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10 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
BrewinSoPaw 483 days ago
76 /100 17214 PACIFIC COAST HWY
“Visited mid-afternoon on a Friday. Located in a newish strip mall right off the PCH. Larger parking lot for the strip mall. The brewery has an open design with a smaller bar and table seating that spreads between inside and out. Beer selection is large, 19 house beers available as 5 oz taster, full pour or 32 oz Crowlers and 64 oz Growlers to go. Beers focus on hops, and all 3 I had were tasty. Friendly and relaxes service. Of note is the beer board, custom design on skateboard decks - arguably the best design I have seen. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 532 days ago
64 /100 201 MAIN ST
“Visited Friday afternoon. Located in middle of downtown Huntington Beach. Parking is likely an issue on busier days. Entrance is a bit hard to find, look for the signs, and walk upstairs to second level. Bar opens up with a bunch of bar seating indoor tables, and a few tables on an outdoor patio that had a great view of the ocean. Beer selection is 5 house beers and 4 guests on draft. Fun crowd, seemed to be a mix of tourists and locals - good people watching. There was a food menu, though I didn't check it out. Would be a good choice if you are in the area with non-beer folks. (Just ok) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 533 days ago
74 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“A good range of local beers - certainly enough to keep a foreigner amused for a while. I found the lighting rather dim though, particularly when looking down to the lower shelves. No complaints on price or service.“
berkshirejohn 598 days ago
74 /100 21028 CA-1 #E-100
“Ok - it’s a bar, but it has the company’s beer and quite a few others. Food is really good. Very cheerful and efficient service. Outdoor seating. Not a huge number of spaces tho. Good place. Apparently they validate parking- assuming you can find that :) “
bhensonb 625 days ago
80 /100 17214 PACIFIC COAST HWY
“Is this ever a local. For the young and loud. Tho there’s a patio and a few spots in the adjacent brewing area that are much quieter! Some pretty good beer. I got an informal tour and briefing on facilities (secret door) and history (abt 4 yrs or so). Worth a stop!“
bhensonb 625 days ago
70 /100 201 MAIN ST
“This place is a hoot. Up the stores to the second floor of the building. Some new faux decor imitating the remaining “ancient” brick and stuff. About a block from the pier. Beer is at least ok. Gotta hit this if in the area.“
bhensonb 625 days ago
8 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
Wittales 1283 days ago
76 /100 18421 GOTHARD ST, UNIT 100
“Easy find from the road, although it was industrial park. Food truck and cornhole in the back. Saturday afternoon crowd was busy. They have opened a tour of the bigger production brewery in the corner. 8$ flight of four with all of them respectable, except the DIPA newly released, cheese nose. Great little young brewery doing canning and merchs for sale on site. Give these guys alook, doing well.“
Wittales 1283 days ago
68 /100
Mr. Kegs (Beer Store)
“(Visited 07/2015): Mr. Kegs is a small store located in Huntington Beach in a plaza on Warner Ave and Springdale. Parking is plentiful in the plaza.

The store is brightly lit and laid out about as well as the small space allows. There are coolers with beer (the "Beer Cave" up front. Many CA breweries represented like KRBC, Mammoth, Bruery and Russian River. As the name implies there are a lot of kegs, plus some homebrew stuff in back.

Service on a weekday afternoon at checkout was fine.

