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78 /100 305 N HARBOR BLVD, #128
“Now changed to the Fulleeton Brew Company.. 60 taps on though..“
Wirralbeerveg 973 days ago
82 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“An industrial unit with a nice patio and lots of seating. Good range of their beers, unusually served in jars instead of glasses - not sure I'm a fan ot that, but otherwise a laidback and friendly place to visit.“
berkshirejohn 1216 days ago
78 /100
Hopscotch (Restaurant)
“A very rustic sort of place - lots of bare wood; with an interesting beer list, and good food. Very quiet on a Wednesday evening.“
berkshirejohn 1216 days ago
70 /100
Hopscotch (Restaurant)
“Large, very suburban place in Fullerton, CA. The place was very loud, with DJs playing and the like... that said, we were there on a Saturday night. Lots of broish people in there. It felt a lot like suburban DC. So, ambiance not great. Beer selection was pretty big, though and, to the best of my knowledge, the prices were Ok. Did not have the food.“
mansquito 1441 days ago
86 /100 125 W SANTA FE AVE
“Well the beer list is really good ... i popped in on a Fri lunch time ...and it was really busy ...“
Wirralbeerveg 1713 days ago
86 /100
Hopscotch (Restaurant)
“Well what a nice little find... great beer list ..“
Wirralbeerveg 1713 days ago
86 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“What a great little place ... the staff are really friendly and a great beer list on too.“
Wirralbeerveg 1714 days ago
80 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“My first stop on my orange County day visit. A great little place, half indoor and outdoor, good selection, great quality sours, access to many take out restaurant, that’s the way I like it.“
Lubiere 2287 days ago
76 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Nice place with a big patio. Kinda busy on a Saturday afternoon. Lots of their own beers on tap, and they do serve flights. Good quality in the beers and the service.“
rlgk 2531 days ago
76 /100
Pie Dog (Restaurant)
“Downtown restaurant/bar with a surprisingly good tap list. They had a new variant of the fruited Karl Strauss sour and a nice lager from Pizza Port. I didn’t eat here, but they do sausages and burgers. Food is decently priced and all the beers are $6 (flights are available, too), you just get a slightly different sized pour depending on what the beer is. The service was pretty good, but it’s all counter service so nothing to get too excited about. If I lived closer, I’d probably make this a regular stop.“
brokensail 2534 days ago
82 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Went here two days ago. Nice place. Not much parking around, though. Beers were good. Nice open patio area. Server was really nice and helpful. Beers were good to very good and they do cheap flights. Well worth a visit.“
BOSSbrewer 2705 days ago
44 /100 125 W SANTA FE AVE
“I guess I am not surprised to see this place on ratebeer, but I don’t consider it a good beer place. Yes they have a lot of beers on tap, but they don’t really appeal to the ticker nor the person who is looking for a high quality beer. Beers ordered at the table were Drakes 1500 and 2 Union Jacks. All were quite stale. The food is pretty crappy, and stupid sized portions...Salads seem to have multiple heads of lettuce...ridiculously sized portions (plates that are piled high and probably 18-20 inches in diameter). Service was inattentive. Not a good place to be honest.“
BMan1113VR 2733 days ago
74 /100
Pie Dog (Restaurant)
“New place in downtown Fullerton near Hopscotch. Covered parking lot next door. Service was friendly but slow. Interesting collection of local Southern California beers (including some upstart San Diego tiny breweries). Not a particularly interesting beerlist, but mostly local and all craft. They also had a Logsdon beer I had never heard of and could not find on ratebeer...some sort of BGS/Tripel that the serve knew nothing about but offered a free taster. Two members of my table noticed strong off flavors in a Citra Pale ale the ordered from a new SD brewery, and the beers were replaced quickly at no charge (very nice of them). That said the burger I had was pretty damn awesome (and reasonably sized...not overwhelming). The general consensus at the table was that the food was quite good. Now if they could focus their beer menu on quality instead of random brown and ambers from upstart small breweries (going through gowning pains or otherwise have yet to figure out how to get diacetyl out of their beers), this would become a regular stop.“
BMan1113VR 2733 days ago
“Near Hopscotch in downtown Fullerton. More of a wine lounge than beer destination, although they have some bottles and a dozen or so taps (of SoCal Beer). Friendly service, prices are a touch high for the quality of beer. Wine selection was pretty decent though and the atmosphere is relaxing.“
BMan1113VR 2733 days ago
60 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Wellllllll. Super-friendly service. Comfortable outdoor seating. But from there it all kind of goes away. Smoking is allowed or at least tolerated, and everyone does. So the place smells like ass. The beer is OK, nothing super high-level. One senses a certain OC bro-dom dominates.“
TylerGreenDC 2860 days ago
84 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Cool patio and bar area. 1/2 pint, and sample flights available. Beers are mostly tasty, Belgians are a bit off for me“
devman171 2891 days ago
68 /100 2595 E CHAPMAN AVE
“Visited October 19, 2014.

