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62 /100
Fairplex Liquor (Beer Store)
“Sketch looking store next to a Mexican restaurant. Has a ’drive thru’ type of bizarre parking in front and a few parking spots off to the side. Inside is a normal convenience store but in the circumference of coolers lies quite the nice beer selection: was able to find Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra and few older Stone collaboration 12oz’s that are long retired. Other than that, some Belgians, Unibroue, Hangar 24, not much local beer. For California, the selection was mediocre, but I did find Bud Light Chelada Extra Lime and Schlitz High Gravity VSL wales. Didn’t get any service. The place has like a dozen alarms so must get robbed a lot. Price for the Pugachev’s was $25, which isn’t cheap. Other prices seemed fine but freshness is suspect.“
GT 2500 days ago
66 /100
Fairplex Liquor (Beer Store)
“Solid selection in a pretty large store. Decent mixture of local stuff and some tidbits from the usual international beer countries. Worth a look.“
Travlr 2594 days ago
70 /100 2125 WRIGHT AVE C15
“Stripmall/business park type brewery with a tasting room up front and tables in the back surrounded by brewing equipment and muscle care - what a combo! Beers varied, but some were decent enough. Friendly staff. Worth a visit.“
Travlr 2599 days ago
78 /100 2335 D ST
“This is a large modern but fairly generic looking place with a good beer selection, heavy on the local stuff with a few Belgians ans Germans. I had the lobster grilled cheese, which was tasty. Service was friendly and efficient. Nice place.“
Travlr 2600 days ago
80 /100 2335 D ST
“Same location as the former T Phillips and pretty much the same exact set up, they just use brighter light bulbs. Friendly bar staff and about 50 beers on tap. For the most part, nothing too crazy, but there are a few interesting things, mostly from the area. Prices are a little on the high side, unfortunately. Food is pretty much your regular pub food.“
brokensail 2638 days ago
68 /100 2125 WRIGHT AVE C15
“Right next to the Fairplex (south of Arrow and D/Fairplex), which is fairly convenient. Small tasting room at the entry way with more seating in the brewhouse in the back. Quick, friendly service, and pretty good pricing ($5 for a flight of 4, pints were $5, I believe). Beers were, unfortunately, mediocre overall.“
brokensail 2688 days ago
78 /100 2335 D ST
“Visited for the first time since opening on June 10, 2013 (they opened a week earlier). Same location and set up as T Phillips and before that Heroes but this is now under new ownership. The building is old and needed a lot of work that the owner didnt want to do so the tenant sold this portion of the business, or something along those lines.

First thoughts upon walking in:
Carl: You aint thinkin about gettin rid of the dank, are ya Moe?
Moe: aahhh, maybe I am.
Carl: Oh but Moe, the dank, the DANK!

So they turned the lights way up, replaced the fancy stone counter tops with some green stuff, and removed all the old historical type of stuff from the walls and replaced it with fruit trees. Not sure I like it. They still have the TVs and it can still get loud but I liked the combination of good beer and the dank.

The food has changed a bit to be a bit more "upscale" which isnt a bad thing (they still have a good burger selection) and the prices havent changed. So that’s all good. I got the Hangover burger and a friend got the Triple Bypass burger. Both were good. I guess on Mondays all beers are $2 off, so my $7 Sculpin pint was a more reasonable $5.

Tap list is more or less what it was at T Phillips but they’ve gone another step and added some more good options. I had a Sculpin and a Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere. I also saw Palate Wrecker and some Bootleggers taps.

Trying to convince them to get Vitus on tap.“
t0rin0 2690 days ago
70 /100 2125 WRIGHT AVE C15
“Finally getting around to rating this place. Visited during the soft opening and twice since they’ve opened, which was only a month or two ago.

This is a typical California business park brewery but a block away from the race track / fairgrounds and in the same building as a sandwich shop, which are both nice touches. The setup is interesting as there is a large open work area where the brewing equipment is and plenty of tables and a couple of hotrods (they’re really playing into the race track theme). On the outside edge of the unit are a couple of offices, one of which is storage, one is going to be another area for fermentation, and the third is the tasting room. The tasting area is small and only has a couple of tables but you can always take your beer into the other room.

They’re working on food options but as mentioned before there is a sandwich shop next door and Merendero down the street. Last time I was there they had some people making tacos too.

The beer is alright but they’re starting to figure it out (the new batch of the IPA will be a lot better). The Flathead Stout is probably the best beer currently on tap so try that.

I’m confident that things will get better but until then I wish they had more than 4 beers on tap.“
t0rin0 2698 days ago
74 /100
Fairplex Liquor (Beer Store)
“Owned by George, the guy that owns Lonehill Liquor, Walnut Liquorette, Jug and Jigger and a few others. Consequently the selection is similar, just not as good at this location. I do appreciate being able to walk down the street and get an AleSmith IPA or a Beersel Oude Gueuze whenever I want but I’d like to see a slightly larger selection.

Next door to El Merendero, across the street from Socal Homebrew (formerly Vanguard Homebrew), and around the corner from La Verne Brewing.“
t0rin0 2698 days ago
72 /100
Fairplex Liquor (Beer Store)
“Small, unassuming store next to the Pomona Fairplex (and a half decent Mexican restaurant). The beers are pretty much exclusively stored in coolers, which is nice. Pretty decent selection, mostly of local (Southern) California beers. The usual suspects are here with perhaps a find or two mixed in. It’s not the most amazing selection around, but certainly some good stuff available.“
brokensail 2785 days ago
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