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82 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Ordered from the web shop. The site was easy to use and has a great selection. Order tracking was simple and I was able to get a few items that are not available in my current location. I would order from them again.“
gopherfan99 1849 days ago
96 /100 2400 PECK RD
“In crazy little El Monte this store sets itself apart from the typical "craft beer" stores that only carry blue moon and shock top. I was able to find the things I was looking for like Prairie Bomb and Stickee Monkee plus get some great recommendations on some great IPA’s. The staff was very knowledgable and knew what direction to lead me in from what I informed them I usually drank. Breaking Bud and Space Dust are two amazing IPA’s I may have just overlooked had I gone with my usual selection but now with some helpful recommendations and a new sense of adventure for beer I can venture out in the craft beer world a bit more comfortable. The store is small but they make use of their floor space as much as they can. You could be in here for a minute or an hour if you go in not knowing what you want. Besides beer they have a small but great selection of wine. I saw some of Adam Corollas Mangria on the shelf as well. Popular names are in the store but there are many local names here as well. And as if the massive selection isn’t enough they even have a build your own six pack door with plenty beer to keep you exploring new beers. Did I mention they have cigars as well! It’s a one stop shop for me. Beers, wine, cigars, and hot cheetos. P.S. I was told on my way out that they have tasting here as well! Just like Arnold I’ll be back!“
Jes_drinks 2405 days ago
100 /100 2400 PECK RD
“this place is freaking awesome! stopped on my way back home and fell in love this place. heard about these guys online. this place did not disappoint. I was even given a free glass since it was my first visit. definitely wont be last.“
cflores7879 2405 days ago
100 /100 2400 PECK RD
“awesome awesome place. these guys are very helpful and have a great selection. worth the drive“
soursnstouts 2647 days ago
66 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Online order. Website can be a little dicey at times. Communication can be spotty too. That said, they have a nice selection on a regular basis including some semi-regular cellar sales for some rarer stuff. Prices are pretty good and shipping is fast. Worth keeping an eye on.“
conway 2704 days ago
56 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Well where should i start... This is one of those places that has no idea what they are doing, just trying to make money in the beer craze, huge selection of locals and then some, Any seasonal or special release bottles you will never see as they are held for favorites or ass kissers .... If the staff would spend a minute learning about what they are trying to push rather than just get your money they might have something there.... Personally i thought with a name like Craft beer Kings you might be something but its just a huge pile of dusty old crap... Nice Refrigerators but just pain Shelf Turd Kings“
DrDrinkAll420 2744 days ago
82 /100 2400 PECK RD
“did a ,ail order for six bottles. seemed reasonable given it was mail order. packed well. simple enough. will ise again.“
UDBeernut 2809 days ago
84 /100 2400 PECK RD
“I wasn’t far from El Monte so I decided to make the trip. This place was easy to spot even though it looks like a typical liquor store. When I went inside, the first thing that struck me was how small this place actually is. However, they do well and I got to walk through that infamous fridge aisle. I wasn’t able to find all the beers that I wanted, so I asked and they were behind the counter, which seems consist of, there rarer, new, and expensive bottles. Behind the counter they also have a storage cabinet where there hiding all there fucking walez man! Actually I’m not sure what they have in that cabinet but there hiding bottles there. Either way, I got the beers I was looking for (Prairie beers plus some locals) so I left happy. Great store but I won’t make the trip back here, since its 35 minutes from my house but if im driving on the 10 or 60 I will most likely stop by.“
toxichop 2919 days ago
84 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Web order. Site works ok. Couple beers went out while placing order, but quick refund. Extra bottle tossed in to make up for that. Super heavy packaging. Good place to get some not widely distributed So Cal beers. Highly recommended.“
bhensonb 2922 days ago
84 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Weird parking situation during my visit with the Anheuser-Busch truck taking up most of the parking lot. Figured it out anyway, as you can sort of park in the lot with the car wash. The store is really cramped, but they have a really good selection. The prices on all their beers are pretty standard, so they don’t seem to mark things up like other stores with extensive selections. Lots of random imports and some stuff from random/obscure SoCal breweries. Really a good selection to choose from. Didn’t interact too much with the staff, but they seemed pretty friendly. When I went to pay, it looked like they had some more beers behind the counter, but it was hard to see through the stickers, ads, and bullet proof glass (is that really necessary in El Monte?).“
brokensail 2983 days ago
84 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Visited November 16, 2013.

Finally got in here. I mean, it’s on the way to Stuffed Sandwich for me and I see that guy Moe at all the bottle shares talking up his liquor store, so it was about time that I got in here to check it out. All thoughts on Moe aside the place is pretty cool. They have a whole aisle of beer fridges (both sides) and some shelves of beer in the next aisle which are encroaching on the food stuff. From everything I’ve heard they keep some of the popular stuff in the back (like the Cantillon or the semi-legitimately sold Bruery specials) but I’m not interested in kissing ass to get a bottle of Cantillon gueuze so I didn’t ask. That said, I’m sure they take care of the loyal customers. Personally I couldn’t find much rhyme or reason to how things were organized but it made for an entertaining walk down through the beer section. I picked up some hoppy beers for a friend and a St Bernardus 12 for myself. They have tons of CA beers to pick from as well as a good number of imports. I love the fact that I can get all the Rocheforts here and St Bernardus in addition to a bunch of overpriced Mikkeller ticks. On that note, the prices are actually pretty good here. For most things they’re exactly $1 less than you’d find anywhere else.

The service is pretty good. It’s a family run operation and they all go to the bottle shares and schmooze. Over all the selection was good, and it may be better if I could see what was hidden in the back (or on the shelves behind the bullet proof glass over the counter) but certainly for the area it’s the best you’re going to find.“
t0rin0 2990 days ago
100 /100 2400 PECK RD
“Best craft beer bottle selection ever! Moe was great! He even threw in freebies!“
want1DIPA 3047 days ago
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