Overall this is a decent spot in Huntington Beach with some worthwhile options.“
Dogbrick 1365 days ago
76 /100 17214 PACIFIC COAST HWY
“This place is pretty cool. Right of the PCH in Huntington Beach, they definitely have embraced the surfer mentality here. Everything from the low key, casual service to the names and design of the beers on the list hint at the beach culture. As far as decor goes, it’s pretty bare bones at this point as they’ve only been open a month or so. There’s plenty of space inside though. It’s also a home brew shop with a limited selection of ingredients and supplies. I’m seeing more and more of these tasting room/home brew supply places lately...One nice touch was that they had some fresh bread and butter with some bread stick/pretzel things that you can help yourself to at no charge. They had about six beers to try and all of them were above average. Very good stuff. My friend who lives down here said that the place and the beers reminds him of Pizza Port back in the old days. The beer quality was similar already even though they’re new. Very impressive. Oh, and I asked them the meaning of the name Riip. Like I expected, it’s an acronym. To be honest I can’t remember what it is exactly, but it’s something like Randy’s Insane Investment Project or something like that. This place is definitely worth a stop if only for the beers.“
joeneugs 1684 days ago
54 /100 7881 EDINGER AVE, STE 150
“It’s only a Whole Foods, but the local beer selection is very impressive. Nice complement to the nearby Total Wine.“
bhensonb 1873 days ago
80 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“Excellent selection for local brewers (except for Russian River) and pretty good for overall selection. Staff was helpful and friendly. Prices were very reasonable. You can build your own sixer. Everything arranged neatly according to style which makes browsing easier. Canada could really use a Total Wine & More. Better than anything we have!“
cmacklin 1933 days ago
62 /100 8491 ATLANTA AVE
“Kind of a dumpy looking liquor store right on the corner. They don’t have too much beer here and most of the micros are kept in the walk-in portion of the cooler.

The focus is mostly focused on Southern California beers particularly Orange County and San Diego. They do have some random Inland Empire and Temecula stuff as well, including a brand new fruited IPA from Black Market that I hadn’t seen elsewhere. Lots of Citra Showers and Enjoy By stocked up there as well. A few interesting special releases from Allagash, too.

Pricing is maybe a touch on the high side, but it’s not atrocious by any means. Not really near anything I normally visit, so I don’t know that I’d stop in again, particularly with some other quality stores not too far away.“
brokensail 2001 days ago
80 /100 201 MAIN ST
“This was the last stop for dinner while visiting breweries in Orange County. The outside tables were granite and we had a great view of the Huntington Beach pier. We had calamari and sliders. Both were good! BJ’s is across the street. This is local brewery and they also featured other Orange County beers.“
Foxbush 2047 days ago
70 /100 18421 GOTHARD ST, UNIT 100
“This brewery was visited on 3/6 on a business trip to Huntington Beach. There were 20-25 people in the tasting room when we arrived. A steady traffic of growlers came to the bar. There were tables and stools for the patrons. The brewing equipment was in the same room. Four Sons is easy to find in an industrial park with parking but no food. The bartender offered pretzels and no sodas. Offering sodas to non-beer drinking guests is a must.“
Foxbush 2047 days ago
72 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
“This was an easy brewery to find. You enter through the back and brewery equipment. The tasting room is small with picnic tables. They were cleaning up from a canning. They all were very friendly. The flight cost $10 which is high. Adam the bartender was very helpful with my questions. The beers were above average.“
Foxbush 2049 days ago
84 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
“Nice little brewery tucked away in a business part, the service was very good, there were over a dozen beers on tap (all solid or better) and w/ TVs on to watch a game it was a nice place to hang out“
JohnC 2153 days ago
70 /100
Liquor Warehouse (Beer Store)
“Decent pricing, ok selection, but pretty bad customer service. I’ve been there 3 times and the people working are always just sitting around looking at their phones.“
beerguy00 2183 days ago
72 /100
Mr. Kegs (Beer Store)
“Came to this place sort of by accident. Had to go to the Friar Tux shop down the street to get my fitting done for a friend’s wedding and then on my way back home I came across this place (and a pretty good barber shop on the other side of Warner).

This store is pretty cramped and small, but they make it work. The beer of interest is almost all in the first handful or so of cooler doors near the entrance. Lots of local stuff and a few interesting ones I hadn’t seen around before from some less popular breweries like Mammoth. Selection is pretty good for what they’re working with, bottle-wise anyway. They have a ton of kegs for sale here, which is kind of cool I guess. Prices are hard to judge since I don’t usually buy kegs.

