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74 /100
Hot’s Kitchen (Restaurant)
“A nice little eatery in Hermosa Beach with a fair selection of beers. The food is good, but both food and beer are pricey. Good service.“
BeerandBlues2 3023 days ago
82 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“Upon first entry, this seems like your typical local liquor store. However, the selection is pretty solid for the area, and the prices are reasonable, given it’s location in Hermosa Beach. The workers tend to know their beers, or at least what’s selling off the shelves. They are also more than willing to hook you up with their secrets in the back. MOst surprisingly, I came across a Sam Adams Utopias on two separate occasions when visiting this store. Can’t complain about that! Price was a bit steep, but for a beer this rare, not sure an extra $10-20 really makes a difference. Definitely a place worth stopping by if you’re in the are.“
Dr_Fellini 3058 days ago
68 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“Small but fairly good selection. Nothing that really stands out and makes this place a destination. I guess without much else in terms of bottle options in Hermosa, this place will do. Prices seemed okay, I guess. Nothing too egregious, but not cheap, either.“
brokensail 3062 days ago
76 /100
The Rockefeller (Restaurant)
“Just up the street from Abigaile (which was closed for a private event; that’s twice I’ve been shut out there). Nice outdoor patio area with a handful of tables. Smallish interior seating area. Service was very quick and friendly. Decent selection of beers, almost all from Southern California with the exception of a couple Belgian imports (maybe a German beer on there, too). Good food, kind of gastropub style. The truffle mac & cheese and fish tacos were quite good. Some of the other items, just okay. If you go any time other than happy hour, break out the piggy bank. Most beers are $7 or $8 with a few being $10 (or more). Happy hour, certain beers are discounted to $5 and a number of smaller plates are $6. Food prices are pretty reasonable on the whole, though. Not a bad spot, but I wouldn’t come here to drink if it wasn’t happy hour.“
brokensail 3062 days ago
70 /100
Hot’s Kitchen (Restaurant)
“Little gastropub style restaurant right off the strand on Hermosa Ave. Food is tasty, but has the typical hipster gastropub pricing of $5 for a single taco and $7 for a single slider. They do offer a hot dog which is pretty good and comes with spicy mustard and a nice sauerkraut (also $7). Cheapest beer I think is also $7, but goes up to the $10 range for beers like Older Viscosity (comes in a 10 oz pour). Service was at least friendly and prompt.“
brokensail 3069 days ago
66 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“A fairly unimpressive beer store, particularly for LA standards, but a pretty good selection for a one mile radius. The beer selection is pretty standard with CA locals, but as I was walking out the cashier stopped me and said he had others in the cooler. I stayed a minute and was greeted with two "rare" beers, not relegated to the shelves, a Deschutes Abyss and Bootleggers Knuckle Sandwich DIPA. He was pretty proud of those two beers and I did not burst his bubble and tell him that Whole Foods had those and many others he did not carry.“
BeerandBlues2 3133 days ago
82 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“nice selections of SoCal seasonals from Firestone Walker, Stone, Sierra Nevada, etc. they held back a stash of Stone Vertical Epic 10/10/10 to sell when 11/11/11 came out for example.“
Anova167 3525 days ago
76 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“Been here a couple of times. Smaller selection, but some good stuff (750ml) from The Bruery, Firestone, Deschutes, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, Ballast Point and Stone. Both employees I’ve talked to were very friendly.“
MattH 3612 days ago
78 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“Nice place with a very nice selection of beer. Lots of cal beers and other stuff from the states and global. Prices are pretty high but I found a couple of jewels. I need to come back here cause I feel like I didnt look aroud to much cause right away I found stuff that I wanted. One complaint besides the prices was that they had sculpin outside the fridge. Theres was like 3 cases sitting at room temperature like thats sad. I wanted to grab a bottle but nope. Its ok to have a stout at room temp but with Ipas, keep em cold...in the fridge specially the good stuff like sculpin.“
toxichop 3660 days ago
88 /100 3232 MANHATTAN AVE
“I was staying right around the corner from this place and just happened to walk in one day. The selection isn’t all the big, about 50, but it’s all great stuff. I was able to get The Abyss,The Dissident,Jubel 2010,Sofie,Firestone 14 and Pliny. The prices are a little bit high, but it’s worth it in my opinion.“
dimenhetfield 3947 days ago
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