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58 /100 2985 NORTH BURL AVE #102
“A bit out of the center of things. Street parking available. Smallish inside, doing a good business. 20 beers on tap with three flight sizes available. Hard to get served. I ordered a couple of halfs, not super great beer.“
bytemesis 323 days ago
62 /100 3085 E CAMPUS POINTE DR
“Shopping center location and chain brewpub feel, right down to the cookie cutter service staff. The applebees of beer. Decor nicer than normal. Large bar, many tables. Mix of house beers and guest taps. Only one rotating house tap. Beers are clean but unimaginative. Solid food, ok beer. Really is like a BJ's in a lot of ways.“
bytemesis 323 days ago
66 /100 745 FULTON ST
“Concrete patio. Some decent beers - I like the coffee stuff they’ve been doing lately - but nothing out of this world. Seemed to have 14 or so taps, ranging from mediocre to good. Service was alright. Worth a stop if you find yourself in Fresno.“
slowrunner77 1235 days ago
54 /100 1188 E CHAMPLAIN DR #107
“One word summary of this brewpub: meh. To its credit, there aren’t many great beer spots in Fresno, so this is going to be one of the better options for beer lovers. I had 2 of their house brews, a rye IPA and their Double IPA. Both were good and true to style, but there wasn’t anything unique about them to report. My colleagues tried their lagers, and had similar sentiments. The service was abysmal - our server was such a space cadet that I’d be surprised if he wasn’t high. He got our orders wrong, didn’t know anything about the beers, and wasn’t attentive. The food selection was broad, but tasted like frozen food that had been nuked in a microwave. Bland and unoriginal. Overall, this place wasn’t bad or offensive, but I don’t have many good things to say, either. It’s the Applebee’s of brewpubs.“
ATL_HopFiend 1366 days ago
76 /100 3085 E CAMPUS POINTE DR
“In a shopping center across the street from the Fresno State basketball arena, and therefore Fresno State itself. Construction is still on-going at this center with more buildings being finished when I visited in early August 2016.

The brewery has a very large location with a sizable outdoor (covered) patio and plenty of restaurant and bar seating inside. Despite being lunch time on a week day (before school is in session), the place was packed. I found a seat at the bar. Ordered a flight of four and a steak salad. They had a total of eight house beers on tap. In general, the beers were above average and the food was decent as well. Pricing was fair, too. Maybe the flight was a little expensive, but full pours were pretty average...maybe not for Fresno, though.

They’re not doing anything groundbreaking here, but Fresno does not currently have a ton of good beer options, so it’s nice to see one.“
brokensail 1515 days ago
54 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Meh. It broke up the drive and my 12.99 chicken sandwhich was really good. so service, snowshoe décor though Fresno is usually hot as hell (I know it’s the gateway, etc...).“
slowrunner77 1765 days ago
78 /100 745 FULTON ST
“In downtown Fresno, right near the ballpark. Pretty close to the freeway (CA-99) as well. There is street parking available here but it’s metered. They have a parking lot on the same property, but apparently it’s for employees only. I parked a block or so away in an un-metered area. Suck it.

Open air beer garden...I guess. I mean, it’s pretty much all concrete and asphalt. Basically just an open air warehouse space with some tables and also some "patio" seating with tables and umbrellas to sit at and drink beer. Luckily big fans running because, let’s face it, it’s hot as shit in Fresno in the summer. And pretty much every other time of year.

They had 16 draft offerings while I was there. Luckily a lot of them I had already tried on previous visits to the Sequoia Brewing brewpub in town. I’m still a bit unclear on the relationship between the two... Anyway, their standard drafts are offered as are a bunch of special releases and seasonals. Beers were actually pretty solid.

Tasting flights available as are full pours. Flights are $8 for four, which is kind of the standard these days. They do say they charge extra for high gravity beers, but I didn’t get charged extra for anything. Service was pretty friendly and efficient.

In all, it’s not a bad place to visit and try some beers as long as you can put up with the heat.“
brokensail 1907 days ago
60 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Over 10 brews on tap. Some good, some very typical for American brewpub. Overall good experience.“
Sokolov 2036 days ago
46 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“The food is below average dive bar quality, so really quite bad, and expensive. A side of fries was $8!! Plenty of TVs and a pretty decent selection of beers. Unfortunately, none of them are really good, and when I ordered the sampler the waitress argues with me over which beers I ordered. The beers are decent so better to try and find them outside of the brewery or stop by and get them to go.“
dwyerpg 2243 days ago
82 /100
Westwoods BBQ (Restaurant)
“Visited July 19, 2014.

