids running around. Too family-friendly for my taste.“
kerenmk 1532 days ago
76 /100 5801 ARMADA DR
“Stopped here after Legoland and was impressed by the number of house beers and including a whole page of limited beers including a sour, barrel aged imperial stouts, etc. Busy, but we did hit it after Legoland closed and the service was acceptable. The under cooked my daughter’s steak (bloody rare), and quickly comp’ed her meal - so kudos for handling that quick and efficiently.“
hopdog 1598 days ago
90 /100 2730 GATEWAY RD
“We came here on 18.2.2016. I am an absolute Pizza Port fan and have visted all the other places already. This one has been started in 2013 and is the largest one. 2 large floors and a small outside garden. The brewery is surprisingly large, might have become the main brewery nowadays. Beers and pizza were fantastic and atmosphere awesome. Even I like the other ones slighly more, still is a world class beer place!“
Schlenkerla 1639 days ago
“Good place to try a very wide range of their beers. Maybe 30 Pizza Port taps going, along with eleven guest brews. Flights of four little (3oz.) glasses for $6. About 20 different kinds of pizza on the menu. Somewhat crowded on an early Friday afternoon, with a variety of people: young, older, parents w/ young kids, military... Quite noisy, with a loud garish mix of many sports TVs on, and a long line of video games, and an eclectic selection of music (Stones, metal, and Bjork is succession). Kinda felt busy, not at all relaxing place to drink. Service at the bar was good, but the guy at the "Order Grub Here" station was pretty brusque and impatient when I asked questions. Oh, well. I really came for the beer, and it was good to very good.“
maekchu 1651 days ago
“Little bottle shop with good brews in cooler and behind wall with solid selection. Decent pricing with hard to find sours and good local bunch of Ca. Stuff. Will shop there when in town again.“
Wittales 1703 days ago
72 /100 5801 ARMADA DR
“Pretty large place with a restaurant but also a quit nice bar section. Flights are available, classy place with average beers. Not very crowded in daytime when we visited.“
rlgk 1736 days ago
“Minuscule mais solide sélection dans un local donnant sur la cours arrière du Pizza Port Carlsbad. Possibilité d’être chanceux et de décrocher un joyau à travers l’achalandage dense.“
Marheb 1811 days ago
70 /100 5801 ARMADA DR
“Big pub/restaurant. decent beers, though nothing that stands out on the SD scene. Nice enough to be worth a visit.“
slowrunner77 1821 days ago
“nice little wine/beer bar combo close to Port. nothing special on tap, but nice stuff...maybe more for wine geeks.“
slowrunner77 1821 days ago
“bigger selection than the Port bottle shop, so if you are looking for a large selection of locals and regional brews, this is your place.“
slowrunner77 1821 days ago
“their hours kinda suck, but other than that the medium volume selection is more than solid. small place, good beer.“
slowrunner77 1821 days ago
“I was not as impressed with this Pizza Port location as some of the others, this one seeming smaller and cramped. The service was OK but not spectacular, and the beer selection seemed standard and uninspiring. I am sure the pizza/food is fine as it is in all of the other locations.“
BeerandBlues2 1832 days ago
74 /100
Carlsbad Brew Supply (Homebrew Shop)
“Same suite as Guadalupe Brewing, just in the front portion of the space whereas the brewery is in the rear. It’s not the biggest homebrew shop, but he has a lot of good ingredients here and pretty much all you might need in terms of your normal grains along with some specialty ingredients, including some exotic hops.

Knowledgeable staff and very friendly.“
brokensail 1849 days ago
72 /100 5674 EL CAMINO REAL, STE D
“Funny enough, this place is like two doors down from On The Tracks Brewing, which is horrendous. Arcana Brewing (formerly Fezziwig) is also near by. This is probably the best of the breweries in the complex, though admittedly it’s a two horse race.

There’s a small homebrew shop in the front, office portion of the space with the brewery and tasting room in the warehouse space. They had about 8 beers on tap during my visit. They do flights or individual pours. Their special beers like the sour beers and strong ales are not available in a flight as they are only served in five ounce pours.

In terms of the beers themselves, I was not necessarily the hugest fan of them, but for the mart part they didn’t have any major flaws, which is (sadly) a huge victory at this point in the beer scene. The folks who run the brewery are also very nice and very knowledgeable. Very good to talk to them.

