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58 /100
La Sirena Grill (Restaurant)
“A pretty basic Mexican eatery with craft beer on the side. Mainly Docent on my visit. Food was rather poor, beer was ok, but nothing out of the ordinary.“
berkshirejohn 368 days ago
“Visited on Saturday 16th March 2019, it opened for the first time in mid-2018. Family friendly place with games and plenty of space. Guest beers alongside their own, cool vibe and friendly staff. Open plan with patios on two sides. Decent beer and decent food, my party of five ate and drank everything we could while there. Orange County prices, but fresh beers in a clean and friendly environment with the sun shining makes it worth the money.“
BlackHaddock 585 days ago
80 /100 237 OCEAN AVE
“A laid back place, almost empty on a Friday afternoon. The barman knew his beers and was happy to chat about them - they were certainly above average, and the IA was really good.“
berkshirejohn 601 days ago
70 /100
Slice (Restaurant)
“New place, visited on Saturday 20th Jan 2018 for lunch and nose around. It is basically a Pizza and Salad place, build your own 11 inch, or choose from their house selection. I built my own Pizza. Beer wise they have 16 taps and you pour your own, just get a wristband which has a tag on that unlocks the tap and you take as much as you wish, it clocks it up and you pay at the end, choice of glasses by size and design. 14 Californian brews (Docent and Laguna Beach being very local), 1 from Utah and Stella from Belgium, all costed by the fluid oz. I tried four new beers, all seemed in good condition to me.“
BlackHaddock 1006 days ago
70 /100 237 OCEAN AVE
“Visited late afternoon on Sunday 10th Dec 2017 after wandering around the 'Sawdust Festival'. Been here before, when the place had a different name. Anyway it's a kind of half Mexican, half Cool Surfer Dude sort of place. Bare brick walls, fronted by a roofed patio area. Brewing equipment in full view to the rear once inside. A few sports screens and three large paintings adorn the walls, John Lennon, Bob Marley and Keith Richards being the subjects. Draft selection included four of their own beers, four Mexican and four guests. Small bottle list included some Mexican stuff I had never heard of (not really difficult to be honest). Serving staff friendly and helpful, she knew her beers too. I had a flight of their four beers and then a mixed flight of Mexican and guests. No complaints at all, happy hour prices for the son-in-laws wine and the girls beers helped to keep the bill to a sensible level (for Laguna Beach).“
BlackHaddock 1048 days ago
66 /100
Laguna Wine (Beer Store)
“Located just of PCH1 in downtown Laguna Beach, Laguna Wine (coffee and speciality foods) is a medium sized store trading largely in wine and gourmet food but has a small separate ’craft beer’ room in the middle of the shop. 50+ bottles, a Belgian section, beers grouped by style, plenty of local CA offerings, 3 or 4 Bruery bombers at very reasonable prices. Service was ultra friendly and the girl who was tidying the beer room knew her stuff. For a tourist passing through this is a good stop to pick up some new ticks in bottle format at reasonable prices. The only refridgerated beers were more mainstream offerings, the fridge being located in the main part of the store. One block from Ocean Ave BP - for tickers only ;)“
Theydon_Bois 2380 days ago
56 /100 280 S COAST HWY
“Visited December 31, 2013 while bar hopping on New Years Eve.

I wish I could find the listing that I saw at the BJs in La Jolla where it broke down the three types of restaurants in this chain. There are the "brewhouses" which used to brew but don’t anymore, the restaurants that never brewed, and these little places. They are tiny (comparatively) and maybe seat about 40 people. They don’t have a bar and don’t even have guest taps. Seems kind of pointless honestly. BJ’s are basically sports bars with some house beers and some guest taps. This is missing two out of the three. If you’re in Laguna Beach you can get better beer elsewhere. The food is the same as the other locations (so decent), the view is nice, the service is alright, but you can find much more interesting places within walking distance.“
t0rin0 2475 days ago
74 /100 222 FOREST AVE
“Visited December 31, 2013.

Stopped in for a beer (and possibly food) on new years eve while bar hopping through Laguna Beach. The kitchen was closed at 9pm on NYE so we all had a round and took off. I had a bottle of Orval for $8. The others had Leffe Blonde and La Chouffe. I like how all the beers actually are Belgian but the selection is a bit limited. They do have some nice bottles but this isn’t a place where you’ll find anything rare, just something good. The problem is that the stuff that you can find here is about the same Belgian selection that you can find at any decent restaurant.