Stopped in for some lunch after visiting a client. Never really spent much time in Fresno before but according to the map there are a few beer places popping up around town. If they’re all like this I actually look forward to visiting Fresno again. Aside from the fact that this in a large shopping center where parking and driving are a pain this is a pretty nice place. It’s a large restaurant with a bar right in the middle. They’ve got about 30 or so taps which include both locals and more regional options. They had two beers by "559 Brewing" which is really W Brewing. They also had two beers from South Gate Brewing up the hill near the entrance to Yosemite as well as a Sequioa tap. I ended up going with an old standby, Drakes Denogginizer, but they also had Ballast Point, Green Flash, Firestone, 21st Amendment, Hanger, Stone, Anchor, Kist Ciastm North Coast, and even Sudwerk. They have a few bottles as well but not a lot. I saw some Anderson Valley, Ballast Point, Dust Bowl, and a few others on the list in addition to the likes of Stella, Corona, Bud Light, etc. In all honesty I might have ordered the 559 Raisin Farmer if it was still available, but in retrospect I’m glad I was forced to pick something else.

The food was really quite good. I went with the pulled pork sandwich with some slaw on it as well as, of course, BBQ sauce. They have a couple of house sauces on the counter. Since they have fancy labels I’m guessing they’re not actually made here but that’s OK since the original was pretty good. The peppercorn sauce was kind of meh.

