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46 /100 7400 FLORENCE AVE
“I don’t know what to think about this place. They have over 100 taps, all of great stuff and numbers of super good bottles. But. I got a sub and three flights, and ended up with an $80 tab. The flights were an Almanac tap take over, and the beers were great. The sub was so-so. But $80 for one person? That’s outrageous. And the two guys who seemed to be owners or at least family had mouths on them that were pretty filthy. On your own time do what you want. But when you are serving customers who are paying outrageous sums to visit your place, clean it up a bit. A better option is to visit the many breweries. But if you run out, and happen to be driving through Downey, I suppose this is worth a visit. Don’t go out of your way, though.“
BOSSbrewer 2000 days ago
50 /100
Downey Liquor (Beer Store)
“Downey liquor store with decent (typical brews) craft beer selection. Not much competion in this area for this store. The prices are higher then typical so rarely visit. They have a few singles which is nice. Not all there beer are on the shelf so you may need to ask for some stuff.“
toxichop 2219 days ago
82 /100 7400 FLORENCE AVE
“I’ve been to this place a few times now and it is one of the best places for a beer lover in the greater LA area. This place has a super chill vibe and is very welcoming of just beer lovers in general. When I walk in I find myself talking beer with people from all over and of all ages. The selection is unrivaled by most places in the LA area. With a hundred some odd taps, there’s something for everyone. They have some more typical offerings to be sure but they’ll also get in some rarer stuff like Knee Deep seasonals or Cigar City collabs. The guys who work here know their stuff and make good recommendations when they aren’t too busy. They also offer some really rare bottles but they are a bit pricey. The food is solid, good sandwiches. The prices are reasonable, not shockingly low or anything but definitely good for what you get. If you are a beer lover or even just exploring beer and in the LA area, you should definitely check this place out.“
JerseyHophead 2371 days ago
84 /100 7400 FLORENCE AVE
“This is a really interesting place...the seating area is fairly small with maybe a handful of long communal tables. You order food at the counter and beer at the small bar. Seems like a place for locals as I was the only one there who didn’t seem to know everyone else. The jokes and conversation were something I haven’t necessarily heard much of since I left the fraternity house.

The beer selection is a bit hard to navigate since they only have a limited list of beers printed out, but have a TON of taps with sort of dubious methods of marking what is what. They do offer flights of four, full pours, and will very happily let you try whatever you want for free. The two guys working here were incredibly friendly to me.

Good selection of beers. Lots of new stuff for me to try, which isn’t always the case at bars these days. Would certainly come back if I was in this area more often.“
brokensail 2434 days ago
62 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“Stopped in on a Monday evening, so it was pretty dead. Place has the feel of an old diner mixed with a low end, off-the-strip Las Vegas casino and dive bar. From previous reports of friends who have gone here, this is a place to watch Monday Night Football or a fight and slam innumerable 32 oz pours of whatever bozo juice they’ve got on special.

They do have a handful of "house beers", which are contract brewed for them (and are not terribly good). The beer selection in general is not half bad, though. Not great, but at least respectable in the same way a place like the Yard House has a good list. The service was friendly and quick. They don’t do flights so I had to just make a deal with the bartender.

