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68 /100 19359 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“Nice new (2019) lazy dog location in downtown Cupertino, next to the spaceship. Right outside my office, so convenient for me. The best part is they are the only restaurant around open to midnight, so they are busy until they close. About 18 beers on tap: 6 house beers, 6 guest micros, and 6 macros (of course: owned by AB InBev). The house and guest beers are old school common brewpub beers. Nothing innovative, but not bad. 3 tasters for $10, or a pint for $7. Not a great place for rating. Huge food selection. Very nice atmosphere: high ceilings with lots of wood and stone. Nice fire pit outside.“
wetherel 441 days ago
72 /100 10700 CLUB HOUSE LN
“Probably the most scenic taproom/place to eat in the south bay. 5-10minutes west of the center of Cupertino, overlooking the Deep Cliff golf course, nestled in chaparral oaks and redwoods. About 12 craft beer taps, and 30 cans for the golfers. Reasonable prices. Check it out.“
wetherel 1204 days ago
74 /100 10088 N WOLFE RD SUITE 130
“Been once with coworkers. Very good beers. Decent selection. Prices are high. Not very crowded. Convenient location. Great food, but again at high prices.“
wetherel 1205 days ago
76 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Nice place to eat. Decent beers. Nothing over the top. Convenient, just outside of work, but I do not go very often. Large portions, if you like that. Great atmosphere.“
wetherel 1211 days ago
56 /100 10100 S DE ANZA BLVD
“Just closed. They had great barbecue when it was open. Wonderful aroma just walking by. Sometime they smoke the meat in the parking lot and the whole area smells great. I don’t think I would call it beer place.“
wetherel 1211 days ago
54 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“Probably 2nd best beer selection in the South Bay next to BevMo. Lots of rotating beer. Not cheap, but average, with many expensive rarities if you like. Lots of bombers, which is often too much for me. A little larger than many Whole Foods, with nice cheese selection. I don’t shop there very often, but it’s a nice to have close by, when you want something special. 5/8/14/17: 4.4 8/25/2020. Very downhill. Especially since Total Wine put a store nearby. They still have craft beer, but the selection is much smaller, and very little focus on local. 3/5/5/11:2.7“
wetherel 1211 days ago
74 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“This is the best Whole Foods I've found so far in the Valley. That's a bit damning with faint praise but the bar has a few extra taps (and 1-2 relative rarities) and the bottle section is a bit bigger (with tons of mead from 4 different meaderies). Clean like you'd expect from a Whole Foods. Would be a goto place if I lived near here.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1255 days ago
70 /100 10088 N WOLFE RD SUITE 130
“This is the new location for Steins; the first is in downtown mountain view. Same basic idea, but in a more urban location which means more parking challenges and a smaller outdoor seating area. Not overly busy on a Monday evening. 31 taps include a lot of ho-hum stuff, but a few worth trying. Not a huge local/regional emphasis, which is a bit of a disappointment. They have a couple of preset flights as well as a roll your own which is paradoxically only available at the bar. No idea why that is. Beers kinda tasted soapy across the board. Eh.“
bytemesis 1755 days ago
68 /100 10650 S DE ANZA BLVD
“This is kind of an odd spot. Kind of feels like a fast food wing place with a walk-up and order type of vibe. Also, there was a guy so drunk he’d passed out on the bar, so that wasn’t great. Ordering took place at the counter for drinks and food and they would bring the food to you. The beer selection was actually pretty solid, though they struggled to keep their draft list up-to-date, which made ordering a bit of a challenge. It’s a decent spot, and one of the better draft lists I found in the area, but not a place I loved.“
ben4321 2193 days ago
54 /100 10100 S DE ANZA BLVD
“Why do people keep entering Armadillo Willys? I have been to them all, in the bay area at least, so I guess its a free tick. This is actually the first one I used to go to. I actually enjoy the food, and the fries are awesome dipped in the Jalapeno BBQ. The fact that they have better than Bud is nice, but really its not a beer destination.“
bytemesis 2518 days ago
24 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“I was disappointed while visiting that place. It is nice modern, pretty big, noisy place with several large screens on the walls, which probably good for football game or NBA, but what about beer..... Their menu looked very professional and suggest beer and food paring, but the waiters have no idea what does it mean. After I made the order, follow their beer pairing suggestion, the food arrived very fast, but the beer.......only after I finished my food. I asked waiters coupe of time where my beer, but not helped. So, if you wish nice reasonable priced restaurant, you can consider this, but if you beer fun - look for another place. Beer choice, btw, is not as big as expected, but pretty well covered most of popular styles. Tasted 4 of their beers -very average.“
mmark 2801 days ago
72 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“Visited April 4, 2014.

I’m starting to enjoy visiting new Whole Foods locations as they have a surprisingly good selection. Well, it’s not so surprising anymore but it’s a relief after visiting a bunch of bad places, and the selection is usually interesting. This particular Whole Foods may not be the best one around but not bad for the area. I saw the usual Belgian, English, and German selections in the fridge but also spotted some Midnight Sun pumpkin beer as well as the Dansk Viking Blod, the Straffe Hendrick Vintage, and some random ciders. The beer section is an entire aisle. Lots of California made beers and a portion of the fridge (about half) is dedicated to six packs and 12 packs. The other half is all singles. Prices are the usual semi high prices.