I like the décor of the place. They’ve added a bunch of stuff to give it more of an old west look. The sink is kind of neat as it has a grille from a tractor and some exposed copper piping. Over all this is actually a place I’d go a bit out of my way to return to. I do need to make another trip up 99 at some point to check out the last couple of breweries on that stretch (the new Lengthwise, Pendragon, and 3 Monkeys).“
t0rin0 2278 days ago
68 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“Your standard BevMo. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but at least its here and at least it does have a lot of good beer at fair prices. Bought a Stone IRS and a Baltic Porter here on separate occasions.“
MattH 2314 days ago
76 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Visited in December 2013. Pretty big and nice place located in a good neighborhood. Speciality burger I had was good. You get a t-shirt if you can eat it in under 5 minutes. Service was good also. Only tried the General Sherman IPA, which I did like.“
MattH 2314 days ago
94 /100
Spokeasy (Bar)
“Favorite pub in Fresno. Always friendly and great selection of beers on tap that change regularly.“
lowtrak 2544 days ago
42 /100 620 F ST
“I want to like this place because the employees are nice but its in a terrible looking neighborhood and every single beer (minus the barleywine) was infected. Ugh. Pretty dead otherwise but it was a Wednesday night. When I was there they werent doing samplers but they did give me a sample of everything and let me pick which one I wanted a full glass of.“
t0rin0 2902 days ago
70 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Visited twice over the years. Went once on a Wednesday night (the day before Thanksgiving) and it was packed. Had to park down the street. There was some live music going which was cool but squeezing into the bar and getting a flight of 15 beers was not easy. Cool atmosphere and good service but the beer was meh. Might stop in again if I ever take 99 up to the bay area.“
t0rin0 2902 days ago
40 /100 620 F ST
“Rather large brewery with a concert area toward the back of the brewery space. Two bars right near the entrance. The service was slow at first, but friendly and good otherwise. The beers here are truly awful. The owners/brewers spent awhile talking to me about each of the beers and seemed convinced they were great, but an empty place on a Friday night isn’t a good sign. Also, this place is in a pretty bad area, so be aware of that.“
brokensail 2931 days ago
62 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“I went here pretty much just to try the Jacob Marleywine. It wasn’t all that good, unfortunately. I tried a couple other things, they were also meh. The service was at least friendly. Kind of a weird crowd, but I guess that’s Fresno for you. I wouldn’t really bother to come back here unless I just happened to be in the area.“
brokensail 3005 days ago
58 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Was pretty packed at 10 PM on Thursday night, mainly 20- and 30-somethings listening to a good local band. Disappointing stouts and porter, IPA was fair.“
MPalecek 3091 days ago
52 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“Pretty good selection. Worth the stop now and again. Nothing special. Service was lax and selection pretty standard.“
deekyn 3207 days ago
76 /100 620 F ST
“I think this place must have improved a lot over the last couple of years, based on the previous raters’ comments. The location is definitely in one of the worst parts of Fresno. The brewery and location is much larger than I expected. Based on the fliers adorning the walls, they are doing a lot of live-music club type of activities. They had seven of their beers on tap the night I went, and the beers ranged from average to very good. They had an "American Wheat" on tap that wasn’t listed here, which was great. The Red Ale is going away, to be replaced by an IPA. It won’t take much recipe adjustments to make the Red into an IPA. If you’re dying for beer in Fresno it’s definitely worth a stop. I was very pleased with my trip there.“
Lagunitasfan 3590 days ago
50 /100 2039 KERN ST
“alright had a good time“
vegasadamtya 3650 days ago
38 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“just the norm.“
vegasadamtya 3650 days ago
66 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“This is yet another generic American brewpub which offers run-of-the-mill food, well-made but forgettable brews and a restaurant with tvs and families everywhere. Nothing bad per say, but nothing outstanding either. There is not much in the area in the way of craft beer, so if I were to drive through again, I would probably stop over for lunch once more.“
MartinT 3732 days ago
92 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“If there is a better selection in the Central Valley, let me know where it is. Killer beers with with good prices. Beer Tastings on Friday also. WOW“
AlDavisMustDie 3981 days ago
26 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“Basically some guy says "every town needs a good selection of microbrew ect. and im gonna be that guy" well he employs kids that dont give a crap about his corporate motto or how fresh the beer is or why the hell a monk would even brew trappist ale. Hey if you want good beer and knowledge go to a local around the corner store that employs u.s. citizens.“
GerryDublin 4037 days ago
68 /100
Even You Can Brew (Homebrew Shop)
“Great kits, a one of a kind if your looking for a retail shop to provide some of your home brew needs. The wheat I made was great. I hate ordering stuff off the internet that has to do with food and beer!“
GerryDublin 4037 days ago
58 /100 650 W SHAW AVE
“Have seen some decent beers go past this place over the years. Usually its the distributors passing it on or "testing" the waters. Hey who wants something different than Bud Light?“
GerryDublin 4037 days ago
82 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Went during happy hour, and the beer was a great value! Decent selection of tap beer. This place has a great atmoshere though.“
GerryDublin 4037 days ago
78 /100 715 E SHAW AVE
“Bj’s has great beer. I cant say the entree’s are great but the appetizers are awesome. But I think their entree’s need some work. Service was good for most of my visits.“
GerryDublin 4037 days ago
80 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“Like General McArthur ’I will return"“
crashingpig 4037 days ago
8 /100 620 F ST
“I was very cautious to make sure I had the right address and open/close times, I was there well within hours of operation but the place was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. When I got back to the hotel I called and left a message saying I had stopped by and asking them to call me and let me know when the brewery would be open....I recieved NOTHING in return. I had stoped at 3 local liquor stores and none of them had heard of Full Circle Brewing...what a waste of 3hrs.“
opkutech 4104 days ago
66 /100 650 W SHAW AVE
“Fair selection. The occasional surprise, but mostly the same offerings. Some Stone beers. Wish they had more though. I usually go to BevMo, but when I’m here for food, it’s nice to pick up something decent to drink.“
flutetokill 4131 days ago
78 /100 715 E SHAW AVE
“Beer is OK, nothing to write home about. Food is always decent. I don’t get out there that often, but when I do, it’s a nice meal and good beer.“
flutetokill 4131 days ago
70 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“Yeah, most employees don’t know much about craft brews. Generally a decent selection, but rarely get anything new and interesting.“