Stopped in after picking up some Bruery bottles. It’s an interesting shopping center with a bunch of resaturants/bars with some apartments above surrounding a large parking structure. Oggi’s is in the corner and on a Sunday afternoon I had no problem parking right in front of the restaurant.

For an NFL Sunday there weren’t many people here. The bar was wide open, as was the patio out front. They have 3 sets of 10 taps. The 10 in the middle are the house beers and the rest are guest beers. I spotted some Bootleggers, Sierra Nevada, Ballast Point, Hangar 24, Lost Coast, and Speakeasy. Nothing overly exciting but some good beers to pick from.

Food, pricing, and service is the same as every other Oggis. Nice area but with the Bruery, Bootleggers, Bottle Logic, and Taps so close, why bother?“
t0rin0 2905 days ago
68 /100 2595 E CHAPMAN AVE
“Well, this is probably the nicest/least depressing Oggi’s I’ve been to. Probably because it’s brand new and attached to some new Cal State Fullerton student housing. I’ll take it.

Sort of a smaller location, but they do have a decent patio out front that no one was using. Inside is all new wood (paneling?), sort of dimly lit, but well done at least. They have maybe ten or so Oggi’s beers and a handful more Left Coast offerings. Some other assorted local beers (Noble, Bruery, Bootleggers) and the obligatory macros. Pretty decent happy hour as well (a little under $4 for all the Oggi’s/Left Coast drafts).

The young lady working the bar was super friendly and was happy to offer me a couple tastes for free along with my glass of Double IPA (decent enough). Parking around here can suck depending on when you go since it’s near CSUF, but it looks like they have some parking for the retail spaces in the attached garage. If not, just turn off of Chapman onto one of the side streets like Commonwealth or something and walk a couple blocks.“
brokensail 2928 days ago
66 /100 2595 E CHAPMAN AVE
“Newish place in Fullerton (not far from the Bruery/Taps). Stopped by for lunch. Nice enough looking place, parking in the rear. Lots of TVs playing sports. Service was somewhat slow as it seemed the bar/wait staff was very understaffed (45 minutes for 1 beer and a salad- waiting/ordering and quickly eating). Typical Oggis House beers + Left Coast stuff. Always a rotating barrel aged selection and a seasonal. Probably 12 Oggis/Left Coast taps...plenty of ticks, plus some local Noble, Bottle Logic and Golden Road stuff. Full bar. Prices were decent, and food was as expected from the chain. If you are in the area, its not a bad option (although you are probably better off eating at Taps).“
BMan1113VR 2996 days ago
70 /100 111 N RAYMOND AVE
“Visited March 23, 2014.

Finally stopped in after driving by half a dozen times over the years and since this is on the way back to 57 from Bootlegger’s. It’s a small unassuming store in a run down shopping center at the corner of Ramond and Commonwealth. Surprise surprise it looks crappy. The best stores always do. I used to hear about how these guys are about the only ones that would get enough Knuckle Sandwich but for what ever reason I never stopped in to pick some up. Oh well, I’m here now.

