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76 /100 1485 HOLLOW GLEN RD
“A small, quaint brewery in a sleepy "mountain" town near San Diego. There is a decent sized outdoor area with tables and games and a smaller indoor area next to the brew equipment. The service was friendly and efficient. The beers were good, with about 16 house beers on tap.“
BeerandBlues2 1536 days ago
78 /100 1485 HOLLOW GLEN RD
“Small place, just a bar inside and the tiny Brewhouse/cellar area, with a nice outdoor patio. It's in the hills north of San Diego, so the weather is nice and you probably want to sit outside anyway. A fairly impressive selection considering the lack of space, but lots of fresh hop stuff from local farms when I went, and a solid base of traditional and new styles. If you are in Julian for apples, pie, or sightseeing, and want some decent beer, this is a fun stop.“
jbruner 1718 days ago
82 /100 1485 HOLLOW GLEN RD
“Un refuge avec une saveur "gold rush" dû à la région. Les bières houblonnées sont particulièrement mémorables et la qualité générale est au niveau des standards Californien. Un incontournable reculé dans la même catégorie qu’Alpine et Chuckalek.“
Marheb 2492 days ago
70 /100 4470 JULIAN RD
“Un genre de complexe multifonctions avec un salon rustique de dégustation. Les produits sont intéressants et le staff lumineux. Un arrêt facile dans le coin.“
Marheb 2492 days ago
80 /100 1485 HOLLOW GLEN RD
“Visited September 6, 2014.

This is a really cool spot up in the hills with a patio area that looks out over the valley. They don’t do food here unfortunately but they have some suggestions for local places that will deliver, not that you’ll have cell reception here anyway. It’s a nice little bar with some local characters. The bartender was an interesting mix of Irish, mountain folk, and diehard Packer fan. There is a little game room of sorts next to the bar with a foosball table and a dart board.

The brewery is a small 5ish bbl brewery located in the back. They had 12 beers on during my visit which is perfect since they do flights of 6. Unfortunately a couple of them were smoked but there were some good ones too. At least 4 of the 12 were hoppy beers. Also, the cask was pretty bad. Someone needs to explain to them that "room temperature" really means "cellar temperature". That cask was hot and hurt to drink. No thanks.

Cool place over all and I would stop back in if in the area again.“
t0rin0 2847 days ago
64 /100 4470 JULIAN RD
“Visited September 6, 2014.

First stop of the day. I don’t understand the hate in the other rating. Yes, there are only a handful of potential ticks here and maybe it’s not the best cider in the world but 1) it’s not terrible and 2) it’s actually a pretty cool spot. It’s up in the mountains which is pretty cool to begin with but it’s in a market that has food, a winery tasting room, and various trinkets and souvenirs. So it’s touristy but it’s got that old west / pioneer theme going on. Actually a nice place to hang out for a half hour to get out of the heat. Also, you can try talking to the person at the counter instead of just blowing through the ticks and leaving. All the wood they’ve used to decorate the place is reclaimed as are some of the fixtures. There was plenty to hear about in regards to the town and I also learned a bit about their cider (more on that later in the rating).

The tasting flight is $4 for 4 tasters. They sell bottles of the first three. The one that they don’t sell bottles of was probably my favorite and that was the raspberry. Next door they have a small store with some bottles and other stuff. I didn’t buy anything, just tasters. Also of note: they brew in Oregon. I’m guessing that is the equivalent to Hermitage in San Jose to the cider world. Or maybe they have their own brewery in Oregon and they decided to name it after the little California town of Julian... Also, for whatever reason they ship cherries over from Connecticut for the cherry cider. The rest of the fruit is grown in Oregon. Some other facts about the cider; all of them have the same apple base, just with different fruits added on top, and they’ve planted an orchard locally in Julian that they plan on using soon.

Overall a worthy stop once, especially for the scenery, but you can get their stuff pretty much anywhere in California.“
t0rin0 2847 days ago
82 /100 1485 HOLLOW GLEN RD
> High quality beer in an amazing outdoor setting is truly California’s answer to Arizona Wilderness ;)

>> Not even a mile from Julian’s ’town center’ is a small building right off the side of the road with "Nickel Beer" painted on the side of the building. Around 5-6 parking spaces. Interior is small, quaint, cozy with standing room only but outside is a large patio with picnic table seating. Around 12 house beers available, all are allowed growler fills and tasters. Tasters come in big 5oz tumblers organized on a cookie baking tray, $2 each. Growlers were $15-19 a fill. They will fill other brewery’s growlers as long as 32oz or 64oz standard glass. Staff was very friendly, the brewer even came out to pour some pints for people. Beer quality was high with most of their beers having some sort of smoked character either intentionally or not. Only a few beers were duds- the rest were worth the trip. Loved the ambiance. The word is out on the place and it was quite lively. Will be back for sure. “
GT 2989 days ago
36 /100 4470 JULIAN RD
“Yes, you can actually visit this place. It is in a small, quaint side of the side local crafts store type area. Inside that larger barn in a little Julian Hard Cider kiosk of sorts. One guy is full time there working and was very amiable and answered a lot of questions about the cider and the company. They only make three ciders, and all were on tap for tasters, $1 per very small plastic taster. And all bottles were to go though they had sold out of the normal cider. Anyway, this area has a very small wine and beer bottle shop that is too small to add to ratebeer called Country Cellars or something. I’m not sure I’d recommend stopping here because there isn’t anything here you can’t find elsewhere since they now are somehow internationally distributed.“
GT 3213 days ago
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