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80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Its iconic, and its a shame we visited during Covid and had to sit outside in a tent, but it was still worth it - at least it was heated. The beer selection was awesome, everything you know from them plus a few extra to feel good about. The service was great, friendly and fast, there with beer selections if you wanted it. Food was solid, bar food plus the local seafood flare. Would totally go back again if given the chance.“
jbruner 119 days ago
60 /100 190 E. ELM ST
“This place seems like an afterthought to me. The space for seating is an afterthought for the brewery, its all off to the side and removed from the bar. The beer seems like an afterthought to the image of owning a brewery, as most of it is mediocre. The food is an afterthought to the beer as its mostly crappy bar food. If you're in Fort Bragg for any period of time longer than getting sick of North Coast or Pacific Star, its worth checking out. Service was kind of snappy and curt, wouldn't go back again.“
jbruner 119 days ago
84 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Wife wanted to fly her drone near Fort Bragg, we were going to eat lunch there and I suggested this place. Wound up being my two-month-old's first brewery. Awwww. Anyways, they are one of the original craft breweries and Rasputin and Old Stock remain standards for the style. The brewery itself has their other beers and those two standards. Their other beers are well done for their style but are not trendsetters. The place itself is clean and my wife did not murder me for dragging our little fella to this brewery (she actually was glad with the choice - we both thought the food was superb). Obviously kid-friendly-enough. The beer is great. Their gift shop has all the North Coast swag you could want, along with vintages of Old Stock and Rasputin, bottles of their other beers and a few rarities (did you know these guys do a barleywine? I'm excited to try that). This is not a blow-you-away place but it's a damn professional operation and a classic in a beautiful part of the country with nothing remotely close nearby. If you're anywhere near here and a beer geek you owe it to yourself to stop and enjoy some Rasputin and Old Stock (and whatever else catches your fancy).“
WestCoastHawkeye 398 days ago
78 /100 190 E. ELM ST
“I figured since I added this place and was the first to review any beers on ratebeer, I had better do a place rate aswell. Nice little place inside and outside seating. Food selection was pretty good and a respectable tap list. $10 for a 4 beer flight not a great deal but not horrible.“
BuckeyeBoy 671 days ago
32 /100
Purity Market (Grocery Store)
“Stopped in on the hunt for some local CA ticks sad to say not much of a selection at all. 3 other spots in town have a better selection, not worth a stop in my opinion.“
BuckeyeBoy 671 days ago
80 /100 120 W REDWOOD AVE
“Stopped in for dinner and a couple beers. Nice selection of local CA taps and a few bottles aswell. Pizza was great, cash only just FYI.“
BuckeyeBoy 671 days ago
84 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Planned this trip for my wife, she had a bucket list to visit glass beach just so happens to be in fort Bragg. Lucky me get to visit one of the first brewerys that got me into craft beer. Nice cozy place, plenty of options on tap and a good selection of bottles for togo at a good price. Happy to have visited.“
BuckeyeBoy 671 days ago
76 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Mixed era of wood decors - tempting menu- excellent service. All the usual suspects on tap. Excellent.“
bhensonb 713 days ago
76 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Too bad we barely missed kitchen hours, but the bar side was quite cozy and the beers are good, so I couldn't really complain. Definitely worth visiting if you're in the area.“
Kavu 1075 days ago
76 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Nice tap room on the main drag, with a bar and restaurant area. Service was good. I was somewhat horrified to learn that they had run out of both of their IPA's when I visited, which I think is almost inexcusable for a craft beer place today; two other beers were also off. The beers that we did try were good however. Food good for the most part, however the beer brittle ice cream was amazing. Prices were OK for beers, food was a bit pricey. Basically the best place in town for craft beer.“
UKBeerGeek 1282 days ago
84 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Visited here in early August ’17 while on vacation. Classic seaside traditional interior with an authentic mirrored wooden bar. Had about a dozen of their regulars on tap, all were outstanding, only had appetizers - Calamari - the best I have ever had, Service was attentive, the place was pretty crowded for a late Wednesday afternoon. Only complaint and a very, minor one was that they did not have anything special on tap - I guess they don’t cater to tickers like me!“
PorterPounder 1343 days ago
58 /100
Purity Market (Grocery Store)
“Average local grocery store with a small selection of common craft found everywhere else in the region, such as North Coast, Firestone Walker, New Belgium, Ballast Point. As a foreign beer tourist I found it useful as they let you take individual bottles from 6-packs (the local Safeways does not).“
tricksta_p 1395 days ago
