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62 /100 5701 DUNSMUIR AVE
“Holy hell this place is tiny and busy. About a six seat bar, perhaps six other tables inside. Smallest kitchen I have seen in a while. Super crowded on Saturday night, filled with locals eating. There may well be outside seating normally, but there was construction all around which took care of that. I ordered a pint at the bar and found a spot to hide. Service was good, beer was OK. I cannot see a reason to return unless I am stuck in Dunsmuir for something.“
bytemesis 1350 days ago
78 /100
Yaks (Restaurant)
“A cozy restaraunt that is run and managed by locals, but really relies on tourists. Service is very friendly, they are very aware of their status online and push it frequently. Although it is a bit much, I can understand why when considering their location. Beers are nothing exciting, but pretty good for where they are and they have bottles that are also to go. Food is amazing, they bake everything fresh, so buns are sublime. Only issue is the prices are pretty high, they don’t do anything less than a full pour and no tastes offered. A great stop on the way to or from somewhere, but think food first, beer second.“
Ferris 1994 days ago
72 /100 5701 DUNSMUIR AVE
“A shack off the highway, this is cozy and local. Service is good and likely the brewer will be the one serving you. He is happy to chat about the beer and values your opinion. Prices were reasonable for a flight and although the beer isn’t particularly noteworthy, it is a nice little stop.“
Ferris 1994 days ago
62 /100 5701 DUNSMUIR AVE
“little hole in the wall with ample seating out front (though we went when there was a foot or more of snow). kind of an old broken down place, but charming in it’s own way. Basic food stuffs and a few decent beers. Nothing special, but not avoidable either. Not much else around.“
slowrunner77 2013 days ago
66 /100 5701 DUNSMUIR AVE
“Good everything: service, food and brews. We sat outside. The perfect stop off of I-5 for some food and beer. The beer selection is limited but the prices good.“
Fatehunter 2127 days ago
62 /100 5701 DUNSMUIR AVE
“Been going here awhile. Beers are good, but selection is small. Food is great when i do eat there. Service has slipped a little lately, but not enough to keep me from supporting local.“
a420beerlover 2845 days ago
82 /100 5701 DUNSMUIR AVE
“Very small but its not got a huge following yet, so wasn’t very packed. Extremely friendly and helpful service, sample poured without any asking before pint just in case. Didn’t sample the food but what I saw coming out of the kitchen (which is extremely visible, awesome) looked delicious. $3 pints happy hour, $4 other wise. Also very friendly local customers very willing to discuss the local fishing, which even being a local myself still proved useful.“
Unibonger 4090 days ago
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