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72 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“Came here on 11.9.2018. Located next to E.J.‘s, this is a nice pub with a patio and 20 beers on tap. All beers are from CA, really nice selection. I had a Fresh Hop Ale from Social Kitchen and a Milk Stout from Pizza Port. Great digital board where you can check the volume left in each of the barrels, have never seen this before. Service is very beer knowledgeable and offers tasters. Overall a friendly ambiance and definitely recommendable.“
Schlenkerla 1486 days ago
54 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“After a few years I came back to this brewpub in Concord on 11.9.2018. Nice wooden bar and a few tables but overall a little bit sloppy. Beers were mediocre, no flaws but nothing special. I enjoyed it here as I had some very good memories when we visited the last time with very good friends.“
Schlenkerla 1486 days ago
86 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Quite incredible selection with decent prices to boot. A must-visit if you're anywhere near.“
Kavu 1618 days ago
80 /100 150 MASON CIRCLE, STE J
“Nice spot for a good summer weather, as they have a sunny terrace and sunshine makes the industrial surrounding seem less awful. Very good beers and friendly staff.“
Kavu 1618 days ago
66 /100 150 MASON CIRCLE, STE J
“Final new stop of the day, a short drive from Calicraft in what had by that time turned into a steady rain. Epidemic is another industrial strip-mall space, pretty small and contained with a small bar right as you enter, a few scattered chairs and tables and a standing bar. Beyond is a gaming area, bathrooms, and the chained off brewing area. Pretty solid service overall. They had 8 taps with one blown, and served flights of up to all 8 in custom wire-basket linear flight trays that were all over the place. I just ordered a couple of beers as I was in conservation mode by that time, and I am glad I did. The Irish Ale was not bad, although it was pretty roasty for the style. The double IPA was pretty much a disaster in a glass, however. Ho-lee Hell. Glad to have another new brewer to visit, but they need to step up beer quality a bit to get me back in.“
bytemesis 2042 days ago
78 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“nice tap and bottle selection. packed in like sardines, but the service was adequate. decent prices as well. Some prices upon return visit have gotten a little out hand ($10 for 8 oz when $8 for 10 would be enough) but great tap selection. Outdoor seating comfy and spacious.“
slowrunner77 2261 days ago
72 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Surprising quality stop. Only went in cause it was next to hop grenade. Flight of tasters had to be 8 oz pours - not sure if it’s always that way, but holy crap! Quality was surprisingly good, especially the hoppy stuff.“
slowrunner77 2261 days ago
86 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“So many beers I wanted but just the 23 kg limit in the airplane suitcase. The had it all. European micros, american micros, Trappist, Japanese. Greatest selection I’ve seen in a long time!“
TEJA 2289 days ago
86 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“Nice place in the center of Concord with patio and indoor seating. The beerlist is on wifi ( you get a tablet whit what on) and the amounts in each keg is shown, perfect if you really want a beer and it is on its last liter. Good selection at fair prices. Only snack / bar meny foods.“
TEJA 2289 days ago
86 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“This place is legit. Mostly a bar, but they also do bottles here. During my stop, the draft list was pretty insane due to an SFBW event, but I’ve checked their list online before and since and it seems to be uniformly excellent.

They have a recording studio setup in here for recording Brewing Network podcasts/shows, so that’s kind of neat.

Excellent service at the bar, so no complaints there. Plenty of people working on a night they knew they would be crowded, which is always much appreciated.

Prices were a little high during my visit, but the beers were mostly special offerings, so I guess I will give them a pass.

Overall, a really solid place that I would recommend highly. Too bad it’s so far away from me.“
brokensail 2408 days ago
66 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Brewpub right in the middle of downtown Concord, just about a 10 minute walk from the BART station and pretty much next door to Hop Grenade.

Feels like an old pub and restaurant inside. Big wooden bar greats you when you walk in. Some booths and also communal tables in the main dining area, but a second room and bar also available.

