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72 /100 7707 LAGUNA BLVD. SUITE 140
“Stopped in here to pick up a birthday present for a friend on our way to the party... really planned ahead. Anyway, this is your pretty typical Total Wine. They have the usual selection of random, crappy beers from breweries you've never heard of as well as some good stuff you would actually want. Not surprisingly, they do offer a half decent selection of local Sacramento area beers, but you're not going to find the newest one-off releases from Moksa or anything. It's fine in a pinch. It's Total Wine, so you can find something good, just don't expect anything crazy.“
brokensail 378 days ago
72 /100 9183 SURVEY RD, STE 104
“Warehouse brewery just off of 99 in Elk Grove. Small parking lot but plenty of street parking available on a weekend. Seems like it might be a bit more crowded during the weekdays with all the other businesses around here. The inside has kind of an industrial feel to it with a bit L-shaped concrete bar. Order at the bar with beers on a monitor above the taps. They had about a dozen offerings during my visit. Flights available with pricing by beer (seemed to be between $2-3 each). Full pours, growlers, and crowlers available. Beer quality spans from pretty bad to pretty good, so good luck.“
brokensail 555 days ago
68 /100 9110 UNION PARK WAY #107
“Decent sized tap room in a warehouse setting. Kid's room to the left of the bar and more seating in the back. Decent size line-up of 12+ beers. Nothing was great, but nothing was bad either. Friendly service and middling prices on their flights.“
slowrunner77 1923 days ago
80 /100 9183 SURVEY RD, STE 104
“Small tasting room in a warehouse setting. Side room with the barrels and outdoor seating as well. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Most importantly good beer. About 10 on tap. Nice mix. Had a great NE IPA and a couple creative sour brews. Worth a visit for sure if you're south of Sacramento.“
slowrunner77 1923 days ago
68 /100 9110 UNION PARK WAY #107
“Visited before RateBeer Best 2017. Arrived just before closing but the bartender was pretty friendly. Very small taproom in a business park. Pretty small bar and 3 picnic tables inside. Decent variety of styles. Beers were okay. Wouldn’t go out of my way to return but it’s a decent stop if you’re already nearby.“
GenDV138 2089 days ago
74 /100 9677 ELK GROVE FLORIN RD
“Visited a few days before RateBeer Best with a friend who frequents here. Pretty standard pizza restaurant atmosphere with a good amount of tables and a small bar. Somewhere around 15-20 taps, I believe they have bottles too but didn’t check that out. Good amount of local Sacramento and NorCal area selections as well as some more widely distributed craft beer. They seem to mostly do full pours/shaker pints, didn’t ask about smaller pours. Food is pretty good for what it is. Tots are okay but probably prepared from frozen. Pizza was tasty and hit the spot with some beers, had the Angry Swine with jalapenos, pepperoni and bacon. Prices were about average. Pretty solid stop if you happen to be in Elk Grove.“
GenDV138 2186 days ago
84 /100 7707 LAGUNA BLVD. SUITE 140
“Newest Total Wine location in the greater Sacramento area. Claims a variety of 2500 beers that doesn’t feel like an exaggeration. Really good selection of packs and singles. Just ask an associate if they have a brew available in a single and they’ll be happy to break up a pack. Also have a new loyalty program. Store manager is very knowledgeable.“
Natai 2663 days ago
76 /100 9160 W. STOCKTON BLVD
“(Visited 10/2012): This BevMo location is in Elk Grove off Laguna Blvd in a shopping plaza near the Sacramento freeway. Parking is plentiful in front of the building.

The interior is similar to other locations. The beer is in the rear of the store on the right side and is broken out primarily by geography on the shelves. Some beer is in the coolers as well.

As for the beers there is a fairly extensive selection of domestic microbrewers like Bruery, Alaskan, Maui, Stone, Lost Abbey, Firestone Walker, Deschutes etc. Lots of imports (such as Mikkeller) as well.

Service on my visit was pretty good. Someone in the beer section asked if I was looking for anything in particular, and checkout was friendly.

All in all I pretty much know what to expect from BevMo and this one is along the same lines. I always find a few goodies to take back east.“
Dogbrick 3690 days ago
48 /100 9670 BRUCEVILLE RD
“A typical Trader Joe’s store. Store is clean, employees are friendly, service is pretty quick. Beer selection isn’t real vast but they do have some different offerings you can’t find elsewhere (a lot of beer brewed for them). Prices are usually really good on these unique selections as well.“
bnoel09 4314 days ago
64 /100 7101 ELK GROVE BLVD
“Nugget is sort of a "high end" grocery store. I don’t normally shop here too much because it is on the other side of town, but they do have a nice beer selection for a grocery store. They are good about stocking various seasonal offerings and they have a lot of different bombers and pints as well. Almost all of their beer is in a refrigerated area which is a plus as well. The West Sacramento location definitely has a better selection however.“
bnoel09 4314 days ago
76 /100 9160 W. STOCKTON BLVD
“Typical BevMo store but the service is usually always friendly and prompt and you can usually always find someone to talk Beer with if you desire. Prices are pretty good overall, but like any beer store I’ve been to some prices are much better than other places and some are much higher than other places. Overall, the best place I have locally to find beer.“
bnoel09 4314 days ago
82 /100 9237 LAGUNA SPRINGS DR
“This is a good restaurant. Service is usually always really good, food is always good, and prices aren’t terrible. I’ve found most of the BJ’s beers to be pretty good, and they always seem to have some kind of seasonal on tap as well. They can get very busy, but even then the wait never seems ridiculous and the service always seems to be pretty quick.“
bnoel09 4327 days ago
84 /100 9160 W. STOCKTON BLVD
“Nice store and some unusual offerings.“
mrhoppy 4963 days ago
60 /100 9160 W. STOCKTON BLVD
“This place is a little better than the Fresno store, but not by much. They did have the three maui brews there. They had black flag impy stout as well. Bevmo has that stupid corporate thing going on. Not feeling their style.“
TheRealBastard 5213 days ago
56 /100 9160 W. STOCKTON BLVD
“It’s a BevMo. I had a question, the beer guy toured me through the shelving. I had my 5% discount postcard, and I had my BevMo card. I saved a few bucks. I got 5 beers I had not yet had. They opened a new line to get me out. Like any BevMo it’s worth a visit every few months. They had a new Coast Range effort. Since it was lunch at Elk Grove Brewry, stopping here about 2 miles from the brewpub was a handy way to see what’s up.“
bhensonb 5575 days ago
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