They’ve got a few fridge doors full of beer and some on the shelves. The stuff in the fridges is pretty random. Only two of the doors have good stuff in them and one of the two doors is dedicated entirely to California-made beers. The other has a bit of California overflow and some random imports like Fullers, Samuel Smith, Schlenkerla, Asahi, and Innstadt, but not many Belgians. Westmalle Dubbel, Barbar, and Scotch de Silly are about the only ones. The other fridges have some six packs and tall cans, though mixed in with the six packs you’ll find some good stuff like Lagunitas Day Time IPA. Not really worth driving a long way for but not bad for a quick stop on the way home from Bruery or downtown Fullerton.“
t0rin0 3117 days ago
82 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Great spot. Big range of beers across a variety of styles (though there is certainly an emphasis on the hoppy stuff). The quality of the beers, on the whole, was above average. They offer four-beer flights, which assists with the ticking. Pretty good value. The barman wasn’t especially friendly but whatever. The place itself has a garage feel to it. The location is not too far from the train station, which was nice for me. Worth a visit.“
Leighton 3155 days ago
72 /100 3115 YORBA LINDA BLVD
“Relatively decent selection with a few new ticks. Really fresh Pivo is a plus. Liquor selection is okay. Staff was surprisingly knowledgable. Overall I like the Vendomes up north a bit better, but this one isn’t all that bad.“
BMan1113VR 3214 days ago
42 /100 125 W SANTA FE AVE
“Visited November 17, 2013.

I stopped in for lunch this afternoon. This was my first time here in almost a decade. I hoped that they would have improved. I was wrong. One person in our group had to order three times (from the menu mind you) to get a beer they actually had. The servers knew absolutely nothing about beer, which isn’t normally a big deal to me but she was very confused. She looks like she had a rough night; maybe she had a concussion or something. She had a hell of a shiner on her cheek and was trying desperately to cover it up with makeup. The service was slow all around. It’s basically self seating as far as I can tell since there is no host. After 10 minutes of waiting I walked around until I found a server and asked for some menus. The server (at this point it was a guy, before he disappeared and I flagged down the one that had presumably been in a bar fight recently) asked right away what we wanted to drink and when we asked for a beer menu he took a while to get it. After that he didn’t take our order since he was giving us time to read the menu. This is where I had to flag down the waitress.

In addition to this the place is the usual noisy college bar, especially during a Sunday during football season. The food was pretty good. They believe in the all-American menu of large portions and American-style food. I got the southwest burger with bacon on it and not only was the burger very large the oversized plate was full of curly fries. I ate the burger (the whole thing admittedly) and left the fries. So the food is worth it but the beer selection sucks. There were two Drake’s hoppy offerings, both good. I went with the 1500 pale ale. The rest were macros and large not-quite-macro breweries like Widmer. They did have one local beer on from a place out in Riverside called Packing House.

