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62 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Pricey tourist trap on Wall, service was good but I dock them for being overly pushy to try their beers, food was good“
blutt59 1124 days ago
80 /100 830 KLINE ST
“Came here for some football, 20 something taps, 4 pages of bottled and can, food was pretty good, indoor out door set up“
blutt59 1124 days ago
54 /100 11480 N TORREY PINES RD
“A nice view of the golf course with a decent but limited selection of beers, heavy on the IPAs and Pale Ales. They do have flights with both taps and bottles. The food is good as is the service.“
Luvystypotables 1332 days ago
76 /100 7536 FAY AVENUE
“Visited on a early Saturday afternoon in February 2018. Walked here from the the La Jolla Cove. A rather large place with a decent patio. The servive was nice and friendly. The beers were ok. (I didn't ask if they served flights) The food was good. Worth a visit if nearby.“
gyllenbock 1431 days ago
78 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Beautiful location near the water in stunning La Jolla. Great selection of Karl Strauss beers, including some of the more limited / seasonal / one-off beers. Custom flights available and the bartender is very generous with pouring free samples and talking about the beer. Very reasonably priced. A little out of the way, but it’s worth a visit if you’re out this way.“
mcberko 1806 days ago
68 /100 4353 LA JOLLA VILLAGE DR
“This is a chain, so if you’ve been to one Eureka Burger you know the drill. The burgers here are generally quite good, and they consistently have a rotating stock of local craft options. I’d say maybe 15 draft lines are constant, and 20 or so rotate. Last time I went there were at least 5 local beers I had yet to tick, if not more. Not a destination place by any stretch, but I fine place to grab a beer and a burger if you’re in the area, and a much better draft selection than any other bar in the UTC area.“
blipp 2173 days ago
90 /100 830 KLINE ST
“This gem is located just off the busy neighborhood thoroughfare in La Jolla in and old, converted house. There is a nice patio area and outdoor bar along with indoor seating. The beer list is fairly large and you can buy cans/bottles to-go. The food was really nice, fresh and well-prepared. Our server made us feel at home without being too attentive. We will be back.“
BeerandBlues2 2265 days ago
62 /100 844 PEARL ST
“This BevMo! location is smaller than most and located on a busy neighborhood corner in La Jolla. The beer selection is typical of the area though smaller. It took a minute to find someone to open the Scotch case for me but I was able to leave with two bottles of Scotch.“
BeerandBlues2 2265 days ago
74 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“This Whole Foods seems a little dated from the exterior and it is smaller than most but packs an adequate amount of craft beer at good prices. There is a growler and bar area serving food. Typical WFM service.“
BeerandBlues2 2276 days ago
78 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“Excellente sélection un peu bric à brac autant pour les bières de base que certaines raretés ou spécialités. Le bar Torrey Pints, à l’entrée, vaut également le détour.“
Marheb 2342 days ago
74 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Séparé en trois partie: Bar, grande salle à manger et petite terrasse sur le côté. Les bières maison sont classique et très axé sur les houblons. J’ai bien apprécié la corpulence de certaine de leur ipa, moelleux et confortable. Le service était à l’écoute et généreux. Sympathique endroit qui ne croule pas sous le poids de sa personnalité.“
Marheb 2577 days ago
94 /100 830 KLINE ST
“The secrete spot in La Jolla. Huge bottle list. Great tap selection. I had Cuvee de Tomme on tap that had been cellared for 3 years. Tasty food, great atmosphere. Awesome...“
50belair 2631 days ago
80 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Quite nice place, big and with alot of seatings. Small bar area where we decided to spend our time. Lots of thir own beers, some of them rather nice. Outdoor seatings available as well.“
rlgk 2650 days ago
78 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Found this store after visiting the La Jolla Brewpub. Great selection of local stuff. Staff was friendly. Since we were flying, could not purchase all the beers we wanted to. Worth the stop.“
jandd1983 2654 days ago
72 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“Right off of I5 and not too far from the Rock Bottom. As far as Whole Foods go, this isn’t the biggest or most extravagant location, but it’s pretty typical once you’re inside in terms of the layout and the products.

Beer selection is average for a Southern California, and particularly San Diego store. As one would expect, all the big players such as Alesmith, Stone, Ballast Point, Firestone, Green Flash...they also have some of the more regionally recognized breweries like New English, Coronado, Rough Draft, Julian Cider, what have you.