72 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“A wide selection of their own beers, which are good but not excellent. Food is world class. I had a scallop salad. Service is fine“
Skjonne 1706 days ago
84 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Visit on 2010-08, I arrive late just for the last call, had the chance to drink a Rasputin on tap that I discovered at Library Alehouse a couple weeks before and have a nice chat with two employes. When the time came to leave, the staff took pity of me that I came from so far (Canada, Quebec on motorcycle) just for one beer ! So let me stay and have a taster palette and a Rasputin on cask to go.“
Arcanor 1800 days ago
56 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Visited at 8pm Ambiance: Good place Service: took some time before we were able to get the servers attention, long time to get bill Selection: Good beer selection Value: a bit pricey food Overall: beers are good but not the food “
donandres 1820 days ago
66 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Thursday evening 8:20pm after driving 10 hours and 450 miles from Oregon to visit this place we are told that they are not serving food and they will close the place very soon. Argh! Of course the brewery and the gift shop were closed - that wasn’t a big surprise but closing the brewpub this early was a bit surprising and annoying. But it seemed that the whole town went to bed by 9pm. Well after a short negotiation they served us clam chowder and some beers. Clam chowder was tasty and the beers quite alright. They didn’t have that much special beers to offer and most of their beers are quite common everywhere (even in Finland). Even though they served us the food and beers I felt like I have to get out of there very soon. The only reasons for us to visit Fort Bragg were this place and the glass beach and unfortunately both turned out to be disappointments.“
rosenbergh 2157 days ago
80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“nice place across the street from the ocean. great food menu with fresh seasfood. order a black and black. thank me later.“
slowrunner77 2418 days ago
78 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“ON the main drag in Ft. Bragg. Tap room is across the street from the brewery. Nice set up. All North Coast beers on tap. Had old Stock and it was sensational. Staff willing to offer tastings on all beers and Red seal on handpump is a bonus. Good gift shop in the tap room. Lots of bottles of BA old stock and BA rasputin.“
fletchfighters 2675 days ago
88 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“This is a really good place near the coast with nice ambiance and very good beer.“
Vballnbeer 2838 days ago
82 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Stopped here on our drive along the California coast. The brewery itself is across the street from the brewpub/gift shop. The atmosphere is pretty mellow. They have a decent selection of beers on tap. Nothing to write home about, but Old Rasputin is always top notch. The service was great, and the gift shop was stocked with BA Old Rasputin, although it was WAY overpriced. Didn’t stop me from snagging a few though. Overall, I wouldn’t seek it out again, but if I was in the area, I’d definitely stop by for a glass of Old Stock!“
Brewchacho4 2947 days ago
80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Located on the main drag in Fort Bragg since 1988, this pioneering brewery serves up a limited number of very good beers. There is a nice bar facing a dozen taps with a dozen stools, also 10 tables. Beer can be ordered in samplers, 12 oz or 16 oz glasses or pitchers. The food menu is short, but with nice selections. The main brewery and a gift shop are across the street.“
marcus 2950 days ago
94 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“This is one of my favorite west coast breweries. If I am traveling within 100 miles of this place I find a way to get here. The location and establishment itself are are the staff. What really sets this place apart is the quality of their beers. I am forunate that I can get many of them back east...but rarely on draft. My favorite of their regulars is the Acme IPA...when visiting though make sure you try the Belgium style Le Merle...excellent!“
PRBeer 2958 days ago
84 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“We visited North Coast brewery in 2009. When you arrive here you understand the brewery’s name much better, it’s located in the far north of California, a lot of rain when we were there. They have a beer pub across the street, which is just ok. The beers are very good, liked the Old Rasputin best. I am now living in Shanghai and you can find their beers quite frequently, seems they have made a good deal with a local distributor.“
Schlenkerla 2982 days ago
78 /100 120 W REDWOOD AVE
“One of the few places to find good beer in fort brag. Went here as north coast brewing was closed. This is actually a pizzeria but has a small bar with a pretty impressive list of beers. Place was very busy when we visited. But staff was super friendly and found us somewhere to sit. Prices are fair and food is pretty good. Worth visiting if in fort Bragg.“
Jimmythespoon 3066 days ago
