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92 /100 6601 DUBLIN BLVD
“If you love IPAs, this place is heaven. They do West Coast, Hazy (East Coast,) PNW, Hop Specific. Great stuff. In my IPA days I would have totally loved this place! As for music they love metal. Slayer, Uncle Acid, Black Sabbath, etc etc etc are usually on the playlist. Bartenders are friendly, the bar is usually crowded, you can bring your dog. Seriously -- dogs and beer! What's not to love about that? My only complaint, and it's a stupid one and it won't affect my ratings, is that 90% of their bottles and taps are IPAs in some format or another. Belgians are rare here, although they did feature Damnation on tap recently. But that is overshadowed by the fact that they are like a college radio station, giving exposure to smaller breweries and labels. And that does go in my rating.“
Taverner 414 days ago
70 /100 5200 DUBLIN BLVD
“This is like a craft beer definition of "cromulent." It has all the normal decent stuff you'll see in a Whole Foods in the Bay Area and a bar in front with ... more of the same decent stuff. Not much in the way of rarities but if you're looking for solid beer, it will do the trick.“
WestCoastHawkeye 636 days ago
82 /100 7046 VILLAGE PKWY.
“Nice rotating tap list with some outdoor seating in a suburban strip mall setting. Flights of four, not heavily promoted, are available. Many of the beers I ordered had never been entered in RateBeer. I would go back.“
Iphonephan 925 days ago
86 /100 6601 DUBLIN BLVD
“This has become my go-to bar as I live about a five minute walk away. The beer selection is consistently great and getting better all the time. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable and passionate about beer. They get a lot of Cellarmaker, Alvarado Street, Alpha Acid, Modern Times...all sorts of cool stuff that you don’t even see that much outside of the breweries, let alone out in the valley. A small selection of well curated bottles, too.“
brokensail 1521 days ago
70 /100 5200 DUBLIN BLVD
“This is actually only about a mile from my place, so it’s kind of nice to have. This is one of those stores that also has a bar in it.

The packaged beer selection here is perhaps on the modest side when compared to some of the better Whole Foods stores I have been to, particularly in the Bay Area. But, they did have some interesting things that I hadn’t necessarily seen before like some sours from Half Moon Bay Brewing, a fruited IPA from Dust Bowl, some Eric Bordelet ciders, and a bunch of Hop Valley things (which I have since learned sold to one of the big boys).

The draft list is fine in the bar, but so far haven’t seen anything that’s super exciting. This store is a decent place to stop by and get a few bottles or a six pack or something, but I don’t think it will become my go-to spot for buying beer.“
brokensail 1543 days ago
80 /100 7046 VILLAGE PKWY.
“Large place. Almost a warehouse sort of feel to it. Plenty of parking on the street and nearby and there are a lot of other shops and such around as well.

Small cooler up front with some bottled beers and plenty of draft offerings to be had as well. Prices are pretty reasonable on the beers and some interesting beers. Highlights during my trip included Lagunitas GravensTime, Altamont Magically Hopilicious, and a beer from the new Epidemic Ales.

Mostly locals in there during a Sunday evening, but everyone was friendly and we drank some beers while watching the National Braindamage League. Good service as well.

Good spot to have a beer if you want to wait out some horrible traffic on 580.“
brokensail 1727 days ago
80 /100 7046 VILLAGE PKWY.
“Big place, lot’s of room. Nice selection of beer with good help. Always a good time.“
fidel 1940 days ago
78 /100 7046 VILLAGE PKWY.
“Brand new place in Dublin not far from Caps & Taps. It’s located in a shopping area, but it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. It’s a storefront in the middle of a non-descript mini-mall off Village Pkwy. Parking is an issue, but there are ample spaces in the lot just next door. This place is huge. Lots of space with a nice large bar and some tables with ample space to move around. They have bean bag games in the back and a roll up door that will allow for more seating. No food, but they allow outside grub and plan to have food trucks soon and some patio seating as well. The tap list was pretty good, but not amazing. Lots of CA stuff and plenty of great beer, but not a whole lot that you can’t get out of the bottle shops locally. With that said, this would be a fun place to hang out and drink beers, just for the space. The service was awesome too. The bartender really knew her stuff and was enthusiastic about craft. Overall, this is a pretty nice stop if you’re local or in the area and have some time.“
joeneugs 2143 days ago
86 /100 6601 DUBLIN BLVD
“Small place with 12-15 taps, and 2 door cooler of bottles. Very nice selection both in bottle and on tap. Guys behind the bar tend to know the beer as well as anyone.“
fidel 2160 days ago
82 /100 6601 DUBLIN BLVD
“In a growing shopping center, C&T is in a bit of an odd spot, and albeit small, thy have a solid selection of everyday great beers and one offs and specialties from a number of local brewers.“
AgentSteve 2182 days ago
78 /100
C Mini Mart (Grocery Store)
“Wandered up here from Caps & Taps. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect as it didn’t look like much, but a pretty solid selection and good prices, too. They had some Russian River beers (Pliny and Blind Pig and sour beers, yes). A good amount of Bay Area beers and some stuff from down south as well. Thought the Subway sandwich shop was a nice touch, too.“
brokensail 2493 days ago
72 /100
C Mini Mart (Grocery Store)
“I’ve been stopping in here for years and always wondered if I should enter it... It’s a pretty unassuming mini mart/liquor store in a right off a busy section of Hopyard Rd. in Dublin. It’s pretty easy to miss. The guys who run the place are related to the people at Perry’s Liquor in Livermore, so they have connections. Anyway, the selection here is very good, but seems better if you’re from out of town. Pliny and Blind Pig along with all the other RR bottles make regular appearances. Lots of other harder to find locals as well. Most bottles are kept in cold storage which is a huge plus. As t0rin0 noted, there’s a subway inside the store if you’re hungry. Prices seemed a bit on the low side for most things. I try to stop here when I’m visiting the home brew shop down the street.“
joeneugs 2497 days ago
66 /100
Hop Tech (Homebrew Shop)
“Visited November 10, 2013.

