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82 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Last stop of the evening; they may be open late but the kitchen closes at 10 unfortunately. They have a dedicated lot, or there is metered street parking available. Pretty large inside with a central U-shaped bar. Dimly lit. About 20 taps, with the first dozen or so devoted to HPB, followed by guest taps. No flights, but 5 oz pours available, 2 at a time, of both the HPB and guest beers. I did not ask to see the bottle list if any. HPB makes some solid beers, but I feel they are a bit overrated these days. In any case, a fun place to visit.“
bytemesis 939 days ago
100 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Nothing not to love about this brewpub. The beers are super good - still better than the new dt location, and the vibes are always on point.“
malbro 997 days ago
80 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“I was in LA on a layover (NYE, 31/12/2017) and a buddy took me here. Very cool atmosphere and friendly staff. It felt totally off the beaten track when I went and sampling a bunch of their beers I found nothing to complain about and a few were top knotch as well. The few guest taps weren't as high quality but I appreciated the variety of styles on offer.“
KansaiBeerLvrs 1001 days ago
98 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Favorite spot as a new LA transplant (from Madison, WI). Majority of the staff are cool, though some are more friendly once they know you. Food is tasty and reasonable for neighborhood (tacos/corn dogs are the tits). Always around 20 beers...usually a little less than half are hpb. Lots of ipas, most of which are above average. Totally rad pils and funky beers usually. Guest beers are usually local but often have pretty unusual stuff for the area (weird HoTD, JP, etc). Can get busy, but scenery ain’t bad. Games to play. Cons: Not open for lunch weekdays (maybe a WI expectation), no happy hour, pretty much $8 a beer.“
CMUBEERMAN 1366 days ago
82 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“In the door a little before 12:30 on the first July Friday afternoon in 2016. They’d been open for less than 30 minutes and while not packed, the bar was more than half full. Lots of locals, including a construction crew having lunch. Looks like a well loved local spot. Menu looked great with a ton of bar food style options, and a few healthy ones as well. Super reasonable in terms of pricing as well. Probably explains the pile of locals rushing in for lunch. Got a watermelon salad that was ridiculously good. Had arugula, cucumber, radish, pickled red cabbage (dude, this was saurkraut, and it was awesome, and I will absolutely be making this salad at home now), mint, lemon and honey. Everything else I saw coming out of the kitchen looked fantastic from tacos and burgers to other ample appetizers. The beers were also pretty great, with a nice range of styles on the 10 taps that were theirs. This was complimented and enhanced further with a further 8 guest taps of other locals (plus Allagash). Super chill place, great food, great beers. Possibly out of the way depending on where you are, but I’d certainly recommend going in here. There’s also shuffleboard and the hook/ring game, so I’d guess this place is popular at night as well. One of my favorite visits from our LA trip. “
j12601 1383 days ago
82 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Highland Park is a very cool place once you find it...brewing in a small building out back of...and serving their beers in...The Hermosillo. This is a very cool club with a very interesting if somewhat checkered past (all the better!). The Hermosillo has great atmosphere and excellent food. I visited on a recent Sunday afternoon...there was some very fine music playing...a mix that included some nice jazz...add the décor which was well done...and I could easily have let a whole afternoon slip by. When I visited...7 of the 18 taps were HPB beers (the rest were guest taps...since this is The Hermosillo’s bar after all). I had flight sizes of all 7 and enjoyed them...especially the "Whoops" hazy west coast IPA. Also noteworthy...Beer Spaceship 344 pale ale and For Crazy hazy DIPA. I highly recommend a visit...I will allow more time when back in the area.“
PRBeer 1491 days ago
88 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Visited quite late and quite drunk at 24.4.16 with Ran and Etay. Vast and dark place with decent beer and despite the hipsters that were sitting at the bar an almost-divey atmosphere that I liked. Not sure if there’s food there but the tables were comfortable and the vibe was good. Beer’s decent too.“
kerenmk 1758 days ago
78 /100
Maximiliano (Restaurant)
“Strictement sur le plan de l’ambiance ouverte, lumineuse et de la qualité de la cuisine, cet endroit mérite le détour. Crafstman brasse une lager aux herbes spécialement pour la maison. Le reste de la liste se concentre sur qualité plutôt que quantité.“
Marheb 1804 days ago
76 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Took me a while to warm to the place as the bar was packed and my friend and I went to take a table away from it. After a rather long wait, finally figured it was bar service only. Went back to bar and circled it to find an open space to order and then it still took a while to get service. Will say once I did, it all went up hill fast. friend and I started with four sample glasses between us. I then went back for a full pint and really enjoyed it. Along with the hoppy ones up to west coast standards, they had two sours and of those, two batched of one. Tried the one noted as being more tart and really enjoyed it and bought a bottle for a friend here. Would definitely go back, given the chance.“
fly 1944 days ago
72 /100
Maximiliano (Restaurant)
“Stopped in on my way to Highland Park Brewing. I can always go for some pizza because I’m fat. They normally have a house beer here too (brewed by Craftsman), but for whatever reason it wasn’t available during my short visit.