Would be curious to come back and see how things have changed as the brewer/owner mentioned he is constantly tweaking recipes to get them where he (and his customers) want them.“
brokensail 1849 days ago
“This is the quintessential north county San Diego stop. Lots of tables with long benches. Massive tap list. Great pizza. Blocks from the beach. Complete San Diego vibe. Perfectly in its place.“
Lothore 1860 days ago
“Corner building with little parking:( Great surfing vibe with hip decor, open bar facing tanks with 20+ taps:) Yummy lunch special with salad, pizza slice(huge) and pick if brew(7ish bucks). Stellar brews with solid guest lists. A must stop for a brewery tick.“
Wittales 1870 days ago
80 /100 2730 GATEWAY RD
“Une brasserie immense, j’étais presque sous le choc quand j’ai vu ça la première fois. À l’intérieur, rien de surprenant, c’est comme le reste de la famille. Au moment où on se parle, j’ai goûté les bières les plus décevantes dans mes saucettes Pizza Port mais tout peu changer extrêmement vite.“
Marheb 1877 days ago
“La plus explosive, tumultueuse des adresses Pizza Port, la plus vaste aussi. Pour le reste, c’est de la grande qualité, rien de surprenant. La terrasse à l’arrière est assez grande et peut être très active le soir.“
Marheb 1879 days ago
“You must stop here if in Carlsbad/Oceanside area. Place is pretty big and usually pretty busy. Lots of Pizza Port beers on tap in addition to some guest taps. Service is good, staff is friendly. Definitely recommend checking it out and at least stopping by for a beer!“
svastuber 1879 days ago
66 /100 5801 ARMADA DR
Date. . . . . . . . . . ...5.26.15
Type. . . . . . . . . . ..Brewpub
Location. . . . . . . ..Palomar, Mid Carlsbad
Prices. . . . . . . . . ..Normal
Tap Selection. . . .10-12 House Beers
Bottle Selection. .2-3 House Beers
Full Bar. . . . . . . . .Unknown
Samplers. . . . . . ..Yes, Custom Flights of 4
Full Pours. . . . . . .Yes
Beer Level. . . . . ..Good
Food Level. . . . ...Good
Staff. . . . . . . . . . ..Attentive
Growlers. . . . . . ..Probably
Noise Level. . . . ..Lively
Décor. . . . . . . . . ..High Ceilings, Dark Wood, Visible Brewing System
Kid Friendly. . . . .Yes
Dog Friendly. . . ..No
Parking. . . . . . . ...Private Lot
Cash Only. . . . . ..No
Recommended. ..Not Really
Comments: Given how many food and beer options you have in the area, I don’t know why I would return here. Staff was nice, beer was good, food was good, but nothing was good enough to make me come back. Burgers and fries were tasty, but not at the level to compete with surrounding venues. Same with the beer...certainly not bad but can’t compete with the many breweries in the area. The advantage to this place is that it is in a great location for those working in the area, is nicer than Pizza Port in terms of menu and ambiance and lack of screaming children...and it is essentially a restaurant first and brewpub second. So it caters to just about anyone whether or not they are interested in beer. But as a RateBeer place review, it can safely be tucked into the scroll past file. “
GT 1902 days ago
“not sure how i missed this one. super busy most of the time, but the vibe here is great. bar and huge long open picnic table seating, inside and out. great pizza, port’s biggest beer selection, and good prices. do bring an id to the bar for each beer.“
slowrunner77 1903 days ago
“Diagonally opposite Pizza Port: my wife and I dragged ourselves across the road for a couple (well 5 actually) of Happy Hour Pints. Friendly barman, we sat outside by ourselves, inside the spacious and modern interior a few other couples also sat alone talking in low voices. Seemed to be a large and good selection of mostly local beers on-tap with a splattering of out of state brews dotted in between. All our beers were fine. Surprised it was so quiet compared to Pizza Port, especially as it had a happy Hour (unlike Pizza Port).“
BlackHaddock 1905 days ago
“Afternoon session on 27th May 2015. Sat outside with a few dogs and their owners: sunny, friendly day. Inside the large single roomed bar the beers and food were whizzing around and I joined in. Three, four beer flights were taken before pints became the order: very pleasant Pizza consumed also. Lively and fun inside, a little more reserved and quiet outside. Gate to the back yard bar of the Bottle Shop: best of both worlds.“
BlackHaddock 1905 days ago
“Visited on 27th May 2015. Joined at the hip to the main Pizza Port outlet by a back yard bar area. Nice concept and use of minimal space. Small but crammed bottle/canned beer shop with pumps out back and a gate to the food/Pizza Port Pub. Stock different on-tap beers to the main bar: so a beer festival every evening if you wish to combine the two places.“
BlackHaddock 1905 days ago
“visited on 26th May 2015. Bloke behind the counter was not interested in helping me what so ever. I explained I was trying to drink around America and had a list of states I need beers from: he just pointed to the beer isles and said help yourself (or I think he said that). The beers are all over the place; no sorting by brewery, style, state or country even. Plenty to choose from but useless for me (a Brit on tour). I chose four beers and a bottle of dark rum and was paying when a young chap came in and he was introduced as ’the beer knowledge guy’ or something similar. Anyway he helped me find a new State from my list and was most helpful and chatty compared to the original guy. So it all ended up fine. Cheap it is not though. I just hope the beers once opened are in good condition.“
BlackHaddock 1905 days ago
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