flutetokill 4131 days ago
80 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“I love this place! It’s not as big as my beloved Kappy’s Liquors in Falmouth, MA but Bev Mo in Fresno, CA has a VERY nice selection of alcohol to choose from. I stocked up well for my 3-week vacation here. The employees have some knowledge with beer, but not as well as other places I’ve been to. Still worth going to though!“
REDBOSOX 4144 days ago
60 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“This is an attractive brewpub and restaurant with a western decor, located in an upscale mall. There are about a dozen stools at the bar and a cpuple dozen tables scattered across the restaurant area. I counted 15 taps of brewery beer, representing a good cross-section of styles. There were several widescreen TVs with sporting events and some innocuous music in the background. The service was a bit slow slow, but friendly, and there was a decent bar food menu.“
marcus 4227 days ago
78 /100 620 F ST
“I was out in CA for a few months in a pretty bad area for beer until I stumbled upon this hole in the wall. The brewery is in a shitty part of town and looks really run down. As you walk in you see the bar and brewing vessels right away. It’s a fairly large place with a stage and such. They have about 6-7 of their brews on tap and a few wines/meads also. I got to talk to the head brewmaster for a while and he brought out some of the "private stock" for me to sample. Their "Bad-Ass Barleywine" from 05/06 and 06 RIS are f-ing amazing! I was very surprised that they had beer that was actually good. A few of their other brews are questionable though. They also do growler fills. They only catch here is that their"big beers" will run you about $40 a growler fill. That is the only downfall from this brewery, too pricy. This is definetly a place that you should stop by and check out if you are in the Fresno area!“
imadeadguy 4287 days ago
70 /100 620 F ST
“Was staying at the Radisson hotel just down the street for a conference so thought I’d check this place out. We were there during a Twelfth night festival and the place was overrun by folks dressed in period costume playing medieval music, dancing and generally making merry. It was a fun atmosphere to drink beer in. The beer itself was all over the map. I literally had one of the best stouts I’ve ever tried (the Russian Imperial) and one of the worst travesties to beer drinking anywhere (the Cluster Fuggle cream ale) back to back. Neat place, but the neighborhood was pretty sketchy.“
ApisAles 4299 days ago
74 /100 777 E OLIVE AVE
“This place rocks. They have cheap beer during happy hour and the General Sherman IPA is amazing on tap. They have tons of food to choose from, and I believe around 10 beers to choose from. They offer the sample platter full of all their beers for you to try. Cool place if you are ever in the Tower District right down the street from Fatman’s Alley Smokeshop which is always a cool stop.“
TheRealBastard 4382 days ago
48 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“This place blows. Too corporate, they do not age their beer. The workers are very friendly, but not very knowledgable when it comes to craft beer. Wish this place had more too offer. The distribution to Fresno sucks too bad for this store to be any good.“
TheRealBastard 4382 days ago
58 /100 7639 N BLACKSTONE AVE
“It’s another BevMo. Some employees know beer, most don’t really care. The plus for this location is that it may stock "local" beers other BevMos don’t. For that reason it is worth a visit, if you aren’t too far away.“
bhensonb 4864 days ago
72 /100 715 E SHAW AVE
“This is pretty much like most BJ’s. And for Fresno, we will take what we can get! Before a big game at Fresno State University. Before a big Concert at the Safe Mart Center, this is a good place to go! The staff is sometimes very knowledgeable. The food can be better than OK, and for Fresno, we will take what we can get. A small rack of taps of NO BMC! He** YEAAHH!! They have the usual: BJ’s beer and: They often have a Sierra Nevada special of some sort they sometimes have the wonderful Owens IPA [good stuff] Not a bad place to have a meal, family friendly and decent Beer as well!“
redave 5005 days ago
76 /100 620 F ST
“Bar staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Live music on weekends can be fun. much work goes into each beer and it shows. Everything on tap is unique and interesting. Watch out for the imperial stout (11%).“
CollegeDrinker 5050 days ago
84 /100 7089 N MARKS AVE
“Excellent Selection (over 140 beers available). Bar staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Bar is always full every day of the week. Early in the evening there is an older crowd of about 40’s and 50’s. Later in the night a younger crowd comes in. The place is open til 2. Overall a great laid back neighborhood bar.“
CollegeDrinker 5060 days ago
74 /100 7089 N MARKS AVE
“I was driving through Fresno, so I decided to visit this bar. The ownership and name changed a few months ago - it is now called Moynihan’s Pub. The former owner (John) was a customer on this night, and we chatted for a while over a beer. John, who is a very knowledgeable and pleasant beer guy, decided to retire. The new owner is trying to maintain the same stock of interesting beers, but was out of some of the best ones. Let’s hope he keeps it going. He seems to be focusing on British and Irish beers, but there are a few good Belgians and domestic microbrews. The bar has no food, but there is an excellent Italian restaurant in the same strip mall.“
marcus 5167 days ago
54 /100 620 F ST
“Cool people. the building seems like an upscale garage. beer was descent. The part of town is very shady. The website needs updating.“
waolsen 5190 days ago
76 /100
Even You Can Brew (Homebrew Shop)
“This Homebrew shop is inside a cigar and tobacco shop. To me that’s a little weird, but I suppose it keeps the hour open better. However, they do [very unusually, especially for California] allow smoking within the building. The selection is pretty good, and i do believer they’d try to order anything you might wasn’t. I’ve bought several kits there, and have been happy with the ingredients and quality. They have a lot of equipment and "starter" kits as well, and they appear to be good for beginners. Ambiance and Service depends on who’s working, and if you like smoke or not....“
redave 5215 days ago
78 /100 2039 KERN ST
“Fagan’s is what might be a decent attempt at what a pub should be. They have a decent selection of Taps and Bottles, with a few choices not available anywhere else in the Central Valley. {An interesting note, Fagan’s occupies what was once a casino, and so there are so many cameras. A little odd] They often have music, and while it may tend toward mellow folksy acoustical, solo, and [Irish perhaps] They have had some awesome rockers as well. The menu appears to have authentic Irish dishes, but some American pub standards as well. [I will have to have a meal there one day to update my report] In my opinion, they need to build up their hoppy selection of beers, but I think most people could find something they like there. Service is good, and the atmosphere is nicely laid back. Definitely worth a try.“
redave 5215 days ago
68 /100 620 F ST
“When we discovered this place on a Sunday, when they were supposed to be closed Don who was onsite doing a project of his own invited us over for a taste... that is service!!!“
luvcasks 5323 days ago
72 /100 715 E SHAW AVE
“beer is average, but i really enjoyed my visit here, great service, real good food.“
Enniskillen 5570 days ago
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