There was a small little section of home brew gear in the back. Mostly small stuff like bottle caps (and cappers), corks, some small bagged dry ingredients, etc. Neat. A handful of sake bottles as well.

Alright little store, I might have to pop in every so often after a hair cut, since I think I found my new barber shop.“
brokensail 2213 days ago
72 /100 18421 GOTHARD ST, UNIT 100
“Stopped in on my way home from work. Pretty nicely done tasting room. Almost makes you forget that you’re in a business park. They have a lot of space here for you to hang out, plenty of tables, decent seating at the bar. Definitely looks like some money went into this place.

They had seven different taps going when I stopped in (one beer was out). A flight of four is $7, so a slight discount on the normal $2/taster. A little more than I’d like to pay but whatever...I think I’ve lost the sub-$2 taster battle at this point. Complimentary pretzels at least. Woohoo.

A couple of the beers I liked such as their single hop pale ale and the hefeweizen. The other beers were hit or miss. Sadly, this is a huge win when it comes to the newly opened breweries these days.

I might stop in from time to time since it’s not horribly out of my way (particularly if my soccer team can get their shit together and start playing in the league that’s right down the street again).“
brokensail 2213 days ago
70 /100 18421 GOTHARD ST, UNIT 100
“Visited September 18, 2014.

Brand new brewery. During my visit the server mentioned that they had been open for about 10 days at that point. They only had 5 beers on but there was a sixth that was coming soon. Not sure how many they plan on having on tap once they get going here but what they’ve made so far is alright. While none were amazing none were bad, except maybe chocolate coffee stout. Brewers: please stop calling things chocolate if the only thing "chocolate" about it is the fact that it has chocolate malt in it. It’s ashy and burnt tasting. Anyway, the beer names were kind of cutesy (for better or for worse). Nightmare on Gothard St, Going "Coco" Nuts, Not So Dumb (blonde ale), Vier Sohne (Four Sons in German), etc.

I do appreciate their buying some proper equipment and not resorting to fermenting in garbage cans, I mean plastic fermenters in a refrigerator. Seriously, take some pride in your work. Speaking of pride, check out the corn hole set outside, lol. It’s actually not bad and I like the fact that they have it there, but I got a kick out of the quality jigsaw work on the cutting of the holes.

Prices are maybe a little high. $2 per taster and $5 or $6 for a full glass. Not entirely sure how big the full glasses are though since I didn’t order one and the stout and DIPA both say (13oz) next to them. Since a "pint" (crappy shaker glass) is really more like 12-13oz with head on it I’m thinking that these strong beers are really just an 8oz snifter. $14ish for a growler fill isn’t horrible compared to a lot of places these days. At least these guys understand that there needs to be an incentive to take the beer home where you have to pour it yourself, clean up after yourself, and don’t get to watch TV for free.

Service was friendly and this is in a nice area. It’s also near several other breweries (like everything these days) so I might stop back in.“
t0rin0 2219 days ago
76 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“A selection riveled by the stores in Orlando. Tons of locals. Got about 20 new to me beers, including an Avery. Help was offered. Excellent.“
bhensonb 2244 days ago
60 /100 201 MAIN ST
“Decent place. Place was empty, but the service was good. Near the beach. Barely had any of their own beer (2 beers), some decent other selections. Not bad.“
JPDurden24 2269 days ago
32 /100 201 MAIN ST
“15th July 2014, happy hour mid-afternoon. The brewpub sits above a Baskin-Robins ice cream outlet on the road that leads to the pier, just one hundred yards or so from the seafront. Sat at the bar and looked around, not overly impresses: five beers on tap, two of which were their own. I had a taster of their two and stupidly ordered a pint of the Blonde. I did not enjoy it at all. The Karl Stauss Big Barrel however was very good. No food for me and I did not notice anyone else eating. Bartender was just doing his job and there seemed no interaction with any of the customers or the serving girls, going through the motions without a smile or nod. Basic layout with a balcony and an open plan main area, few TV screens about. No reason to go here apart from a tick or two for their beers, I will not return.“
BlackHaddock 2288 days ago
62 /100 7242 HEIL AVE
“Visited July 2, 2014.