So on top of all the above they managed to charge my credit card for the whole tab despite handing them some cash, instructing them "some in cash, the rest on the card", and having the server repeat it back to me. The $5 tip on a $45 sub total seems too generous in retrospect.“
t0rin0 3244 days ago
80 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Overdue rating from a visit awhile ago.The produce solid beers and have good pricing. The floor plan is open and with the doors open on a warm day and a nice breeze its a great place to enjoy a few brews.“
Thrillhouse35 3277 days ago
“This is a nice little place in downtown Fullerton. Small selection of micros and taps, and small, but pretty good bottle list. The service was very good. If you’re looking for a quiet, comfortable place to have a beer or wine, kick back and have a nice conversation, this is a good choice.“
JohnC 3294 days ago
76 /100
Hopscotch (Restaurant)
“Right near the Fullerton train station and not too far from Bootleggers. Parking is easy both in the lot and on the street. Beer list isn’t quite up to date most of the time. Sort of an odd selection of belgians, super obscure local beers and bigger craft brewers (New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, Allagash). Cocktail menu was more appealing than the beer list. The food was extremely good though. I had a pork belly "bahn mi" that was absolutely excellent. Prices are pretty decent for lunch, but I have heard they go up around dinner time. Worth the stop for the food. Also interesting to see B Nektar on tap.“
BMan1113VR 3313 days ago
82 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“What’s with the low scores here? The beer is usually pretty good and it’s a playground for adults. Cornhole, the giant Jenga setup, music, and it’s outside so it doesn’t get as stuffy as the old location used to. As previously mentioned the beer is cheap and any time I can get Knuckle Sandwich easily I’m happy. Parking is a pain though, so be prepared for that. This is also near a lot of cool places in downtown Fullerton so you can hit a few other places easily if you aren’t into Bootleggers. Aside from parking I think my only complaint is lack of bartenders.“
t0rin0 3313 days ago
60 /100 3115 YORBA LINDA BLVD
“This is still the first and only Vendome Liquor that I’ve been to. I stopped in with beerjames on the way to an Iron Maiden concert in Irvine. The place was quiet and really dusty. Not sure if they had a problem with the AC that day or if it’s always like that but all the bottles had a layer of dust on them as did some of the shelves. There were also a bunch of boxes on the floor next to the shelves. Not a pretty site. At the time I had never tried a Saint Somewhere beer so I got one of those. The only other thing that looked interesting was the collection of Chimay magnums from various years. The price was about normal for those ($28) but I passed. There was one guy working so I guess not much in the way of service but I never asked for help either. It’s funny, I went here on the recommendation of a friend that remembered the good old days of beer, when the next good store was Hi Time Cellars and there wasn’t much else around.“
t0rin0 3313 days ago
72 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Sweet spot! About 14 house taps on - flights at a buck per pour. Just a garage and patio, but lots of fun being had by the crowd.“
BVery 3335 days ago
62 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“It’s nice sitting out on the patio, but overall a place I won’t miss. Some of the beers are good, some very boring, but none of them bad. The place is more or less just a warehouse with a bar and some benches and tables. Not a cozy place in any way, but it wasn’t bad sitting in the shadow on a hot summer day sampling some beers.“
yngwie 3341 days ago
82 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“The new tasting room in DTF is a nice place to have a beer without the usual associated crowd of DTF. For me the best part is the large patio as its elevated from the street a bit so the noise of passing traffic is not bothersome. Usual lineup of the mainstays, along with random appearances of one-offs/pilot beers, which is cool. The Mason jars are a little hipster, but still a cool place overall.“
wutangfinancial 3367 days ago
68 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“New tasting room in a much better location, actual area to sit with large patio and big jenga and foosball. Lots of beers on tap. Unfortunately they don’t do tasting flights, which is my rage. Then the beers are served in mason jars -__- They have half pours though for $4 each about. However, the beer quality when I was here was shockingly lower than anticipated...far below what I tried at the old location. Perhaps a different brewer or something. Beers were served extremely cold- hard to taste anything. Server had the "could give a shit" attitude even though we were the only ones there. Two married women won a raffle to have a VIP tour of the brewery so that was very interesting to him causing a long disappearance. Good hours, 4 parking spaces only so good luck I guess? They had 15 beers on tap maybe, nowhere near 40.“
GT 3369 days ago
76 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Finally got the chance to stop by. Interesting feel. Very open with a huge outdoor area. Public parking is not too far away. Very limited parking out back. More beer pilot system that apparently isn’t used much if at all. Bootleggers lineup typical of the old tasting room. Good service. Very convenient hours for an OC brewery tasting room. Not bad. Well priced as it always was.“
BMan1113VR 3389 days ago
“Somewhat small selection of bottles and a handful of taps. The bottles are mostly things you would see at any good shop. The service was very helpful and friendly. Pricing is on the high side--everything seemed to be at least $2-3 more expensive here than at other stores (Deliverance for $19?). The place does have a very nice and upscale decor (all dark stained wood).“
brokensail 3397 days ago
76 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“21 may 2013. New place is a lot nicer. There is an open patio so you can drink in the sun there is a different food truck there every weekend day. Service is generally great. All Bootlegger’s beer, about 20 taps. Great times!“
Blairgus 3424 days ago
74 /100
Hopscotch (Restaurant)
“Decent beer selection, though not huge. They offer full and half pours as well as flights of four. Nice selection of liquor, too. Service was quick and friendly, but the place wasn’t super busy. Kind of a hipster vibe to it (think lots of plaid and heavily groomed facial hair). Nice decor and a big patio area for outdoor seating.“
brokensail 3462 days ago
86 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“The new and improved tasting room (and pilot brewery). All the usual suspects on tap as well as at least 10-12 special beers. Lots of seating outside with a big patio area. Some seating inside as well, though the bar is pretty much just for ordering beers. Friendly service as always and the prices are pretty fair. I’ll be stopping by frequently.“
brokensail 3487 days ago
78 /100 130 S. HIGHLAND AVE.
“Just opend still getting things going but looks very cool so far. Big tap list and nice patio area“
mikem409 3492 days ago
68 /100
Hopscotch (Restaurant)
“I went to Hopscotch with a wife and a friend of ours. I’d describe the interior as being rustic, but clean and well lit, which I like. The tap selection was pretty good. The service was OK, a tad slow considering the weren’t busy. AFA the food, the Q and A salad was very good; however, the pulled pork was mediocre and the potato salad was undercooked red potatoes in a runny sauce, yuk.“
JohnC 3553 days ago
“Decent Homebrew store near the Bruery. Fair prices, decent parking. A little bit hard to see from the road (tucked in to a small industrial park). I was in mainly looking for hops. They had 1 of the 2 varieties I was looking for, but they did have a decent selection including some lesser used NZ hops. They seemed to only sell hops in 2oz increments. White Labs is the sole yeast lab they carry at the moment. Not a bad shop. Friendly service.“
BMan1113VR 3599 days ago
“Pretty solid homebrew store and really the only game in town. They have pretty much all the basics, but some of the less popular items aren’t always in stock. That said, if you ask Eric to get something, he will order it for you. Prices are pretty good for a mom-and-pop type place, but not super cheap. The ingredients are pretty much always fresh and are well kept. Eric is a really friendly guy and always likes to talk brewing and beer.“
brokensail 3615 days ago
“Havent been in a while but went a number of times during their first year in business. This was shortly after the Bruery closed down their Provisions homebrew store so it was convenient that this place opened a mile or so down the road.

