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56 /100 3777 THE BARNYARD
“Small little taproom in an outdoor mall on the non-ocean side of the highway. Right next to a pizza place that looked solid enough. Not much here; small bar with a couple of stools, a few tables, beer cooler. They were running about 10 taps I think, with half of them guest beers. Flights available of their beers. I can't remember if they would put the guest beers on the flight or not. Nice enough folks, but the beer was approaching rotten. Homebrew level. Unfortunate.“
bytemesis 442 days ago
72 /100 26538 CARMEL RANCHO BLVD
“A pretty good selection here, especially considering the bottle shops on the peninsula. For those wondering, on the peninsula, Post No Bills, Bottles and Bins, Whole Foods, and this place have the best selections. A whole section of sours among other selections is available. Prices do seem a little high for beer. Saw some deals on spirits. Other than that, basically a typical BevMo.“
MattH 2015 days ago
72 /100 26538 CARMEL RANCHO BLVD
“Some beers from English Ales Brewery. Otherwise mostly the usual BevMo suspects. It is nicely laid out.“
bhensonb 2663 days ago
70 /100 26538 CARMEL RANCHO BLVD
“Visited October 10, 2014.

I spotted this while across the street visiting a client. Have I been to enough Bevmo’s for a lifetime? Probably that and then some, but this was within spitting distance of the car and since it wasn’t in the system already I felt obligated. This has the new design and floor layout so I’m guessing it was built recently. They have large red signs over the beer and liquor aisles and tell you exactly where you are. It’s a little gaudy but it saves the minute of walking around the store looking for the beer aisle. This one has about the average amount of beer for a Bevmo, which is 2 aisles and a couple of fridge doors. As always what gets stored in the fridge is seemingly pretty random. You’ll find a decent number of IPAs in there (which makes sense) like Knee Deep, Stone, Ballast Point, Anderson Valley, Speakeasy, and Ninkasi. But you’ll also find at least 3 smoked porters, a bourbon barrel imperial stout, and several amber ales taking up room while no more than 4 feet away is a stack of Stone Enjoy By cases. The fact that they have Enjoy By is pretty cool though. They also have as much Deschutes Mirror Mirror as you can afford. I’m scrolling past at $16 per bottle this time around. Too bad, I loved that beer. It was here that I discovered that the new Game of Thrones beer is out. They also have some pint cans from Headlands Brewing (I believe this is contracted but it’s nice to see another local brewery).

Over all a kind of middle of the road Bevmo but they have some things that I haven’t seen at other Bevmos.“
t0rin0 2911 days ago
“Visited on Thursday 30th April 2014 around mid day whilst my wife went shopping. Carmel is a nice little town but pretty crap for beer, in fact there were no entries on RB at all so I thought I’d add this venue as I spent 20 minutes or so wandering around looking for something resembling a bar and this was pretty much it! 8 taps, a couple of local ticks from English Ales (house beer which was an alias of their Pale) and other CA offerings. Bottle list was a little more extensive, more CA staples and Belgian offerings. Good service and friendly bar staff. Food looked good but I didn’t eat. No go to venue but if you want a beer in Carmel you may struggle to find better. Located pretty centrally near the main shopping area.“
Theydon_Bois 3036 days ago
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