72 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“A large dining room on one side with a smaller pub side on the other side. Good looking pub (although they were closing it down when we finally made it in so I didn’t have much of a chance to try stuff – just had a pint of Old Stock). Amazingly there were no seasonals at all on tap and they don’t really do them, which seems very odd to me. They sell their beer to go which I was quite happy for but it was strange that the whole town of Fort Bragg basically shuts down at 9PM on a Saturday night. Can’t blame them for the town being sleepy, but I would have loved to have had a chance to eat a meal here.“
JoeMcPhee 3113 days ago
64 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Food was better than expected and priced right. The carry the range of beers that they make but nothing else. Definitely catering to the tourists coming through. Huge gift shop! Nice break from driving the curvy roads of Highway 1. I Had an Old 38 stout and it was delicious“
mrmartin 3231 days ago
86 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Drove here after Anderson Valley, along Route 1. Interesting decor like a German style pub and cafeteria feel all in one. The beers weren’t anything too special, it was nice to visit, wouldn’t rave about it.“
drinktomymood 3481 days ago
38 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“The locals avoid the place.“
gam3 3753 days ago
74 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Beautiful area. Decent service and atmosphere. The selection was pretty standard, nothing special on draft. This was one of the breweries to introduce me to a good imp stout, so glad to visit.“
JohnnyJ 3834 days ago
74 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Stopped in here for dinner and a sampler on 8/5/10. Place was pretty packed, but we got there about 40 minutes to closing and were able to grab a table. Service was decent. Food was very good. I got one of their daily specials, which was a pasta with garlic, mushrooms, goat cheese, spinach, grape tomatoes (halved) and pepper. Very tasty. Sampler consisted of stuff that’s mostly accessible where I live and the stuff that wasn’t was the Acme brand and not very good. Still, can’t complain about Old Rasputin and Brother Thelonius on tap. They also had a cool gift shop that still had bottles of Rasputin XI and 20th Anniversary.“
JaBier 3884 days ago
58 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Got to the brewpub just before open. Unlike most other’s I’ve visited, this one is decorated like a mid-tier steak house....or something... As one of the first thru the door, I was the only one at the bar, but that didn’t stop them from taking ten minutes to greet me. I had a burger. It was average. Old Rasputin on tap was excellent, as always. The brewery is right across the street. The shipping from there must have been exorbitant, because they wanted $9 for a thimble full of old stock ale. 6 or 9oz. (I think.) ...which is weird, ’cause it only cost $9 for a 12oz. bottle at the place I work in Chicago... Bombers in the gift shop also over-priced....though that didn’t stop my from buying a couple. What can I say? It’s delicious!“
nbondi 4118 days ago
70 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“The drive on US 20 into Fort Bragg was beautiful but you best have sea legs as it is very curvy and mountainous. The pub was not what I expected but was nice and clean with their great beers on tap. Jazz was playing, maybe it was Theolonius! We had several beers,all fine, but I prefered the cask Red Seal (great English style ale), Pranqster and Thelonius(two fine Belgium style ales). Happy hour started at 4 with $3 pints, I think, We thought the food was very acceptable especially the local fish and chips. I would be glad to return here.“
excalibur 4187 days ago
62 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Just by the Skunk train station, North Coast ’brags’ a pub and a brewery/store across the street from one another. They were selling special barrel-aged rasputin and 20th anniversary at both places, but the price stickers indicated 12.99 at the brewery and 19.99 at the pub. It so happened that they 12.99 labels were not valid anymore; we would have been pretty pissed if they sold a third cheaper once we had already bought at the pub. Heavy inflation in crisis’ time is not an economist’s nightmare, but it seems to be the beer lover’s. Besides, the selection is solid, you know their beers, wonderful strong classic beers, superb saison. They’re here and fresh. Otherwise, the place is not particularly attractive, a standard pub without so much atmosphere at lunch time and average service, not too proactive and certainly not caring much about price tags’ consistency. The food was fair, very simple and priced reasonably. Not worth driving a hundred mile, but if you’re going along road 101, that’s a worthy stop.“
Rastacouere 4279 days ago
90 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Shiiiit!!! Don’t miss this place or you will be sorry. Beer, food, ambiance, coastline. This is what memories are made of.“
mrhoppy 4304 days ago
82 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Somehow I missed that there was a restaurant. This is still aggravating (I won’t be back that way for a while). But the people at the brewery are awesome. And I left with six world-class brews. Now I just need an excuse to go back to Fort Bragg.“
wilsomb 4308 days ago
80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“The restaurant/bar is across the street from the brewery and this review is for the restaurant/bar. I ate at the bar. Good food at reasonable prices, nice people and good service, this place is nothing fancy, but definitely worth visiting.“
