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72 /100 14175 TELEPHONE AVE, UNIT J
“4 Apr 2017. small little tasting room. Reggae themed.“
Blairgus 1305 days ago
64 /100 14175 TELEPHONE AVE, UNIT J
“Service can be hit or miss but hands down the best craft beer around.“
chenley 2450 days ago
72 /100 3920 GRAND AVE, STE A
“One of the better Italian restaurants in the west half of the Inland Empire, with 12 taps, which aside from the the usual macros, always has one or two Belgians (Tripel Karmeliet lately) and a handful of nice California beers. The main reason to come here is the food, but the beer selection is serviceable.“
wutangfinancial 2662 days ago
80 /100
NapaCabs (Beer Store)
“An excellent wine store that stocks a nice selection of California craft and Belgian beers. The prices are very fair, and since 97% of the clientele is there for wine you can find some quality stuff that’s been sold out elsewhere. They also occasionally do beer tastings, which are posted on the website.“
wutangfinancial 2662 days ago
76 /100 14175 TELEPHONE AVE, UNIT J
“Very small tasting room, but there is more room in the back around the brewing equipment after ordering. Decent value in that you can order tasters. Usually 8-10 beers on tap, and they are always pumping out new beers to try. A fixture on the IE tick trail.“
wutangfinancial 2732 days ago
64 /100 14175 TELEPHONE AVE, UNIT J
“Interesting little place in an empty industrial park with ample, free parking. Small front room has a good number of taps, though only six or so beers pouring and three "HLs" or hard lemonades :/ on tap. A few kegs kicked while we were there, but they didn’t replace them with anything else -__- so....ok. "Maybe we’ll hook up some new beers next week." !!?? Service was slow I guess and I had to repeat my order many times, whatever. They were busy with about 15 people in there. You can pay with card thank god. They also sell potato chips (?). We were allowed to mingle around the back room attached to the bar and sit around near the chillbox. There were a bunch of sharp knives and pieces of equipment someone could mess around with. So, a very trusting, informal atmosphere with no room to accomodate more than a handful of people. The brewery is reggae themed, though I didn’t see anything about the brewery or beer to hint at that except for the WiFi password. Beer quality was okay. The IPA was not good. The hard lemonades were probably great, but I was on a beer ticking run with the usual suspects. Prices were a bit much for the small, plastic samplers. 4 samplers was $16 or something. Weird.“
GT 2861 days ago
78 /100 14175 TELEPHONE AVE, UNIT J
“Visited numerous times since (before) they opened. In the past year they’ve stayed busy mostly with locals but are getting ready to expand from the 2 bbl system to something slightly bigger and to a bigger tasting room so they may get some more attention soon.

The actual tasting room is tiny, holds maybe 10-12 people (though there are usually 20-25 in there) but they open the door to the brewery so most people hang out there. The employees are all nice and there is always a large selection of beers. They do hops well and its obvious that its their favorite style when 5 out of 15 taps are hoppy beers. Some of the other styles need work but he’s learning quickly and experimenting a lot. If you’re worried about finding something good just order the Session IPA, and if its available the Summer IPA. He’s starting to get into sours so look out for that.

No food served and no food trucks present, so eat before you go if you plan on staying a while.“
t0rin0 2914 days ago
72 /100 14175 TELEPHONE AVE, UNIT J
“Rather small little brewery in an industrial park in Chino. The people who run the brewery are quite nice. Pricing is good, beers can be really hit or miss, though. They do crank out tons of new beers all the time, though. Can’t fault them for a lack of creativity, either. Lots of unique beers.“
brokensail 3010 days ago
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