The bartender was nice enough and knew a little bit about some of the beer. Everyone was having a good time because of new years so I think that helped the atmosphere, not that it wouldn’t be a fun place otherwise but it’s really more of a restaurant than a bar. It’s kind of neat that it’s down in the basement too. I might stop back in to try the food the next time I’m in the area, whenever that might be.“
t0rin0 2486 days ago
74 /100 222 FOREST AVE
“Came here for dinner and drink while staying in Dana Pointe. Nice cozy feel, friendly staff, and hearty cuisine. What’s not to love?“
ilovedarkbeer 2517 days ago
54 /100
La Sirena Grill (Restaurant)
“I wasnt quite as impressed by this place as the other reviewers, although I did not try the food. I thought the taplist was decent, although somewhat mundane - nothing that really jumped out at me. I did not spend a lot of time in Laguna Beach to find anything better (as this was the highest rated at ratebeer), although Crow burger Kitchen just up the next town in Newport Beach had great food and a taplist that was immensely more varied and though-out than this place. And the ambiance here was pretty basic - nothing that made me want to stay.“
johnbuck100 3085 days ago
70 /100
La Sirena Grill (Restaurant)
“Great selection of rotating taps. The food is great Mexican food, the atmosphere is laid back and inviting.“
Mcfa0779 3155 days ago
50 /100 280 S COAST HWY
“Beer is the same that you can get at any BJs. Nothing special but not too expensive. The place is crowded as hell since it is right on main beach.“
thome50 3170 days ago
96 /100
La Sirena Grill (Restaurant)
“Great remodel, delicious food, fun friendly knowledgeable staff, insane selection of beers, owned and run by good people (who love good beer).“
ScrumpyLover 3260 days ago
94 /100 440 S COAST HWY
“Polished casual dining in an upscale and comfortable environment. Great beer list, great menu. Classic American Comfort with FLAIR and a beautiful foreign and domestic beer list. Boasts St. Bernardus Prior 8, Tripel, and ABT 12, Delirium Tremens, Chimay, and a fantastic Peche Labic float for dessert! They even have a frozen tap with Stella Artois and their own special Nick’s Honey Blond Ale where the beer comes out so cold it ices over! All this with fantastic and knowledgeable service at very competitive prices!“
theyeastmaster 3767 days ago
76 /100 222 FOREST AVE
“Great place with great ambiance and great service. Staff was very friendly. They have about 8 beers on tap, and a nice selection (8/10) of bottles. Expect to pay a healthy bill, however it is worth it. They had live music!!“
Ramenen 4115 days ago
72 /100 222 FOREST AVE
“A nice and very euro feeling style establishment. The ambiance was excellent and the service stellar. They had a decent selection of some of the more common Belgians, but nothing beats Orval with mussels. I did find some of the food a little under-performing my expectations, but we still had an excellent meal. A tad expensive for my tastes, but it was Laguna Beach, so I’m not sure what the hell I expected. Probably reasonable for that town.“
auerbrau 4163 days ago
66 /100 222 FOREST AVE
“Euro style cafe with 8 or so all Belgian tap brews from Chimay to Stella. Decent Belgian bottle selection as well. A nice place amongst the tourist trap store fronts in Laguna.“
AmEricanbrew 4518 days ago
54 /100 280 S COAST HWY
“Does not appear to make any beers you can not get at other BJ’s locations and is quite small. Does overlook the park next to the beach but that is not a reason to visit Laguna Beach unless you are stopping there for non-beer reasons.“
BBB63 4707 days ago
96 /100 222 FOREST AVE
“Great place that I recently discovered. Very authentic Belgian style bistro. Good selection of Belgian beers on tap and in bottles. You will not be disappointed!“
chimaybier 4833 days ago
72 /100 280 S COAST HWY
“pretty decent place, a bit small. they call it deep dish pizza- ha! it really isn’t deep dish unless it’s from chicago anyways. but this was hardly deep dish. in any case, the 7 5oz samplers for $8.50 was pretty cool. none of the beers were spectacular, but they were mostly very good.“
sersdf 5317 days ago
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