JohnC 4456 days ago
74 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Sat at the bar for lunch. Nice selection of brews (about 13 or so, with 1 or 2 cask). Bar had a large screen TV with sports but had jazzy music playing. Cool bar, dining area looked nice as well. Food was plated nicely and looked appetizing but turned out to be just ok (Shrimp po boy w/ fries), portions good. Although a mix of rustic and contemporary I think they could do without the Moose and Deer heads. Overall, a great place to stop when visiting the North Coast.“
bradlyc77 4462 days ago
62 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Went here for lunch during summer 2004. It was really busy so the service wasn’t the best. The beer was really good, the food was fairly good. I liked the Red Seal Ale.“
savnac 4637 days ago
54 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“I like North Coast beer’s fine. In fact I was really looking forward to a Thelonious on tap during my visit to CA, but the brewpub left me very unimpressed. It was like a tomb in there when we visited (even a little music would have gone a long way) and I got the feeling they didn’t want us there. The Garlic Fries were one big clump of potato all stuck together with what seemed like a jar of garlic just dumped on top. The beers were okay, but I voted to go down the street to Piaci’s and had a much better time.“
GJF 4736 days ago
88 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“I love this place ( except they will only serve you two ten oz glasses of Old Rasputin ) but otherwise a wonderfull dinning experience. watch out for too many Pranqsters tho.“
Rahbysahn 4829 days ago
82 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Overall a GREAT brewery/restaurant. The food is always great, and NC beers are some of the best. If you get a chance, head next door and get a bottle of the Old Rasputin Barrel Aged Stuff.“
Taverner 4838 days ago
82 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Stopped here on the way back from a business trip. Gorgeous setting--my god, what amazing scenery here and on the way past Anderson Valley on 128. Awesome. Kind of a compound for NCBC: they have a restaurant and gift shop on the east side of the road, and a brewery and gift shop on the west side. Nice people in both places. Didn’t eat, but loaded up on schwag and some beer by the case. Wish I could have camped and hiked in the area for a week, and hung out and drank well.“
after4ever 4980 days ago
80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Visted on 09Jul2007 during lunch. Great beer. Fantastic food. The staff was good with our kids. Was a nice break from the trip down HWY 1. I get some of their beers in Texas so was glad to get to try others and took a good number with me in bottles. Get some of their fudge made with the stout.“
jdp 5019 days ago
80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Nice restaurant with a fun crowd. Good beers of course. I liked the food - Red Snapper.“
YogiBeera 5097 days ago
78 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Nice building right across from the brewery. Bar and dinning area separated. We sat and ate in the bar area. Crowded and full of locals. Good brews for sure. Food was OK, but not special, particularly for those prices. Definitely worth a visit if you are driving up the coast. Not far from Mendocino which is a good town to see.“
pivo 5117 days ago
66 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Separated restauarant and bar, right across the street from the brewery. Lively bar atmosphere. Food was pretty good, well put together, service wasn’t great but it was a Monday lunch and they were packed. They didn’t have any specials other than a Cask Red Seal.“
BeerLimey 5712 days ago
86 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Used to be the town funeral home, now a great lunch/dinner spot. Good food, try the clam chowder, you can stand a spoon in it. My personal fav beer is the cask conditioned Red Seal Ale, this is the only place you can get it! No mater what beer you line up, you can’t go wrong. Prices seemed fair compared to most of the pubs I’ve tried.“
rmmello 5713 days ago
74 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“Whaling ship atmosphere. Great pub food if not a bit pricey. Great beer but,... Everything is on Nitro! God I hate Nitro! One plus is the vintaged old stock ale which they had back to 2000 when I was there.“
erway 5775 days ago
80 /100 455 N MAIN ST
“What a great visit. Pulled into town at sunset and quickly found the brewery... you can’t miss it. Across the street from the brewery in the restaurant/pub, which has both a bar/pub side and a dining side. The bar is nice, lots of marine atmosphere, and a decent sized bar complete with a beer engine, Red Seal on cask when I was there. Food is very pricey, but delicious, though probably not good enough for the price... fish and chips for me and a spinach mexican dish for the girlfriend. I bought a case of beer and an awesome Rasputin gold-rimmed glass... and left a very drunk and very happy man, having the DD girlfriend drive my drunk ass back to the campsite. It was an amazing full-moon that night, so I poured an Old Rasputin into my new Old Rasputin glass and drank to the moon and the ocean... one of the most pleasent moments on my summer trip of 2003.“
3fourths 5963 days ago