They do taster pours and I grabbed a flight of the somewhat limited selection of house beers. But they did have a halfway decent guest list. The house beers are not terribly good, though the one IPA they had on wasn’t half bad.

Service was fine. Food looked like your fairly typical brewpub/American restaurant fare, so probably don’t really need to eat here either. In general, not a place I need to return to.“
brokensail 2408 days ago
92 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“Great local beers. Cool place with Brewing Network recording sometimes.“
Rocket04 2779 days ago
74 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“a must stop bottle shop if you’re anywhere near. great selection of seasonals and several rarities...including a marked up locked case by the front.“
slowrunner77 2810 days ago
68 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Visited January 9, 2015.

I had to stop in Concord and that was only a mile from here so of course I’d check out the brewpub in town. Despite what the other ratings show it’s not all that bad, though the beer is not very impressive. Downtown Concord is a nice area with a park, plenty of restaurants, near a BART station, and with plenty of free parking. Also, the EJ Phair pub is next door to another place that looks interesting (didn’t go in unfortunately). Another positive is that of the 8 house beers you can do individual small pours rather than a flight. 5oz for $2 is pretty good, though I could have done with smaller pours. Some other pros include patio seating, some decent guest taps (Union Jack and a few others), and the historic looking building. The cup of chili was pretty good too.

The negatives were that the beer is not very good and that it took a while to get any service. The server was plenty nice but it took quite a while before anyone stopped at the bar to take an order. I tried the three hoppy beers as well as the collaboration saison (with Henhouse). The IPA was the best of the three hoppy beers (the others being a pale and a DIPA), but it was the old fashioned American hoppy beer where it’s just bitter and malty and not really hoppy. At least the color was right and didn’t try to pass off a red ale as an IPA. The saison was actually pretty decent. Not sure which brewery it was brewed at but it was kind of dank with some fruity esters. The four tasters and the cup of chili came out to about $10.

As mentioned before, I’m bummed that I didn’t walk next door to Hop Grenade. Check them out. Check this place out too for the sake of brewing history but don’t expect to want to drink a lot of beer. Almost forgot that they have a fridge full of guest bottles to drink on premise. There is a bottle list on the menu. Not a bad selection.“
t0rin0 2825 days ago
80 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“20 beers on tap and 2 doors of coolers. nice location across the street fromTodos Santos Park.“
fidel 2872 days ago
62 /100 2970 TREAT BLVD
“Small liquor store that has a little bit of everything. Not a great selection of beer but better than some other places.“
Sledutah 2963 days ago
84 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“Cool wooden bar and plenty of seating inside and out on the patios. Great tap list with a digital board in house and on website that shows how much is left in the keg and what’s up next. Bottles to go or drink there. Free parking a few blocks away. Friendly service. I’ll be back, later this week actually.“
Sledutah 2965 days ago
84 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE J
“Great new place! It’s located right next to E.J. Phair in really the only nice section in Concord. Pro’s: Very comfortable, nicely designed interior. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection. Awesome digital tap list that tells you in real time how much is left of each beer. This list is constantly updated on line as well. I love that when trying to decide if I should stop in. Lot’s of free parking in the garage down the street. Con’s: No flights. Kind of a limited bottle selection. Very small menu with just snacks basically. Other than that, this place rocks! Especially if you’re a homebrewer and listen to the Brewing Network podcasts. The studio is located right behind the bar. Usually some of the guys are hanging out there. Go say hi, they’re good people. Anyway, I’ll be making this a regular on my Bay Area circuit.“
joeneugs 2981 days ago
76 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Kind of a dump, but selection is pretty decent, and prices are fair. Things are kind of all over the place, many in the cut open cases they were delivered in, but if you look carefully you might find a treat or two. They had Old Stock Bourbon (2009) there today, for example.“
bytemesis 3079 days ago
48 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“The place looked quiet nice from the outside and the interior was ok. But everything else was a let down. The food came way to fast and I think I got food poisoning from this place. Can’t recommend the burgers and the beers where bland and boring.“
Meilby 3342 days ago
50 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Don’t think we’d stay here if it wasn’t for the fact that we needed some food. Which at this place was far from impressive. The beers didn’t impress either, but at least most of them were really cheap. Interior’s ok, but nothing more. To sum it up, unless for the ticks, go another place, it’s not all bad but certainly not worth a detour.“
yngwie 3347 days ago
76 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Cool place with decent beers and food.“
mrhoppy 3394 days ago
64 /100
Beer, Beer and More Beer (Homebrew Shop)
“I Give it a C- or D. Decent Prices, Good selection, Some staff better than others. You’d better hope there is not a hot chick in line or you’ll be there an extra half hour (not to mention she will get a discount and yet not even a smile for you). Research your questions online or books because opinions are like assholes. When you have worked at a brew place for far too long you may think you have the right to consider your methods the best, and have a hint of arrogance while expressing this to customers who are new to the scene. Riverside location absolutely horrible to get to. Pay a little more for rent guys, and get a better location.“
robsohoppy 3490 days ago
76 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Big selection of beers in the cold case as well as on the floor. Friendly and knowledgeable staff (the night I was there anyways). I’ll be stopping again next time I’m in town.“
Sledutah 3586 days ago
70 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Very nice spot downtown on the square. House beers were OK, but they had some nice guest taps. “
fidel 3602 days ago
84 /100
Beer, Beer and More Beer (Homebrew Shop)
“This one needs updating too. Been going to the one in Riverside for about 5 years, havent been to the ones in the bay area.