Decor is pretty modern with some cool, artistic designs on the wall, interesting light fixtures, and furniture. Nice place and has sort of an open feel to it during the day time.

Ordered a margherita pizza which was pretty tasty and certainly enough food to fill up even a fat ass like myself.

Beer list here isn’t going to blow anyone away, but it’s a good place to eat and drink a beer that you can be pretty certain is good.“
brokensail 2095 days ago
86 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Une belle découverte à plusieurs niveaux. Vu de l’extérieur c’est impossible d’anticiper ce qui nous attend, l’enseigne est vintage mais un brin grossière et le bar est sombre. À l’intérieur l’endroit s’ouvre comme une fleur. Le menu bière est projeté sur le mur, des banquettes 50s longent le mur, le bar en U central est effervescent et une âme attrayante habite définitivement ce lieu. Si on ajoute les produits de la brasserie maison Highland Park, on obtient un incontournable dans un coin qui en bien besoin.“
Marheb 2229 days ago
82 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Currently this is really the location for Highland Park Brewing. They had a couple non-Highland Park beers available, but that’s what it is for the most part when you come in...some non-beer drinks as well.

Sort of a Mexican themed decor on the outside, but inside it’s pretty modern and very dark. Big wooden bar and some tables around the place as well. They have the draft list up on the wall via an overhead projector which is kind of neat...I guess it also sort of explains the darkness.

They do flights of the beers here, which is always appreciated. The pours are generally in the $2 range, but some of the special/high boost house beers are just served in the "5" ounce size anyway and are $5. Overall beer quality was pretty good, though some I didn’t really care for. Over a dozen house beers during my visit.

They have a limited food menu here. Burgers seemed to be a popular choice and looked quite tasty.

Pretty cool place. I don’t know when I’ll be back in this area, but I would definitely try to stop in again.“
brokensail 2233 days ago
76 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Relaxed, trendy beer bar in an unexpected neighborhood. You would never guess there was craft beer in here from the outside. Dark lighting, dark decor, small tap list that has been carefully setup with almost exclusively special California local beers. One-offs, sours, and brand new breweries showcased nicely on a projector screen. Found Haven, Taps, Eagle Rock, Drakes, and more. They do have food, but I did not see the normal menu or try anything. Staff was knowledgeable, friendly, quick.“
GT 2777 days ago
78 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Small place with a very decent tap list, a handful of breweries I hadn’t tried before, and a berliner weisse. Staff was very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2785 days ago
78 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Visited August 25, 2013.

We actually went here for cquiroga’s birthday party which was a private event, before the bar opened. The party ran long enough that the bar opened so these ratings are legit. The servers were cool with everyone bringing cases of beer partly because they were nice people and partly because they weren’t serving food or drinks yet. The tap list was decent, mostly southern California beers with some interesting ones I had never heard of like the brandy barleywine from Haven and the raspberry Berliner from Ohana. Cool place though a bit out of the way for me (coming from Riverslime) so I dont know how often I’ll frequent this place.“
t0rin0 2785 days ago
74 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Small place in highland park. Didn’t try any food. Tap list was small, but good and focused mainly on locals. They are in the process of constructing a 7bbl brewhouse in the back. Might hear more from these people in the future.“
BMan1113VR 2785 days ago
76 /100 5125 YORK BLVD
“Cool local bar with a pretty sweet Mexican/southwest vibe/decor. Nice selection of mostly California craft beers. Good spot to hang on a lazy afternoon.“
wutangfinancial 2785 days ago
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