Finally stopped in after about eight years of seeing this on the map. I find it really strange that only one person has rated this place since just five years ago it was one of about only five breweries within a 20 mile radius. I would have thought that SOMEONE would have stopped in. Oh well. It’s a brew on premise kind of place where you can choose a premade recipe from their catalog. You also have to come back and bottle your beer after fermentation. Everything is extract in case you’re curious. They also offer kits for rootbeer and some baking projects like pizza and soft pretzels. There was a group of kids from some team there with their dad’s making pretzels while the dad’s drank beer. They also serve food, but they have to bake everything fresh so even something like a slice of pizza or what I wanted, the bratwurst in the pretzel bun, takes 30 minutes to make.

The beer is pretty meh. They don’t do tasters or flights, pints only. I asked which one the best was and I was told that the hefe was selling really well so I got a glass. It had the banana flavor I suppose but it was a golden brown color and it had some green apple flavor, not to mention an acidic bite (not sure if that’s lacto or what but it was kind of mild). Yeah, not impressed. I tried a sip of a few others too. Meh. I didn’t want to wait for the food so I didn’t try it. The server was very friendly and talkative, though he was the only server and had to pour beers at the bar, sell the occasional customer some root beer to go, and help the team bake pretzels. Also not sure how this place gets it’s permits (I guess 1994 was a different time). There is a single person bathroom in the back. To get there you have to walk through the "kitchen" and the around some drums of malt extract. The block where all the phone/internet wires connect to is exposed and on the wall right next to the door handle for the bathroom. I don’t really care but it’s interesting to see a place like this still operating.

Can’t say that I’m in a hurry to come back but they are opening a new brewery next door (literally) called Revel Brewing. Between that and Four Son’s there will be four breweries in Huntington so I’ll have to come back at some point.“
t0rin0 2301 days ago
74 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
“Visited July 2, 2014.

Another warehouse brewery but this one has started off with a real budget. Didn’t ask how big the equipment is but I’d guess at least 25 bbl. They’ve only been open 2 months so far and have about 20 accounts, all in Huntington so far. Interesting to see a brewery with a proper business plan and not a pile of plastic fermenters and their nephew bartending for free.

They offer flights of four for $10 and all eight for $18, so not cheap. At least their beer isn’t bad. It’s not something I’d drive all the way from Riverside to try again but at least it didn’t have a bunch of flaws. They have a pale, IPA, black rye IPA, and a double IPA so half the list is hoppy if you’re into that. Surprisingly the black rye IPA was my favorite of the bunch. They also had a Berliner that was alright. I didn’t care for the stout.

The employees are friendly and the brewer and owner were there talking to people. I tried my samples at one of the picnic tables and talked to the contractor that helped build the place about owning and building a house in Mexico as a foreigner. I learned all about the 100 km rule and the fact that federal line tends to move from time to time. I think I had more fun talking about that than about beer.

Since I neither live nor work anywhere near Huntington Beach I have no idea when I’ll be here next, nor do I have the inclination to drive out of my way to be here BUT it’s not a bad place. Also, just up the street Brewbaker’s is opening a new brewery soon so at some point I’ll have to come back. That, and sometime later this year Four Sons will open. So yeah, I’ll come back in at some point.“
t0rin0 2301 days ago
82 /100
BT’s Southern BBQ (Restaurant)
“Really, really small BBQ restaurant in a strip mall in HB. Seemed to be pretty much the only place open when I stopped in.

Order at the counter style, but there is a small bar where you can sit and eat as well as have a beer. Tap list is not huge, maybe a dozen or so beers, but all good stuff. Particularly from San Diego breweries (stuff from Hess, Societe, Ballast Point).

