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66 /100 7929 GREENBACK LN
“one of my first BevMos. Standard selection...still wish they had more singles. Good prices and six-packs and bombers, usually,.“
slowrunner77 2350 days ago
54 /100 7929 GREENBACK LN
“Not impressed at all with the selection. Couldn’t find some top names in their currently highest rated bottles. Asked around to the "beer guy" and he had no idea what I was talking about. He referred me to the purchasing gal who then made multiple excuses about why they didn’t have what I was asking for, and that she knew "just" what I was talking about. Went on to describe it very inaccurately and couldn’t remember the brewery I was looking for. I am sure it was only this particular store.“
lightbias 2777 days ago
46 /100 7929 GREENBACK LN
“Its a Bevmo. The service sucks though. Had a guy walk up, ask if he could help me with anything, and before I could say no...... just walked off. Zombies working here. What are you gonna do, its a Bevmo. This store does have a better than average Bevmo beer selection though.“
theOptimator 4013 days ago
60 /100 7929 GREENBACK LN
“It’s a BevMo. Not good at frequent surprises, but tends to get the common seasonals. Worth a stop every month or so to see if there is anything new. There is some stock difference from the other BevMos in the area.“
bhensonb 5324 days ago
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