I don’t see myself coming back.“
brokensail 2438 days ago
50 /100
Downey Liquor (Beer Store)
“Small liquor store in a strip mall, conveniently located down the street from a Bob’s Big Boy for all your fast food needs. Not a very big selection, but a handful of cooler doors and some items left out on the shelves as well. Not a bad selection by any means, but pretty pedestrian...mostly your big name brand items (Stone, Sierra Nevada, Firestone, Chimay, Deschutes, etc.). Stuff you could get pretty much anywhere. The bulletproof glass at the register is a nice touch, though.“
brokensail 2438 days ago
92 /100 7400 FLORENCE AVE
“This place is easy to miss, (shit, I just found out about this place that has been under my nose). It is located in a strip mall next to a super market. Outside you have a few craft beer signs and inside a brick wall with over a 100 taps. The selection is awsome in this place, taps includes Sours, BA stouts, ipa’s etc etc. Food is mainly sandwhices which are very good. The place is small with a few tables, you typically order ur food and beer where the deli meats are at and they bring it over to your table. They where able to cramp about 6 tv’s in here which is awsome. A very chill place that has that family owned deli vibe (which it is). They use proper glassware, most of it is from Stone. Value is avg. Pretty much the only place of its kind in this city known as Downey.“
toxichop 2598 days ago
92 /100 7400 FLORENCE AVE
“102 Taps, DFH 120min, Deshutes 2011 Abyss, Ports Older Viscosity, Smog City, Ohana’s, Mokinsh, Almanc. One & Done, Cask Beers, Allagash Heaven. To Good Of a place“
georgegaul 2641 days ago
56 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“Visited twice. Once I didnt even get in the front door because the place was packed to the gills with bros there to watch the UFC fight. Then a few months later I stopped in for lunch while on a work trip. It was quiet and early enough that the local bros hadnt had a chance to get hammered while watching the games yet. I tried a flight of the house beers (actually made at Angel City, not really brewed in house) and had a sandwich. Neither was very good. I tried a pils, a hefe, and a couple of other nondescript ales of varying color and sweetness. I dont spend much time in Downey so I dont know if I’ll ever stop back in again. For a noisy bro bar its fine, for a "brewery" (that should really be changed) not so much. The upside is that they do have an occasional good beer among the rows of Dos Equis and Bud taps.“
t0rin0 2666 days ago
48 /100
Downey Liquor (Beer Store)
“I stopped by to check out their beer selection. Beer is in the rear coolers and shelf. Selection is not good, but is acceptable only considering that there is no other store that sells craft in the area. They had year-round offerings from Sierra Nevada, Stone and some Port/Lost Abbey among others, as well as some imports. The prices are not labeled, and the bottles I bought were a little above what I usually pay. The clerk was very nice but did not know a thing about the beers.“
albertq17 3187 days ago
54 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“decent beer selection...terrible food!“
davidflores99 3222 days ago
64 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“I’ve gone there a couple times for lunch and enjoyed a couple of beers. They have a pretty good selection of import and domestics. Food is average.“
ADfan 3276 days ago
74 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“Visited with friends on a Saturday night. We were seated at a table but they have booths for large groups and of coarse you could sit at the bar. Many flat screen showing different sporting events. Service was very good. Jessica was our server and she was always there to ask if we needed more beer. She also seemed to know about the beer she was serving. The food was good and will try more of it next time I’m there. The beer was very well priced in my opinion and was served in it’s proper glassware. The house brews are $5 a pint. I had their IPA, which was good. My friends and I went there to catch up, not looking for rare stuff, just a place to talk and have good beer and we were not disappointed.“
albertq17 3295 days ago
62 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“The first time I came here was around the spring of 2010 and I have come again recently. Looks like they have made some sweet improvements like proper glassware, more micros on tap and they have some hot ladies working here. Some stuff not so good though, I got some lagunitas sucks that was served way to cold, the crowd is still a very Macro crowd, service is mehh and they have little knowledge on the beers and the food blows. Overall its nice that there trying but when ur at Downey how far can you go with craft beer.“
toxichop 3473 days ago
50 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“not an actual brewery“
CantillonKing 3514 days ago
66 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“Great beer selection,.. although the food was decent, I think they get it from Walmart. Bartender was great. Prices were average. Somewhat rough crowd.“
Bricks 3747 days ago
80 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“A good little spot in Downtown Downey, an area replete of decent spots for craft beer. The owners, Sergio, Walter, and Louis do an admirable job introducing better beer to Downey. Yes, you’ll find BMC on tap. But it’ll be alongside local specialties like Bootlegger’s, Angel City, Green Flash and Stone. I’ve heard that they are even looking into expanding their beer selection further!“
elihapa 3837 days ago
78 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“Building looks cool,the food was huge portions and good,there was about 28 taps of beer,they have das boots glasses,tv’s are everywhere,and the price were reasonable.“
Getbetter 3840 days ago
72 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“The beer selection was above average. I had a Downey Blonde, didn’t care for it. Then I really enjoyed a combo of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat with Guinness Stout. On the down side I got food poisoning from the Fish and Chips. Not only were they not English Style they tasted horribly (should have been my first hint). I will go back but I will definitely be leery of the food, it’s kinda hard to screw up someone elses beer. Oh, and turn the tv’s down, I’ll watch SportCenter when I get home. “
sendog90241 3857 days ago
92 /100 10924 PARAMOUNT BLVD
“The also serve beer in 32oz. DAS BOOTS !! they have ALOT of flat screens and projection for the games! They also have Oktoberfest and UFC events. BIg selection of STONE Brewery beers! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!“
ocdrinker909 3889 days ago
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