Service was quick and friendly. The prices on the food are pretty solid, and they have specials which seemed to be a good deal as well. Beer prices are a little on the high side--a pint of one of the Hess IPAs ended up being about $7.50 after tax, which I guess is becoming more "standard" these days.

Would certainly go back in the future, if nothing else just to eat.“
brokensail 2311 days ago
70 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
“This place is actually not far from where I played soccer (HB Sports Complex). Decided to stop in on my way home the other night. There isn’t too much to the tasting room, a couple folding tables by the entrance, three picnic tables and benches, and a small bar that I guess you could hang out at. The space is mostly dominated by the brewing equipment and cold box.

The brewer was serving beers and set me up with a flight of all 8 of their beers. This is another new place that is charging a bit on the high end for their pours--$10 for a flight of four beers. Service was good, at least. He explained a bit about all the beers and gave me a pour of the DIPA they were releasing the following day.

Overall beer quality is okay, not great, but not really terrible. I didn’t care for a few of the beers, most were just "eh", and maybe the wheat beer was the best.“
brokensail 2316 days ago
80 /100 7631 WOODWIND DR
“Still a relatively new brewery, but it is a great place to visit. The brewery and tasting room are all in the same area. It’s really cool to drink a beer less than 20 feet away from where it was brewed. If you are in the area it is worth checking out.“
beerguy00 2330 days ago
72 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“Standard Total Wine step up with good selection of international, sixers, bombers, and locals. They where filling up the selves with product. No Russian river:( but the employee help me with where I could find some:) Decent locals:) “
Wittales 2376 days ago
72 /100 7881 EDINGER AVE, STE 150
“Decent bottle selection. Standard Whole Foods for most of it, somewhat crowded parking. The difference compared to a lot of other area WFM, is that this one has 24 taps, all of which are solid.“
BMan1113VR 2390 days ago
76 /100 7631 EDINGER AVE. SUITE 15
“Very newly opened. Much bigger than the other Eurkea I’ve been to (Redlands location). Massive and full bar with quite a few more handles than the other location. Food was decent as was the service. Prices are high. Parking can be tight. Check out the Whole Foods in the same area as they have 24 taps of their own.“
BMan1113VR 2390 days ago
56 /100 201 MAIN ST
“I’ve been here several times over the years and each time I’ve been disappointed. It’s a decent restaurant and all, but the beer is pretty bad. The service is pretty slow as well. You have to walk up the stairs to get into the place and there is a hostess, usually, that will eventually get you a table. I’ve never wanted to wait for a table so I’ve just sat at the bar to try some tasters. Usually about 20 minutes is enough for me if the beer is bad, which it is here. At least they have some guest beers, though those aren’t the most interesting either. Last time I was there the guest taps included Great White and some other stuff that I wasn’t excited about. These days the tap list looks a little better with some Green Flash and Oscar Blues. Huntington is a nice place (though it’s expensive and parking sucks worse than San Francisco) so I may stop in again to see if the beers have gotten any better.“
t0rin0 2464 days ago
72 /100 16060 BEACH BLVD
“Just off 405 @ Beach, so it’s pretty convenient. Also very close to Total Wine - HB. Decor and ambiance is the same as all the BJs, really. Service seemed better than usual, which is nice. Ordered a glass of their seasonal IPA, which was meh as expected. Just another like all the rest. Just head up the road to Beachwood.“
brokensail 2582 days ago
62 /100 201 MAIN ST
“3 aug 2013. Four house beers on tap and three guest taps. The atmosphere was between a sports bar and a beach bar. Server really didn't want to be there and it was very obvious. Still, it was busy so there was a good vibe.“
Blairgus 2635 days ago
