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86 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“We visited the place on a Friday afternoon (4pm) and there was space at the backyard. The backyard offers nice views over the valley. The food was tasty and the service friendly and quick. But the best part were the beers. They really can brew. Amazing IPAs, Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts. 15 beers on tap. Flights of 4 beers available. Kernville is not exactly the center of the world but at least for us it was worth the long drive.“
rosenbergh 1392 days ago
94 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Belive it or not, my forvaite thing about this great place is the burger. Not that the beers aren't great or the vibe isn't charming but I love that burger.“
malbro 1397 days ago
72 /100
Sierra Gateway Market (Grocery Store)
“Supermarket just across Kern Brewing. Several fridges full of beer, also a cold room. About 40 big bottles and a bunch of smaller bottles, maybe 100-150 in total. Decent amount of micros, but nothing too exciting. Managed to get Kern River Shuttle bunny which they didn’t have in brewery. If you’re in need of some decent beers for a roadtrip this is a good place.“
Iznogud 1737 days ago
84 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“After a long drive from St George through Death Valley this was a real oasis for us. Nice view from the Backyard patio though we stayed inside because of the heat. Backyard and the Original Pub had some beers different, so you might want to check that since they are located in separate buildings next to each other. Somehow I preferred the Backyard which we visited first. Backyard had 15 taps on, 2 of which were guests (cider and Lindemans Framboise). Quality of beers very good. Food and service were very good as well. Well worth visiting, staying in Kernville was a good decision.“
Iznogud 1737 days ago
84 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“We visited this quaint brewpub on our way home from Christmas is Death Valley National Park, not that it is exactly on the way home though. Again, a quaint place with dark wood interior and functioning brewery downstairs behind the bar. We enjoyed a couple of seasonal offerings and some hearty food before raiding the bomber cooler and heading on our way. While this is out of the way I recommend visiting and perhaps taking in one of the National Forests or Parks nearby.“
BeerandBlues2 1921 days ago
86 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“I was here in late November, in the dark, and didn’t eat so I can’t speak to ambiance, food, or view. There’s a restaurant in the front and a bar with a limited menu in the back. The beers are solid to great and the staff were really friendly. The Just Outstanding IPA is one of my favorites and their pumpkin beer was a surprise. If you don’t usually like pumpkin beer you might like this one. Quite mellow. Bomber fills $12-14.“
jollyraider 1994 days ago
82 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“La route pour s’y rendre quand on part de San Diego est encore plus satisfaisante que la destination. La pinte de Perspicacity que j’ai engouffré la seconde de mon arrivée aura valu chaque kilomètre. Beau petit village qui rappel Alpine, la bière également. Seul bémol, la bouffe était assez ordinaire.“
Marheb 2226 days ago
66 /100
Sierra Gateway Market (Grocery Store)
“One of the handful of places in Kernville and right across the street from the brewery. I’ve come here many times, but on this last trip I noticed that they’ve suddenly got good beer in stock, which there isn’t necessarily much of in the area (besides across the road).

It’s kind of a tight, overstuffed general grocery store with some camping supplies and stuff like that. They have a deli as well. Prices on a lot of things here are higher due to the location and the fact that it’s really the only place you can get them unless you drive back to Isabella to Vons or whatever.

Beers, though, were rather reasonably priced. They have a number of cooler doors with lots of 22 oz bottles and six packs. Stuff from the big San Diego breweries like Stone, Ballast Point, Port. Obviously Kern River products. Stuff from Firestone, Lagunitas, and some other well known in California breweries. They have all the macros here as well for people just looking to get wasted on the river. Inside the walk in they had a number of imports and some really reasonable pricing on stuff like St. Bernardus 750ml bottles. A handful of German beers, too.

