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84 /100 10458 SAN PABLO AVENUE
“Really a nice sports bar, 12 taps with a nice mixture of craft beers. 10 TV sets with sports on most of them. Very nice outdoor patio, would recommend this place to friends.“
bigericsports 1467 days ago
50 /100 225 EL CERRITO PLAZA
“Well, I didnt put it IN the database, but since it is here and i can’t just delete it, the place whore in me takes over and I had to make the short 3 block walk from Elevation 66 so that I could rate it. Located in a large mall area, many other shops around. Took me a while to actually find the door of the place, interestingly enough. Once inside its all TJ’s though. I headed straight for the beer and found exactly what I expected to find. Still plenty of Vintage 2015 left.“
bytemesis 1890 days ago
66 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Visit on a Saturday night. Pretty hopping place. I managed to find once spot in the HC accessible part of the bar. Not large overall, with a number of tables and a relatively small bar facing the brewing equipment and what appears to be the only barrel. Parking may be fine on off hours, but I parked three blocks away on Saturday. The whole area was very busy and seemed in general to have bad traffic and weirdly timed lights. Brewpub itself had solid service, bartender was friendly and waitstaff was hustling. I ordered a flight, which consisted of 6 oz pours of all of their house beers (7 at that time), for $13.50, which seems expensive until you realize that they are 6 oz pours at about $2 a pop. They also had about 7 guest taps running. I did not ask to see the food menu. Beer was, unfortunately pretty meh, a couple were decidedly bad.“
bytemesis 1890 days ago
68 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Comfortable little spot with the brewing equipment right behind the bar. The beer was ok, but the food we had was really good.“
fidel 2293 days ago
60 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Visited November 28, 2014.

Stopped in on the roundabout way up to Santa Rosa. This is in a strip mall in El Cerrito. The place is very open with a long bar on the left side and some tables on the right. In the back is a sign showing all the house beers and guest beers. Six house beers and six guest beers were on at the time. All of the house beers were pretty bad, sadly. The bartender was nice enough and they had a couple of decent guest beers but I feel bad for these guys. No idea how long they’ll make it.

Beyond that, parking is easy out front, plenty of seating, prices are reasonable, the server was friendly but quiet, and the place seemed kind of sterile. If you are sitting at the bar you have a pretty good view of the brewery.“
t0rin0 2307 days ago
92 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“I arrived ar 230pm technically 30 minutes before the bar opened but was served by one of the partners. Excellent Brewpub a short walk from El Cerrito Plaza BART. Friendly welcoming and outstanding“
Clembo1957 2421 days ago
60 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Nice bar, nice staff. Pretty good beers.“
Passewaaij 2598 days ago
68 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“El Cerrito not exactly the place I would expect a brewery, but it’s close enough to Berkeley, so whatever... The brewpub is on the street on a pretty main drag in town, lots of shopping centers and such around, too. BART station conveniently nearby as well as some parking on the street. The staff was friendly enough. Ordered a flight of all the house beers. In general, none were bad, but all were pretty underwhelming. They have some guest beers here, as well. Seems like a place where a number of locals hang out. Probably not a repeat visit.“
brokensail 2688 days ago
94 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“This place is undersold. Food wise: We had the BLT, housemade sausage with mustard spaetzl. Both spectacular. Beer sampler comes with six 6oz tasters of their house brews, all well done, well balanced. As far as value, not cheap but definitely reasonable and the quality was there. Ambiance was just very clean, open, a few tvs playing the baseball game. Our server took some pride in describing the beers and provided consistent service. Gave it a high score because everything was delicious and we left full. Incidentally, got to sit next to the guy who grew the hops for the wet-hopped brown IIPA seasonal as well... Definitely worth a visit.“
swanmann 2771 days ago
60 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“This is probably the best El Cerrito has to offer, and it seems to be well received by locals. Reasonably cozy ambiance with a lot of young families dining/drinking there. Great looking menu if quite pricy. Didn’t try the food, but heard it’s good. The beer was mediocre to below average with some decent guest taps to make up the difference. Close to the Bart station is a plus. Nothing special about the service.“
badlizard 3061 days ago
70 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Nice new brewpub in El Cerrito. The place is in a good location in the downtown area not far off the freeway and close to BART. The place is really small with a modern feel to it. I hear the guys that own it used to work at Pyramid. The beers I had there seemed to be of similar quality. Maybe a bit better. I liked the IPA and the red ale, but wasn’t a big fan of the stout. The service was good and I enjoyed sitting at the bar chatting with the bartender. It has a nice welcoming feel to it. A nice place for some ticks, but not a real destination with so many other great spots nearby.“
joeneugs 3204 days ago
76 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Bar wraps around the brewpub. They had 6 house beers and 6 guest beers on tap. The place is fairly small and full for on Wed night. Good service and the food (fish and chips) was good. The beers I had were very good. I really liked the Chocolate Coconut Imp Porter.“
Sledutah 3253 days ago
72 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“I love it for the beer and super salty fries. The food is a bit pricey and limited. I wish they had more space as it can be hard to get a seat and there’s no space to stand around and wait. But hey-it’s a brewery and I LOVE their beer!“
MoshPitGoddess 3334 days ago
72 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Best damn brewpub in El Cerrito. Opening day visit was crowded and understaffed, but the 3 starting house beers are good with 6 nice guest taps from nearby breweries to accompany them. The food is very tasty although somewhat on the smallish & expensive side. Walking distance from the house makes this one a winner, I’ll be back.“
rayOfBeer 3509 days ago
74 /100 10082 SAN PABLO AVE
“Today was their soft opening so take what I write with a grain of salt. Was VERY busy at lunch time. Several of us were knee up for several minutes prior to opening. No ceremonial first draft. About a dozen menu items for now. Had the fish & chips, and hot wings. Food was good albeit the portions were on the small sizex especially the fries you got. No onion rings on the menu? Hmm... Three house taps for now with several guest brews. All the beers were clean tasting. Service was running around, as to be expected only a couple of hours after opening.Seven BBL system with multiple fermentation tanks. Shows promise though parking is restrictedto to street parking with a movie theater next door. Wifi coming later this week, as well as growlers.“
robertjm 3511 days ago
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