Prices are the best you’ll find without ordering in bulk. They always have lots of ingredients, kegging parts, and kits and even a few homebrews in the back on tap to try.

Employees are nice and helpful but as with most homebrewers they know it all, so be wary when asking for advice.“
t0rin0 3616 days ago
72 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“You wouldn’t necessarily think this was a great bottleshop, but it’s certainly one of the better ones. Huge selection of US and imports. More Russian River than you can shake a stick at. Prices aren’t too bad. Service could use some help, though.“
brokensail 3718 days ago
90 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“great place to find micro beers price very good great service you can special order your beer!!!!“
robjohns71 3820 days ago
76 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“I’ve been here a few times and recommend it if your in the Concord area. I got lunch here one time but I can’t remember what I got. I don’t recall hating it though. The beer list is always good. I’m not a big fan of the house beers, so its a good thing they only have 2 or 3 usually. The location is nice in downtown Concord with other restaurants nearby and a large parking garage very close by.“
joeneugs 3953 days ago
70 /100
Beer, Beer and More Beer (Homebrew Shop)
“Ok, so they changed the name of this store from Fermentation Frenzy to More Flavor, that is, from an awesome name to just about the most boring name anyone could ever think of. Good job, guys. I should dock you some points for that, but I won’t. I visit the Los Altos location. This is a decent homebrew shop. As for ambiance, well, it’s a homebrew shop. Take that how you will. The selection of malts is very nice and they have some great kits if you’re into that kind of thing, including a Pliny the Elder clone kit produced by Vinnie C. himself. The selection of equipment also covers pretty much everything you’ll probably want. The one thing they’re lacking on at times is hops. I know there’s a hop shortage, but damn it, there are times when my first 3 choices are all out of stock. All the "sexy" hops that brewers brag about using are unlikely to be found here. You want something like Simcoe or Nelson Sauvin? Not a chance. But you can have all the Glacier, Willamette, and Vanguard you want. Staff is usually very helpful and laid back, although occasionally you’ll get someone who can be a bit d-baggy. Overall though, great place to live 2 miles from!“
nickd717 4335 days ago
92 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Great selections and mostly helpful if they have enough people working and not too many people shopping.“
vonderbrink 4397 days ago
70 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“A nice pub with a Irish pub feel. Nice big bar with 16 taps, plenty of seating inside and a patio outside. They are in the process of moving the brewery, so they only have 1 house beer on tap (Shorty’s Revenge), the rest are guest taps from local brewerys. Food was good, service was good and friendly. They have a cooler full of local/international beer for orders to go.
Drakes is brewing the Shorty’s Revenge during the transition.“
Sledutah 4447 days ago
74 /100 2970 TREAT BLVD
“Decent selection for a small store. Very helpful and attentive workers. Close to home doesn’t hurt.“
vonderbrink 4545 days ago
80 /100
Beer, Beer and More Beer (Homebrew Shop)
“With how many brew shops there are in the area, it seems silly to rate one. You go here, or it sucks enough that you mailorder. They only sell white labs yeast now, and they do sometimes run out of hop varieties, but the overall selections os pretty damn good. You don’t get everything that the main Concord store gets, but this is a solid brew store that I am glad I can make a little trip up to when I want to get some ingredients.“
SamGamgee 4556 days ago
