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“Dropped by on the way to watch surfing at Mavericks. December Covid. They moved their location to a strip mall 1 mile from original location in RateBeer. About 12 beers on tap, and maybe 12 more in cans. Pints only, no flights. $6-$9. One sour. No BA beers. Pretty good, but pretty far out of the way. Awesome beach nearby.“
wetherel 121 days ago
“Made the one hour plus drive up from Santa Cruz to check this place out. Lovely drive but I was certainly ready for a beer by the time I got there. The place is a blockish off of Hwy 1 in El Granada, in an old house / office space. There is a single bathroom in the office portion outside of the brewery proper. Bar itself is pretty small, but there are wooden tables of various sizes around the perimeter of the overall smallish space. Place was doing a pretty good business at 5ish on a Friday, mainly locals and a lot of older guys in there, which is frankly better than a bunch of neckbeards. Several couples as well. They had 11 of their beers on tap and three bottles to go when I was there. Beers available as a full pour (8-16 oz depending on the beer), growler fill (for 8 of the 11) or on a taster flight, which remains $8 for a pick four. Service was friendly if not overly prompt. I have had mixed feelings about Hop Dogma prior to this, but have only tried their bottled stuff. I was in general pretty happy with the four beers I tried on the sampler, including the BA stout which was well above average for the style. Nice place and strongly recommended if you are willing to make the trek. Oh, its a lot closer to Hwy 1 than geolocation wants to put it, so I moved it and pinned it at the correct coordinates.“
bytemesis 1710 days ago
“Stopped by on the way back from the City today. I have been excited about trying this place because I have heard good things about the beer. We arrived right as they opened at 2 pm and the traffic on Hwy 1 was horrendous through that area due to the beach and harbor, so check the maps as you can bypass that stretch. Nice little tasting room in front of the nano brewery which seemed to fill up as the soon as the doors opened. We tried two flights that included the IPA’s, PA’s, Saisons, the Chili beer, and the barrel aged stout and then took three bottles with us. Beertender was friendly and into the product. Peeked in the back and met the Owner Dan also. This is a must stop if you are in the area.“
larryLSB 1739 days ago
“Visited May 15, 2014.

Been meaning to get out here for at least six months now and finally did it. It’s only 14 miles from where I’m staying in Belmont but those 14 miles take upwards of an hour to drive. I learned a bit about Half Moon Bay (El Granada is unincorporated and basically part of Half Moon Bay) namely that housing prices are insane here. Also got to hear about the politics behind keeping Hwy 1 a two lane road when in reality the land on either side of the road (enough to double the amount of lanes) was purchased in the 70s. I also heard all about how the city is keeping itself small by refusing to issue permits for new construction. Interesting stuff. I also learned that Half Moon Bay Brewing was originally not brewing but rather "contracting" their beers out, but it wasn’t clear if those were rebranded kegs or if the beer was really a special recipe made by another brewery.

The brewery is in a house on Portola right next to the El Granada post office. The value of the property is insanely high but I guess the brewery owner’s father in law owns it and I’m guessing it’s the only way he can afford to rent the place. They have a pretty nice setup with a long stone counter top, a nice tap tower, and a number of tables. This is all in what appears to be the living room of the house. There is seating for maybe 30 people here. The brewing system is just as small at 3 bbl. He says they can’t fit anything bigger in there. Obviously someone that is only making 100 gallons of beer at a time isn’t going to distribute much (though they do occasionally send kegs over to Ale Arsenal in San Carlos).

They had 11 beers on during my visit and while they do pints and half pints, they only offer flights of four, for $8. So it cost me $24 + tip to try them all. I didn’t mind too much because I had a great time talking to the locals and then watching the beginning of the Giants game. If you’re a hop lover this is a good place to visit for ticks. They had a black IPA, a double IPA, a regular IPA, and two pale ales. They also had several barrel aged beers. They have a relationship with the local winery and are currently aging sour beers in some of those barrels. Most of the beers were done well enough. Not amazing but not bad. A couple of them (the barrel aged ones) had some green apple flavor and once the DIPA got to room temperature I got a little bit of butter from it. The other eight beers were fine.

No food served here. Parking can be a pain but I got lucky and found a spot right out front. Over all a pretty nice place that I’ll gladly visit again some time.“
t0rin0 2523 days ago
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