The one thing that does set this place apart is that there is a bar inside. This seems to be a bit of a trend with some of the SoCal Whole Paychecks (I know of at least two or three others that have this set up). Kind of cool, though I don’t know why you would want to come to a grocery store to drink beer unless you’re waiting for your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/whoever or maybe it’s near where you work.“
brokensail 2710 days ago
92 /100 830 KLINE ST
“Wow, glad my wife found this place for dinner or I would have missed out. Sounds cheesy by name, the menus look like some crappy chain. Don’t be fooled and stick around. The food is super fresh and tasty, hilariously the best fish tacos I had in all of San Diego. They have a ton of local drafts and allow you to do a 4 flight taste. The bottle list is insane, its the best in San Diego, actually its the best list I’ve seen in all of the USA. Its not a vintage list but just a ton of newer stuff that is hard to find. Best of all, you can get anything to go! This place is legit.“
chibuck 2764 days ago
82 /100 1044 WALL ST
“I was very impressed with this place. They had a session ipa that was fantastic and rivaled the best session IPAs. The food was good and prices were reasonable for the area. Didn’t get to try too many of their beers, but what I had was good and I would definitely go back. Very solid brewpub.“
Mep3222 2788 days ago
74 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Stopped in here for dinner tonight. A nice corner location in the heart of downtown La Jolla, or what I can only assume is downtown at least. Atmosphere was hopping, tons of people at tables all over the place enjoying themselves. Quality was good across the board. Correct glasses and top notch food ingredients mixed with high quality fixes around the restaurant. Service was great, but also a bit overbearing. He never let my glass get empty before he was on top of us asking what I would like next. Selection was pretty good. All of their normal beers and two specialties on, a "sour" and their 25th Bourbon Barrel beer. I got a sampler of four and two were really good, the other two not so much. I went with the Piggy Bank, a triple meat mac n cheese, and it was really good. Prices were a little high on the food but my sampler was only $6. Overall a decent spot in La Jolla, glad we could finally check it out after talking about it for the last few nights.“
orangesol 2900 days ago
74 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“Visited December 8, 2013.

This is a convenient stop right off of I-5. The selection isn’t bad but it’s kind of middle of the road for a Whole Foods. They have a large selection but a lot of it is 6 packs which makes it look larger than it is. I saw some neat stuff that I hadn’t seen before like 6-packs of Rodenbach. I also saw the new Rodenbach Vintage (2011 is the current one).

The point I should have started with is the fact that there is a bar right up front. I’m not sure if it’s actually part of the Whole Foods or if it’s separate. On the inside it’s called Torrey Pints and on the outside is a sign that says Mrs Gooch’s Bar. It’s an (comically) unfortunate name. The selection is pretty solid though, featuring mostly southern California beers. I didn’t check the prices at the bar as I wasn’t interested in a pint but it could be a nice place to hang out and have a beer before or after spending $300 on groceries. That comment aside the beer prices on the shelves aren’t terrible.“
t0rin0 2971 days ago
74 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Visited October 2013.

This is one of the places that I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time now but just never made it over. Also, I hadn’t been to La Jolla in almost 15 years so it was about time. This was supposed to be a quick stop but the nachos took so long that we were there for about an hour. The server was nice and the place is friendly and cozy so it wasn’t that big of a deal but seriously, how long does it take to make some nachos? We sat next to a couple of Swiss travelers and while my Swiss German is pretty non existent I managed to speak some kraut with this couple.

They have a dozen beers on tap but some of them had kicked and they also list the bottle-only beers without differentiating on the menu, which is a bit frustrating. Prices were pretty high but that was to be expected. The whole area has a wonderful view, especially when down on the beach or just coming over the hill from San Diego. Worth a stop if in the area or just want to experience La Jolla but in terms of quality of beer there probably isn’t much need to make the journey over here. Oh, and they have a cask usually.“
t0rin0 3010 days ago
78 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“First time I visited a Whole Foods store. What a great concept having a bar in the grocery store. And what a bar, great selection of craft beers available, staff seems to bknow their beers and service was fast and friendly.“
tkrjukoff 3073 days ago
76 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Ok, parking can be a bit tough on the weekend. I will say this Bevmo has pretty much the best selection I’ve seen from a Bevmo thanks to a seasoned ratebeer member who works here. They stock a nice array of SoCal and San Diego offerings which is just perfect when you’re traveling from out of town. If you’re already in La Jolla it might be worth driving over here and taking a look.“
Ibrew2or3 3255 days ago
86 /100 830 KLINE ST
“We visited this pub while in Torrey Pines. The beer selection was excellent 43 on draft. Our waitress was very attentive. The food was also very good. I had the fish tacos. The pub is a house along Kline strret. There are other restaurants along the street. There was a bar next to the house.“
