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70 /100 1345 N WILLOW
“Small busy place in a strip mall. Interesting motif and slighly above average beer.“
bytemesis 1029 days ago
78 /100 1345 N WILLOW
“Strip mall brewery and tasting room with a pizza place next door. According to Clovis historian and beer expert SubpoenaDeuces, this also used to be a pizza place. So meta.

Bar to order your drinks from as well as a few seats there. Some table seating and some bar seating around the edge. Also, a small patio area outside. You can order food from next door and they’ll bring it to you. A TV lists all the beers that are available and they do flights (of four) and full pours.

I thought the beers here were actually pretty decent, particularly the hoppy offerings. Total of 11 taps to choose from, though only 10 were pouring when I was there.

Pretty decent spot, though certainly a bit out of the way if you’re just driving north/south and passing through.“
brokensail 2613 days ago
54 /100 608 4TH STREET
“Okay, this is a special place to me...and several other beer aficionados. I initially knew nothing about this brewery or even that it existed until t0rin0 brought a bottle of their now infamous "Saison Lager" to a tasting at my house one night. I gave it a thorough review and received a message from someone involved with the brewery:

When I heard they had a tasting room from my buddy SubpoenaDeuces from Don’t Drink Beer fame, I knew I had to visit.

It’s kind of a detour from the freeway to old town Clovis, which is actually a pretty cool little area. Lots of shops and bars and a street fair going on when I stopped in. The tasting room is on one of the main drags in town, it would seem.

Small tasting room with a tiny patio out front and their 559 sign hanging out front. A small bar to order from and drink from. They had eight beers to choose from, but I just opted for four of them, which is certainly outside of my modus operandi. Pretty much all of them were deeply flawed, which is pretty much what I expected.

The gentleman working the bar was really quite friendly and eager to talk about beer in general as well as his. Really quick and attentive service as well.

So, although the place itself isn’t too bad, the beers here are just too bad to overlook.“
brokensail 2613 days ago
70 /100 1345 N WILLOW
“Visited September 7, 2014.

Brewery visit number 500. Not sure if that’s worth anything but 500 breweries is a lot of breweries to have visited. This one only sort of counts, since the address that was originally listed on their site is the actual brewery in Sanger. They don’t have public hours there. It’s a warehouse on the edge of town kind of out in the middle of nowhere with a little 3 bbl system.

They now have a tasting room in Clovis in a shopping center. The interior is done with some reclaimed wood and equipment from a ranch. Kind of neat. They have 5 taps of house beers on and they do flights. The dark mild was probably my favorite but none of them were overly impressive. Nothing terrible but nothing that would make me want to go all the way out to Clovis again.

The bartenders are nice and try to be helpful. They don’t serve food but they can order for you from the place next door so they have menus on the counter. I tried one of their pizzas and it was pretty good.“
t0rin0 2931 days ago
76 /100
BCs Pizza and Beer (Restaurant)
“I’ll preface this by saying: after four days backpacking in Yosemite, just about anything would be good. Has kind of your typical pizza joint feel on one side with some arcade games, the order counter, and the booths. We choose to sit in the bar. A pretty solid selection of beers for the area. Pretty decent pricing too. Had a few standby IPAs from the likes of Bear Republic and Stone. Ordered an XL pizza and some chicken tenders. The pizza was pretty good, though not super cheap. The chicken tenders seemed to just be some frozen, from the bag type deals. Otherwise an enjoyable experience. Good service, too.“
brokensail 3369 days ago
80 /100
BCs Pizza and Beer (Restaurant)
“This place has a bit of history, originally it was in the Old Fig garden area some time ago, then they opened up this one in Clovis, i believe the owners may have split off at that point. In the past they’ve always had some beers that were not available at most restaurants. But NOW, well it’s pretty darn good for Fresno, and not bad for many places I’ve been. I had trouble rating this place as for Fresno, it’s one of the best as far as selection. AND they even had an IPA fest, how about that! Beer prices are rather high, up to 8 bucks for a standard bar conical "pint". But since you can’t get get a lot of this stuff anywhere else in the area, i guess they feel they can charge the price... 28 draft beers, only two crappy BMC’s and one cider i think. Many many bottles including one I’ve never heard about before, Harviestoun Ola Dubh. Wild stuff! but, again pricey, 16 or more for and 11 ounce bottle. Mostly pizza and Calzones, but what would you expect. More than adequate. Price not as bad as the beers. this will be my mecca for awhile, until the price gets to me i guess. [I kept saying Fresno, but i guess i meant the Fresno area, as this place is actually in Clovis.]“
redave 4378 days ago
80 /100
BCs Pizza and Beer (Restaurant)
“Wow. Talk about an unknown gem. Lots of unusual Belgians. Bornem Tripel and Keizersberg Abbey Ale Tripel, Petrus Oud Bruin. Probably more like 20 taps, and 50+ bottles. Sink the Bismark and Tactical bottles!“
Lagunitasfan 4458 days ago
86 /100
BCs Pizza and Beer (Restaurant)
“Excellent selection. Rarer stuff changes fairly regularly. Wide variety of beers, but typically only 1-2 per brewery. Lots of Belgians and Belgian-styles. Recently expanded German selection. Taps are about 1/4 mainstream pilsner. All three Harp beers, Gulden Draak, Pilsner Urquell (just added - this handle changes a lot), Killians, some other stuff on tap.“
sacredchao 5347 days ago
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