8 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“this place used to be great and was my most frequent beer stop in the entire bay area, even being very far away. they have gone downhill to the point that i dont know if ill even bother going back there. the are more expensive than ebay, they dont keep any of the proper beers cold, they have literally over a year old iipas sitting out on the hot floor of the place, the staff is lethargic and completely uneducated and uninterested in beer, it always stinks like cigarettes in there, and the place is just grimy and dirty. if you find a yulemsith iipa, its from last year since they still have 3 cases they wanna sell before the put out the fresh stuff, onto the uncooled floor of the retail area. i recently drove 3 hours round trip for a certain vintage beer, and was told that they do have it, but they didnt know where it was exactly and could not be bothered to go find it for me. WTF?! i used to love giving these guys 400 at a time for beer, but they have lost a very valuable customer. i highly advise anyone in the area to hit up beer revolution, ledgemores, city beer, healthy spirits, bottle barn, or hell, even perrys would be better than this place! dont say i didnt warn you if you go here and buy some old ass ipas and uber expensive vintage beers that ive literally been watching deteriorate on the shelves and even in DIRCT SUNLIGHT for the past several months, some of the really absurd bottles ive seen sitting there unchilled for OVER A YEAR!!!! you have been warned. avoid this place like they plague, they arew not helping to promote craft beer here, they are destroying it and pandering to the greedy ebay style marketing. fuck em.“
wavers1 4721 days ago
72 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Great place to visit if you’re in the area. I really like the English style IPA, which I believe is there classic IPA. The last time I stop by they had a great guest tap selection as well. Sweet place.“
jwbrewing 4743 days ago
96 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“This place has beers you can’t get anywhere else. They let you buy singles of any thing. A real plus. Rare stuff. Beer heaven really! This is one of the best beer stores I have seen. You can tell the owner really loves good beer. Worth a drive from anywhere. I drove 60 miles.“
mrhoppy 4848 days ago
74 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Overall, this is a place I will come back to even though I live about 30 miles away. They have stuff here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Imported Belgians that I’ve never even heard of. I was very exited as I perused the isles. Also a very good plus was they had many singles available of beer that usually come in sixers or fours. Some vintaged stuff too, 06 Double bastard, 07 Old Guardian and more. The prices seemed average as I’ve seen cheaper and more expensive. The only bummer was the service. I guess I came on the wrong day (Friday afternoon) as there were three people working there and not one of them came over to ask if I needed any help. As I was checking out with my haul, I asked the guy at the register if he knew much about the beer they had. He didn’t look a day older than 18, but after talking to him for a couple minutes, he did seem to know a little bit. He told me something weird they do, a kind of a scavenger hunt, where they will hide some rare vintaged stuff somewhere in the store and you have to look carefullly to find these gems. Weird. Just give me the beer, OK? Great place though.“
joeneugs 4864 days ago
90 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Yet another huge selection at a store I’ve never been to before. Prices were great compared to another couple of stores that I frequent and since it’s relatively close to where I work I’m sure I’ll be going there again. The only thing to bugs me is that they have the stock displayed only a couple of feet off the ground, which makes my 6’3" height have to bend over more than I care for. Friendly staff. Asked me if I need help. When I said No, they left me alone to peruse the isles, and then asked me again about 20 minutes later when I was still looking. Offered to try and get anything that I didn’t see! Answered the questions I asked promptly.“