Clientele douche bag level is slightly above average here. When I pulled up there was a BMW parked crooked in the spot next to mine so I had to park the shit box Pontiac very close to his car. When trying to back out there was a guy stopped behind me just chatting on his cell phone. Several honks weren’t enough to move him so I started backing up. As usual the Pontiac wins the game of chicken.“
t0rin0 2991 days ago
84 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Chain restaurant, nice selection of belgian beers, nice on tap list. the food menu was huge. we had a great time but prices were high.“
AdamChandler 3121 days ago
74 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“This is not a bad restaurant and brewery; they have a good selection of beers that they brew themselves. The menu selection is quite diverse and everything is good. The beers are mediocre to good; there are defiantly better Breweries in Silicon Valley than BJ’s. It can get very busy at times due to the fact that they are in Apple’s parking lot. The atmosphere is nice and casual, but as others have said it can at times have a business atmosphere to it but that is due to the fact that they are in Silicon Valley near some high tech firms. The restaurant is large with a good size bar and several TVs thought the restaurant. It is a good place to go with family, friends, or just to rad a brew at the bar and watch the game. “
toml219 3201 days ago
72 /100 10650 S DE ANZA BLVD
“Not bad for a chain. This location has a pretty large selection of taps and bottles, I’d say around 20. Nothing to exotic, ranging from macro to some specialty local beers and some Belgians. Good wings. Always playing pop music though.“
badhack 3397 days ago
74 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“As was said, its a whole foods, but they do have a great selection of Mikeller, and there is a good chance of you finding something that you want here.“
bytemesis 3647 days ago
68 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Surprisingly good for a chain. Their own brews are unimpressive, but they have a good bottle selection, with a number of Belgians to choose from. Take it for what it is and it ain’t a bad place to find a decent beer.“
bytemesis 3655 days ago
84 /100 10650 S DE ANZA BLVD
“So I love my buffalo chicken, and I love my craft beer. Therefore, this place is a match made in heaven. They have only 12 craft taps, but rotate through some pretty damn good (mostly west coast) selections in those 12. I was there today as they screwed in the Pliny the Elder taphead and got the second pint poured from it. What can be bad about that? They get Pliny fairly regularly, actually, which is not as common as you might think in the South Bay.“
bytemesis 3692 days ago
84 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Great food and great service. Like all BJs the beer is ok, not great, but good enough to enjoy.“
pari6819 3757 days ago
74 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“Great selection of Mikkeller beers. Reasonable prices. Always fresh rotated stock and new items every week. I come here at least once a month to see what’s changed and I am always happy I did.“
troubledrinker 3916 days ago
82 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Get the thin crust sausage pizza! Decent food. decent beer. I like the Piranha pale unless they have a double on tap.“
mrhoppy 4751 days ago
84 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“New location. Awesome store. Very good beer selection. Most Whole foods stores let you take singles but when I was there the beer guy didn’t want me to because he just got his beers all nice and straight and pretty. I left without buying because of this. 8 gourmet buffet sections. High quality food. Awesome fresh made salsas.“
mrhoppy 4752 days ago
26 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Their beer is crap, the service, horrible, and their food, like microwave. Avoid this and all BJ’s if you can.“
Taverner 5288 days ago
76 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“A full line of beers brewed on the premises, plus a very good bottle selection, Belgian styles being the choice, with the appropriate glasses. Food was above average pub fare, and really good seating for watching the multi-screen for Sunday games. Their home brews were okay, but the Tetonka Imp. stout was pretty good. A nice oasis in a fairly humdrum town.“
glennmastrange 5348 days ago
54 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“Nice clean, spacious atmosphere. Typical restaurant-style service, nothing special but nothing to complain about. The beers were predictably average, although the Imperial Stout (Tatonka Stout) was a nice surprise, but not able to compete with other heavyweights of the style. But they do serve it in a pint glass, which is a bad idea in my opinion. The avocado eggrolls were AWESOME. I noticed some bottled beers behind the bar (Rochefort, Duvel, etc.) and asked if they were for sale... the bartender half-heartedly replied, "If we have them in stock." It seemed like they were more for show than anything else. Overall a pretty cool place to hang out at, although the beers they brew are predictable and generally uninteresting.“
DarkMagus 5435 days ago
72 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“not a bad selection here. you can find rochefort, lots of unibroue, some local ca. micros, some other belgians, etc. never seen a westy here. i always go and eyeball the beer section searching for ’er, but she won’ com’ ’round. that bitch.“
y0cola 6117 days ago
78 /100 20830 STEVENS CREEK BLVD
“It’s a whole foods - not much to be said if you know what one is like. WF selection varies from store to store, but they all tend to carry a good selection of beers and wines. There’s always something new and interesting to try. This store has a bigger cheese section than the Cupertino store, but I think the beer selection’s a little smaller.“
Uriel 6223 days ago
72 /100 10690 N DE ANZA BLVD
“BJ’s is one of my favorites - their beer selection has always been quite good, the food is pretty good, and priced decently. The downfall of this particular location is the horrible, horrible parking. There is no choice but to have your car valet parked, and that’s annoying.“
Uriel 6223 days ago
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