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78 /100 11352 HESPERIA RD STE B
“Schöne kleine Brauerei, an diesem Tag 8 Biere vom Fass sonst sind es 10, super essen auch ne kleine kinderkarte, alles in allem sehr nett“
MBlessing 823 days ago
62 /100 11352 HESPERIA RD STE B
“Visited August 1, 2015.

Stopped in on the way back from the desert. We short sightedly didn’t take any water on the shooting trip (took plenty of beer though), so this was a welcomed sight. It’s a very nice building with an upstairs area. They do live music and trivia and a bunch of other stuff here. When we showed up, early on a Saturday, there were only three other customers in the place. No big deal. Honestly, that would have been preferred, if the beer was any good. Every beer has a bunch of green apple flavor and some have a decent amount of sulfur. It’s a shame. We worked through all of them in flights of four but yeah, that was work. Unfortunately the bartender serving us was also the brewer and he could see our reactions.

This is pretty close to 15 so it’s not a trek to get here if passing through to/from Vegas but I’m going to wait a year before I think about stopping back in to see if they’ve improved at all. Not sure I could stomach the beers if I was going to hang out there. The prices were reasonable on tasters. They don’t serve food (I thought they did) but they do have some take out menus for a local restaurant that will deliver. They have a popcorn machine if you’re really cheap and don’t want to pay for food.

I left it as a brewpub because it’s more of a bar than a tasting room. They do NOT serve food but you can bring in outside food.“
t0rin0 1889 days ago
76 /100 12221 POPLAR ST, UNIT #3
“Visited July 25, 2015.

I drove a bit over the speed limit to get here thinking they still close at 9, which their website says, and arrived at 845. I found the place still full and they were happy to serve me a flight. They now close at 10 on the weekends so there’s no need to drive the 30 miles down 395 on empty to make it here on time. This place is bro’d out (the clients, not the staff), but then it’s Hesperia so what do you expect. That said, everyone was nice and aside from getting a laugh out of the flat brimmed hats and neck tattoos everything was just fine.

They have about a dozen taps with a lot of beers rotating in and out. Apparently they’ve been open for about 3 years now. Time flies. The beers were all moderately drinkable but none were amazing. Then again none were bad. The bartender showed me around the brewery briefly and I was amazed that they’re actually on a 10 bbl system now. When I added this place to RateBeer a while back they were on a little home brew system fermenting in plastic. At the very least now they have some proper fermentation control (ie less of the apple and sulfur off flavors).

The place is set up nice. Lots of tables so there is plenty of seating. It looks like they started with the one unit that only has a few tables and expanded into the adjacent one where there is lots more room, but having never been here I really don’t know. Over all it’s a cool place but the beer is just alright.

The bartender told me about a couple of other places in the area that are now carrying good beer. I need to look these up:

Beef O Brady’s in Hesperia
The Wine Seller in Apple Valley“
t0rin0 1918 days ago
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