Foxbush 3380 days ago
100 /100 830 KLINE ST
“One of my favorite beer bars in San Diego. They have a kick ass and knowledgeable staff. There draft list is incredible and changes every day, Belgians, Domestics, German, Austrian, beer from all over the world. They get some super rare beers as well! The Burgers are definitely up there on the best burger I have ever had. My boyfriend is a vegetarian and he even loved his Veggie Santana Burger. Fish tacos are bomb. My favorite local hang out spot. It’s in an old historical building, beautiful outdoor patio with hop vines surrounding the house. Tons of locals that strike up conversation and are so friendly.“
mauigirl124 3405 days ago
62 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Went in on a saturday to watch some basketball and enjoy some good stouts. On their website they had both an Oatmeal Stout and the Wreck Alley on draft. I was informed that they only had the wreck alley in bombers for sale and were out of the oatmeal stout. This was disappointing as their IPA’s are not my style. We got some good (great) and I got a bomber of the Wreck Alley which was quite good. I guess I was just a little late and missed the good stuff on tap, but not having either draft on tap and average at best service made this a rather ordinary experience.“
tkingsbury2 3589 days ago
90 /100 830 KLINE ST
“Just a stones throw from my favorite breakfast place and also in a classic old La Jolla bungalow this is a great place to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. Spent it on their outside patio enjoying a couple of Belgian ales with my Kobe sliders and parmesan string fries. Great variety on tap and an extensive bottle list. Just need to improve service a bit.“
Serendipitiai 3609 days ago
90 /100 830 KLINE ST
“Incredible place! Best beer house in La Jolla- seriously. I spent 2 months in La Jolla and visited many places that claim to be great, but all of these places were not even close. The owner will be there often and is gracious and welcoming. Great burgers- try the Wagyu Kobe Beef Burger- you won’t regret it-“
springcreekale 3894 days ago
98 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“great food great selection“
vegasadamtya 4112 days ago
64 /100 844 PEARL ST
“This is one of the smaller BevMos that I’ve been too. Still they had a nice selection of local beers as well as imports.“
Sledutah 4123 days ago
68 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Nice bar area with plenty of seating in the bar and some patio seating. The restaurant was average size with a view of the brewery. Service was good, food was good (Jalapeño Burger). The beer is average, most of their mass produced beers have a bland malt flavor. I did like the Imperial beers they are brewing. I’ll come back when in the area.“
Sledutah 4123 days ago
72 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Honestly, maybe b/c this is an older BevMo, but I’m just not a huge fan of this one. It’s not as well lit as the Mira Mesa one. It seems smaller, with less employees there overall, but it gets more foottraffic being in downtown La Jolla. The prices are typical BevMo, which is generally pretty good, and they have a decent selection, but not as good as Mira Mesa imo. I didn’t really talk to anyone whenI was here last, so I can’t comment on service, but at least the checkout was reasonably fast.“
richiesd 4173 days ago
80 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Another bevmo. Solid stuff. Wish they sold singles.“
daknole 4196 days ago
82 /100 1044 WALL ST
“For a brewery/restaurant this one is really nice. Good service, nice selection of beers. Good food.“
daknole 4196 days ago
72 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Had the Big Beer Burger and it was dang good; the bacon makes it (order extra bacon). Otherwise, typical bar/restaurant with a small patio and large bar. Service was very good and helpful with the beer and food choices. I’d go here again, if I’m ever in the area, and esp if they have the Big Barrel DIPA on tap.“
rotoguru 4250 days ago
64 /100 844 PEARL ST
“I always have to stop here when in the area, whether it’s frozen yogurt across the street, visiting La Jolla Brewhouse, or Karl Strauss brewery. Nice location, and their prices can’t be beat. Maybe I don’t always leave with something in my hands, but their selection is good enough to keep me coming back, and it changes all the time. Recently bought some Goose Islands there. Worth it.“
DeadGirl 4273 days ago
70 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Probably giving a higher rating that what some would say is deserved, but I like this place (all locations). Large California inspired menu and I’ve never had a meal I didn’t enjoy. Garlic brewers fries haunt me. The place is a chain around San Diego, their beers are available bottled around town. Beer is average with that mass produced feel to it, but enjoyable and was my go-to session beer while living in San Diego.“
ebmalon 4323 days ago
72 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Took a drive around La Jolla Shores to search for a good lunch spot. Karl Strauss did not disappoint. There’s outdoor/indoor seating, and a bar area. We sat in the bar area to check out their beers. I wouldn’t say it’s a great selection, but I settled with an Oatmeal Stout and a Hef. What’s cool is that they have a weekly or monthly "beer pairing" special on the menu that you can try. It’s pretty much an appetizer they just came up with to pair with one of their beers on tap. I tried it, and it paired well. My friend and I had the fish tacos for our meal, and that was filling and pretty good. The service is outstanding, too. Overall: Go for an enjoyable lunch. Return: Yes. #46 on 02032010, DG.“