robertjm 4900 days ago
94 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“great selection. some prices on the high side but most at good prices. even some good case vertical epic 07 for only $49.99!!!!“
waltv 4903 days ago
68 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“I was told they are in the process of moving (since I visited a month ago this may have already happened). Due to this the selection was reduced. They had three house brews on that I hadn’t had before. Also they have a wonderful guest tap list including RR Elder, RR Younger and Drake’s Denogginizer. I finished up my Denogginizerr and was asked if I wanted anything else and I replied I was done. It took another 40 minutes before anyone returned to my table. So it really sucked sitting there with an empty beer glass and actually ready to go for that long“
Ibrew2or3 4953 days ago
94 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“If you think this place is a makr up or has less beers than ledgers or city beer you should open your eyes! close to if not over 600 beers with many being almost unable to find all together. They can special order things for you and can get tons of kegs. Sure not every beer is cheaper than every where else in the bay but come on now, they have better prices all around period! Full sail 6paks have been 5.99 for well over two years lagunitas is extemley cheap oh boy i could go on. Best in the bay and surrounding area dont full yourself. GO WEDNSDAY THURSDAY AND MONDAY FOR BEST BEER ADVICE!!!“
crondonik 4967 days ago
78 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Best brewpub for about a 20 mile radius. Staff is cool and the beer selection includes E.J. Phair’s own plus some really great guest beers. (Past examples I recall are Russian River and Green Flash.) Their Pale Ale is a perennial favorite (available in bottles) but all of their beers are worth trying. The Brewmaster Dinners and pairing events (i.e. Belgians and Cheese, Winter Brews and Chocolate) are intimate and fun. About a 10 minute walk from Concord BART.“
HighWine 5021 days ago
66 /100 2151 SALVIO ST, STE L
“Had some good beers but not a place worth going back to in my opinion unless I lived close.“
polarbeer 5057 days ago
82 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“The best selection of beers I’ve found in the Bay Area. Their current inventory is better than City Beer Store.“
HighWine 5164 days ago
84 /100
Beer, Beer and More Beer (Homebrew Shop)
“One of the best online homebrew shops. I frequent the Concord and Los Altos locations. Both have a great selection of home brew equipment and ingredients. Concord also has a great selection of beers available, including Russion River greats. I was lucky enough to get several bottles of Beatification when I was there last.“
Berserkir 5183 days ago
70 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Good selection of craft and import beers. Got St. Bernadus 60th anniversary Abt 12 here, as well as Pliny the Elder bottles.“
budobrewery 5184 days ago
80 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Good selection of hard to get brewerys, and cool seasonals. Not much help. 9-17-09 update: New guy managing the beer who will be around more. He has rare stuff in the back.“
fidel 5200 days ago
84 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“They have got some weird stuff, second only to the city beer store for variety in the Bay area. My source for Stone, Pizza Port, Lost Abbey, and Russian river. Expect a 10%-15% markup from them over bev-mo or other stores. Also, they have the worst hours, the like close at 7 or 8pm ? However, the awesome variety more than makes up for it. Also, 75% of the time the staff really likes beer and know their stuff.“
Nik925 5203 days ago
62 /100 2250 MONUMENT BLVD
“Decent selection of craft and import. A few things I haven’t seen anywhere else, but not highly sought after things. Lady had no idea what was where or if something would be available when I asked.“
AgentSteve 5295 days ago
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