Not much else around, so worth a shot.“
brokensail 2859 days ago
92 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Really awesome location! I love the mountains, but nothing beats CITRA!“
want1DIPA 3125 days ago
80 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Stopped in "on my way" to Palmdale for work. Pretty nice little place with outside seating and a view of the tanks from the bar. Four regular house taps, plus several "guest" beers and a few seasonals. They had Class X when I was there, which was pretty cool. Sampler tray of the four mainline beers is just $5. Food is pretty good from what I had, and again reasonable. Service is friendly and pretty helpful overall. Beers range from decent to pretty damn good. I would definitely hang out here if it was not so damn far from, well, everything.“
bytemesis 3227 days ago
68 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“A really nice little place. I feel like this score is showing up low but I suppose since I went in the middle of the day in the middle of the winter in a summer town the ambiance was going to be a bit off. The selection isn’t huge. It’s about 6 guest taps, and 5 house taps when we were there. That also is dragging down the score. THE GOOD NEWS!. Everything else about the place is great. The staff was warm and friendly, the beer was really good and the value is great. The food was excellent. I’d definitely be back every time I’m in town.“
dukeredhair 3446 days ago
82 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Pretty much the only place in Kernville to go. The house beers, of course, are the star of the show. Prices on those are pretty fair, but I’ve never eaten here. They have some interesting one offs from time to time. Pretty cool little place, just way too far away.“
brokensail 3576 days ago
84 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Lets start with the girls. California Dreamin !!!!! WOWIE ! Ok lets get serious. The beer was reall good. Cold, crisp, and refreshing. The atmosphere was good, and of course the window dressing was delicious.“
orhay 3677 days ago
86 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Went out to KRBC today for the release of Citra. It was well worth the drive. The food tasted very similar to some food I would make on the grill which added to the rustic charm of the area. The beer was amazing. I didn’t drink anything other than citra but that in itself was more than most places can claim. I will be making it out here again, next time with my kayaks and for the weekend.“
socaltay 3825 days ago
92 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Just outstanding to have a place like this in a place like this. God Bless KRB and the brew team here. Food is great too.“
gd4evr 3833 days ago
84 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“(Visited 01/2011): Kern River Brewing is located in Kernville near the Sequoia National Forest after a beautiful drive through the mountains along the Kern river (with signs warning of the dangers and death count associated with said river). There are actually a couple different ways to get there. The brewpub is on Sierra Way right outside the town center. There is a private parking lot. The outside has kind of a lodge look, and the interior is spacious and multi-level. The brewing equipment is easily visible from most of the brewpub. Lots of wood and table seating, and their beers are featured in large framed pieces hanging behind the bar. Kern River has 6 of their beers on tap, and offers a sampler of 4 for $5. They included on my visit Isabella Blonde, Sequoia Red, Class V Stout, Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Saison, Holiday Ale and the very good Citra IIPA. All in all the beers are above average. Service on a relatively slow afternoon was good. Our server wasn’t a beer expert but was friendly and knew enough about their beers. She was also generous with additional samples. Food at Kern River is pretty good too. Fish Tacos and burgers all around were enjoyed by our group. Overall this place was well worth the 1.5hr drive from Tehachapi, and is one I would make again on any future visits to the area.“
Dogbrick 3908 days ago
84 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“What a surprise this brewpub was. First off, the scenery upon arriving is surreal. Feels like you just drove to a Spaghetti Western movie. Once inside, the casual and comfortable decor makes it easy for a stranger to blend in, and the house brews are well indicated with huge picture frames hanging behind the bar with the beer labels. Service was very knowledgeable and friendly to boot. Can’t ask for more. The house beers were all very good, but the IPA and Stout were world-class. It is rare in my experience that an out-of-the-way brewery has such wonderful brews, but Kern River has to be an exception to my unofficial rule. Guest brews were also well chosen (Green Flash, Drakes, Lengthwise), so I could have had many a pint over the course of many hours without ever getting bored. Then again, I could have gotten two or three pints of each the IPA and Stout without ever getting bored either. They’re that great.“
MartinT 4303 days ago
82 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Been here multiple times while living in Bako. Small cozy cabin-like building with a bar for 5-6 people, outdoor seating on the patio (somewhat) overlooking the Keen River. Usually have 5 of their own beers (at two different tap heads) and a couple guest beers, including Bakersfield’s Lengthwise. Depending on the staff, knowledgeability runs the whole gamut--Kyle (goateed brewer) and Eric are the guys to ask the questions to and whatnot. They both make a point to BS with my gf and me whenever we’re there (or even at beer events!). Everybody--patrons and the staff--are all friendly which gives it the nice small town feel. Food is good, but not the highlight--tri tip sandwich is my go-to meal on Fridays, wings and chili are OK. My only bitch is that they’re 75 minutes from Bakersfield on that windy ass highway.“
iowaherkeye 4435 days ago
84 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Great brewery that brews some serious beers. Their Just Outstanding IPA and Class V Stout are awesome. The food is pretty standard pub fare, but done well. I highly recommend seeking this place out.“
beorn7676 4495 days ago
78 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“I just recently visited this place with grant on our way back from Death Valley. I am shocked that such a small town can support a brew pub. Perhaps it is a symbiotic relationship? Anyhow, the pub is a relatively unassuming place with a cozy interior. There are about a dozen and a half tables as you walk in. The bar is located in the back and the brewing equipment is behind the bar. They were brewing the day we were there, so the aroma was fantastic. The bathrooms were immaculate and clean. The menus were pretty limited with the basic stuff--burgers and brats. I had a burger, which was pretty tasty. The bacon wasn’t overly flavorful. The fries were good with the exception that they had some chili powder on them. This totally wrecked my palate for a good 15 minutes. The service was great and our waitress was very well informed on the beers. I believe there were 6 house beers on tap, and 2 guest beers from The Bruery in Southern Cal. The beers were solid, especially the IPA. Prices wer“
DYCSoccer17 4876 days ago
88 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Menu could have a little more to it but overall that is where my gripping ends. Place is very alive, well lit, great views and staff is friendly. Regular friday night live country/bluegrass/blues. Brewmaster is brewing up some great stuff. I look forward to the next creation and the barrel aged belgain.“
Inflames 5170 days ago
92 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“Food was excellent, i had a Jalapeno brat with their own class V Stout mustard, beers are super for a fairly new place, the brewers really seem to know thier stuff and brew some great beers. A Kern County Jewel!“
IrishBoy 5594 days ago
86 /100 13415 SIERRA WAY
“We had a great time at this brewery. After rafting on the Kern, the KRBC was a great place to relax and listen to the Blues.“
Alelover 5800 days ago
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