It suffers from the same problem that a lot of homebrew stores opening on a small budget have: they dont have a ton of inventory. That and they cant compete price-wise with More Beer. Eric is an avid homebrewer and has some good advice but a lot of things just arent in stock. Oh well. As his business grows he’ll be able to carry more stuff.“
t0rin0 3615 days ago
74 /100
The Pint House (Restaurant)
“Nice bar just off the main drag. Not huge, but decent sized. Service was good, the draft list had a lot of local stuff (heavy on the Bootlegger’s), a few of the generic imports (Newcastle, etc.), and some nationally distributed stuff like Dogfish Head. Didn’t eat here, but food seemed pretty decent. Not exactly cheap, unfortunately.“
brokensail 3624 days ago
70 /100 305 N HARBOR BLVD, #128
“Has sort of the typical Downtown Fullerton bar feel/crowd, but actually has some decent beers on-tap, which most of the bars don’t. Good selection of California beers, a decent number of local ones (mostly Bootlegger’s), and some of the more generic imports/nationally distributed brands. Prices are pretty decent, service is okay, and they usually have some cute waitresses/bartenders.“
brokensail 3624 days ago
52 /100 709 N HARBOR BLVD
“Kind of a crappy English pub. Food is meh, beer selection is all the typical English/Irish/Scottish stuff. Not really a big fan of this place.“
brokensail 3716 days ago
82 /100 125 W SANTA FE AVE
“One of the great places in Fullerton. A beer lovers must.“
DesertHopHead 3993 days ago
68 /100 3115 YORBA LINDA BLVD
“there is an alright selection of beer, mostly craft. about a third of this is in 750ml bombers. the rest is 6packs so there isn’t much opportunity for mix-n-match or single tasters. prices are okay. some are better than total wines in brea, some are worse.“
Blairgus 4029 days ago
80 /100 125 W SANTA FE AVE
“great tap selection! 50+ beers on tap, most of them american craft. prices were about $8 a beer so that’s a bit high but it was nice“
Blairgus 4065 days ago
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