70 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“Decent stop right off the freeway near the whole foods, trader joes, BJs and BevMo. Overall a pretty solid selection of whiskey, six packs, singles and a few bottles I haven’t seen before. Typical total wine atmosphere. Good wine selection as well. Decent pricing. Convenient if you are in the area. Nothing super local that you can’t get elsewhere.“
BMan1113VR 2674 days ago
60 /100 10084 ADAMS AVE
“Stopped here after one of my soccer games for some pizza and beers with the team. Typical pizza parlor feel with the food counter at the front and picnic tables and benches throughout. A few decent beers on tap, but pretty much all standard offerings. The pizza is pretty decent, as it is at all the Lampposts. You could stop here for a bite and beer, but wouldn’t bother coming out of my way to go here.“
brokensail 2709 days ago
74 /100 8082 ADAMS AVE
“Nice selection of beers with a lot of variety. Large location with plenty of seating at the bar area(s) as well as the main restaurant and patio. Service was quite good. They offer flights of any four beers for $10, which is nice. The prices on the normal beers range from reasonable to eyebrow raising ($12 for a glass of Cognac Baba Yaga, for instance).“
brokensail 2710 days ago
64 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“Hit this place up when visiting my brother that lives in Huntington Beach. Awesome selection of locals and what seems like a decent seasonal selection. Nice, helpful staff, though I didn’t test their knowledge much. Checkout person offered me a Pliny when I was checking out which was cool. Huge points lost for displaying most of their beer on warm shelves, along with stocking TONS of stale beer. Shame on me for not inspecting each bottle, but many of the dates were 6-9 old bottle dates. Lots of unmarked IPAs tasted like crap upon bringing them home. I’d probably like this store better if I was a local and only bought stuff I knew was new. I’ve got stores like this at home where I know which beers to avoid. Here, I’m the newbie. Welcome to California!“
madvike 2758 days ago
68 /100 7881 EDINGER AVE, STE 150
“Didn’t t see the taps, good local selection with decent micros, euros and macros. I wish had more hard to find Stones, Bear Republic and Russian River.“
Wittales 2766 days ago
74 /100 16672 BEACH BLVD, STE K
“Sort of a small location in a strip mall. The beer is toward the back half of the store. Like most BevMos, it’s primarily at room temperature on the shelves. Friendly staff, willing to help. A little better selection than your run of the mill BevMo with a few special releases. Lots of local/Southern California beers. Not a bad spot if you’re cruising up/down Beach.“
brokensail 2783 days ago
78 /100 7881 EDINGER AVE, STE 150
“A little bit smaller on the inside than some of the other Whole Foods in the area. A nice selection of taps up at one of the deli counters (looked to be about 15). Most are fairly common beers, but pretty good ones for the most part. A good but not overly large or impressive selection of bottles in the back. Prices are of course on the high side. Service is friendly, though.“
brokensail 2934 days ago
84 /100 16272 BEACH BLVD
“Newest Total Wine in the area. Nice selection of singles and six picks, seemed to have the newest seasonals and a special release or two from Firestone and Deschutes. Prices are your typical Total Wine prices. Staff was helpful and the place is huge. Seems to be much bigger than the Total Wines in Brea and Tustin.“
brokensail 2967 days ago
52 /100 201 MAIN ST
“This place is miserable. Bar/brewpub is located upstairs. Set up like more of a sports bar than anything. Only a handful of house beers at a given time, and there’s a good chance at least one of them is out. The house beers that are on tap are probably awful. Just go to Beachwood instead.“
brokensail 3001 days ago
70 /100 8082 ADAMS AVE
“This place actually has a menu for dogs! Stopped by with my Westie after a romp on Huntington Beach. Great pub food and a solid array of taps. The service takes awhile, but the setting is relaxing enough that you probably won’t notice.“
nbutler11 3008 days ago
80 /100 8082 ADAMS AVE
“Burger bar that has everything you need. Plenty of TV’s to watch the game with plenty of tables. There beer selection is excellent but you need to speak to the bartenders if you have any tough questions because the waitresses won’t know. The burgers are serious so bring an appetite.“
ADfan 3016 days ago