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78 /100 12900 EUCLID ST.
“This place is kind of an outdoor food hall that has a number of vendors with a variety of different foods and there is also a Beachwood stall where you can get beers. They had a pretty extensive list of beers with about 20 taps as well as a number of cans and bottles. They do tasters as well as full pours, which is nice. This is a pretty decent place and the food options seemed pretty good. Good place for families or groups to hang out in a covered outdoor space. It's nice that they have this Beachwood place here, but I still prefer going to one of the actual Beachwood restaurants/tasting rooms instead as you get a better overall experience with the food.“
brokensail 256 days ago
74 /100
The Globe Dine Bar (Restaurant)
“Nice place and super service. Selection of Belgian beers, both bottle and tap. Food is very good as well.“
Beergeek23322 2664 days ago
56 /100 12942 MAIN ST
“OK hole in the wall. Service so-so, decent selection of brews, but nothing out of the ordinary.“
Beergeek23322 2667 days ago
52 /100
OC Brewhouse (Restaurant)
“Admittedly, this is kind of a chicken shit place rating to pick up. But, I guess it’s legit enough...

It’s basically just the bar in the lobby of the Hyatt. There are a couple of other little restaurants and shops in there as well. It’s also a place you could watch a game, I guess.

The tap list is at least respectable for a random hotel bar: Bootleggers Pale, Noble IPA, and a handful of Stone beers to go along with the usuals like Stella and Bud Light. No real reason to go here, even if you’re staying in the hotel.“
brokensail 2771 days ago
62 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“Near many of the hotels for people visiting Disneyland (including right across the street from the Hyatt and there’s a couple hotels in the same lot area).

Pretty small Oggi’s location, at least compared to many of the others that I’ve been to. The bar is to the left of the entrance and has a decent amount of space as well as some high top tables. The typical line-up of house beers as well as a monthly special barrel aged beer (during my visit, BA Torrey Pines IPA...gross). A few guest taps like some IPAs from Ninkasi, Goose Island, and Stone.

Service was pretty good and they have a good happy hour deal ($4 for house beers and well cocktails).“
brokensail 2771 days ago
74 /100
The Globe Dine Bar (Restaurant)
“I like the atmosphere of this place and the food is pretty good. They don’t have a lot of selection when it comes to regions for beer, but they have a ton of Belgian beers.“
beerguy00 2896 days ago
64 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“Visitd September 19, 2014.

Right on the corner of Harbor and Chapman. This place is very small for an Oggi’s, unless there’s another dining room that I missed. Also, it was dead, as in we might have been the only customers in the place. They don’t have a lot of beer on tap either, maybe a dozen or so. I guess the good news is that it’s right up the way from Noble Ale Works. Not much else to say about this place. Standard Oggi’s sports bar. Didn’t try the food.

I don’t think this one actually brews anything either.“
t0rin0 2932 days ago
62 /100 12942 MAIN ST
“Divey little place a couple of doors down from Globe Dine Bar. No windows or anything, just sort of an ominous door to walk through. Kind of dark and quiet, even with the NBA finals on. They have 30 taps, but for the most part it’s typical, easy to find beers from the big players like Bear Republic, Stone, Bootleggers, Widmer, Rogue, etc. They have a few throwaway taps as well like Guinness and Coors.

They do have a small kitchen as well, where they make burgers and sandwiches and other such bar food.

Service is not anything extraordinary, took awhile to get noticed, but was friendly after that. This seems like a locals/regulars sort of place.“
brokensail 3029 days ago
74 /100
The Globe Dine Bar (Restaurant)
“One of the handful of bars/restaurants in the small downtown area of Garden Grove. Smallish restaurant with a number of tables and a nice wooden bar. Full bar is available here, as well as wine and beer. Beer list is pretty much all Belgian beer. It’s mostly your standard offerings, so don’t expect any obscure Belgian beers here.

Food menu is somewhat authentic Belgian and French, but there’s a number of interesting/weird interpretations (Belgian nachos, loaded Belgian frites). They also do burgers and pizzas...

Pricing is fairly reasonable for a half decent restaurant, but it’s maybe a bit on the high side. I’d recommend checking it out for happy hour or one of the specials they have.

There’s not a whole lot in the area, and certainly not a lot of Belgian themed places in Orange County (or really Southern California, I guess), so it could be worth a stop. I’d probably just go further west to Beachwood BBQ, though.“
brokensail 3032 days ago
58 /100
OC Brewhouse (Restaurant)
“This is the bar/restaurant in the Hyatt Garden Grove. Noteworthy primarily cause there ain’t much else in Garden Grove to choose from. 12 taps, including some decent locals. Hotel prices. Didn’t try the food. You could do worse if you were stuck in Disneyland.“
bytemesis 3453 days ago
56 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“Famous for their Double IPAs and that’s about it. Food needs work. Bad pizza. Waitress was a nut.“
mrhoppy 3493 days ago
74 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“Sat at the bar. Beer selection is good, 9 taps of their own beer, with 6-8 guest taps (mostly Bud/Coors but also some nicer examples like Arrogant Bastard). Food selection was good. Had a pasta dish that was excellent. Prices weren’t the cheapest, but the portion sizes were good. Beer sampler came with their 8 standard brews and one seasonal. Most of the beers were above average.“
bnoel09 3960 days ago
78 /100
The Globe Dine Bar (Restaurant)
“Excellent gastropub, run in the European style with the bar owners actively involved. Beers are all served at the proper temperature and in brewery provided glassware. Chef is formerly from Patina group and offers Belgian family recipes as well as creations of his own. A definite oasis in the beer desert of Garden Grove.“
Luu777 3993 days ago
64 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“More of a restaurant than a brewery. Went there with the kids and they were going nuts. Did not get a chance to sit back and really enjoy my brews. Had 9 beers on tap. All decent, but nothing great. Pizza was so so. Worth a stop and good place to bring family. Much better options in area if you are just going for beer.“
msante79 4372 days ago
60 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“A couple miles from Disneyland and open late and on weekends which Hollingshead isn’t. Decent brewpub beers and food. Barkeep had some decent beer knowledge and seemed to like talking brews.“
IrishBoy 4826 days ago
56 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“Located across the street from the Hyatt in Garden Grove. A variety of selections of their own brewed beers. The scottish ale was my favorite of all I tried. Food is decent for a brewery. A little pricey during non happy hour time, but a decent place to try new beer and watch a sporting event.“
Barreras 4836 days ago
64 /100 12362 CHAPMAN AVE
“Close to Disneyland so when ever at the park and in need of some beer this is a close place to hit. There are Oggi’s all over the place and they are pretty good. They are a typical mass produced brewpub and they do a great job. Sports stuff all over and the beer brewed in one mass brewery and then shipped to each place. They got good pub food and the prices where relative to the rest of the area and Disney. The staff had some knowledge and they had a good mix of brews to taste. I would stop again if in the area and in need of a brew.“
BrewDad 4983 days ago