I renew my objection to leaving homebrew stores off the map here. I only found this place because I accidentally drove by C Mini Mart next door and was turning around in the parking lot here. This is a fairly small time homebrew shop. The prices were pretty high on most everything they had and they didn’t have a lot. I guess that’s one of the major challenges that these little shops face: carrying a good selection and keeping prices reasonable. It sounds like they’re doing what the rest of them do now, which is do online orders to stay in business. The guy that was checking out was chatting up the clerk the whole time I was there and somehow managed to spend $100 on ingredients for a single batch of beer plus a little bit of equipment (some star san and a racking cane). Jeez. Besides a quick hello by the lady at the counter there was no real service, which doesn’t bother me all that much but can’t be good for business. My brother was talking about trying a batch and he’s just down the street so I’d consider sending him there once for ingredients but he (or anyone else) would be better served ordering online or waiting until they’re near another homebrew shop to buy anything.“
t0rin0 2537 days ago
80 /100
C Mini Mart (Grocery Store)
“Visited November 10, 2013.

This was supposed to be the first stop of the day but turned out to be the second since I overshot it and accidentally came across the homebrew store the next block up Hopyard/Dougherty. I’m glad I stopped in as they have a pretty solid selection. The clerk was reading a magazine behind the counter and immediately asked me if I was looking for something. He mentioned some of the more in demand items that they get regularly like Pliny and Blind Pig. Sure enough there was a sign on the door that said "limit 2 Pliny per person". I guess I know where I’ll stop in if I find myself in town on a Thursday or Friday. I saw lots of AleSmith and Firestone in addition to a ton of other California-made beers like Heretic, Triple Voodoo, Almanac, Drakes, High Water, etc. The prices were a bit high but the selection was pretty good. I was tempted by the Supplication and Sanctification. They have about 10 fridges full of beer but the first 4 or 5 are macro crap. There is also some stuff on the shelf across from the fridges.

Not sure if the food is rateable here but they have a Subway in the building in case you need a sandwich to work up the energy to carry out your haul.“
t0rin0 2538 days ago
84 /100
C Mini Mart (Grocery Store)
“Overall a great beer stop! They have Pliny and Pig but only on Thursdays. Otherwise, lots of great California beers. The guys who run it are great.“
Taverner 2551 days ago
84 /100 6601 DUBLIN BLVD
“Nice new place in Dublin. The draft selection is rather small, but usually very well chosen. Even though they’ve only been open a few months, it seems they get new local beers faster than other Far East bay locations. The interior is nice with some community tables and a small bar. The decor is tastefully done. I felt really comfortable here. Nice bartender who happens to be one of the owners along with friendly patrons make for a nice experience. I really like the vibe here. I’ll be going back regularly, I recon.“
joeneugs 2644 days ago
66 /100 3620 FALLON RD
“New BJ’s location in Dublin. I went here for dinner with my wife and some friends on a Saturday night. We called about a half hour ahead to reserve a table. When we got there, they said it would be about another 15-20 minutes. It seemed a bit longer than that, but not too much. The service was friendly and attentive despite a large crowd, but our waiter kept forgetting stuff. I ordered the 8 beer sampler and by the time I got it about 15 minutes later the beers were a bit warm. I was pleasantly surprised by the hefeweizen, light lager and the wit bier. The mid range beers like the red and IPA were average at best. The brown ale was meh and the porter and stout were downright poor. They had some nice guest taps with local offerings from Drakes, Bear Republic and OBC. A good bottle list with some nice belgians like Orval and Saison Dupont so those were big pluses. The food was pretty good. We got the deep dish pizza, and it was tasty but not anything to write home about. Overall, this is a worthy new beer place. The house brews are a tad better than I’ve had at other BJ’s, but not by much.“
joeneugs 3023 days ago
84 /100
Hop Tech (Homebrew Shop)
“Great homebrew shop. Jade and Roberto are very friendly and helpful. The selection of equipment is not as good as some of the other larger stores, but they do well with the space they have. The ingredient selection is very good. I’ve got hops here that I haven’t found at other locations. Good prices too, compared to other places.“
joeneugs 3240 days ago