DeadGirl 4349 days ago
62 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“I don’t understand all the negative ratings. Yes, the parking lot is crowded. Every strip mall parking lot is crowded in Southern California. And yes, be prepared to spend 20% more on your grocery food bill. But the beer selection is okay. I was there just this past week and there were tons of AleSmith, Bruery Trade Winds, and Old Rasputin 12th Anniversary, among others. And the cheese stand is right there for nice pairings. And I know I can save about $2 on each bottle rather than if I headed to a particular beer store in the area. I live only three minutes away from this place, so while I won’t come here solely to expand my beer cellar, I will buy a few bottles that I haven’t already tried while shopping for dinner. Overall: Crowded, but for the distance, it’s worth it, for me at least. Return: Yes. #45 on 02032010, DG.“
DeadGirl 4349 days ago
56 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“This place is 5 steps down from the hillcrest wholefoods when it comes to beer selection. In fact, as I shop at the hillcrest wholefoods almost daily, i dont even like to come into this store because everything is backwards and out of place...even more crowded...the beer selection never has anything interesting and who the hell even knows who the buy guy is here...i dont. Good thing the hillcrest wholefoods is a 3 min drive from my house and the la jolla one is no where near me.“
DaSilky1 4425 days ago
66 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Nice bottle shop. Good selection, but overall pretty typical for a BevMo. Just around the corner from La Jolla Brewhouse, so check them both out.“
JohnnyJ 4543 days ago
68 /100 1044 WALL ST
“Nice clean and somewhat upscale place in La Jolla that has reasonable prices, unlike many competitors that line the adjacent blocks. Beers were rather mediocre across the board, and they had run out of one of their main taps (hefe-weizen) on my first of two visits. Food was above average on the whole but very good as far as brewpubs go (which can be bad at times). Service was good and we didn’t have to wait for a table which was nice. Their Hefe-Weizen is among the most banana-like that I’ve had in years. IPA is another worthwhile pint. They offer a cask beer but it runs out quickly, at least that’s what I was told. “
yemenmocha 4553 days ago
70 /100 844 PEARL ST
“With the place being just around the corner from La Jolla Brewhouse, we kind of had to spot. I can’t say we found anything here that was not also at Holiday Wine Cellar where we stopped on the next day, but there is still plenty of interesting beers of the area if you are from abroad, including stuff like bottled Oggi’s, Lost Abbey, Stone, Alesmith etc. Since San Diego does not have a world-class store, if your road takes you by La Jolla brewhouse, there is no reason not to pop in and browse through their 2 aisles of microwbrews. Solid.“
Rastacouere 4594 days ago
80 /100 844 PEARL ST
“A great place to find some beers the other BevMo’s cant seem to get. When Steven was there he would bring in all sorts of random (great) stuff, now he’s in Solana Beach.....lame.“
Snojerk321 4651 days ago
74 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Nice selection of 6 packs and bomber, 750’s of local beer, hectic area with tight parking, some of the more hard to find Coronado, Ballast Point, etc, good stop when in this part of town, prices seemed average“
blutt59 4682 days ago
58 /100 8825 VILLA LA JOLLA DR
“Parking is toough but beats the drive to Bevmo if your staying nearby, 3-4 Alesmith, Ballast Point, Coronado, Port and 6-7 Lost Abbey, mostly six packs but some good finds“
blutt59 4695 days ago
72 /100 844 PEARL ST
“Located a half block by the La Jolla Brew Pub...I walked over here after lunch at the brew pub. Nice solid selection of beer. I saw lots of Ballast Point, Alesmith - including the Alesmith-Stone-Jolly Pumpking beer, and just tons of other beer that an out of towner like myself look for. I did not end up buying too much new stuff...I think only 3 beers I have not tried to date -but it is getting hard for me to find new beers that I have not had yet-. I would definitely stop by if you are in the area, espeially if you are an out of towner looking to stock up the Hotel fridge...“
hopdog 4797 days ago
70 /100 1044 WALL ST
“I stopped by here while the wife took the kids down the street to the Starbucks. I said, why dont you head up the street and I will meet you understanding. I stopped at the bar and did not have any food. The bartender was nice and friendly and kept me company while I drink my 2 beers. The Rye IPA and Belgian Brown Ale were pretty good. They had a total of 10 beers on tap that included 4 seasonals. If I am ever in the area again, I will probably stick my head in to see what is on tap.“
hopdog 4797 days ago
74 /100 844 PEARL ST
“A very nice bottle shop with a solid beer selection... kind of annoyed me seeing Allagash and Ommegang stuff for cheaper than I can find them back home, but I digress. I had a very friendly staffer chat beer with me for five or so minutes until he kind of figured out that I didn’t really need/want any help. Lots of local stuff, both bombers and six-packs. Excellent prices as well. Not a whole lot to complain about. As always, they are a bit sterile, but you can’t really complain about that too much... it’s just a place to buy bottles.“
JoeMcPhee 4835 days ago
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